Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Release Server

Love Robin is a moderator at the Futanari Palace and a significant contributor for ideas and feedback for the game.

She recently posted (with my approval) this idea for changing the hosting for the game

Cmac has given both permission and blessing fro me to proceed, and he should be reposting this on his blog as well.
In light of recent issues with some sites such as MediaFire, I am starting my own Fileshare Filehost ANY CONTENT ACCEPTABLE (caveat: talking about porn and fetishes here; not terrorist-related) service. There are a lot of particulars I need to test out, but if all goes well, it should be up sometime in the summer. I hope

  • To be the OFFICIAL Slavemaker3 Core(Cmac) repository.
  • To remain ad-free
  • To NOT need to Daily Meter, but may be unavoidable, traffic will tell.
  • Allow unregistered download
  • Will need uploaders to register
  • Have enough Charter *Subscribers* to keep any monthly charges low
  • To double my current connection bandwidth capacity, which currently appears will require me to spend an additional $150-$175 USD
  • While Slavemaker3 Core(Cmac) files and 3rd Party developer files/accounts will be my primary content goal, I may eventually expand to other non-SM3 users and content.

To-date, Cmac has refused to accept monies and donations directly due to his convictions about not making a profit over something which uses other people's art, etc.

However, he is fully allowing me, for the purpose of starting this Service in Support of the Game, to advertise this venture. He's allowing me to *accept* any donations, subscriptions, gifts of a monetary sort, one-time and or on-going, to get this up to speed. He ACCEPTS that supporting me and this service, with which I'll in turn be providing the Game and related files an official and dedicated repository and home, that his conscious is clear in that no profit is being made off the work of others.

So feel free to contact me by PM on Futanari Palace, by Note on DeviantART, by PM on KPSlashHaven dot net (my other main haunt) or direct by email (not sure I can give it out on FP), so that we can discuss the particulars of the "expressions" of your support…

UP FRONT, understand there will be a starting curve as I get this rolling, I'll need volunteers to help test the bandwidth traffic and what my systems will be able to support.

ALSO UNDERSTAND, that I'm not a huge corporation. I will not be running duplicate machines in physically diverse locations maintained by backup generators, which means that events such as WEATHER, power outages, and or anything which might cause an unexpected outage with my service provider MAY HAPPEN as out of our control. Rest assured we'll endeavor to get back up and running as soon as possible.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited by the prospects.

As noted, please contact Love Robin via the Futanari Palace if you wish to help.

While the donations slightly border on taking money for the game, it is I feel acceptable.


  1. So i guess this means much more things in slavemaker?

  2. I'm down for it. Time for a change.

  3. Glad to hear it. I don't see a conflict of interest so long as YOU don't profit. Love Robin won't really be profiting either most likely. She'll be lucky to break even. If this works out, I hope others of the community will be able to approach her to host other h-games.


  4. As with most Donations, I really want to help, don't get me wrong, but we have no money to spare ourselves.

    Hopefully, a note saying 'I hope this all goes well' is enough. >.<


  5. I foud some little bug with Ringo :
    If you buy him, it disrupts many nights event including contests.

  6. It's not that I'm opposed to the idea, but wouldn't it be better to use an online service? They can take care of the bandwith etc,... for you.

    YouSendIt offers unlimited storage for $5 a month, and within a few weeks Mega will be up (again). (I agree that most other file hosters offer sh*t service right now, especially rapidshare)

    1. I intend to be an online service. Thing is, most services have issues with pornographic content. I know *I'd* not have that issue. And if anyone doesn't think any new Mega will be under fine-toothed scrutiny, they might as well look to buy a bridge.

      Not to put too indelicate a point on this, but there have been discussions by people trying to crowbar money into C's hands for the game. This is a way to do so which will support the game.

  7. I know this is explicitly not what's happening... but I would really like to see cmac get some money for his work on the game.

    Sure, a lots of people's work goes in to it. But he makes the main engine, and that should be worth something.

    I'd be happy to contribute to the hosting too.... I'll wait a bit to see how things are going.


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