Thursday, July 10, 2014

Midna problem

In February I released an unoffocial update for the slave Midna. There is a bug in the release that can block following slaves from appearning in the Slave Market.

If you see this then the fix is simple

a) edit the file

b) change the text using an editor like NotePad, VI etc. Alter


  1. Slavemaker wiki down?

    1. Copied from a post about a week ago: has suffered a security breach and is down for maintenance.
      I am wiping the entire server and updating to Debian 7.5. It was long overdue anyhow.
      The most recent site backup of website data is from 6/29/14. No website data was affected that I am aware of, but it will be scanned before the server is put back online.
      I have no ETA on when things will be back online. Ideally it will be less than a week.
      Email to will be forwarded elsewhere, so you shouldn't get any bounce messages if you try to contact me in the meantime.

    2. Anon,

      I hope then that the Join function will work again? I've been wanting to for a while now.


      Tabrit and Birgit Ilsen,
      Ilsen Badehus,
      5 King's Road,
      Mardukane, Mioya

  2. Replies
    1. yes, not sure how close, but close

    2. That's great, hope your health holds up :)

    3. CMac,

      I just sent along a few more things. One of the Narry-alikes is a real doozy, except for some text overlay. It isn't a Futa pic, though, which would have to be taken care of. I had a thought about that, so here it is: Is it possible that canind herms like Narry might have retractable penises like normal canines? That would solve a few pic issues. ;-)


      Melora Ilsen,
      Lay Sister of the Order of the Sacred Chalice,
      Saint Olfin of Bedwier Abbey,

  3. Hi Cmac !

    Ok you did a really great job on this version. I love your slave maker's version, really.

    But the lil trouble is : I'm a french player, and a big part of the story is in english or in the few translated parts in french, there is a lot of gramatical mistakes.

    Well, if you are agree, i can translate the game for you.

    Contact :

  4. Hello could you help me please, after updating the game I had lost the descriptions for the assistants .
    When choosing an assistant most of them do not have any descriptions


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