Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slave Builder

moose has been developing a Java application to develop a program to build Slaves for the game

Reposting from the Masterbloodfer forum

After 4-month of work, here is the new version.

Version 1.2

List of changes for V1.2 (this list is not comprehensive)
* Full support for FlashDevelop.
- Now you can create slaves in flashdevelop and they will load in the game.
* Addition of new Tabs
- Night Action tab for both Adobe and FlashDevelop
- Images tab for FlashDevelop
* Minor changes to Tailor tab to the naked panel
- Now you can change the order of the images
- No more duplication of images.
* The FileChooser menu remembers your last navigated folder
* Separated the Adobe and FlashDevelop in the beginning instead of seperating while export.
* Added loading window (not for save/load)

Please post any comments, thoughts, ideas for improvement

- Post in the MasterBloodfer forum
- The developed slaves will only load using 3.1.09. An early version of it is available in the MasterBloodfer forum


  1. i can't enter megaupload.com to download the
    Version 1.2. Can you send it to me, this is my e-mail (rickyyy2006@hotmail.com) or post it on the other web site please.

  2. It looks great, but it's still not really useful, I guess. I'm using the FlashDevelop version. A couple of things.

    1) If I can only develop for one version of the game, anything I make will become obsolete very quickly.
    2) I don't understand how to edit the text of night actions.
    3) Can't program any special events.

    The third is a little unfair - hard to do something special within the context of a program designed to make things easy - but still.

  3. it would be great if it could create a .fla C_C

  4. ricky
    it is being uploaded to another host. I'll update when done

    1) how do you mean for 1 version of the game. My note is it will only work for version 3.1.09 or later, not ONLY 3.1.09
    2) the program is incomplete. moose is working on it still. You can still manually edit the .as file to add all the events
    3) again you can manually edit

  5. Hi Ricky,

    I just wanted to let you know that I uploaded Slave Builder to my 4shared site which you can find here:


    It still only works with 3.1.09 which I don't have up on my site although I can see about getting the beta up. I will let you know if I can get that up for you.

    The Windsong Bard

  6. derfolly
    thnks for your suggestions. I have fixed the guide to make it easier to understand the night action tab.

    How to use this tab
    This tab can be mainly used to display custom text for each action. For example, you want to display "Ifurita does not want you to stop" when the slave performs a blowjob, you add this line to the text already in it

    _root.SetText (_root.ServantName + " Does not want you to stop");
    and if you want to add text to what you previously said, for example you want to say: "Ifurita did her best to please you but her lack of skill was evident" where you already said "Ifurita did her best to please you" and want to add " but her lack of skill was evident" to the previous text, use
    _root.AddText(" but her lack of skill was evident");

    For more information on how to use these commands, please check the SDK provided.

  7. Very nice work!.

    I was wondering where can I get the 3.1.09 early version, I was looking at the MBD forum and havent find any link about it, any clues please¿? ^_^!.

    Thank you very much!

  8. I've searched the whole thread, yet i still didn't find any links from where i could download it (early version of the 3.1.09 update). :(

  9. If is listed as a fix in response to a post by moose.

    Here is the link

  10. Hi

    Great Job ! And a lot of work done, that's impressive.

    There are some improvment suggestions (as requested) :
    - automatic deployment in game directory (it's still complicate to do, in fact i didnt' managed to ... maybe ther's something i missed)
    - automatic image renaming ("Slave-name.png" is good, "../../toto's.png" is dangerous)
    - automatic image conversion : jpg is bad and don't have any transparency
    - automatic background-color check (transparency is necessary for pony-tail, and probably for nice display)

    And another one that has nothing to do with slave-builder himself : why not hosting a slave-library with all your fan's creations ?

    Congrats for the great job you did. Wish there will be more and more.

  11. Where can i download 3.1.09 version can anybody send it to me or upload it?Thanks

  12. For as far as i know, 3.1.08 is the last release... but i'm not part of the crew. Sorry.

  13. Ricky: 3.1.09 has yet to be released. There's an unfinished beta linked a few posts above yours, if you want to download that.

