Monday, April 14, 2014

FileShare notes

Most files I release are release via MEGA and also Rapidshare. Not all are on Rapidsahre, but most are.

The share for all Rapidshare files is now linked and is

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


a small note: the game has really been annoying me recently.

I tried to refact too much for the new version 3.4 and sort of overwhelmend by bugs I should of caught in testing before.

Some issues where left over bugs from 3.3 like some issues for Ayane, Akane and a few other slaves so nice to get them resolved.

Still a combination of bugs, some depression and bad health have been slowing down thing recently. I have to have a much more functional beta out this week or this weekend.

note: I posted a Beta 8 a little while ago, as noted Beta 9 soon

Lastly I will repost some 3rd party releases soon, notably
- new slave Momo Hinamori
- new slave Mikhaila (a furry)

both available in Futanari Palace

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Open Beta Continues!

The open beta is taking a lot longer than I had hoped, a lot more bugs are being found than I had hoped.

No clear idea how much longer it will take, I just released yesterday a Beta 7 version

sorr for the lack of contact recently. I have been ill and most of my free time has been working on the beta (frustrating thing it is !!) I will email in the next day or two
sorry for not replying in detail to some of your PM's too

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Open Beta for version 3.4

I have posted threads in the Futanari Palace and Fenoxo forums for the open beta of version 3.4

I will not be posting details here, as I wish any bug reports or discussion to be made in the threads created there, and not posted here.

An extract of the posts for information
New features for version 3.4
This version introduces the following new features

  • Puppygirl/boy training, thanks to Beast Master Shino, includes new Slave Maker creation options, new items, potions and a new shop
  • Additional small events when walking and also for schools, jobs, chores
  • Additional options with skill points after end of training
  • you may choose to have no assistant at all, and also have event during game play that lose your assistant
  • Vampires (and potentially others) use a nocturnal training mode (jobs/chores/schools in the night), sex in the day. Time restrictions are the same for jobs/schools as non-nocturnal!
  • a personality profile system
  • birthdates and age tracking
  • more options in "Talk To Slaves" to be intimate with your slave/assistant/lover
This is not a complete list and I will update as I review, but there were not a large number of feature changes, mainly a lot of refactoring and low leve limprovements.
Improvements from previous versions
  • should be a little faster to play and to load/save games
  • a slave can be completely converted from assistant to slave, minor slave to slave, slave to minor slave etc. This was only partially effective previously. I will post an updated version of the assistant Arcueid later that demonstrates this.
  • Avatars for slave makers edited and improved, but not included in the beta download by default. Also revisions to the avatar.xml system.
  • many updates and improvements for developers, I will post more details later
  • 100 slave limit increased and xml editable
  • unlimited number of weapons, armours, from the 32 limit of version 3.3
  • equipment page is tabbed to allow more items
  • much more of the game is translatable
Many bugs fixes but probably many more added. Notably save/load issues and pregnancy, love problems should be fixed. Also issues for events resetting between slaves, and an issue for skills messing

Posted Beta 2 that fixes the worst of the bugs so far reported.
Posted Beta 3 that fixes a lot more bugs, but quite a few remain
Posted Beta 4 that fixes more bugs and adds some game balance change
Posted Beta 5 that fixes more bugs and adds some image fixes for Kasumi and tweaks for Mihoshi

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I am just doing one more quick pass for the closed beta and will then start an open beta. Things are looking close....

Overwhored (another game I like)
I have been watching this game for a while and a new version 0.4 was just publically released, see the link on the right to the developers blog.

The game got a neat gui/graphic update, new maps and a fair bit more content. As you see from the version it is not complete yet, but all funding is complete.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I have been through a closed alpha test for the new version 3.4, quite a few bugs were reported and have been fixed.

I will probably start a open beta in a few days, and once that is complete release the new version.

New Slave Mei
ManjoBanjo has released Mei from Pokemon Black and White. Currently a vanilla release. This is version 0.7 after a couple of fine tuning releases

Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Small Updates

Some additional updates for slaves in the game

Flannery Version 1.1
As the developer striker2521 has not been active for many months, here is an update for Flannery. This implements many missing acts and events for her. and some additional image variants. Also detext/delogo edits and background removal edits, for instance some by the forum user Moat Moat

Flannery is still a vanilla slave otherwise, but now a basically complete one.


To install just extract this file into your game installation

EDIT: there was a smaller error in the release for Flannery, fixed and reuploaded

Unofficial Update for Midna

This is a small update for Midna to correct

an xml error in the Folder node
edit the Slave Market image to have a transparent background (image is the one above)
a couple of incorrectly named images (Kiss Female, Orgy Lesbian, Lend) and extensions for Dress 1-6 were wrong
optimised all pngs images to slightly re-compress (losslessly)


note: this may be removed if the developer requests when they are next active

Kim Possible  
There is a small error in the last release of Kim Possible, there is a mis-count for Job - Bar where sometimes you do not see an image. To fix this save the above image and copy into your game installation into the folder
Images/Slaves/Kim Possible