Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Otherworld & Status Update

A plug for Daisy_Strike's game Otherworld game. Daisy_strike wrote Orihime, Menace and Mugi for my game.

Otherworld is a great game in a similar vein to SlaveMaker where you train multiple slaves.

Her blog
Latest version

A thread for the game at the FutanariPlace

Please try this game.

Just a note, I have hit some awkward bugs but expect a new release next weekend. This will include
  • Devil Wings
  • Additional events for Tentacle Hybrid (only a couple)
  • Azana (from training Rei) will follow you for following slave girls (in campaign mode only)
  • Hild has more events
  • Peorth has more events
  • furry assistant Shenandoah
  • Asuka the assistant
  • bug fixes
  • all slave girls will have permanent BE
  • all girls will have fairy and catgirl graphics
  • all girls have dress improvements (transparent backgrounds) and BE variants and dickgirl variants
  • some new story elements for some girls
  • new graphics for all (some a few some a lot more)
  • a couple of small events
  • some SDK improvements
If anyone is working on translations of the latest files I would appreciate versions before the end of the week. If not possible I will post the translations later.

I will do a short beta test on Thursday/Friday, anyone interested please PM me via one of the forums


  1. In Daisy_Strike's game Otherworld is not polished - still not in place mechanism for saving / loading in Windows XP sp3, it is hoped that either he or someone else to fix it.

  2. Otherworld needs more work, but it can turn out nice. Btw: are these screens from a newer (beta?) or older version?
    My version (November) looks a bit different...

    And thumbs up for the new release.

  3. I just found a hack for this game ( slave maker )
    ads 50k gold and all items

  4. wait if you add all items wont it block some triggered events

  5. dont know I am not playing with it cuz I dont like everthing easy ( I like a chalenge)

  6. Thanks for the shout out. Cmacleod42, as always following Slave Maker and looking forward to demon girls.


  7. excuse me.......when can we expect ayanami rei?

  8. cute_gal_77
    early in the new year

  9. For some reason it won't load on my computer

  10. TrekkieGal
    What fails SlaveMaker 3.1.10a?
    What fails to load, the game does not start up or cannot load a save game?

    Did you install the full 3.1.09d version and then apply the 3.1.10a update overtop? Remember the 3.1.10a is an update only, not a full version

  11. hi there, sorry for not being before...

    i lost everything in mi PC! i will have to start the translation all over again, i was able to access the forums on the HQ, not blogspot, i have a suggestion, wi don´t you create a treat on the forum, for the translation team!!

  12. yeah I couldn't get the game to load either... the title comes up but none of the options are clickable ...hmm,

    oh not Sm3 CMac, I'm talking about Otherworld... I think Trekliegal was too... at least I hope I'm not the only one it isn't working for.

  13. @Jon & TrekkieGal
    did you make sure to have the latest version of flashplayer installed? you probably did, but i don't know and it would be the easiest solution ;)

    the game's running on my system. the icons don't look as if clickable though. they don't chage color when you hover your mouse over them. also the cursor doesn't change. if it's not the version of flashplayer, it's probably the OS that differs (i'm using windows vista)

  14. @Jon & TrekkieGal
    Otherworld takes a while to load up even with the latest version of flash (you'll see every image in the game flash past before anything is clickable.)
    Just leave it to it's own devices for a minute or two and then it should run fine.

  15. okay, giving those a try... I should keep better tabs on what flash version is newest.

  16. anyone know games similar to Daisy_Strike,s
    otherworld (my 2 favorite 1 is slave maker)

  17. Beta version released to testers.

    A few bits still pending and will complete them before the final release

  18. krasniitavarish
    Custom Slave/Custom Reido
    but it is mostly in Japanese. There is a menu level translation for it

    There is also a game called 'Master' that is now abandoned where you train a catgirl. A nice interface and well written but not complete. Just the one slave though.

  19. i would like to try out the beta test if that is ok; but i dont know how to pm, or via so i'm just posting this as a comment, hoping it will be seen. i also want to say thank you for contuneing to make this game; you have many people support, and thanks.

    P.S. i was woundering if there is a blog where people have posted the characters they created?

    sorry if this was anoying, and/or a waste of time.

  20. @Megapervert
    you have to be registered on one of the forums linked on top of this site in order to pm.
    you can find a list of downloadlinks for created characters on the SM-Wiki

  21. Oh and I am now openly following this blog, I may give you a shout out on Youtube, that'll stir some people up.

  22. Can I have a beta Link too? I'm not registered at one of the forums but I'm interested in testing and I can give feedback of course (maybe via mail?)

