Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slave Builder

moose has been developing a Java application to develop a program to build Slaves for the game

Reposting from the Masterbloodfer forum

After 4-month of work, here is the new version.

Version 1.2

List of changes for V1.2 (this list is not comprehensive)
* Full support for FlashDevelop.
- Now you can create slaves in flashdevelop and they will load in the game.
* Addition of new Tabs
- Night Action tab for both Adobe and FlashDevelop
- Images tab for FlashDevelop
* Minor changes to Tailor tab to the naked panel
- Now you can change the order of the images
- No more duplication of images.
* The FileChooser menu remembers your last navigated folder
* Separated the Adobe and FlashDevelop in the beginning instead of seperating while export.
* Added loading window (not for save/load)

Please post any comments, thoughts, ideas for improvement

- Post in the MasterBloodfer forum
- The developed slaves will only load using 3.1.09. An early version of it is available in the MasterBloodfer forum


I have been unwell recently so the latest update has been somewhat delayed. Depending on my health a day or two. I just have to finish a furry event and test it.

The update contains
- bug fixes
- Slave Maker equipment screen, currently only for weapons and armour but easily extendable
- additional functions and support for 3rd party developers developers
- ability for 3rd party developers to add events into the core game, independent of a slave girl or assistant. Examples are included in the new SDK

The artist sesh at Furaffinity
has given permission to use his art in the game, and the furry event I am writing uses one of his image, more will follow. Also sesh is making some custom images too.

The artist whitedevil also at Furaffinity
has also given permission to use his images. This release will not use any yet, but I will use them in the next release.