Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Slave Maker 3.1.10c

This is and update for the previous 3.1.10c, just fixing bugs
  • more typos
  • image placement fixes for Ayane, Belldandy, Kasumi, Shampoo, Tifa, Urd
  • missing next button issues for Tifa
  • Aeris getting 200 bottles of milk after Giga BE event
  • could not swap to unarmed, or unarmoured
  • Aeris now supports catgirl and fairy transformation
Note the Shop is slightly different, in the next release it will have categories of goods.
The assistant Shenandoah has been renamed to Shena by request, it is her actual name.


More Decensor Requests
Also I have some more requests for decensoring of images for the girls. These are the additional ones
These are for Aeris, Orihime and Menace.

A reminder the previous ones
The Ayane and Urd fuck images are now fine, but any others would be appreciated

My Availability
I am going on holidays on saturday and will have limited internet access until I return. I will not be active here or on the forums until the new year. I may connect occasionally but not often.

I hope everyone has a good holiday


  1. Enjoy your trip, we will enjoy the game ^^

  2. In the previous version of Orihime at all the pics are not docked to a leash and a neck, in this fixed?

  3. happy holidays for you. just wanted to say u are doing great with the game and i really love it. I have one wish for the new year ^^ pls implement a nami or nico robin (one piece as if you woulndt know) slave into the game. happy christmas and new year to you

  4. hi, excuse me, could someone please reupload the file for HF ? it's already been deleted. :o

  5. The file is there for me (assuming you meant HotFile)

  6. I have a small question about gameplay - not whether Riez reduce the likelihood of false delegation, and I once met the conditions for the Queen's tentacles, so they went to the jamb (2 weeks - 10 times !)...

  7. The event happens randonly when her Morality > 20 or Nymphomania > 50 and is more likely on higher difficulty levels.

    It was just bad luck it happened so often

  8. Two small issues reported from this release
    1) the new image in the shop was not hidden from the giga be events (dose 4 of variant uninhibitory potion)
    2) when visiting the beach on your second or later slave you could not go at night until you had visited in the day

    A small fix for these, I have not changed the version number

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. As of this update, which slaves have not yet been made ready for catslave/demon/fairy training?

  11. Demon and Catslave work for all, you will just not get the graphics like ears, tails, wings. Fairy transformation is not enabled for
    These girls also do not get the graphics mentioned above.

    All the remaining girls are fully compatible.

  12. A small suggestion if I may (so you can think about it on vacation :) )

    How about a vampire background for the slave maker? I do not know what your plans about the undead were, but a vampire would be really motivated to be a slave maker.

    The slaves are both sexual toys and a food source! No need to go out at night and hunt for blood!. Of course there could be problems if you are discovered by certain people and/or if you drink too much blood

    Just a suggestion, thanks for all the releases, have a nice holidays

  13. Can anyone tell me how to use the latest update "3.1.10c" when i open the update and use the .exe the game is incomplete, but if i use the 3x10b.part1.rar .exe the game does not open the the latest update while extracting files... Also, is there a way to install the game or will I need to continually extract the part1 .exe to play?

    Thank You

  14. JonathanRBrown you need to DL 3x10b.part1, part2 and part3, extract them all into a folder, then extract 3x10c over the top.

  15. Paul,
    Thank you for the quick response and help. I had read somewhere that the archives where spanned so I never gave that solution a thought, but you are right thanks again and sorry to bother anyone with such a trivial question. On a side note, what exactly do the decensored files do(I'm sure I will extract the to the same folder to use them :) I know lol) I opened up a few of the photo files and saw the images blurred out..?

    Thank You

  16. @JonathanRBrown: They aren't for use with slavemaker. They're simply requests for image decensors with the intent that they'll be used with slavemaker when they're finished.

  17. Giannino
    Have you seen the vampire catgirl in the game?

  18. No, I must say I have not seen her yet, I am afraid I'm not much into catgirls so I haven't really tried to train one yet.

    But supposing here that it's an encounter and such, I don't think it influences the slave maker, does it?

    What I think would be nice is a vampire background for the slave maker. I always dig the details about the slave maker more than the details about the girl. Do you have anything planned for that maybe?

    Actually it would be nice if instead for fixed backgrounds, one could create a custom slave maker at the beginning, selecting the background and maybe the skills regardless of the sex of the slave maker (well, some background would be still exclusive to some sexes I suppose)

    Anyway, just writing some suggestions. Hope you may like them, who knows :)

  19. With the passage of Rei double image disappeared at 6 and 34 days (at first she was in school dress, and in the second case, the robe assistant). By the way you can learn how to work around a bug that rolls back the value of experience and 75 in the robe?

