Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.09c

This is a bug fix for the game to address some reported bugs, some significant some very minor. Note the numbering. In future minor bug fix versions will just have a letter suffix

a) Demonic Cock - no next when Dominance > 74
b) a rare issue where the slave makers images appear and cannot be removed if you are very quick skipping the initial screens
c) issues for Urd as an assistant getting NaN for Joy, score and gold at end game
d) small optimisations
e) some shortcut fixes
f) fix Alsha's memory issues, she no longer forgets you between slaves
g) Naru had some image errors (cat tail and when loading and she was naked)
h) Fixes for male slaves, a significant load/save issue and some text issues where the game still had she/her
i) some important fixes for FlashDevelop based slaves discovered by people using Slave Builder
j) other small fixes (typos and similar)
k) tab key order improved in many screens

a) A new translation system, very basic and limited to start with. There is a file
 for english terms. This can be copied to say French.xml and the text changed. There is a setting in options to select the file
Note using this you can also change the text for the english version.
Again Note the system is incomplete, a lot more needs doing.
b) Two/Single Money pool option - From Slave Maker 3 there are two money pools, Gold and Personal Gold. There is now an option to revert to the previous Slave Maker 2 system of one pool of gold. This is a preliminary change to introducing Freelance Slave Makers, not members of the Guild.
c) shortcut additions/changes
Use Plannings Tomorrow check boxes map to Ctrl+U
Planning Set 1-3 map to Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+3
All More buttons map to Enter
d) Clit/Cock size for slaves on Stat 2 page. Currently these are constants, but will change in future

Changed system for virginity


Fulll version to follow tomorrow


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I have my upgrade link up. You can find it here:

    I will put up the full install tomorrow as well.


    The Windsong Bard

  2. Nice! A freelancer? Sounds interesting i suppose. I personally think the two pools makes more sense however. And what's this about the size of your slave's crotch?? Very excellent. This game is morphing into something god-like. i cant even imagine it even a year from now..

  3. A problem I have is with the "one" money pool. I like it but some reason I can't play the debt that I own asap (since in the earier version it disappears when you got enough personal gold) and when you finish a slave, all of your money is gone, so you start out with 500 again. You wouldn't be able to get tsunade.

  4. Zartog
    The cock/clit size was a frequesnt request (well cock size was)
    The idea is a freelancer is a
    a) you buy the slave yourself
    b) train her and keep any money she earns
    c) sell her at the end of training
    A different feel, and affects many parts of the game.

    The gold should not reset at end of game. That is a bug. I'll fix but until then do not use the option

  5. cmacleod42
    For Riez, i can't find and convert 4 people into . Can you tell me where can i find 4 people and how convert them into tentacle follower?

  6. ricky
    look for women when walking around the city. A couple can be recruited there. Some are available when working certain jobs. They vary a little depending on your slave maker faith.

    Exact details are available in the wiki (see the link "Slave Maker downloads and notes")

  7. Wow, this game gets bigger every day, I love it. I've noticed that now you can changethe language to French, it's wonderful. If you are interested, I will offer as a volunteer to translate the game into Spanish and it would help me in my degree to practise English.

  8. Super
    Actually there are no translations provided. I just metioned french as an example.
    The translations file is very incomplete, doing a small fraction of the entire game.

    You are welcome to translate what there is into Spanish, just copy copy English.xml to Spanish.xml and translate the words, sentences, paragraphs in the tags (not the actual tags themselves). I will be happy to add any translation you do into the game.

  9. Since installing this "c" update I'm no longer able to delete saved games. I can still open, play, and save them but clicking on delete does nothing but lock up the other choices on that screen forcing me to close down the game..

  10. uuh i found a glitch, even though it was the trainer going with tifa to be milked it still put the assistant's name there...

  11. cmacleod42

    I have already finished the translation, but I could not modify the XML so I have done in word, I hope that there is no problem. n_n

  12. I downloaded the game from your first link but there are no images for choosing appearance, choosing a residence or choosing a slave and without the last one I can't continue to see what else is missing. Help?

  13. blevins29
    Yes, I get that too. Not sure what happened there. I did not touch it. I'll fix

    Thanks. Feel free to post the file here or in one of the forums. I can update the xml as needed

    The link in the post is a update. You need to download the full version of the game and then install this update overtop.

    There are full versions in previous posts and

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  15. cmacleod42

    Here you are, hopefully not a nuisance to have to convert it to XML, I liked to translate it, if in the future need help of any kind please do not hesitate to ask.

    The format is Docx, if there are any problems I will upload it with Doc.

  16. Draft variant Russian.xml

  17. Super

    You need to choose Save As to choose to keep in format Unicode with any type with which then to replace on .xml. And all will work (=

  18. problem by substituting the translation

    texts overlap

  19. eLdi
    Thanks, For that case it of the overlap it is best to trim a blank line for that screen. The faith screen works fine if you remove the blanks lines.

