Sunday, June 22, 2014

Still Here!

Hi, I had bad cold last week (a fairly chill winter here so far) so not too much this week. Still recovering from it not 100% yet.

Rapidshare, the filehost I have been using for years, is discontinuing it's free accounts at the end of this month, so all my rapidshare links will become invalid at the end of this month.

As such I am aiming to try to release the new version 3.4 by the end of this month if I can, it will depend on health, time and the such, but should be possible. I hope to release a new and hopefully last beta today.

Notes on other 3rd Party Releases
The following slaves have been released, see threads at the Futanari Palace, I will mirror later
  • Shinji Ikari from Evangelion
  • Ritsuko Akizuki from Idol Master - NOTE: she is currently a Minor slave in the game and will be removed as such
  • Super Sonico
  • Ryoumou from Ikkitousen
  • Momo Hinamori
  • Mikhaila (a furry OC type character)
  • an alternate non-bestiality version of Nami with different image selections
The following have been updated
  • Belldandy (added images like handjob, footjob etc that were added to the game after she was developed for the game)
  • Shampoo (images and events in the beta)
  • Nami (original release) better bestiality filtering, and more images
  • Kim Possible (images)
  • Quistis
  • Krystal the Star Fox (fixes for Feral, dress wearing)
All these updates will be included in the 3.4 release so I have not got around to sharing them yet, and it is also difficult to include the new slaves in a version 3.3 of the game. Version 3.3 is limited to 100 slaves and currently we are up to  111

FileHosts Addendum
I will in general be using MEGA, DropBox, others to be determined. MEGA has some minor compatibilty issues but is very fast.