  14. Ricky, Good question. The 3.1.09 is currently in beta for the SDK but I haven't been able to find it. All I know is that it hasn't been officially released yet although I imagine it will be soon. At any rate as soon. At any rate if/when I see it I will let you know.

    The Windsong Bard

  15. I'm getting a weird error.

    "Error while reading all the necessary files.
    lib\Files\Slave Stats.txt\ (The system cannot find the path specified)"

  16. thnk for the suggestions but I prefer all the suggestions/ideas/bug-reports to be discussed in Masterbloodfer forum (they are easier to keep track of) thnks

    you make interesting suggestions, but I believe most people would find the program renaming to image files to be annoying as they most likely would not know what the image was renamed to.
    Changing image format is easy but the result will still be an image without transparency (if the original didnot contain transparency) and people would find it annoying to have multiple copies of the same image with different formats.
    Also I was asked by cmacleod himself to not put restriction on jpg files as it is very difficult to remove the background and make them transparent. I also tried to do it. It takes altleast 30mins per image to remove the background. Also most images in the game are withhout transparency (mainly dress images have transparent backgrounds).
    Added transparency check. The image chooser tells you the size of the image and whether it contains transparent pixels.

    re-extract the lib folder. Make sure you have the lib folder in the same directory as the jar file.
    So the jar and the lib folder have to be in the same directory.


  17. if you love this game the try its cousin sim brothle

  18. http://www.speedyshare.com/files/19733897/SimBro_Release_v2.1.3_091023_1.zip

    here sorry that last cousin was supposed to be this

  19. http://rs131.rapidshare.com/files/339035150/SimBro_Release_v2.1.4_100122_1.zip this one newer and FREE to download

  20. well looks like some one does his homework

  21. Hey guys, im a complete noob regarding flash, so can anyone tell what im supposed to do with the actionscript files i get once I export the slave(using flashdevelop mode). I believe i need to create an swf file on flashdevelop using the actionscript files but i have no idea how, so can anyone tell me or point me a link for an easy anwser?

  22. João
    1) Download and install FlashDevelop (flashdevelop.org)
    2)Create an actionscript 2 project using FlashDevelop in the folder containing the as files
    3) Make sure all images are in the same folder as the as file
    4) ensure all images are added to the library in FlashDevelop
    5) export/publish

    Refer to the SDK for details on functions to use for actions and how to install the slave

  23. you can't atlats not yet you have to wait for 3.1.09 them to the game and send one of thm pm

  24. I posted the 3.1.09 fix earlier that allows this to work. It is not a beta as such it is incomplete but allows the output of SlaveBuilder to work

  25. cmacleod42 may you post the link again since i can't find the link of 3.1.09. Please

  26. ricky
    It is in my comment half way up the comments here

  27. Thanks a lot for your help ! :D

  28. time to ask something oo

    when comes the new SDK?
    or how much is changing?
    (i just want a few infos if i should wait with my custom slvae to be uploaded.... not for u guys until now but if it is ok..maybe).

    it would be nice to know it oo

    and the SlaveBuilder is nice and it makes fun can't wait to test it when the 3.1.09 is out oo

  29. narutoxd
    The new SDK just adds new functions and features. It is backwardly compatible with the previous version.

    - adding more dress options
    - external 3rd party events
    - load/save arbitrary variables
    - custom homes
    - walk to your home

  30. man i not cant open the Slave Builder... why ? o-o, i open and open in java and load load load and not

  31. It would be helpful if you can give more details on the error. Specifically what loads and what dosent load.
    As a general suggestion, try extracting everything from the archive into a new folder. Everything as in both the jar and the lib file.

    General note:
    There is a guide included on how to use the program. But there is an error in the program that prevents it from loading from help menu. As a work around, please open Main Page.html from lib-> guide folder.

    I hope this helps

  32. hentai-know-it-all
    Why? Also the game is almost 500Mb now!

  33. it was a joke didn't you see the jk
    I knew the game would never fit and the would restrict use of the game as much as they could

  34. and actully the swf file needed o upload is 28mb
    I just checked

  35. Every time I check this site I get to like the game more and more. This Slave Builder is simply AMAZING. Obviously it needs further development but I believe we'll see better versions really fast.

