Saturday, August 28, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.09d

this is a small release to address issues with the translation system I introduced in the last release. A few other small issues fixed.

There are no new features for players of the game, but a couple of small bits for developers.

Translation Changes
Please also note there are some font changes in this release. On most buttons and a lot of text I was previously using the font "Orange LET" but this has issues, especially when translating and using non-latin characters like cyrillic. There were also issues for accented characters in French and Spanish.
I am phasing out the use of 'Orange LET', until I find a good font I am using either 'Verdana' or 'Arial' font and in some screens 'Times New Roman'. I would prefer a less plain font but these are the simplest for now and are easy to read.
At the moment 'Orange LET' is still used in may places but you may see some odd spacing issues when playing in windowed mode. I will be fixing this, at the least by changing to 'Arial'.
You will also see some layout changes on some screens to support longer words for some languages.

There are translations for the limited user-interface parts now for
These include the slave descriptions on the slave selection screen

Other Fixes
- A dickgirl image appears for Urd during touch action when she is not a dickgirl
- How To Play screen not hidden when loading with F1
- deleting a save game hangs the entire game - for now the confirmation has been removed (that is what hung the game, not clear why)

- Nothing (sorry)
(well some changes to assistants available based on releases by Someone1001 and Darsel)

- Servant1Speak and Servant2Speak functions added for twin assistants
- For twin slaves or assistants a random twin is chosen by the game for each act. Varaibles are
The A is the primary, and the B is sometimes referred to. All acts and events are updated to use these

Upgrade from 3.1.09 (any version)

Full install


aroh01 had supplied me a German translation that I missed. Sorry!
Here is an update to add it. It is a tentative as there are some queries about some translations and I did some bits with Babelfish

Just extract this archive into your game folder and it adds German and fixes a small issue for the Russian translation


  1. What happened to the german translation, is something wrong with it ??

  2. aroh01
    Sorry! I completely missed your translation. I'll update my post with instructions how to add it once I have checked it with the 3.1.09d

  3. aroh01
    The translation of
    How To Play button as
    How To
    is this correct? Babelfish says
    wie man spielt

    Also to check, there were a few last minute additions that I have done via Babalfish too. Can you check

  4. aroh01
    sorry the last minute bit stripped formatting, they are for

  5. aroh01
    two more. Unless these are the same in German and English
    Game Over
    Sex Trainings
    are not translated. Bablefish says
    Spiel vorbei
    Please let me know what to use.


  6. It would sound strange in german if you would translate "Game Over" to "Spiel vorbei", its a common phrase and unnecessary to translate.
    "Sex Trainings" in german means the same, its just written without the space as one word "Sextrainings".
    "Geschlechts-Training" would sound strange too.
    Right, i shortened "How to play" to "How to", i thought a time about translating it but the original english fits better, "How to´s" are well known in germany as similar word for tutorials.
    Datum, Zeit, Mittag and Mitternacht are the right translations.

  7. I just uploaded the new game to my 4shared site. You can find it here:

    Full Install


    Language Patch

    The full install file should be up shortly with the language patch. I have all the other files up though.


    The Windsong Bard

  8. I just got the full install up. You can get it here:

  9. Finish Portuguese Translation link her:

  10. Very fast Polish translation:

  11. RFAG and Keitaro
    Thanks for the translations!
    Unfortunately I am having problems with your translations. I assume you have saved the files as ansii text (the default for most text editors). For the files to be usable for me can I please ask you to re-save them as Unicode and reupload. In Windows you can do this using Word Pad, and many other full editors like Word or Open Office allow you to do this.

    Oddly I can normally fix these myself by changing my regional settings for non-unicode programs but it does not work for these files for me, they stay with some corrupt characters (well wrong encoding as such)

    in your translation there are a few missing bits that were added recently. See the english.xml in the Other section and the Planning section

  12. File is updated, I hope it's in good encoding now.

  13. Keitaro
    Thanks, it works just fine. I'll release it once I get the update for Portuguese too.

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  15. ok i will fix my translation... i will reupload it in 1 hour...

  16. i join bout the "xml" and "txt" filles in the same Zip bouth in unicode!!!

    if it dosn´t work please explaime watt to do!!!

  17. @aroh01 Why did you not use umlauts in the translation? The game seems to be well capable of displaying them if the xml is saved with utf-8 encoding? Or where you unaware of that?

  18. ammm sorry i found some writting erros in my translation i am gona fix them now

  19. DONE finnaly, works well in my PC pleasse check...

    New Links:

  20. @innohs: The Game wasn´t able to show german umlauts in ver 3.1.09c.
    Maybe cmacleod fixed it later, i just didnt tried it again.

  21. @aroh01
    no, it was already possible in 3.1.09c, but the file needs to be saved with the UTF-8 encoding.

    If you are using notepad this can be done when saving the file (via save as) and selecting the encoding (the box where it says "Codierung" in german). You should do that before adding umlauts or other german special characters (at least when using WinXP) as these will be replaced with garbage characters when they where already in the file.

