Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Computers can be annoying

My boot harddrive just failed, a great pain. No data was lost, I backup regularly and keep most important data on a different drive anyway. Note: I recommend the tool MozBackup, greatly simplifies copying browser details over for FireFox and Thunderbird.

Still, had the expense of a new drive that I could barely afford, and then the time to reinstall Windows, apply updates and re-install everything.

I did though pay the bit extra for a SSD drive, and have tried to configure to maximise drive life. There are a lot of sometimes contradictory suggestions for that, I have done the common ones.

Only just got Flash working again for the game though.

Monday, July 6, 2015

More Status

Just to let people know I am still alive and working on the game.

I have had a bad cold for the last couple of weeks, really annoying and persistent, but I am diabetic and all illnesses just last longer commonly for diabetics.

I am working and supporting the game via the forums, but I admit I have been somewhat low profile recently, answering questions where I can, but not very active in discussions.

I am working on the game but not a huge amount recently, a combination of things. Motivation can be an issue at times, and also I have a couple of other games I have been working on at the Hypnopics Collective and at the TFGame Site. I am trying to not let any particular thing dominate but it takes up my free time (games linked to the right but note registration is required for the forums).

I am seeding the current Slave Maker game release and a beta was posted a while ago for 3.4.03. It is an update only and has bugs

At this stage I am aiming to release an update/new release of SlaveMaker by the end of July (or near to there, health allowing)

for the other linked games
Tales of the Drunken Cowboy
have both had new versions released in the recent past.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Please excuse a lack of updates. I have been rather unwell for the last couple of weeks so little progress recently.

In advance thanks for any best wishes to get better, but no need to post comments to that effect, I am a little tired of discussing health issues and would prefer to just discuss the game itself. I will avoid posting about health and such in the future.

No estimate at this time of when I will be able to finish the new update, it should hopefully be in the near future.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Hi all,
please excuse some slow progress recently for the game. The version 3.4.03 is taking a lot longer than planned, from
- a little of it is motivation, as some of the recent work for the game is rather complex and difficult to debug and get working
- some a mixture of health and free time
- a little time lost working on other projects, like a revamping of the game "A Spell for All" at the Hypnopics forum (a work in progress)

Give me a couple of weeks to try to sort out the GUI changes and assorted bugs and new features.

User Interface Changes
I have seen quite a few comments where some people do not like the revised display, and it mainly seems to be the colour schemes. Please note the examples are for a male slave maker, female and dickgirls use a different scheme.

All the colours are editable by players, and also the images for the icons. A background image can be provided by the player to add texture to the general background if desired. Currently all these changes will by by editing an xml file configurationlayout.xml, not via the Options screen as I generall consider these things fairly static. Also it is simple to provide an add-on 'skin' for the game to rearrange colours and/or icons.

There will NOT be a 4x3 version of the interface provided, A couple of people have had issues with because of
- using still a 4x3 montor
- an issue with scaling and font sizing that I do not see, certainly not in my development version

Monday, March 9, 2015

Revised User Interface

In the next game release the game will change to use a widescreen layout, 1067x600, instead of the current 800x600

Also the general look and feel will alter to a more modern, flat style. While not my preference, as in I am not a fan of the Metro style for Windows 8, I am still going with it from discussions at the Futanari Palace.

To give an idea here is a mockup. The game will not be exactly this, but quite similar. The icon bar may differ than this mockup. As will some of the icons for the tabs.

Also some older slaves will not use the full screen area for images. XML based slaves will center and display fine and most background images in the game are updated.

While most people generally like the new layout some people have said they do not like the new layout, in some cases saying it is cold or too much like a phone app, or anachronistic for a fantasy game.

The game will support altering all the colours you see in the screen and will support altering the icons for the tabs etc you see (maybe not in the initial release)

You are completely welcome to suggest alternate layouts if you feel something would look better BUT I am only going to use a single final layout, I will not be coding the game to support alternate layouts! Still suggest away, either by posting a link to an alternate version here in a comment or in the thread at the Futanari Palace.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


There has been a recent email from Blogsopt noting they they do not want any explicit sexual content in these blogs any more.

In it unclear if this blog is affected, I do not post a lot of images and few are explicit, but the game itself is. They note they will allow 'artistic nudity' but it is unclear to me if this icludes the sort of image in the game or if they just refer to posed model type images.

At the worst case I will have to migrate to a different host, say to tumblr but hopefully it will be ok. If this happens I will post in the Futanari Palace and Fenoxo forums any new blog I am using.

To reduce the chance this blog is removed I will be updating some previous posts to remove some explicit images.

It appears Google have reconsidered and will allow sexually explicit ontent, as long as you do not try to make money from it.

Korvas has released a new slave Pinkie Pie from MLP

I have posted a beta for version 3.4.03 in the futanari palace but it is not so much a beta as a bug fix for a marriage ending issue with other changes in place. There are reported bugs in it I am working
It also
- changes the game to use a widescreen (16x9) display, only partly complete
- makes the centaur girl captuable if she is female (a bit broken at the moment)

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Small note,
sorry had a lot of migranes the last few weeks, been a real pain, so sorry I have not spent much time working on the game this week. I hope to resume work and get a version 3.4.03 released in a reasonable amount of time, at the latest end of february, hopefully before then,

I did a little work on the game over the holidays, and also some work on a small Javascript/HTML5 game at the TFGamesSite
That was just a little recreation, learning bits of HTML5 and Javascript and the such. I am a programmer so learning these sorts of things is fun for me.

the game Overwhored got a new release 0.5, according to posts the end is near for the game, the developer can see a final release and is looking at his next projects. If you have not tried it give it a go, it is humourous and enjoyable to play. A link to the developers site it to the lower right on this page.