  20. Does this update include all previous (edit1-edit4) updates?

  21. About decensors... Does i must just unzip archive to game folder?

  22. decensors - a collection of images that are proposed to handle the graphics editor, to aid developers in modding games

  23. hello again, could someone give me a full guide to get 100 catslave training ? i tried go to but it didn't give complete explanation about the training.

    also about the demon wing quest, i stuck at 78 of 100 point training, where do i get the rest ? any help will be very appreciated as fellow slavemaker player. :)

  24. Happy Holidays!

    Don't know if it was reported earlier, sorry if it was:
    Peachs S&M Dress Pictures doesn't match/fit with leash or angelic halo graphics.
    Peach's Cave event where she finds a mushroom and options appear for you or she to eat it aren't working either. It shows a WIP message.

    Not complaining, just tring to help.
    Love the game and wish I'll be able to uncensor and even draw some pics for the game soon.

    See ya =)

  25. @Alex
    peach is not developed by cmacleod42. and most importantly WIP=work in progress!
    aeris and peach are just beta versions and you can report problems with these slaves in one of the forums listet in this blog.

    just a few short hints: did you get her to do courtesan training in order to get seduction higher?
    when you made it past 50 in catgirl training, you can always try to meet a catgirl when swimming at the beach (without the swimming teacher). i personally save and reload till i meet her once a day, in order to make sure i complete within training time.

  26. I am having a problem training Riesz. At some point the fake delegation starting showing up, requiring 1000 gold bribe. So I was paying 1000 gold every few days. When the slave gold was under 1000, the game said that I was unable to pay the bribe, even though I had more than enough gold of my own. It seems that the game wants Riesz to lose a few days of training no matter what, but I should be able to just keep paying the bribe if I have the gold.

  27. just realized that my stats2 screen says "catslave training: perfect cargirl (accepted)" xD

  28. I've been thinking about what the game is no difference between the options blame and praise, may instead enter the appropriate sex-action (for instance, or spank tie into the punishment and kiss or bang as the promotion), and with a choice of at least two options ...

  29. Maybe a little icon with a remake assistants - into a menu button where you can choose the direction of training (similar to the other world), for example, to increase and decrease in obedience to morality or something like that. It would also be nice if all the characters to add one of the sex of shares meets both he, like the way that Mistress Cock ... It would be nice to work with most of the last something done, or at least altered the requirements of the basic work (Work for the Guild ), tired of playing with a combined cash register ...

  30. There's an image problem with Kasumi's White Dress (the most expensive one). The demon and cat tails are often misplaced, and sometimes there are two sets portrayed. Similar problems with the placement of the Tiara, Halo, demon wings and fairy wings.

  31. This bug or am I doing wrong the second time is not obtained from the Cock of Demonic Origin become Unusual Cum - just do not get to develop dominance sufficiently, besides loading often this option is reduced (while maintaining the evening of 77 in the morning load - 75) ... That's me in the campaign mode walk Shampoo (first coached)

  32. on otakubell said

    Can get 'Defeated Demoness' Ending:
    * Requires Corruption 10 or lower
    * Requires Dominance 90 or higher
    * Changes Background to Unusual Cum

    And while the game is fucking limit 85 units, so as to understand?!

  33. Just wanted to say Happy Holidays!

    On a side note, I checked out the DL page and notice that all 6 files on rapid and MU for 3.1.10b has been deleted. Thought you should know.

  34. I haven't updated in a while. Does 10c include all of the bug fixes after 10b, or do I need to get them all first?

  35. I have a question.

    How do I get the lust fairie ending for Aeris? I followed the directions in the wiki, but I never ever get that ending no matter how hard I try.

  36. @Isha
    the directions in the wiki are confusing. it seems to be easier to get the ending. most importantly start by letting her drink (use potion) the addiction draft (not sure if this was the exact name). go for a walk at the farm until you meet bess. increase aeris nymph magic by doing sex actions. 35 is enough (maybe even 30).take a walk at the farm until you get to milk bess. you need to do that quite a few times to get the milk to buy 2 bottles of cum (not sure if you need the cum bottles. didn't try without them) and a milking machine at the lake. let her drink sperm (no matter if by doing blowjobs or by drinking the bottles of cum)and milk and start milking her (there'll be an option to milk her in Sex/extreme section). continue to make her drink milk and cum until you get a morning event where her tits seem to be much bigger (i'm not sure it's exactly this one you need. but you can try if it works immediately after you get a morning event, by letting her rest the first action in the morning) if she asks to do something naughty, you just have to say yes and repeat that until she offers you to become like her (or something similar) and then again agree. and with this, the training ends immediately, no matter how long it was planned to be.

    i hope this helps and isn't too confusing to read. probably too many (...)-sidenotes^^

  37. Happy holidays ...

  38. I'm having trouble getting the Aeris Lust Faerie event. Can anyone give me better tips than what's on the wiki? Not sure what exactly i NEED to do to get it to happen as I'm trying to follow the wiki, but things are happening too slowly for the 66 days, i keep running out of time. so i would like to know tips on what triggers what event.

