Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi, have a happy new year (well at least tomorrow)

I am back from my holidays and getting up tp speed on the many posts made here and in the forums. I'll try to reply as I can and also to some of the queries here.

Please excuse anyone who posted, I'll try to respond over the next few days

Game Status
I have done some work, but mainly I have been on holidays
  • You can now purchase x items from the shop easily, so 10 energy potions in one click
  • all potions except the uninhibitory drug are purchased and can then be used later via a take potion screen
  • Naru and Riesz almost updated, some more BE images remain
  • House upgrading being worked on
  • some new events also being added, a new quest to to with an evil (well more amoral) new temple trying to spread it's worship in Mioya. It is amazing at times the ideas you can get from one image,
Yoroichi had a beta release in the futanaripalace

New Game
I am working on a new game as well now. I had a good idea that I think would make an interesting game. In the theme of a girl being manipulated by machines, trained and modified for some nefarious desire. Think of all the images of girls bound with machines tormenting them. The game 'Milk Plant Battle Girl' for Tifa is a good example. Well it is not really a game, but an interactive video.

Slave Maker will be still my primary development work (well hobby/fun) but I will be working on this too.

So far I am developing a framework and locating/editing images. It is in the very early stages, and I may abandon it if it proves to complex.

Bonus/Fun Change
Quite a while ago I partially translated the game 'D.Q. Fight' by Crimson Comics (the original one), an old favourite of mine. All game play was translated and I did a couple of small tweaks for full/wide screen and other minor issues.

I looked at it over the holidays and found a few small issues and have fixed them. Here is an update

It addresses

  • a name did not change properly in the equipment selection screen
  • some text truncations
  • updated to Flash Player 9, and fixed the bugs that caused
  • added white flash at end of H scene
  • simple decensors for the H scenes. Better will follow sometime, but only 2 are really noticable and in one of those the poor bit scrolls off screen quickly
Can anyone recommend a good, cheap Japanese translator. Remaining is about a maybe 250 sentences of the H scenes (6 girls, 4 types of scenes, about 10 sentences per scene). No editing needed, just purely translate Japanese text to English. Before anyone suggests things like Babelfish are no where good enough, nor are my limited skills with Japanese.


  1. 've moved the game folder, then moved the save files to a new address, but a glitch has appeared with the disappearance of the name in the string - you can see a blank line, but in writing there anything the text appears again ... run through the executable.

  2. Just run the phrase through a whole bunch of online translators. You can usually get the general meaning of the phrase with as few as 6 different translators, and then be able to translate that meaning into English without much trouble.

  3. Atrania
    The sentences have a lot of exclamations, passionate cries etc that generally break most online translators.

    If I cannot find a cheap enough translator I will do that way (I have done so in the past) and I can just read the text anyway, but I would prefer a better translation.

  4. warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    Strange problem, I'll see if I can reproduce

  5. I'm not intimately familiar with them, but it seems that text hookers are the mainstream way of going about it. Give AGTH (if you haven't already) and see what that gets you.

  6. Aestus
    They just use either an online translator or local translating engine. None of these give a good enough result for a proper translation of the scenes. They are fine to understand what is happening if you want to play it or to guide you in rewriting the scene similar to the way the author meant.

    I would prefer to do a translation true to what Crimson Comics wrote, which is why I would prefer to use an actual, human, translator. While there is still some level of subjectivity and some rewriting an person can get much closer.

    As noted before if I do not find a translator in my price range I will use an automated system and rewrite it, but this is a last resort.

  7. Вульгарный японский в помощь переводчикам и релизерам. So justice indicators translate part body...

  8. warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    что это тебя на русский потянуло? =)

  9. I know you want someone who understands and can translate Japanese for you Cmac.. I'm learning to do just that, but it's going to take rather long. In the meantime, you may have to interpret online translator's text. Have you considered Translation Aggregator? It's generally better than Atlas at this. Plus, it gives you a dictionary of verbs and whatnot along with two possible explanations of the hooked text, but you do need something for that, and it works splendidly with AGTH. Take for example the RM2K game VH -- almost unintelligible unless you can read Japanese. With AGTH & TA you can generally follow the text nicely. But sometimes it's still confusing.
    Just remember to keep anything that sounds like it would fit in the game and use that as a contextual base for the rest. ^^

  10. First of all Happy New Year !
    I think ur idea for a new game is good,i think it would be even better if you could somehow integrate in slavemaker,it may even be easier since u already have the most of the game already there.
    sorry i can't help u with anything but good luck and keep up the good work !

