Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Status 2

Still a but unwell, did not make it to work today, but mostly better tonight. The weather here is not helping with variable but mostly hot weather. Had 40C here about a week ago, most days recently in the mid 30s. Does not help that my home is not airconditioned, but at least it is well insulated.

I just fixed a bug in the game that has been around for a while where sometime when purchasing from the Armoury you instead purchase something from the Shop. A trivial issue with a reference variable being set to null at the wrong time.

Also while testing I have been doing a few fixes for Princess Peach as some issues were reported for her. Most were in the core game, but a number of issues were for her, mostly minor issues, but should be fixed. I have tweaked a few images too, but some more work is needed, some images are a little low quality, but mostly this will wait for free time. I did add handjob, footjob images and a general pregnant image (non-tentacle).

Anyone seen images for her where she is receiving cunnilingus by a male (preferable not clearly who, so not explicitly Mario etc)? I may have to edit something for this.

EDIT: made this image last night, a composite of two others, needs a bit more work, the guys head is not ideal, but will do for now.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


sorry I have not been active the last week here or in the forums. I have been a little ill and also a bit busy.

I should have 3.3.04 released in the near future, I need to do some more testing. It mainly just fixes bugs with some low level tweaks
  •  you can now view skills for assistants (say Maniya/Minea have Tentacle Expert 2)
  • fixes issues with custom visits for slaves like Peach
  • assistants with skills like Maniya/Minea had a bug where the skill was not saved and thus did nothing
  • some slave maker details did not properly reset between games and skills for instance could carry over
Looking at some other bugs and tweaks. When complete will post the update.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Future Plans

I have been thinking on what I plan for the game and other projects.

There are some fun games of mind control and slavery at the Hypnopics Collective (registration required, most require the installation of the RAGS engine)
Examples: "The House Jack Built", "Rough Landing 1 & 2", "The Other New Thing", "The Lilith Device", "Bodywerks" and a lot of others. Note quite a few a rather linear, and a lot of games in the sub-forum are incomplete (including a couple I listed). I really liked the "Rough Landing" games, particularly 2.

I keep feeling inspired to develop a game on similar lines, for instance
  • a fantasy dungeon type exploration game where you are trapped in a labyrnth. The only key to escape is to acquire a large harem of slaves. Pregnancy, bondage & domination, tg, mind control and some body modification would be involved. Probably mainly text based with limited images, maybe just location/item type. I have a good idea for the story here. Not really CoC inspired, but probably some influence there.
  • a story of hypnotic domination where you seek to enslave others, a modern era semi-realistic setting (except for the unrealistic hypnotic slavery elements)
I have a number of other ideas, including a machine sex/training/transformation game (think the 'game' 'Milk Plant Battle Girl' where there is gameplay). Yes, I know these ideas all have slavery elements, I like the fantasy.

Now, SlaveMaker take most of my free time, but I daydream of working on these, and fantasise about their stories too. I will be working on the Slave Maker game engine to make it on the low level more generic so I can at some point copy it and use it as the basis for one of these.

The key changes would involve
  • rearrange the house/dungeon exploration system to be more flexible and generic. Not a complex change, maybe a days work. Mostly a xml expansion to make it a lot simpler to implement an exploration
  • make the shop system more generic and flexible. I have a base system but it is awkward to use
  • similarly for the visit system for people
  • extemd the basic city structure in the game now to be more flexibleand comprehensive.
  • Split apart the generic code and the slave maker specific code. This is at least partially done, but there is a lot to consider here, would be best to create a basic Game class (partially done)
  • not sure about some low level bits, like the way stats work, but probably would be ok, or require minimal changes (some universe specific mechanics for instance)
 Undoubtably there would be lot more but this is all I have thought of so far. I will work on these as time permits and a number of these will help the game in general anyway.

