Wednesday, October 15, 2014


A quick update, sorry things a little delayed, health mostly, but actively speaking to my doctor and altering medications, diet, exercise. Not there yet, I felt poorly today.

Still the update for the game is almost there (sorry said that last time). The last beta had only small issues raised. Once I fix them I will post the update, via
- torrent for the full game, this can update your existing installation
- minimal update with fixes only
- maximal update will all new content for the game since 3.4 was released, including Kannu and an update for Aya
- revised slave packs via filehost

As you see to the right I am still tweaking images for Minor slaves and assistants, adding pregnancy edits like this one or just rearranging and adding images for the new intimacy acts.
Working on Elicina and Fuu currently.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Close to 3.4.01

I am close to releasing 3.4.01, I am uploading a beta version now and I will release once complete. The test will be semi-private, posted at the Futanari Palace only.

Mileena is also close in this edit I did. I have done quite a few edits so far, for
Angewomon, Cammy, CecileCroomy, Cyan, Fuuka, Jade, Jura, Kitana, Kurenai, Mai Tokiha, Mami, Miku Hinasaki, Ragyo, Rei Kurosawa, Ruka Minazuki, Samui, Taki

Minor Slaves
Ada, Anethesia, April, Arak, Beatrix, Carrera, Christie, Cora, Dixie, Ella, Faerie Butterfly,  Garnet, Grimro, Kumoko, Latala, Lian & Dian, Maid Tara, Marey, Mercedes, Mileena, Nephenee, Pfil, Rukia, Ryah, Supergirl, Tia, Ulala, Wonder Woman, Yukiko, Zoey

Note: 3 of the minor slaves are new!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Small update,
version 3.4.01 is still pending, but I have fixed amonst other things the end game issue, that was a little complex to get right!

Note on end games for 3.4.01
  • Freelancers can now get custom endings if you keep the slave, they were explicitly excluded before they can get them now BUT only custom endings for the slave, for instance Shampoo's Dickgirl-Mother, Ayane's Loyal etc.
  • You can get multiple 'Meta' endings now like Dickgirl, Cumslut, and maybe more as time allows.
  • Some text formatting issues were fixed

A few more days until I release the version, I just need to review the bug reports and check all issues are fixed that I can reproduce.

I have also been
- updating some assistants and minor slaves to fix and improve images, or add for new sex acts
- fix a bug for Assistant Taki, mind you she has a nice (brief) story idea that can easily have events added, I must add a few as time allows

The image is one of the edits I have done, to try to make sure we have a pregnant image where possible, so I took an existing naked image for Kitana and added a pregnant belly. Have done the same for Jade as well, and will probably do one for Samui.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

3rd Party Updates

Some updates for version 3.4

- I am now happy with the integration of the fairy Pfil for the game, the events and images are done. A LOT of editing was needed!

- Chaos-X has sent me an update for the assistant Kanako, I will release the update soon

- bug hunting otherwise continues!!

- I was adding an event for recruiting a fairy slave, Mercedes
from "Odin Sphere" and found a neat CG set by the circle/company "Vanadis", they really like monster girls and have excellent artist(s). Some of their art is used for Marey for instance. I found some really neat Spider Girl images that integrate with the event for Mercedes. So this means we may have a new capturable slave, but probably in version 3.4.02.

- SeiaDoon and abisal have released an early alpha for Kida from the excellent movie "Atlantis the Lost Empire". It is an early release, and needs a lot of image work. I have been asked to note that Kida is nowhere near releasable yet.

- Baalshazar has been doing quite a few updates for the slave Aya Shameimaru

- Kaiser Ryu is working on an update for Nina Windia

- Silvertop is working on a new slave, Kanu from Ikkitousen, says most images are ready to go, but is looking/editing a range of pregnant images. Silvertop is also working on the German translation for the game.
EDIT: verson 1.0 of Kanu has been released

- ElPresidente is working on a xml alternate version of Asuka with a range of events with the barmaid Sora

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I have been a little unwell recently so the update 3.4.01 is still in development. A number of fixes are complete but others are still pending.

I have done some small changes otherwise, bug fixing can be a little boring at times.

I am tweaking the fairy encounters so one possible reward for helping the fairies is a willing fairy slave, Pfil, from the mangas 'Bondage Fairies' by Kondom. These are early H-Mangas I remember fondly, despite the bestiality/insect-sex in it. Pfil is an almost complete slave.

I also have another fairy slave planned you can rescue from a spider-girl in the forest, based on Mercedes from 'Odin Sphere'. She is a young character and generally flat-chested, but I do not think underage.

I have also updated the minor slaves Maid Tara and Anesthesia for additional images and events.

In 3.4.01 there will be the ability to train fully any minor slave. If you do then you will see a lot of default images, but a few minor slaves are updated for more images (Maid Tara, Anesthesia, Pfil, Mercedes and a few images here and there for others)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Problems with verson 3.4

There have been some issues reported for version 3.4 that have not been addressed in the last fix. I am just here going to give some workarounds or direct you to fixes

Issues that can be fixed short of a new game update

Sora can appear ALWAYS when you have your slave work in the Sleazy Bar.  A small bug, and can be resolved by taking your slave for a walk in the Slums until you meet Sora there.