    You guys deserve more than just a word of thanks for this.


  36. I'm sorry if you have already answered this but I wonder, why we aren’t allowed to create young(er) girls. A newly created android-girl might not even be 1 years old while a slumbering demonesse might be a 1 000. It’s just a number really. I can understand that you personally don’t want to create lollies and I’m perfectly fine with it, but why can’t we?
    Please change this. Pretty please… *pleading eyes and pouting lower lip*

  37. Dr
    I cannot stop you and will not ask you to not develop such slaves, but I will not package such slaves with the game, or advertise them here or in the forums.

    I will not promote or condone child sex and all characters involved in sexual activities in the game are 18 or older.

    I will support and development of slaves, no matter who they are, by answering questions in the forums as these still help other developers.

    We have discussed many times that the characters in their sources can be younger that 18 but a few years have passed and they are now at least 18. The characters are believable I feel for this.

    The android case is a little different as they generally have an adult body and personality. You could not call Mahoro from Mahoromatic a child, or even Multi from To Heart. Still they are not really appropriate for the fantasy setting of the game

  38. This is moose.

    I have hardcoaded that 18-year limit into the slave builder because of the same reasons expressed by the creator.

    But like you said, age is just a number. It would be easier for everyone (I believe) if you could just setup a story/background so that the girl is 18+ years of age.

    Personally I dont believe it should be any problem for a creator.

    Maybe I am just biased as I dont like loli too. Sorry if this dosent help

    ps: how do u change the name (like posted by thing). Mine always say 'bob'

  39. moose
    Click on your name (ie the hyperlink bob) and then edit profile and change your display name

    If you really must you can edit the .as file to change the starting age. The core game puts no restrictions, but as moose said why not just make a girl who is 18 or older

  40. I don't think adding lolis is a problem. Lolis are fantasy ppl and if if you ask me this game has pretty nasty stuff already so one more 'nasty' thing won't hurt. I actually thought of making a loli slave but haven't tried yet. Fantasy ppl, fantasy. If you actually associate lolis with real children go find medical help. My two cents here is: let ppl do lolis and set ages, you could even register lolis not that young (say, 9-17) and leave toddlers out if it's too much but give them a chance (I personally don't think toddlers is nice, I'd stick to the manga with 10-17 girls heh).

    Anyways, your choice here.

    That said, I was wondering, Akane has that cowgirl ending but you can't keep her (like Yurika that you can actually keep 'milking' her fluids). Is there a way to make her a cow girl and keep her?

    Also, I tried all sorts of approaches to the tentacle monsters with Riez (hunting, submitting and running) but I can't seem to get the tentacle harem ending. Or her disappearance and you finding her afterwards enslaved by tentacle monsters is this ending?

    Last but not least, I wonder if this is the right place to be asking this, if not where?


  41. I can't seem to get this program to run in either Flash or Adobe modes.
    It will load to the point that it displays
    "Loading Night Action Tab
    This will take a few seconds"
    And then the loading bar just continues rolling along and nothing ever happens.
    Has anyone else noticed this?

  42. @hypnosmythos
    I have the same problem, it has something to do with the NightActionsTabCreator, whenever it gets over 8 tabs the programm crashes.

    Here is the Crashlog: http://codeviewer.org/view/code:10e1

    I could prevent it from happening, but then the NightActionTab
    would be pretty useless. :(

  43. @cmac

    hi, just wanted to say thanks for all the awesome you've done

    and im not sure if you've mentioned this before and sorry if someone has aked and it has been answered, but when do you think cat-slave trainer will be ready?

    once again thanks for your hard work :D

  44. The game needs a better optimisation. It takes a lot of RAM and seems to lag sometimes, especialy when youve been playing for a while. A good way to do so would be to have a better distribution of the memory, to only have it memorised in the RAM what is necessary for the time. To do so, you could add a short animation that plays when the time switch from day to night from night to day that serves as a break from the game to forget useless data for the time and memorise other data in the RAM it will need. The animation could be something as simple as a rising moon/rising sun with the date, time and remaining days before the end of the training. That would greatly optimise the program and speed it up for users with slower computers.