    I suggest using Notepad++ (its freeware) though as thats capable of converting these characters correctly when they are already in a file.

  22. Forget what i said about saving the file before writing the special characters, it only appeared to be doing that but the characters where correctly converted.

  23. innohs
    Word Pad in windows can save as Unicode, It does not need to be UTF-8, Unicode is fine too.

  24. RFAG
    A few bits missing or untranslated. I have used babelfish for some. Can you let me know the correct translations.

    Incorrect translations?
    Title Screen 'New Game' - yours 'New'
    End Game 'Game Over' - yours 'Game Over'

    Missing words


  25. @cmacleod42
    Yeah, anything unicode (UTF-8 is a unicode encoding format) probably works - even more when the developer says it ;) . I mainly use UTF-8 though.

  26. @cmacleod42

    Im portuguese, so I can help with those missing translations:

    You don't realy need to translate "new game" or "game over" since those are pretty common expression, but I'l translate them anyway.

    English ------------------ Portuguese

    "New game" ---- "Novo jogo"
    "Game over" ---- "Fim do jogo"
    "Nighttime" ---- "Noite" or "Período Nocturno"
    "Daytime" ---- "Dia" or "Período Diurno"

    (either one is fine but I think "Noite" and "Dia" are simpler and better to use)

    "Date" --- "Data"
    "Midday" --- "Meio-dia"
    "Midnight" --- "Meia-noite"
    "Time" --- "Tempo"

    In portuguese the word time can have 2 translations. Generaly, "time" translates to "tempo", however if you use the word "time" in phrases like "what time is it ?" or "what time will he arrive ?", then "time" can be translated to "horas". I suggest you use "horas"

  27. @cmacleod42
    I have made a german translation based on aroh01's one. I have modified it so that i contains the special characters of the german alphabet and also i changed a few sentences where i thought that it makes more sense. I also shortened the description of one girl, while still retaining the meaning, to make it fit the text area.

    Its here:

    Whether you use aroh01's version or mine (or make both available and leave the decision to the player) is up to you.

  28. i tink the words joão says compleat well wats missing, Game Over makes no sence to translate!! and New Game i must have missed!!! want me to fix it or do you take care of it yourself??

  29. João
    Thanks, updated

    Thanks, I will review and update

    Thanks, I have already updated

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  31. Offtopic: I gathered some images from my local image pile, not just some but best in my judgement. Categorized them too, for easier browsing. I hope this helps anyone who makes game modules, possibly even can be of some use for you. Anyway please consider them:

  32. Hey cmacleod42, do you have plans to fix the seperate gold pool glitchs in the next version?

  33. Vampiro
    What glitch with separate pools? I am aware of an issue (fixed) when you do not have separate pools, ie only gold, no personal gold?


  34. if not mistaken, the lesbian version cum bath was previously recorded

  35. hey i coulnt get the demon lover ending of orihime, y get her in the eclipse to te lake but nothing happend (i the two items and al that)

  36. cmacleod42
    sorry I mean the non separate pool, when you just have the gold, when you done with a slave and it resets your gold to 500. So it have been fix now? What about the part with the debt not being able to be paid when you just have a gold pool? Because when I first report that glitch, I notice that my debt carried on from the last slave and even if I had 3000 gold and 100 debt, it wouldn't be paided off.

  37. cmacleod42
    Thanks for translating.
    If you need help with Russian language - I can help you (yes, Im Russian).

  38. Yes, need. I'm working on Russian translation of the game and want to expose them to criticism, you can help me

    icq: 33three-67eight-22three
    email: lendesakura[СобакА]

  39. I think it would be nice if there was a way to change your slave makers gender without having to make a new file :x

  40. Cool that the game is getting translations and all, but im gunna be bothersome and ask if we are getting any new content soon? Im just being hungry for more slaves lol

  41. new files, change Liss Shai. mostly removed slang and improve the style of speech

  42. Hi.
    I don,t see any requests/suggestions section, so maybe I'll write it here...
    I think that in future editions You should add some weapon change screen for slave maker (or give him opportunity to choose gear before fighting)-recently I buy a whip (only because I was curious abou this "other" functions of this weapon),then I was fighting and was forced to use it-currently my sword skill is 100, whip at the end I was raped by some pervert octopus.It make me a little angry-with sword i would probably beat that monster.
    Well, that's all.
    And thanks for this nice game-it's quite good and can be even better.

  43. Snowe
    You can change genders in the game, there are several events that allow it

    There a several girls in development. Visit the forums for beta versions, notably
    Princess Peach
    I am working on Rei Ayanami and the Krystal the Star Fox

    Thanks, I am extending the translatable parts of the game, the next version should have all static text (all buttons for instance) and some simpler events

    There are suggestions threads in the forums. There is already an equipment change screen in the Morning/Evening screen where you can change weapons and armour (Your Gear)

  44. Can i glue this right over version 3.1.0 (typoed as 3.0.0)


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