  39. @Ex21
    Look at the big wall of text 2 posts above your own.
    (Haven't done Aeris events so far, but hessi_james seems to have)

  40. I did try the post or two's above my own's directions for it, but im still not getting the bess milking event quick enough, and do you need to get the 30 constitution so you can eat the pill to be milked? its all very confusing.

  41. ok..i started having better luck, re-read his fully, but now, every time i get so far, the game somehow resets back to day 1 of training her @_@. talk about a bad bug.

  42. Hi!
    At first, I want to congratulate you for such a great game. It is one of the best I have ever seen, for free or not.
    Because it is so great, I would like to take some time in order to make some suggestions (and so try to make it even better) although I am not an english speaker and so it is a bit difficult.

    I really like the idea that Menace can enslave you if her temperament is high enough and I find that, in other cases, temperament of your slave and dominance of yourself could be exploited more, especially in sex scenes. Any slave should be able to enslave you if her temperament is 50 points or more stronger than your dominance and that could lead to a totally different gameplay.

    Also, dominance should drop a bit when you do things such as "lick her" or "blow her". If her lust is strong enough, she should have an orgasm despite your efforts (which happen already in some cases) and the results could depend on your dominance and her temperament.
    For example, if your dominance is 20 points higher, then some text will say that you have her lick your face clean. On the over side, if her temperament is high enough, she could force you to swallow it or even cum voluntarly on her feet so you can lick them.
    Even on action such as blowjob, if her temperament is too high in contrast with your dominance, she could keep the cum in her mouth and then, drop it in yours.
    Of course, everything described above would mean making some actions having your dominance decreased.

    I hope I am understandable enough.
    Anyway, I thank you again for the great time I had with your game and I wish you will find some of my suggestions of interest. But if not, you still provide a masterpiece. I am looking forward to any improvement.

  43. any 1 here nice enough to give me a link to full download with the patches already included


  44. forgot to ask as well is this game at all related to princess maker series lol just downloaded pm2 and notice some simalar things

    also any 1 who knows were to get buy or free princess maker 4or 5 english please let me know

  45. The only relation to PM would be, that you train something.

    I don't think PM4 is available in english, and for PM5 there is a tanslation project on TL-Wiki
    (, although I don't know whether it's alive or dead.

  46. oh well guess im stuck with pm2 for now then thank you

  47. damn fredream26 that would be awesome

  48. I love your game and am only too happy to help somehow. So I worked on decensoring Yurika images. You can find the finished versions here.

  49. More uncensored images for Tifa.

  50. Decensored images for Kasumi are here.

  51. Thanks C.M. Tyssen, just noticed your posts of decensors

  52. I'll work my way through all your decensor requests unless somebody else beats me to it. I like working with photoshop tools.

    Here are the decensored Belldandy images.

  53. I was wondering. I just downloaded the game recently and the update. I am not exactly any good with computers so i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to make the update work. I have no idea what to do. So could someone please email me and help me out. My email is Thanks in advance.

  54. I've decensored Naru. Files are located here.

    I'm still working on Riesz and Rei. I hope to have them finished no later than January 9.

  55. Fantastic continuing effort.

    With the DG option turned off, the 3rd option potion the faerie will sell to Aeris still turns her into a DG. And while the 4th option seems to 'reduce' it never removes the DG status. At least in this special case, all having the option turned off does is block the ending award, not the effect.

  56. Hi, i was wondering if the game would still work even if im missing patches from 3.1.10. i got the 9.1.09d patch from last year and decided to check for updates today, and as it turns out, i've missed some patches and there's no way i can get it anymore because the links are gone/down except for this patch. the full installer is also gone/down. please help. thanks

  57. Just out of interest, what does the Monster Musk do?

  58. I've decensored the images for Rei. They can be found here:

  59. I finally decensored the images for Riesz.

    I understand Ayane and Urd images have all been decensored, so I'm not attacking those.

  60. dude i need some one to download the game and send it to my email which is
    i need it preety please just attach the file and send it to me please any time please i dont care how old this massage gets


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