    I am getting though a few fields and buttons blank with your translation. I have been able to tweak them to work properly but I need to spend a while to fix the rest. The Stat page 2 comes out badly too. I'll fix and get it working fine.

  20. met a lot of overlap where I hope soon all the texts will play in your Language, it will easily do the translation, for example now, I translate the texts, and am submitting corrections after seeing the inconsistencies of the text and meaning in the game, and why some labels are left without translation ?

  21. generally ... problems only in Stats 2, Sex Trainings, Finances, Personal Gold, and others have disappeared altogether, to return them did not work changing the text, overlaps remove succeeded everywhere, but the key systems as there was, so do not let it stay )=

  22. PS Sensitivity, Fucking, Blowjobs on Stat 1 is not changed at all, Faith is not English.xml far as the special on the similarity Combat Skills or Hunting

  23. eLdi
    I have fixed the sensibility issue. The others I am working on now.

  24. I know its been awhile and I might have missed it but can you share what you might work on next?

  25. ranger
    Do you mean in the game?

    For the game I plan to work on a lot more content
    a) flesh out the backgrounds, like I dod recently for demonic cock, but more detail
    b) more events
    c) more slaves
    d) more for the beach
    e) deep forest
    f) More Slave Makers options like the Freelance option

    Rei Ayanami is fairly advanced and Krystal the Star Fox images are ready and story ready

  26. what about exploring your house (the slave maker's)

  27. Have you thought about making it where you don't need a minor slave or assistant to give a futa head, that you could just do it yourself if your a male? (Or any options similar to that, like add a option like how it is if your a woman [and I think you can do it also as a futa, not sure], you can have a futa fuck you, just have that same option as a male?)

  28. I agree with Vampiro it seems kind of arbitrary to restrict male slavemakers from doing that sort of thing.

  29. Ah and I really look forward to house exploration and upgrades, much more than most of the other stuff.

  30. Vampirio and Coughlan616
    I did not add that as I am not comfortable writing such scenes. I am straight and have little experience or interest writing essentially homosexual scenes.

    I do not object to adding them to the game, it was just something I had little interest in adding, what with the sheer number of other things to do.

    I'll put it in my queue of things to add to the game

  31. But you do already have scenes written which only require changing the words "he" to "she" and "his" to "her"

  32. Not that I'm suggesting it for the next patch, or anything, I'd like to see explorable and upgradable houses before any of that.

  33. any news on the full version of "c" ? its been a few tomorrows, :) I don't mind the wait, I just hope nothing bad has happened.

  34. Jon
    there were some translation issues, so I am skipping to 3.1.09d

    eLdi & Super
    Can you please check this update
    Does it resolve the issues and look correct for you. There are some new strings in the English.xml too for some buttons and the morning screen.
    Also you can now translate the girls descruption that appears in the slave market if you want. See the files like
    You can also create

  35. Vampirio and Coughlan616
    If we develop the idea further is needed and the relationship germofrodit-man, where germofrodit is a member, it was fun

    As soon as the evening would find myself at home, immediately'll do the test and the transfer, at the same time and lay out a more acceptable option russian.xml. it tolerably well could be added in the next version, for criticism from the Russians. You do not bother me much promt? easy to read in English ... but now I make correct sentences is difficult

  36. cmacleod42
    in the title page does not display the buttons in the translation

    there is a problem in initial sheet

    button in the morning and planning (and similar) also stop displaying

    when translating the text of girls too empty

    edited russian.xtm here to see prices and description of the girl

    By the way how to switch languages in the game?

  37. remains a question mark as hotkeys? tooltips can be included in the options

  38. is already someone translating the game in german?
    i just don't want to steal someones work oo or something like that oo

    just if no one doing it wouldn't mind doing it oo

  39. eLdi
    Thanks, I'll look at the problems later.

    To change the language, during gameplay go to the system menu, select options and change the language ro

    For hotkeys, do you mean you would like to be able to configure the keys?

    No-one has mentioned going a German version. If you would do it, thanks

  40. No, just if hotkey Y selected is highlighted, then translated Yes - Да, where there was simply no correct letters for the allocation

  41. eLdi
    yes, I have done that for simplicity. Some time I will add the shortcuts, but for the Yes/No buttons it would look a little cramped.

  42. eLdi
    Could I please ask, the files you sent me like
    seem to be saved using Russian code page. Can you please resave as unicode and re-upload?

  43. are there more files to translate or just that one in the language folder oo?

  44. cmacleod42
    Yes, I mistakenly retained in ANSI, that's the files in unicode

    there are files in the folder descriptions of girls Slaves (SlaveGirl#.txt)

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. I translated the slave.txt to Spanish, I hope it helps;)

  47. elDi & Super
    The includes your translations and should fix all remaining issues with fields and placement. A few additional buttons are translated using the existing translations
    Please let me know if there are any additional issues. These should work equally by the exe and swf version of the game

  48. Something completely different and hopefully easy to answer for you:

    I'm not always at the same PC and would like to transfer save games back and forth. But I can't seem to find anything looking like a save in all the usual places. Are they saved in some obscure flash cache or did I just miss them?

