Thursday, August 5, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.09

New version 3.1.09
This has quite a few bug fixes and some new features. There is also additional support for developers and fixes for moose's Slave Builder. Support for external events as well.

Advanced Housework
Tab issues during end game
Optimisations to improve performance
Fixes for FlashDevelop projects
various typo's 

Work as Dominatrix blank image
Urd not giving a discount as an assistant (unfortunately not fixed for existing saves, you will have to retrain Urd to get the effect)
+ more

Slave Makers equipment screen
New images for cowgirl, tentacle hybrid, demonic cock
New Slave Maker skill "Tentacle Expert", currently only for selected backgrounds
New story and ending for 'Demonic Cock' background, leading to 2 slave maker endings and background changes
Demon Slave Maker ending is a bit different
New Event - Naginata challenge (more an example of a new system for developers)
New Complex Event - Furry Bondage
- a one off event, will only happen for second or later girls, Slave Trainer 2 skill
- 4 possible endings, one bad, but not a Bad Ending
Hints & Notes

A custom location on the Take a Walk Map
Can handle walk to house if desired (no stardard effects yet)
Questions can be positioned in the main window (see new furry event)
LoadGame()/SaveGame() to allow saving/loading any arbitrary variable
Change slave maker talent/background functions
Assistants can now have Slave Maker skills and if they are greater than your Slave Maker then they will apply instead. Does not apply to Trainer type skills, but does for Slave Trainer and most others, including Nobility
Custom Events
- a new interface to write a custom event. Works like a simplified assistant, and installs into a new folder Events. See SDK for details


see above post

WindsongBard's mirror for most if not all downloads  

The SDK has also been updated, see the Download links to the right.


  1. Thank you, cmacleod42!
    You'r doing a great job!

  2. I downloaded the upgrade from 3.1.08 to 3.1.09 and the program is not working correctly. Where the score for JOY should be it says "NaN". When I finished training a slave from a previously saved game (Ayane, I think) it gave me a score of "NaN" and remaining money of "NaN". The new slave I'm training is having the same problem of JOY = "NaN" and I can't pay for the swimming instructor because I'm stuck with "NaN" amount of personal wealth. Any idea on how to fix that?

  3. Upgrade failed for me as well. The full install seems to be working though.

  4. I am having problems with the beach. I click to go there and I get the background picture but no menus appear. I have to reload the game to get out of that. I have tried creating a new game and found the same thing happening. I have not tried yet on my PC. So it could just be a problem with my mac.

    Apart from that I am really enjoying the game and keep up the excellent work

  5. DarkMeph
    Please check do you have the file
    Walk-Beach.swf in your Engine subfolder
    If not you are
    a) not using a valid full install, say just using the upgrade only
    b) installed upgrade incorrectly in a subfolder

    For the full install above DO NOT use the files in the Upgrade folder, they are an incomplete installation

    I'll do a fix in the full install I upload soon to coorect the Nan for the money. Note immediately sure why it happened.

    how did the upgrade fail for you?

  6. Similar problems to those described by DarkMeph. Blank screens when visiting the beach, also no save button for the game. I just checked the upgrade install and for some reason I didn't have Walk-Beach.swf.

    I've played the full 3.1.09 install now for a couple hours. I did get one blue screen crash linked to my sound driver while playing. Otherwise, haven't had any problems.

  7. J
    the upgrade does not include Walk-Beach.swf, it only includes changed files. You are supposed to install it over your existing installation which includes that swf file

  8. Yeah, I screwed it up by just replacing the folders. Thanks for improving the game. It's cool finding the new screens you have added.

  9. Thanks for your help.

    I just checked and found I had overwritten the folder so I am missing the beachwalk.

    I did keep the copies of the rar files for the previous version. I now have it working on both my PC and Mac.

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  11. Starts in the Town Center, but only
    a) you have Slave Trainer 2+ skill
    b) second or later girl
    c) conversation 50+
    d) furries are turned on

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  13. sorry for being a pest but when will you put the effect for not c*mming when you are a d!ckgirl with the trait Converted by Tentacles?

  14. I got a problem ^^ I've no appearance & no slaves.. so i can't start a game :/ any ideas?

  15. <-- screenshot

  16. can i run this on a mac? I'm afraid to try it, since i changed to mac recently, and i always played this series on my PC. I'm asking cuz i dont want this thing to break

  17. I got a problem I cant download from multiupload and rapidshare any other ways to download it?


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