Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi, have a happy new year (well at least tomorrow)

I am back from my holidays and getting up tp speed on the many posts made here and in the forums. I'll try to reply as I can and also to some of the queries here.

Please excuse anyone who posted, I'll try to respond over the next few days

Game Status
I have done some work, but mainly I have been on holidays
  • You can now purchase x items from the shop easily, so 10 energy potions in one click
  • all potions except the uninhibitory drug are purchased and can then be used later via a take potion screen
  • Naru and Riesz almost updated, some more BE images remain
  • House upgrading being worked on
  • some new events also being added, a new quest to to with an evil (well more amoral) new temple trying to spread it's worship in Mioya. It is amazing at times the ideas you can get from one image,
Yoroichi had a beta release in the futanaripalace

New Game
I am working on a new game as well now. I had a good idea that I think would make an interesting game. In the theme of a girl being manipulated by machines, trained and modified for some nefarious desire. Think of all the images of girls bound with machines tormenting them. The game 'Milk Plant Battle Girl' for Tifa is a good example. Well it is not really a game, but an interactive video.

Slave Maker will be still my primary development work (well hobby/fun) but I will be working on this too.

So far I am developing a framework and locating/editing images. It is in the very early stages, and I may abandon it if it proves to complex.

Bonus/Fun Change
Quite a while ago I partially translated the game 'D.Q. Fight' by Crimson Comics (the original one), an old favourite of mine. All game play was translated and I did a couple of small tweaks for full/wide screen and other minor issues.

I looked at it over the holidays and found a few small issues and have fixed them. Here is an update

It addresses

  • a name did not change properly in the equipment selection screen
  • some text truncations
  • updated to Flash Player 9, and fixed the bugs that caused
  • added white flash at end of H scene
  • simple decensors for the H scenes. Better will follow sometime, but only 2 are really noticable and in one of those the poor bit scrolls off screen quickly
Can anyone recommend a good, cheap Japanese translator. Remaining is about a maybe 250 sentences of the H scenes (6 girls, 4 types of scenes, about 10 sentences per scene). No editing needed, just purely translate Japanese text to English. Before anyone suggests things like Babelfish are no where good enough, nor are my limited skills with Japanese.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.10c

This is and update for the previous 3.1.10c, just fixing bugs
  • more typos
  • image placement fixes for Ayane, Belldandy, Kasumi, Shampoo, Tifa, Urd
  • missing next button issues for Tifa
  • Aeris getting 200 bottles of milk after Giga BE event
  • could not swap to unarmed, or unarmoured
  • Aeris now supports catgirl and fairy transformation
Note the Shop is slightly different, in the next release it will have categories of goods.
The assistant Shenandoah has been renamed to Shena by request, it is her actual name.


More Decensor Requests
Also I have some more requests for decensoring of images for the girls. These are the additional ones
These are for Aeris, Orihime and Menace.

A reminder the previous ones
The Ayane and Urd fuck images are now fine, but any others would be appreciated

My Availability
I am going on holidays on saturday and will have limited internet access until I return. I will not be active here or on the forums until the new year. I may connect occasionally but not often.

I hope everyone has a good holiday

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.10b

Here is a new release for my game. It has mainly a lot of bug fixes and some new events and graphics



  • Devil Wings, with a simple quest to obtain them. Note Hild helps with this and getting the tail
  • Additional events for Tentacle Hybrid (only a couple)
  • Azana (from training Rei) will follow you for following slave girls (in campaign mode only)
  • Hild has more events, she can influence demonic items and potions
  • Peorth has more events, she will improve angelic items
  • furry assistant Shenandoah
  • Asuka the assistant
  • all slave girls will have permanent BE
  • most girls will have fairy and catgirl graphics
  • most girls have dress improvements (transparent backgrounds) and BE variants and dickgirl variants. Some have had replaced dresses
  • new graphics for most girls (some a few some a lot more)
  • a couple of small events 
  • updated translations for Russian, French, Polish, German
  • House introduction screen shown for your first slave. No actual story elements yet, in development. Existing stat and mechanics still apply.

For developers
  • Some new override functions, for instance to show custom graphics in the Advanced Housework contest, methods for intervening in shop purchasing
  • An assistant can refuse to assist in trainings, eg Hild (a demon) can refuse to help your slave work as a Acolyte
Slave Girls
  • Thanks to all, I have included the improved decensors 
  • This release includes the beta slaves Princess Peach and Aeris. Both have the Permanent Breast expansion, but no catgirl graphics/fairy transformation. A number of bug fixes for Aeris (notably when used as an assistant) and some improved and additional graphics
  • Orihime has some small bug fixes and a few graphic tweaks
  • Menace has a minor bug fix
  • Minako is now compatible with the recent catgirl training. She also gets some new story elements, a job and chore. 
  • Ayane has many graphic tweaks and some additions, notably for dresses and milking
  • Belldandy has multiple tweaks and quite a few new images, notably more demon images, and breast expansion versions of dresses and new naked image
  • Tifa has many new or improved images, including new naked image, and catgirl images. She has a new sleazy bar story (when she is a dickgirl go for a walk in the slums)
  • Urd has a new dress and catgirl images and better uncensored images
  • Yurika has only a few graphic changes
the girls
Naru, Reisz, Orihime, Menace, Peach and Aeris
do not get the Fairy/Demon wings and catgirl ears/tail (well Orihime does for her custom quest, just not in general). An update will follow updating them.

Tifa's sleazy bar event will also be upgraded more. Also the Wing Quest will get more details.

More dress improvements will be added to add larger breast variants, aiming for a 0%, 10%, 25% variants at least for all dress and naked images. Maybe a 50% but a more difficult edit. Also adding dickgirl variants where reasonable.

Full install of the game. Due to changes there is no upgrade from 3.1.10a (all girls changed and most other parts of the game too)



All links are interchangable.

a bug was reported where Tifa is not visible in campaign mode. Copy this file into your Slaves folder
or just edit SlaveGirl6.txt and remove

A quick fix for some image issues for Urd, copy into your Slaves folder

Some image and next button issues for Tifa
and Kasumi

and image issues for Ayane

Monday, December 6, 2010

Slight Delay + Request

I am unwell today, so the 3.1.10b release will be delayed until tomorrow (assuming I feel better)

I was planning to ask this later, but as I am posting the status update,

This is a file of images for many of the current girls. They need some improving
- they have simple decensoring (smearing for instance)
- a few are just simple colourisations

I put a lesser version of this in the forums over a week ago but no replies. So I am asking in general for anyone's editing assistance to improve an image or two, whatever you prefer. If you do please try to keep artifacts a minimum, I suggest keeping as a lossless format like png as most of these are or 100% jpg. Post any edits either in the image request thread in the forums or just here, uploading the image to a file hosting service like RapidShare/MediaFire etc

Thanks in advance for any edits.