Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another step for demon girls

We have demon tails, now for the wings, 3 varieties for coordination.

Brightness/Contract a bit out for these wings, have since adjusted and tweaked. It was difficult to find good sets of wings that could be extracted and used for these images.

Also some engine level tweaks
- removed people from the core swf/exe to a separate swf. cuts about 20Mb from the game download and speeds startup  a little, but costs a little extra memory. Some slaves need small changes for this, but trivial changes
- add option for no testicles for dickgirls (limited coverage so far, but all common images done)

Huge, huge font issues. Finally I have removed the Oak Wood font, it just did not work well with non Latin-1 languages. Unfortunately this means a simplification to Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana as they have a wide support for unicode.

Upgrades of the remaining girls
- Minako proved a bit awkward due to her catgirl training and limited dress support previously.. Finished now
- I am not looking forward to doing Naru, she has about 21 dresses, 6 normal, 5 cosplay, 10 different naked images. All need adjusting for background removal (dresses done), breast enlarged versions and some quality tweaks.


  1. What I don't understand is why you haven't gone Custom Reido on us and replaced ALL your images with mix and match -able parts, all in a separate "parts" swf.

  2. bunny, It would be a lot more work than you think. Yes, It would allow us to stop using 'stock' images so much, but also it would require a whole year solely for people to physically draw those parts.

  3. And what about the quest dark lady and the exploration and improvement of homes, they are not being developed or with a small hitch? Maybe some pictures and sketches from this will help ( and

  4. errr.... Is this a new version or is it things that will be in the next release? This mean another update coming soon?

  5. I think that V4, when it comes, will be where houses are expanded.
    v1 - The old POS.
    v2 - cmac's version.
    v3 - Campaign mode.
    v4 - Probably a new engine to allow for more flexibility.

  6. xeylef
    These are just things I am working on in the game.

    I work on this for fun so I tend to work on bits of interest here and there. I added the devil wings last night, took a couple of hours work.

    Related to the above, they are schedules but my priorities are
    - upgrading girls for catgirl/fairy
    - bug fixes

    Once they are done then I will be working more on new features and slave girls.

    As Gouken_20x replied, the huge amount of editing involved. There are a thousand+ images in the game.

  7. Ok I keep getting more and more interested in this as time goes on.

    What programming language is the game written in?

  8. xeylef
    I believe the game is in flash, so ActionScript? Well atleast for the slaves they use swf files.

  9. Wow... a lot of posts in one day...

    Gouken 20xx:
    It wouldn't take a year to make the parts. Remember, we're using stock photos right now. You have a million stock photos that you could easily cut parts out of. Just categorize them by Bust Waist Hip Hairtype Eyetype etc etc, and do what Custom Reido does: use a simple neutral grey base with a multiplier to change color. Anyone with a basic art program, like Paint.Net or Gimp could do that - everyone could do it. There are over 100 followers for this program, and most would be glad to cut out a few body parts here and there as "donations". Once you've cut apart the existing images, you can then modify them and add more later. It's difficult to get started, but it pays off considerably in the end.

    The same could be done for male parts and thus remove the need for "Appearances" - you could BUILD your slaver character. This could also allow modifications to that character, such as the Succubus ending. The possibilities are quite endless. I'd at least start with the slavers...

    Just a few ideas...

  10. Oh, and I forgot: Use Illustrator or a vector program and simplify the style down to 4 color gradients, like Cell-shading (or Custom Reido, which typically uses 3-5). That would make it easier to modify the BWH stats.

  11. xeylef
    The game is entirely written in Flash, ActionScript 2 targeting Flash Player 9.

    The current versions of these are ActionScript 3/Flash Player 10 but upgrading the game to this is quite a large undertaking. I am slowly doing changes for this.

  12. I would like to know is not planned in the near future to alter the substantive work of guild master, and accurate calculations of salary (its growth seems to unfairly delayed or unfinished). Is it possible to choose a job in the beginning or during the game?

    That any of these alleged improvements will apply to the fourth version?

  14. warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    Sorry I cannot Russian.

