Sunday, September 12, 2010


Just an update for people

1) Assorted bugs have been fixed in the game, notably one with the Ruins access

2) a new Fairy transformation event is working but needs significant changes for each slave to display fairy wings.

3) I am working a fair bit on the slave girl 'Rei Ayanami'. I have a vanllia version mostly working. She has Asuka as the mandatory assistant (Sora the Barmaid in the game), and actually Asuka can be easily extended to become a slave too eventually. Note the fairy transformation event works for Rei

4) There is a fairly advanced slave in development by MailMailX3, Peach (ie Princess Peach). There are threads in the forums. Here is a direct link to the latest revision
Note she is not finished but quite advanced

5) I am extending the translation system, I should have all non-event text done in a week or two