Otherwise things I plan to complete in the mid term future
  • Ranma upgrade
  • Krystal the Star Fox
  • BE Forest event and it's included Cow Girl training
  • Puppy Girl Training
  • Masochist training
  • Lady Grey
  • extend backgrounds for slave makers
  • house upgrades and exploration
  • Slave Lum
  • extensions to Mugi
  • other cities to explore/live in

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Release Server

Love Robin is a moderator at the Futanari Palace and a significant contributor for ideas and feedback for the game.

She recently posted (with my approval) this idea for changing the hosting for the game

Cmac has given both permission and blessing fro me to proceed, and he should be reposting this on his blog as well.
In light of recent issues with some sites such as MediaFire, I am starting my own Fileshare Filehost ANY CONTENT ACCEPTABLE (caveat: talking about porn and fetishes here; not terrorist-related) service. There are a lot of particulars I need to test out, but if all goes well, it should be up sometime in the summer. I hope

  • To be the OFFICIAL Slavemaker3 Core(Cmac) repository.
  • To remain ad-free
  • To NOT need to Daily Meter, but may be unavoidable, traffic will tell.
  • Allow unregistered download
  • Will need uploaders to register
  • Have enough Charter *Subscribers* to keep any monthly charges low
  • To double my current connection bandwidth capacity, which currently appears will require me to spend an additional $150-$175 USD
  • While Slavemaker3 Core(Cmac) files and 3rd Party developer files/accounts will be my primary content goal, I may eventually expand to other non-SM3 users and content.

To-date, Cmac has refused to accept monies and donations directly due to his convictions about not making a profit over something which uses other people's art, etc.

However, he is fully allowing me, for the purpose of starting this Service in Support of the Game, to advertise this venture. He's allowing me to *accept* any donations, subscriptions, gifts of a monetary sort, one-time and or on-going, to get this up to speed. He ACCEPTS that supporting me and this service, with which I'll in turn be providing the Game and related files an official and dedicated repository and home, that his conscious is clear in that no profit is being made off the work of others.

So feel free to contact me by PM on Futanari Palace, by Note on DeviantART, by PM on KPSlashHaven dot net (my other main haunt) or direct by email (not sure I can give it out on FP), so that we can discuss the particulars of the "expressions" of your support…

UP FRONT, understand there will be a starting curve as I get this rolling, I'll need volunteers to help test the bandwidth traffic and what my systems will be able to support.

ALSO UNDERSTAND, that I'm not a huge corporation. I will not be running duplicate machines in physically diverse locations maintained by backup generators, which means that events such as WEATHER, power outages, and or anything which might cause an unexpected outage with my service provider MAY HAPPEN as out of our control. Rest assured we'll endeavor to get back up and running as soon as possible.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited by the prospects.

As noted, please contact Love Robin via the Futanari Palace if you wish to help.

While the donations slightly border on taking money for the game, it is I feel acceptable.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Hi All,
I am back from my holidays, and a happy new year to you all.

Sorry I have not had a chance to review comments in the last post much or check forum posts.
Please give me a few days, and I will reply. For the comments here in this blog I will either reply to the comment or I will make a new post addressing any issues.

I had a good holiday, but did not get as much done for the game as I hoped, I suppose it was a good holiday!

I did do a long delayed restructure of my slaves to derive them from the SlaveModule class and this found quite a lot of minor bugs. I have also done some of the abandoned slaves (or at least where the developer is no longer working on them and has said so), like Peach, Menace, assistant Mugi and a few more. Again quite a few minor bugs found.

Note: the bugs are found as the class structure is much more strict and reports typos like variable name/function typos, missing _root and the such better. In the next release of the SDK Akane will be updated for this method. It requires a little more code, notably for images (ie you need to use BaseMovie.xxxclip, not just xxxclip). Mind you I shoud rename BaseMovie to a better naming, at least baseMovie, maybe moveBase, but I need to retain the old name, it is used too much internally by the game.

For Mugi I will also extend her in future to support the later slaves since she her last release by Daisy_strike. If anyone is interested in helping or even doing the bulk of the work please contact me. The source code for Mugi was made open source by Daisy_strike and I can share my updates.

I only did a little work on Ranma, as I had less free time than I hoped, so her/his update will still be a couple of weeks away.