  11. I'm certified JLPT4, if it's just 250 lines.. well, no big deal, that's less than your average anime episode, but uh, can't say i'm the greatest editor, the translations will be kind of.. stiff.

    Never quite got the hang of making j->e translations sound :natural:, heh.

  12. Thanks kyuubil, I'll get the text sorted out and post tomorrow

  13. Thanks again kyuubil

    This is the raw code from the sex scenes. The files are utf-8 encoded text files, just open with any editor of your choice.

    Each folder is a scene for a girl divided by type, Normal Rape, Torture Rape, Metamorphosis (ie some sort of shape changing) and Tentacle. Bianca has 2 additional variants

    Each has multiple frames, individual sentences that you click on screen to progress. Ignore any lines except ones like
    serifu = "戦いに敗れたアリーナは、\n二人組の男に人気の無い廃屋に連れ込まれていた。";
    The text in the "" is what needs translating. Things like \n are just formatting instructions.
    Use ' for quotes

    If this is not clear I can simplify and reformat.

    Also you can get the CG from places like with the same text (I think)

  14. Happy New Year!!!
    Понимаю когда девушек тянет на солененькое...
    а Андрюху потянуло на русский с бодуна наверно))
    перепела поймал...

  15. Shikage

    If the russian text is aimed at me I do not understand, sorry. Babel Fish did not produce a meaninful translation.

  16. And as they do to the quest at the beach, he's done or is still in the process? When will it be possible to change the sex on a farm not just for men?

  17. warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    I hope to have the quest complete in the next release,

    For the farm I do not plan any change there. The farm is interested in Breast Milk, so if you are female or dickgirl then that is fine by them.

    I am adding some additional sex change events into the game, at least a dickgirl/female to male event

  18. hi cmacleod42
    i just want to tell you about a idea to implemented some "guest stars".
    when you got enough reputation, there coud be a event in the bar.
    a nother slavetrainer coud come to you and propose you to lean you his slave or swap both slaves for a night.
    so you coud implemented some famous girls without much work (only night actions), the reputation woud have more influence and we got more girls.

    ok, thx for the game and a happy new year!

    oh and i woud love to see Tenten. XD

  19. Ok, two quick questions

    First: how do you want me to give this back, single text file with the file names/lines, or directly edited into the quotes (Will need a bit of editing J->e translation is stiff)

    second, I'm assuming you want me to translate onomotopoeia? err.. ex:


    "Jessica was bound and held down by the perverted men as they grinded against her ass"

    that last bit "anaru wo guriguri sareta"

    Guriguri is the onomotopoeia for "grinding against" (That line is literally "she ahd her ass ground against" but.. that's because of a wierd implied subject we wouldn't use ion english)

    .. assuming you don't want "as they went guriguri against her ass", but never hurts to ask >_>

  20. tarra
    Nice idea, I'll have to do something like that when time permits

    return it however you prefer or is easiest. I am happy to edit back into the code.

    I do not want
    "as they went guriguri against her ass"
    I want it as completely translated as possible, requiring no knowledge of Japanese oonmatapeia. Sure you lose a little but I prefer ease of understanding.
    I leave it to you how you prefer to phrase and translate otherwise, after all you have doing this as a favour. Thanks again.

  21. Jaren updated Yoruichi

  22. any chance some 1 can post this game all in 1 file like a torrent or something along that line i just swapped to dsl so my dl times are bad plus for what ever reason 1 file becomes croupted something to do on my side

  23. jason
    cm3 regularly handed out in this torrent. usually updated late for a couple of days

    there is still a point of traffic ua-x, but I do not think they interest you

  24. Slave is good, but I do not like the disappearance of money when the cash merger (my background - lesbian sex - Hermaphrodite, House - Onsen)

  25. Just a suggestion on the software translators: run a search on for "Translation Aggregator". It hooks into Babelfish, Google, and most major commercial (Atlas, Systran)translators and runs them all at once. One window, no mess.

    And a comment, there's a reason a picture is said to speak a thousand words. At the risk of dating myself, that particular one screams "Temple/Church of Gor" at me.

    And a random suggestion, if you're anglifying games for fun, I would love to see a legible UI for J-girl Fight! 1,2,&3.

  26. i know this is odd to ask but can I play these games on a mac? I havent tried and I was worried that it might make my system crash.

    lol and i agree with space bird with the J-girl games, or maybe sexial battle, the precursory to dq fight


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