    I have no real plans for a version 4 at this time. The next significant version will be 3.2 where I plan to add much new content,

    - hopefully include house upgrades and exploration, and events
    - a lot more events.
    - Freelancer Slave Makers (ie non Guild were you buy a slave, train and then find a buyer, not train a slave on commission as you do for the Guild
    - flesh out more backgrounds
    - add succubus training and expand slut training.
    - unlockable slaves (basically done now)

    No estimate when, it is a matter of my free time, health and inspiration.

    I will release 3.1.10b maybe next weekend, that will
    - fix bugs
    - inplement fairy training and BE for all girls
    - catgirl graphics
    - some additional bit (Minako notably)
    - devil wings, similar eye-candy type initially like the tail is

  15. hey was the princess peach slave finished

  16. Added to you machine translation ... cmacleod42

  17. hentai-know-it-all
    No yet, we are still waiting on some finishing up

    Thanks , the translation is difficult to understand in places, for one the english is
    Introduction of a gear-heads of the Persian
    I believe the Russian is
    введение системы снаряжения глав-перса
    What does this mean?

    Otherwise some of the ideas are interesting and I will consider. The idea of furniture stores for house items is neat. The monet/progression system I an not sure about I need to read and consider more.

  18. Reduction translates into a main character, it has already entered a little shorthand ... I meant a little more - adding rings and other jewelry affecting the characteristics of ...

  19. I humbly beg you to avoid childish "improvements" which only make the game incomprehensible.

    Instead I, and I'm not unique in this regard I believe, hopefully expect you to maintain clear enough understanding of delicate matter of this game's concept and experience integrity.

  20. What sort of "childish improvements" are you talking about here? Is it the option to remove the balls of the dickgirls, or placement of jewellery items such as rings? Rings on fingers, I agree with you there. Earrings as well. However - things like bracelets and nipple chains... They're big enough. But there's a lot of images in the game as it is... It will take a lot of work.

    In closing: What you (and these nameless few you've referred to) perceive as childish improvements may be the icing on someone else's cake. Sometimes aesthetic tweaks are all it will take to gain a few more fans.

  21. Is there any plans to add alternate ending for background? For example if a player has the inhuman ancestry and latter becomes a Hermaphrodite or woman will the ending for inhuman ancestry change?

  22. I think this game neads more latex
    p.s. cmacleod42 can you tell me similar games you were/are wrking on or like

  23. can add all the options a little night action, I would like to be able to choose someone who will fulfill them, for example, licking choice names, when it does not matter what a hermaphrodite (in this case and suction) or a woman. And then the choice is not offered often, mostly between me, as an assistant, a woman, hermaphrodite and male ... By the way, may allow the night of the day and adding it to do some background ...

  24. I'm just tagging this to the last post, it's a general question. ms M isn't inviting me to the parties anymore, at visits she just gossips and tells me she has nothing for me.

  25. ranger
    I am fleshing out all backgrounds. I had not considered the inhuman ancestry path you mention, but probably there would be at best minor text variations there, not an entirely different ending.

    Latex good, but images for use are limited for the existing slaves. Also how to do it? Add a latex dress?

    This is the first game I have released.

    Well I did release some partial translations and tweaks, DQ Fight all gameplay in english, Inma Taidou! gamplay in english. A patch for 'Brave Soul' fixing some translation issues.

    This game takes all the free time I want for writing games at this time.

    When I saw a while ago 'Hentai Highschool' also by Polooka I did consider an extended/improved version, but I know of at least 2 other rewrites (one active) so I left it alone.

    For similar games, consider the game 'Otherworld' developed by Daisy_strik who wrote Orihime and Menace for my game. She posts her releases in the futanariplace forum.

    There is the game 'Custom Slave' or 'Custom Reido' bunny referred to. There is a menu translation for it, but not for general gameplay, so it is mostly in japanese.

    The idea of allow all slave makers to do actions (ie allow blowjobs by male slave makers, or overtly lesbian acts when not lesbian training) has been suggested.

    I am reluctant to add sex traingings during the day, as this allows rapid increase of obedience. Maybe for slut trainer.

