Thursday, August 5, 2010

Slave Builder 1.3

Moose has released a new version of Slave Builder


Version 1.3

- Can create a complete FlashDevelop project file including the library.

- Added 1 new tab (greetings tab)

- Changes to tab
    * Basic Information - Tab 2
      removed Lesbian Trainable checkbox added LesbianInterest, PonygirlInterest, CatgirInterest, SuccubusInterest radio-buttons
    * Basic Information - Tab 3
      Complete remodeling
    * Assistant tab - Tab 1
      Changed what the Assistant difficulty expression. Not it only takes a number (between 1-2) (added slider) Added a way to give stat bonus to the slave at startup

- Code optimization.
    The night action tab loads MUCH faster now Quicker response when using Quick Open. Now the program does not re-read all the text files when using this menuitem. It displays the information that was read the last time and was stored in variables. Optimised Open algorithm to reduce the read/write from HD.

- Fixed some minor logic errors


  1. Great! Thanx!

    Waiting for v .9 to test it.

  2. great work ^^

    so but i think there is still a bug in it oo

    couse i get that error if i build the swf:

    C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\NarutoXD\Desktop\Haruka de Test/ characters 83-87 : type error Boolean should be Number
    Build halted with errors (mtasc).

  3. NarutoXD
    You have an old version of the as file.

    Try creating a new project, it will create a new and, copy these into your existing project

  4. it didn't worked....

    but you can it be that i have i old version of the as file if i used the new version to export it oo

  5. NarutoXD
    It is probably best then to totally start from scrtch. moose did major changes for version 1.3 so things are probably not compatibile enough.

    Totlally create from the start, do not use the existing smf file.

    Also make sure you are using the most current version of Java

    If you still get issues, please visit one of the forums and post your issue (and files would be nice) for moose to investigate

  6. masteller
    it is a java program. extract the archive and double click on the jar file in the base folder.

    You then input the information and select images you want. Choose export, and this creates the source code you can compile using FlashDevelop or Adiobe Flash.

    You should download the SDK for additional information, and also there is a help in slave build describing this process.

  7. C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\NarutoXD\Desktop\SlaveBuilder1.3\Slaves\Haruka\Export/ characters 83-87 : type error Boolean should be Number
    Build halted with errors (mtasc).

    YAY still the same error oo

    i tried to register at masterbloodfer but i never got the mail oO

  8. There were some functions that changed in version 3.1.09, I thought moose had updated everything in his generated code.

    Just change the code in to use a Number, where it was false use 0, true use 1. If you prefer post the line of code and I'll correct it for you. The latest SDK will tell you the correct parameters. Also bu reading

    You are going to have to understand the SDK functions, remember Slave Builder is a source code generator, but not for a complete slave. You will still have to do coding development for a full slave, especially for special events.

    For masterbloodfer there are some free email services it always fails for (hotmail for instance). Register with the futanari palace instead. moose has a thread there too and responds to problems there as well.

  9. yeah i already done that with with numbers but i don't get the next error oo

    C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\NarutoXD\Desktop\SlaveBuilder1.3\Slaves\Haruka\Export/ characters 9-10 : parse error Unexpected .

    and that would be this line :

  10. try commenting out that line using //
    that should fix that error. I don't think you need that line.
    I just tried compiling the classes. Even though it is not commented, I do not get any errors during compilation.

  11. tnx i can build the swf now but it don't use the img or so oo

    or at least they aren't shown or something like that oo

  12. sorry for this SOOO late post
    there is info about showing images in the guide.
    Try adding this line to Initialise() function


    That should load all images by default and they should then be visible. By default this is disabled so that people can decide what images they want to load and when to reduce the strain on the computer at startup.

    Again sorry for such a late post.

  13. Ok 1 dum question how do you run Slave Builder 1.3 i tried it with flsh player and it did nothing where are the saves for flash player located

  14. Hey....I've been trying to use this program for a while but I can't seen to get the slave(s) finished. I've tried using V1.3 & V1.4 and they just don't seem to export, or when they do, export correctly....alos I have no idea what to do with teh .as files if they DO export correclty....can anyone help?


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