  45. I also think the game needs some optimisation.
    My computer isn't slow but I noticed that it takes quite some ram and processing to keep it running for extended periods of time. So I support "rein"'s idea of a sunrise/moonrise animation, to keep everything clean and less heavy for poor users with slow computers.

  46. @ João: I run it on a 1.42 GHz core 2 solo and it takes hours of playing till it starts getting hiccups. Maybe it's easier just to close it and re-open? Maybe optimizing something that's multi-platform will put unnecessary burden on the developers (and I do think they are already doing more than they should and delivering an awesome game for us). In any case, it's good to have feedback and suggestions, maybe they can do something about that more easily than I'm imagining. Try running the swf version inside the browser, maybe it uses less memory? (I'm a newbie, pardon me if I said anything absurd)

    @hypno and others with same problem: the builder takes an awfully long time to load for me, flash developer being the slowest so try to go have a cup of coffee to give it enough time. If it doesn't load then try reinstalling or updating both Flash and Java apps (dunno if it uses both but Java seems to be a must). I was having issues with Flash recently and they went away with the latest version.

  47. Oh, I'm having the following problem: for some slaves some places give you just the scenario and blank description (and no bonuses). Shampoo had this issue at the palace and Ayane is having the issues in the palace, town and farm (even though it worked the first time I trained her). Anyt tips on this problem?

  48. Meh, I know I just posted but I found the problem. I edited the .sol file to get me more gold to play around and it seems it interferes with the game itself. Akane (the one I trained between Ayane and Shampoo didn't have any issues and I didn't use any editors while training her).

    At least the save I hadn't edited is working fine u.u

  49. Aero
    Thnks for the crash report. I have found the problem and fixed it. Now the program only uses 100,000k ram (at startup it still keeps going up). Unfortunately next version will not do any spell check but its not like you are going to need it. lol.
    I am still trying to optimize the program.
    I was just wondering what your system specs were, mainly the RAM. How much ram do u have. I didnot have the heap space error when I was running it as I have 4GB ram.

  50. Aero
    Cat slave training will be added in version 3.2. Not sure how long that will be, sorry. 3.1.09 will be released this weekend (my health permitting)

    Rein, Joao, Ninja-Samwray
    I have done some optimisations for 3.1.09 that reduce cpu usage, but memory usage is difficult to alter, most of it is caching done internally by Flash of images to smooth playback. I cannot access that. My memory usage is fairly static, there is not a lot that is commonly released or allocated, but what is is mamaged by Flash and it's garbage collection.

    I have found that playing using a stand-alone player, not using the .exe or a browser is much slower, but that is a different issue

  51. Moose
    I run windows 7 with a 2GB RAM and a "Intel(r) Pentium(r) Dual 1.60 GHz 1.60 Ghz" processor, so the game doesn't run slow for me (until a couple of hours when i notice some "breaking").

    Anyway thanx for all the support. Im studing programming (mainly c++) and im looking to get into the gaming business, so I can imagine the time and patience you'v put in this game.

    thumbs up !

  52. btw I was randomly surfing through futanari palace and i saw a "ino slave" thread along with other girls, but from what i saw they seemed to be creating them for Slavemaker 2.

    So Im asking, will you release more girls with special story functions and events like Menace ? Or are you just going to concentrate on the game itself an let people create their own slaves?


  53. @Moose
    I also have 4 gb ram, but this crash only happens with Mac OS X. With Windows XP/7 in a Virtual Machine, it works without a problem. So its some kind of limitation in Mac OS.

    Where are you uploading your new Slavebuilder Versions, somehow I am not able to find it anywhere :(

  54. João
    The other girls listed in the foums are not specifically for SlaveMaker 2 it is just most have had little progress since SlaveMaker 3 was released.

    If you look back in this blog you will see I have posted about other girls I am developing, actively now Rei Ayanami and Krystal the Star Fox

    Moose prefers posting in the Masterbloodfer forum. I will mirror any new versions when they are released here in this blog.

