Sunday, July 27, 2014

Flash Oddities and hung games

I have had a report where a player would start the game and it hangs after selecting a slave. There were also only a few slaves shown.

After some testing and debugging this seems to have been caused by a Flash security issue preventing the game loading key files it needs to run, notably Assistants text files, and some of the slave girl files.

This can be fixed by adding the game installation to the Trusted Locations for Flash.

The below are for Windows 7, you may have some differences for Windows 8 or previous OS's. There are similar settings for other OS's but I do not know where they are immediately, you need to be able to change the Flash settings.

a) open the control panel
b) visit System & Security
c) Select the option for Flash
1) Check the Advanced tab
2) click "Trusted Location Settings"
3) click the Add button
4) click Add Folder, browse and locate your game installation, and click Confirm

When running the game right click on the window and select "Global Settings", and do steps  1-4

You can also do this by visiting this web page
and do steps 1-4 above. This is probably simplest for non-Windows users

Please note:
not all players are affected by this it seems to be related to a security settings, in the OS or browser that probably makes Flash be more secure and prevent it loading some external files.


This may not actually help as I musunderstood the person reporting the issue and thought it was fixed when I asked them to do this. Turns out it was not.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beta Complete

Recently I posted release 14 of the Beta for version 3.4. Also did 2 quick fixes.

I am not getting any significant issues, nothing game breaking. I will check any feedback from the last fix, but I would say based on this the beta test is complete.

I will move to making a new release of the game. This is a little complex to create and test the slave packs. I may do a brief test releases, or just go fully.

So Version 3.4 will be being release within the next week, let us say most likely not this weekend but the next to allow me some checking a final bug fixes and then enough time to check the release.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


As you see my hope to get the game released before the end of last month did not work. The last beta has issues, but not too many (one biggy though). I hope to release one last beta later today and assuming no significant issue that will be it, I will release version 3.4

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Midna problem

In February I released an unoffocial update for the slave Midna. There is a bug in the release that can block following slaves from appearning in the Slave Market.

If you see this then the fix is simple

a) edit the file

b) change the text using an editor like NotePad, VI etc. Alter

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Status More

Aside from a persistant cold thing are reasonable here. It takes me a while to get over illnesses (I am a diabetic and if not well controlled it can slow down healing and make you more susceptible to illnesses)

Version 3.4 is getting close, the last beta did not turn up too many issues and few were major. I will probably post one more complete beta and fix any bugs from that, and then do a release. I know I had said I was trying to do a release before the end of last month, but I failed.

Before any one asks yet again, the full release will include all content for the game released as of when it is released. A few 3rd party bits are not deemed by their developers ready for release, but these are few.

Once feature in the new version is there are a lot more options in the 'Talk to Slaves' menu for Intimacy, like explicitly asking for a Blowjob, Tit Fuck and more. In some spare time I have been updating a number of minor slaves. So

- Lian and Dian has a lot more images and can train you a little as a lesbian trainer. A little more complex talk text too.
- Arak has quite a few more images
- Cora, Haro, Laan, Ryah, Ryoga got additonal images
- Sana got a cute little animated discuss image
Several got new introduction screens and small bonuses to slave's training. Lian and Dian were the most significant though.

Chaos-X updated Mao for the new acts as well.

I am just now working on updating Narry, using images from SimounRules and some other images from the web. Narry also get an introduction screen.

Otherwise things are looking close.