The images for Chun-Li are missing for both torrent and Packs versions of the game. I have updated Slave Pack 3 to include the missing files. If you download and extract the pack into your game installations this will fix the issue

Super Sonico and Sona
The images for these slaves were mixed by accident in creating slave pack 11. Super Sonico's images were missing basically and mixed into Sona's folder. This issue does not exist for people who used the torrent. To resolve this download Slave Pack 11 and extract into your game installation. If preferred you can visit the Futanari Palace and download the slaves separately and install.

Issues requiring a new game update

Centaur Girl
If you enslave the centaur girl Marey then she still appears in the Forest. There is no solution to this aside from waiting for the update 3.4.01

Endings for slaves
A number of people have reported issues where custom endings are not seen. I can reproduce and undertand how this happen for slaves you personally own, like Shampoo, Ayane. I am not 100% sure otherwise of the cause of some, but I am aware of the reports.

Also, to repeat from some replies, please do note the Freelancer Slave Makers do not see any endings if they choose to keep the slave

Birthing Issues
There are some issues when a slave gives birth where the text and stat effects are mixed up with the main slave

There are quite a number of lesser bugs reported, some simple typos and some logic errors, I will endevour to have these fixed in the 3.4.01 release

 For some questions I have been asked

- if you select Rhia as you assistant she moves in, and becomes a permanent member of your home

- you cannot convert a minor slave to a traniable slave. The description I said in the feature list means that developers can do this if desired. In general Minor Slaves do not have enough images to create a full and trainable slave, so if I were to make this general you would see a lot of generic images and blank ones, especially dresses and mundane activities like cooking/cleaning etc.

- I should make the Slave Maker Witch and Pagan advantages more balanced

EDIT: Small Request
 One bug I have had reported a number of times is where the skills for your slave a mixed up, overlapping with the skills from a slave you have been talking to or your assistant. To date I have not been able to reproduce this or had someone tell be how to reproduce this reliably. By this a mean someone say
- do x, then do y, then do z and it will ALWAY happen
- and provide a save game that oes this, or give instruction how to do it from the start of a new game.
If you can reproduce this please let me know.

Thanks all, I have found and fixed the bug

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Post Release Notes

Since the release of 3.4 there have been reported a few issues and questions

Small Update
For bug reports here and the forums, here is a small fix for some reported issues. No coding changes are in this (except a trivial one for Krystal), I will release a formal 3.4.01 release in the future once I sort out some issues
  • missing minor slaves due to an error in configuration1.xml
  • missing slaves in the market if you used Slave Pack 9, not the torrent, as it was missing some of the files for Kim Possible. Slave Pack 9 has been updated and new links posted. The torrent did not have this bug.
  • Nina, Lamia and Youmu showed the wrong message as to why they could not be trained.
  • Nina, Lamia and Youmu could never be trained due to a 'bug', their xml is updated to work around this.
  • Mikhaila's naked images did not show, the game required them to be png files, again a bug
  • Krystal had a problem with changing from Feral to Beast
  • Issues for Lunch and Launch, includes the code (xml, swf) for the assistant Roshi

Other reported bugs are under investigation.


just extract the file into your game installation

I will update the packs and torrent to include these fixes, but probably once I release 3.4.01

Assistant Jura has a bug in one of her events that was reported after this update. See the first comment for this post for a fix, it will be included in the 3.4.01 update.

Features in Version 3.4
 To address questions as to the new features introduced in version 3.4

  • should be a little faster to play and to load/save games 
  • a slave can be completely converted from assistant to slave, minor slave to slave, slave to minor slave etc. This was only partially effective previously. I will post an updated version of the assistant Arcueid later that demonstrates this. 
  • Avatars for slave makers edited and improved, but not included in the beta download by default. Also revisions to the avatar.xml system. 
  • many updates and improvements for developers, I will post more details later 
  • 100 slave limit increased and xml editable 
  • unlimited number of weapons, armours, from the 32 limit of version 3.3 
  • equipment page is tabbed to allow more items 
  • much more of the game is translatable 
  •  Puppygirl/boy training, thanks to Beast Master Shino, includes new Slave Maker creation options, new items, potions and a new shop 
  • Additional small events when walking and also for schools, jobs, chores.
  • Vampires (and potentially others) use a nocturnal training mode (jobs/chores/schools in the night), sex in the day. Time restrictions are the same for jobs/schools as non-nocturnal!
  • a personality profile system
  • Additional options with skill points after end of training  
  • birthdates and age tracking 
  • more options in "Talk To Slaves" to be intimate with your slave/assistant/lover  
  • you may choose to have no assistant at all, and also have event during game play that lose your assistant
 Other notes
The Assistant Arcueid now has a set of events where she can have her bloodlust inflamed, she will lose control and then will become enslaved and trainable as a slave

Multiple minor slaves have been updated for additional images for the new minor slave sex acts.

The spider girl Arak has new events, try chatting with her, and try letting her 'Play' as an order.

Since the last full version of 3.3 there have been multiple more slaves and minor slaves added to the game.

The centaur girl in the forest can be enslaved, if you have an item, a stat at a certain level and a skill. Only though if she is a dickgirl for now, to be extended for female versions when I write an alternate version of the combat.