    For a new slave? or after a party visit you did not get any more?

    Are you playing the latest upgrade? If possible please post a save game for where you are seeing this.

  26. cmacleod42

    There is the game 'Custom Slave' bunny referred to.

    if there is a view of the version of FE, please, give me a link to a partial translation, I ruined his - he was a little wrong, confused by the order of transfer in the table after sex action ...


    sex traingings during the day, as this allows rapid increase of obedience.

    so you can add either a decrease in obedience, or do not improve it, sort of like the situation with vaginal sex, also may be because not all add, but only some, BDSM, and sex for example.

  27. warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    There is a thread in the forums for Hongfire with the partial translations for 'Custom Slave'
    Sorry I do not have the exact link, just do a search

  28. I was wondering, when can you do better for homes, to allow placement in the basement of tentacles-children born to slaves, with the ability to transfer from game to game. And if you have 4 ranks master tentacles tentacles to choose an assistant?
    Themselves tentacles to make 3 kinds:
    - Classical dick form
    - Fly species (flying insect)
    - And some exotic (non-flying kind)

  29. Yet it would be nice to add the ability not to scare away tentacles, and fight with them (master or slave of your choice), is also a good idea to add the ability to learn the skill of expert tentacles

  30. One thing, have you (Cmac) ever thought of adding Slaver characters, like Assistants, instead of using Appearances? That way, Slavers could more easily support modification. If we wanted our Slavers to have more options (like custom Backgrounds or whatnot), we could build them ourselves, like the Slaves and Assistants.

  31. bunny
    Currently you can change or add appearances. The images are in the game installation folder
    you can alter them or add more as you like.

    Other than that I plan to make the selection/design process a bit more complex adding more options, effectively breaking the existing backgrounds apart a bit.

    I am still planning this so it is not settled yet how it will work in detail.

  32. So i dont know if Im coming to the wrong people for this but im kind of getting my ass kicked by Photoshop CS5. Playing this game has motivated me to start image editing again but its been so long and everything has changed so much I dont remember how. If anyone is fairly handy at Photoshop please let me know, im looking to change images slightly going from one frame to the next "story" kind of, and adding a DG to some pictures. Any help would be amazing you can email me at thanks again!

  33. It's a new slave that won't get miss N parties anymore. Trying to get my catgirl over 50 points so that's where I need it for. However if I visit or lend her I just get the routine bit.

  34. that is what I was thinking a latex dress or cat suit (body suit) or somtheng similar (refering to my last post )

  35. Diciple7M
    Sorry, I do not use Photoshop so cannot help. I would prefer not to distract from the game here for editing tutorials.

    For dickgirl edits, try the futanaripalace forum, there is an artist help section and quite a few artists there posting edits or new works (myself included)

    Not sure why it is not resetting for you. I will investigate.

  36. I could give you that savegame? Just not sure how.

  37. Were the trips to the ruins taken out, where you go to rescue the slave taken out? Just got back into the game after a while, and as far as I can see, instaed of that one slave being taken to the ruins, she goes with some foreign guy.

    Also, can your slaver not level up anymore? As in leveling up leadership, ect. I remember before that with every slave you finished, you could level up a stat, but that doesn't seem to be present anymore.

    Just wondering how you could get more than two slaves to love you for example, if you can't lvl up leadership. Or are there a set number of slaves you need to finish before you can lvl?

  38. I have to say that Bunny might have a point.
    For ages, transformations like Ponygirl and Catgirl don't look right at all.

    If you could do a stock mannequin, which works with all the accessories, that has the hair and face added later, programming a new accessory is a five minute job, and would actually be visible.

    Look into the RPG Maker 2000 game Violated Heroine.

  39. Pimp
    You can just upload to a file service like RapidShare, MediaFire etc

    The Evil Mine quest is still there. Did you promise to help the large breasted slave?

    You can level up, but you only get a skill point if you spend at least two thirds of the training time. If you complete training earlier than that you do not get the point.

    Gouken 20xx
    Catgirls have not been in the game for 'ages' as I only just released them in version 3.1.10

    What looks wrong? Remember the catgirl graphics are only enabled for Ranma, Akane and Shampoo.

