Monday, December 6, 2010

Slight Delay + Request

I am unwell today, so the 3.1.10b release will be delayed until tomorrow (assuming I feel better)

I was planning to ask this later, but as I am posting the status update,

This is a file of images for many of the current girls. They need some improving
- they have simple decensoring (smearing for instance)
- a few are just simple colourisations

I put a lesser version of this in the forums over a week ago but no replies. So I am asking in general for anyone's editing assistance to improve an image or two, whatever you prefer. If you do please try to keep artifacts a minimum, I suggest keeping as a lossless format like png as most of these are or 100% jpg. Post any edits either in the image request thread in the forums or just here, uploading the image to a file hosting service like RapidShare/MediaFire etc

Thanks in advance for any edits.


  1. I meant assistants (Other Slave Makers), which are not being slaves, still have the bonuses during workouts. This is to ensure that would not require them to search the forums, because not everyone has the opportunity to not looking up from game to look for something in the internet.

  2. Slave Reimu from Someone1001 davneshnyaya version, but he had not laid out in the first post and buried far away, even before the alpha version???( is the slave??

  3. @warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    Here's Reimu:
    But she's way out of date (version 2 of the game) and buggy. At the very least, don't buy her back at the end.

    As to a list of assistants, all the ones I've worked on are listed here:
    If they don't list any bonuses, they don't have any. Those assistants were created for version 2 of the game and have not been updated.

  4. I was just passing Ayane found a bug (it is after the receipt of Loyalty scored 100 points, then I bought her all the dresses, but when you switch between them lose loyalty points)

  5. I dont understand what your asking. Do you mean you need help decensoring these photos?

  6. IMAAJFPSTNFO is gonna help you (look me up on

  7. I had an attempt on one photo, I've never photo-edited before but it might be a slight improvement.
    If you want me to try any more, or have any suggestions as to how I can improve on the one I attempted, email me on

    Link is


  9. 40 minutes for just one character, man I'm so outrageously generous to spare so much of my time on that ;D

  10. Thank you Sigura and imaajfpstnfo, those are significantly improved, I will add them into the game for the current release.

    There is the unfortunate thing here that since I also posted this request in the forums there will also be some suplications, for instance I was also send a decensor of
    Ayane - Contests - XXX 1.png
    and it is the one I will use.

    Also the Urd fuck images do not need to be done, someone posted me a link to uncensored versions of the images.

  11. Thanks again Sigura and imaajfpstnfo, I have included most of your images into the game.

    Also: I am still feeling unwell so the release is delayed until tomorrow

  12. Tried a few more, not sure if one or two are improvements, some are a lot harder than others.

    Hope you recover soon.

  13. I fail at photoshopping...sorry I think I'll pass, I dont wanna ruin perfectly good pictures.

  14. Well, here's one.

  15. Taylor
    For others note it was Yurika - Sex Act - Fuck (Dickgirl XF 1)

  16. I tried it, but really suck at foto-editing. I just made it worse.
    Sorry but i just suck to much to be of any assistance.

  17. that sucks your game was delayed but things cant be helped get better soon your no good to us sick now lol

    best wishes to ya cmacleod42

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Aww was expecting a new version today. Anyways, I'll try tweaking images and upload in a zip if they are good enough. Don't have time to uncensor (if too much pixelized censors esp.) but at least will try to improve quality and resolution where I can.

  20. KASUMI

    I tweaked around to keep her cloths (color) similar (red) and made backgrounds transparent for some images (since I know you use transparent ones a lot).

    Hopefully these are useful.


    Not sure if anyone's done this one yet but here was my attempt

  22. Lordpanther_14

    For reference I have a good set of the Ayane images now. As noted before the Urd fuck images I also have uncensored versions of so they are not needed.

    I have just been looking at Orihime and Aweris and there are quite a few images they need updating. Since I have had a good response so far I'll post those images later (before I go on holidays)

  23. PS my holidays will be end of next week for a fortnight. I will not have internet access then so I will not be replying to comments here or in the forums during that time

  24. think we'll get the update before your holidays?

  25. Jon
    yes, I am just still unwell. Once I recover I'll release the update/

  26. to remind everyone of what i'm doing: i'm working on a german translation of the game.

    now my problem: spacing and fontsizing doesn't seem to work for the large text field on the right in some cases: stats2, your stats and the "use the same trainings tomorrow"-line. not sure if there are more cases like these. i chose some other names here and there, but it often remains too long.
    does someone know how to make it work?
    or maybe you can fix this cmacleod42?

  27. hessi_james
    Changes will depend on the fiels involved. Can you please post your current xml file so I can check out the issues

  28. ok, here's the unfinished german translation file

  29. hessi_james
    I am not seeing anywhere in the new version 3.1.10b and using your xml that the fontsizing or spacing does not work.
    Well actually the line 'use same trainings tomorrow' I have no control over and fonsize/spacing does not work there. It would require additional coding to alter it's font size. I'll experiment with it.