  49. iuvart

    I believe I saw something similar to maintain in the system registry.

  50. luvart
    The save games are Local Shared Objects and are store im you Application Data folder. There are threads in both forums giving details of their locations. Or search for .sol files

  51. cmacleod42
    I have some difficulties with language switching in the game =\ after selecting the game options in the Russian, text does not changer. There is errors in translation, orthography :] and some of that detail in the senses of words, I'll upload them later when accumulated more fixes

  52. PS no text limit on statistics

  53. Ayan avatar has disappeared, and the description of Yurika, I edited, it does not fit in his box.
    Unloaded new files as soon as the text viewer more closely

  54. eLdi
    Fixed the limit and Ayane/Yurika issues.

    When you try switching language, are no words changing or are just some not altering?
    When changing are you inputting just
    in the edit box. In the previous draft the edit box was multiline and you could get cases of invalid data. Try deleteing all characters- put your cursor in the edit box and hold the delete key for a while

  55. cmacleod42
    I put the cursor in the box with the text: English, double-click, then dialed the Russian and shake Enter. Hmm .. changed .. must have been full of a character or an extra space, does not make sense to find out it is already now.

    new description for Yurika

  56. eLdi
    Thanks, Yurika change in and working. I'll add some code to trim the input language to minimise the language change issue you mentioned

  57. This is actually ready Russian.xml, at the moment the I see no longer necessary edits. though I trials, some doubts about Sensibility, a physical sensitivity, or emotional?

  58. I made a german translation of the language.xml and the slavetexts, fell free to use it as you like.

  59. Thanks, I'll update the translation now.

    The stat Sensibility is emotional, how much they care and feel for others. Their empathy.

    I was awkward from the early versions of the game, some places it seemed to be physical sensitivity, others emotional. I settled on emotional

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. while sensitivity is translated correctly. in Russian two words for each entry. I look forward to when it will be possible to translate the main text of the game without him translate does not make sense

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. RFAG
    Thanks, I normally prefer to not use email. You can contact me by PM in one of the forums or just post comments here.
    Spanish has already been done by Super, please check 3.1.09d version I will be posting shortly

  64. Hey! Reupload Russian lang xml, please!

  65. How can get/meet/train a catgirl or furry... I can't fint any answers even with Google ^_^ Help me, please. What should be done in stages to get furry or catgirl. Maybe buy for my slave cat-ears and tale? But where? Buy costume? Go to the witch??? It says, that some Slame Market have(or want to have) catgirls(herm)/Furry... Maybe I must teach few slaves?

    And... I have game v3.1.10c.
    "If your slave has started Cat-Slave training..." How to start this training?

    Sorry, I'm begginer, don't know many thinks about this game, even reading some on game's wiki. And sorry for my English, I am from Ukraine.

  66. I don't get it! {
    Catslave Trainer
    (You know how to train a girl to be a Catgirl, a cute ideal of a cat in human form. Higher skill levels affect how truly catlike they are.)

    How to Acquire
    Repeatedly give your slave Singing lessons under personal supervision and you will eventually gain Lv1. }

    Ok, I teach 1 slave (with weapons skill), then I take Shampoo and every day (some times twice a day) she went at singing lessons, where (live) cat-girl... At the end of the training Shampoo didn't want to wear cat-suit (she says it's silly) and she is a slut (God work Slaver... *blablabla*) and I dinn't gain a Catslave Trainer ability, when I spend my 1 talent point.

    What do I do wrong??? I want to make (transform) all girls to Cat-girl (sluts or true cat) or at least one fucking girl.

    And what about Furry Lia? I go at hight-class party twice and never see Lia. I never met her with her guard Sora not in Town Center, not at Palace (I save game, all day I walk there. Not meet. Load... again... and again.. and again... What chance to meet Lia? 0.1% But I often meet Puppy girl... and once saw cat in the window, with man)

    I have 2 qustions:
    1. How get Catslave Trainer?
    2. Can and how I make furry my slave?

    It's AWESOME game... but WTF! I want Furry, or at least cat-girl!

    Please, help Me!! I beg you all! HELP! >_<

  67. Oww... I download all working links from this blog and merge it with my old version 3.1.10c. Game says: "Latest version: 3.1.10c; This version: 3.2.0" ... After 2 days, game say "Last: 3.2.0"... And what? Now I see answers for all my qustions. New game (I can play cat-girl or Furry)! can take skill @catslave trainer@ and so on... Now playing - much easier.

    So sorry about my "stupid problems".

    But how about Russian.xml ? ^_^ Or "Ukrainian.xml".

    I think this topic is dead... Last message (without my mess.) was August 28, 2010 2:42 PM...


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