  23. @hessi_james thanks for the help with the PM; as for the slaves, the site only shows where you cant download assistants that people have made; i'm woundering if there is a place where you can download other peoples slaves?

  24. @Megapervert: All completed slaves are included with the full download. Any work in progress slaves you can find on the Futanaripalace forums.

  25. Megapervert
    Other than the slave in the game there are alpha/beta versions of
    Princess Peach
    Aeris (FF7)
    Ino (Naruto)

    The Ino release used mostly generic graphics in the alpha release (except for dresses etc)

    Both Peach and Aeris are incomplete but are quite esubstantial and I will include them in the 3.1.10b release.

    There is a current beta test of Yorouichi (Bleach)

    I an developing Ayanami Rei

  26. Beta test going well. A couple of bugs found and fixed so far

  27. cmacleod42, thanks for your hard work! The game is really cool so far.
    I'd like to ask, when can we expect house expansions and house exploration events?

  28. Excuse me...I really REALLY need help with the newest version of Slave Maker. For the wierdest reasons, the Multiupload link just redirects me to the multiupload link, doesn't let me download, and Rapidshare just displays one of numerous errors, E.G: "IP modified" or "paralel downloads already" or something. Which I have done none.

    It's driving me CRAZY and I can't download it! Why? Ugh, please help! Thank you!!

  29. *sobs* this is BS! Nothing I do will get it to download!

    WHY can't you use Media Fire, or a proper uploading site? I had an older version of this game about 6-7 months ago, maybe less, maybe more, but I'm losing my sanity due to it not working! This is ridiculous!

    uuurgh going insane

  30. Dave1004
    Use the RapidShare link if the multiupload fails for you that is why I provided it as as few users could not use the MultiUpload service

    When I write it. Sorry no better estimate available. See in the new release, there is some more house descriptive text so it is being worked on

  31. @Dave1004
    well, rapidshare is a proper filehoster. maybe the best, concerning availability and not breaking files.
    now to try to solve your problem: how are you connected to the internet? are you the only one using your connection or are there a lot of users?

  32. My family may be using it, but I don't see how that matters. RapidShare just refuses to allow me to download, no matter how many times I tried. This was 3 AM, nobody else was on the internet at the time.

    I could try making a free account, if that's possible, but otherwise...It just doesn't let me. And no, Rapidshare is a pretty bad host imho. MediaFire is much more leniant, but that's not the problem.

    I'm connected wirelessly, using my laptop. I hope that this will help, sorry to bother and such...Thanks for your time!

  33. Try these MegaUpload links

  34. so its the weekend any news on that so called realease or is it postponed ?

  35. It is not a "so called realease".

    I have a bug or rwo to sort out before the release. The idea of the beta test was to find bugs before the release. It has and I am working on fixes. Most are simple but I have one odd one to resolve for Minako left.

  36. Wow! Hey, I think that those will work! Thanks, CMA. I can't download tonight (Not my download night! >_<), but I'll download tommorow or the day after. Very much appreciated, I love the game! :D

  37. I hope the full release will be a text file with describing all the assistants.

  38. warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    Do you mean a description of what they can do? I have posted this in the forums previously so I could I suppose

  39. A note: out of time tonight. The bugs are fixed but not all girls are ypdated yet. I'll release tomorrow, a few manybe only partly updated, with a minor update to follow for the interested

    Naru, Tifa, Riesz, Yurika, Orihime, Menace have Breast Expansion enabled but not fairy transformation or catgirl graphics.
    The release will also include the alpha/beta version of Aeris and Peach which have the Breast Expansion done but the rest not yet.

  40. Does the fact that fairy transformation/catgirl graphics are no enabled mean that these girls cannot be trained as catslaves/transformed into fairies or simply that their pictures will not change if they are?

    Will fairy transformation/catgirl graphics be enabled for Naru, Tifa, Riesz, Yurika, Orihime and Menace in a future release?

    Thanks for your work

  41. Artemius
    You can train them as catgirls, but the fairy transformation event will not happen for them. Yurika will almost certainly be updated in the release, say 30mins work remains for her.

    To quote my lsat post
    "with a minor update to follow for the interested"
    so yes they will be done. But Aeris and Peach will need to be done by their developers (well I could do it for them but they should do it)

  42. Can we get her into the game?

  43. @Coughlan616 I don't know why, but I so want to put my cock in her mouth. Somebody please rule 34 her, no exceptions

  44. Latest Polish translation:

  45. Hey everyone,
    just stopping in to say that i am still working on Peach, just been really busy the last few months, so i haven't been online much

    Should be having some free time coming up so ill be working on peach again

  46. ^^^That should say MailMailx3^^^^
    (not sure why it doesn't)


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