    Some of this maybe just that I have done a lot of font changes in the game for the new release. If you contact me via a forum I can send you links for the beta version to try and then let me know any remaining issues



    Tried to keep the skin color same (and cloth at some places), improved quality like last time and made most images transparent. Unless images are REALLY blown up in-game you won't see any artifacts (or nothing Flash's smoothing options shouldn't hide but that wouldn't be necessary).

    And yes, I prefer images with background crap removed in SlaveMaker. They look nice with solid background. :P

  31. rip
    The strap-on image for Belldandy and Urd, you reduced the colour saturation too much for me, it washes out too much detail, so I will not use your version of the image.

    Thanks for the others, but as they are for the most part not more decensored than my originals I will hold off and see if any other decensors are posted.

    I will use them, but it is a matter of background selection to pick one that works with the image, in some cases like the strap-on one I mentioned I think the original was fine as it was simple and did not distract from the action.

  32. Well if you want images edited later on (when you get the ones you like) you can post them for us with more details on what you like edited and what not. Right now I was just guessing what works in there with others.

    As far as saturation is concerned if you use some image viewer like Irfanview (freeware and best) you can just increase saturation/contrast easily using it and save as lossless PNG from there.

    Anyways, will keep watching for updates and if you need help with some images (not decensoring, that I find takes a lot of time.. I am working on a game myself :P) removing background and tweaks the way I did, jut post what you need. :)

  33. rip
    I use a number of editors and can easily adjust saturation of an image, but it is not always reversible, details do get lost once you reach white or black, which is why I will keep the original strap-on image.

    Thanks for the offer for more editing later, I'll post more requests later, I have a number for Aeris that need doing. And some more for the existing girls I missed in this first batch.

    The main thing I wanted here is to get help with the images so I could concentrate on other things. I can decensor, futanarise, remove bacgrounds myself, but it takes time, and a lot for some images.

    Thanks again for the images.

  34. Fuck!!!
    I am so tired!!!
    I wait for update three days...
    I am checking your blog every 10 minutes...
    I beg you...
    Just realese this update XD

  35. Is it possible to post better res imgs just for editing? It's a real pain in the ass to redraw genitalia at 50x50 pixel or something, but to make them look in-place at the same time, you know.

  36. feel better soon bro :)

  37. shikage
    it will come out when it comes out
    begging is not going to make it come any faster
    besides it will be that much more fun when it finaly does come out so just wait

  38. imaajfpstnfo
    The images I posted are generally the highest resolution version I have. Is there an image in particular? I can check but I generally resize when I add into the game. These versions are the full version I got from the cg set, onltline etc

  39. fuckyahoo
    But after all, I cannot wait so long...

  40. Shikage, you've waited this long, you can wait some more.

    Cmacleod: you need more chili (real fruits) and garlic in you diet, that'll keep you healthy XD

  41. Hedrah
    Now I am praying for healing of Cmacleod.
    Are you glad?

  42. Thanks all, I am aiming for a release tomorrow, I just have some events for Tifa to finish.

    I have not got all the girls updated, it is rather repetitive and boring so
    will only get the Breast Expansion fixes, plus some bug and image tweaks. I will do a followup release sometime for them.

  43. What is Breast Expansion? Is this game action? Or just new game images?

  44. Shikage
    Breast Expansion - exactly that increasing the size of a girls breasts, either temporarily or permanently
    It is in the game now, it is just not permanent for all. For events see
    - uninhibitory potion variant
    - busty cat girl at the beach (via catgirl training)
    - a wish from Meigura
    and a couple of others


    Need sleep, toodles.

  46. Ugh... Sorry for question? but m.b better make building upgrades or no implemented training (skills) then girl tuning option?

  47. I am starting to worry about you CMac, hope you are okay.

  48. ya no dieing before you finsh the game CMac lol

  49. Jason
    You just read my thoughts XD

  50. Thanks cmac for keeping us informed. Looking forward to the new release

  51. CMacleod, you know your awesome for giving us such a hot and enjoyable game, right? Get well soon, 1/4 for the project and 3/4 for being so charitable and fair with us. If nothing else the quality of your efforts and other supporters is shown by the amount of zealous anticipation.

    Also, we all know what happens when you slave drive someone to exhaustion; they stop working. So let up on our host and chill.

  52. Thanks again all,
    ran out of time today, the release will be tomorrow

  53. Nah, do not say this...
    Just when it will be done...

  54. I didn't want to put it here, but MasterBlood is being a pain.

    How 'up to date' is the wiki? Cause I saw something about freeing a furry slave, but couldn't get it to trigger.
    ^Is what I'm talking about. Help?

    Again, I'd rather put this on one of the forums, but MasterBlood is buggy right now.

  55. Personally, I've never completed the event but I have often encountered Lia

  56. Yep, i do it... but its very rather to meet Lia at Town Center...

  57. Hi cmac hi hope you feel beter soon thanks for the preocupation of keep informed the people about the developement of the next version loll its dificult to whait


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