  55. I'd just like to say, I'm really looking forward to the new girls. Not only for the fresh blood, but the ability to raise my trainer's stats higher, too. Thanks for all the work you've put in. ^_^

  56. agreed but I want to know if thier up to it to make a slave all thier own or will they improve opon the old ones

  57. thanks cmac, and take your time and get better. there is no rush, just wanted a guesstimate of which version it will be out by

    keep up the awesome, thank for all your hard work and keep healthy

  58. Is this possible to make this game compatible with Android?

  59. Aero

    What happens when you run the game on your Android?

  60. @moose

    could it be that the item placement isn't working in this version oo?

  61. cmacleod42
    looks like included bitmaps are just too big to fit handheld video memory,
    most advanced android devices have screen resolution just like 854x480

  62. @NarutoXD
    As far as I know, it should be working. Try pressing "Update Everything" Button on top. That should all the images.
    If there is another error, please provide more details. I have been using that tab with minimal changes for a while so its most likely an old bug.

    This program has not been heavily tested as compared to the game so there are more likely to be issues.

    Also as a side note, the image links for that tab are taken from Tailor Tab and not from images tab. So only 1 image for dresses but you can have multiple images for naked.

    I hope this helps

  63. @moose
    the location is working oo
    but the width and height of the items not

  64. Hey, tiny problem here. I started the SlaveBuilder V1.2.jar and selected Flash Develop (Which I have installed), Then it gives me this text:

    Loading all the classes
    Loading all the necessary text files
    Loaded Basic Information Tab 1 Tab
    Loaded Basic Information Tab 2 Tab
    Loaded Basic Information Tab 3 Tab
    Loaded Assistant InformationTab
    Loaded Tailor Tab
    Loading Night Action Tab
    This will take a few seconds

    Afterward, it loaded continuously (I left it alone for 4 hours and it was still loading), and did not respond to anything I did (had to Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get it to stop, and that said it was not responding). Any idea what I'm doing wrong? (I've tried it twice since then, and it still doesn't work)

  65. PV
    which operating system are you using? how much ram/cpu do you have?

    have you tried running it from the command line and seeing any errors?

  66. @PV
    Thnks for trying but I am sorry to inform you that java has most-likely run out of heap memory on your system. A few people have been facing that problem and I have attempted to correct it in the next version.
    As a precaution, can you post how much RAM you have and your operating system. Someone a few posts up mentioned that on Mac they would run into problems but when using this through windows under Mac, they were able to run it. But even then you should have more than 512MB ram because this version can take more than 300,000K.

    Next version start with 90,000K but can go up to 150,000K. Sorry about the large system strain but there is not much I can do about it. I am trying my best to reduce the resource requirements.

  67. I have 4.0 GB of RAM, and I'm running Windows Vista. Haven't run it from command line yet (Not sure how). Hope this info helps.

  68. @PV
    thnks. 4GB Vista. hmmmm. You should have no problem at all trying to run this. Steps to run jar form command prompt:
    For simplicity, I will assume that you have jar + lib folder on your destop.
    1) Open command prompt
    2) You should see a line something like this
    3) Type
    cd Desktop
    4) type but do not press enter yet
    java -jar
    5) drag-drop the jar file into command prompt window. That should add the path of the jar to that line
    6) press enter
    7) wait a few for it.

    In a minute or 2, you should either see the selection window or an exception error.

    After selecting, you should an error if you run out of memory.
    FYI: this is the short way. there are longer but more reliable ways too.

    But you should not have that problem. Try running any other jar files like Dr.Java (its an java ide but fine for testing). If they run, then the problem is with my program.
    There are other checks I just learned by why go through hoops needlessly. The next version should be out in a few days.

  69. To PV if you are still having trouble after the last guys help and to anyone having the same problem as him, then download the latest version of java that should fix, it did for me at least.

  70. Problem solved, turns out my Java was out of date. Thanks.

  71. Can anyone please tell me what to do after I have created my slave?
    Theres a folder with the slave name and a .SMA file.

  72. James
    Check in the lib folder there is a guide (html file) that gives details. It omits 1 step, you also have to copy the slave market image file as well as the swf,txt files


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