    For ponygirls what is the issue? Most girls get the ponytail and bitgag. Some do not get the tail dues to background issues, but this is being fixed. Also better looking bit bags.

    Again Akane, Ranma and Shampoo were fully updated, do they look wrong to you.

    The effort of what you and bunny talk about is quite high, and it adds only a little to the game, nothing new really, just improving something existing. I am not saying I will not consider it in future, but I consider adding new features to be more important.

  40. "Remember the catgirl graphics are only enabled for Ranma, Akane and Shampoo."

    So far.

  41. It seems people are unaware of this, or I probably would have heard more about it by now (just got another comment on my blog about it), but tentacle rape for male assistants seems impossible to activate even with AssistantTentacleSex set to true. I'd written in text for Bridget, but it aparently never activates. Mind fixing it up for the next release? And, y'know, if the problem is actually on my end, feel free to point that out...

  42. Anyone here familiar with the SDK program? Im trying to add some custom images to the slave Im trying to make and its running me over. I cant find where I place my images. I understand the (clip)._visible = false/true command but where do I place the file for it to link to said file?

  43. someone1001
    Ok, I probably did not enable it as there was no generic text

    It depends on if you are using Abobe Flash CS3+ or FlashDevelop. You have to add the image into the library. It is more complex from there. See the example slave and assistants for both ways. You either replace the image (import a new one) with Flash CS or add to the file list and create an export name for FlashDevelop

  44. I've been thinking about a little witch - it is you have exhibited as an alchemist dropout, why not give it some sort of petty magic? Love and anti-love spell, and on the little things that some day ...
    Another would be cool if there was it an opportunity to study some of the slaves in witches

  45. Hey cmacleod42,

    I have been using Macromedia Flash 8 to do everything but Im gonna see about getting the Adobe Flash CS3. I know your probably getting really tired of me talkin about something other than the game but its the game that has got me SO OBSESSED btw. You said I have to replace the image or add it to the file list...where is the list? I have read the SDK so many times my eyes are about to bleed out and i can see the route for the engine and the movies listed but not the actual clips. Also about the game, I have become obsessed with letting the Slave Maker get captured by the Tentacles and get impregnated. Will there be an "event" due to this later other than just an ending?

    Also a suggestion, dont know if its something you ever though about or not, but for the succubus ending maybe the closer we get our Slave Maker goes through a transformation. Again dont know if you ever were told something like that.

    Again sorry for the side askin but I go else where online and usually get flammed :(

  46. Diciple7M
    May I suggest you visit one of the forums, both have threads for help with developing slaves.
    Say using the example Akane,
    Using Flash go to the library, locate a images, say Akane - Introduction, tight click, select import and browse for a replacement image (jpp, png, gif file). That is all to replace.

    You may need to reposition the image and resize it on the timeline. In the Timelike locate the Introduction line and edit it (double click after unlocking it) the adjust it's width, height, x, y to position as desired.

  47. I can't enable "Tentacle Breeding" in the options :(

  48. Ddraig64
    If you set difficulty to Easy then tentacles cannot be enabled

  49. great game, has anyone tried to make a portable version for the ipod or something?
    oh and is the wiki site on otakubell closed down or something? because the last update was months ago

  50. jordan
    I gave had requests for Android support but it has some heavy image size restrictions. It almost runs.

    The big issues for handheld devives is screen size, I would have to do a lot for readability on the stats screens, and memory usage.

    As I note it basically runs on an Andriod, and version 2 does work there.

    I have no idea about the wiki, but warlord.andrej-wrafgxp has posted discussions from there so I assumed people were updating as needed

  51. @Jordan
    the wiki site is still updated like usual. i have no idea where you got the idea it wasn't updated for months. that's totally wrong.
    the latest update was done today and there were some more done this month

  52. I suggest that your next project should be to improve all tentacle-related events, ESPECIALLY the effects of Tentacle Hybrid and Converted by Tentacles. They've been in the game for a great while now, but to little effect.

  53. I am just curious then does the last update supply these new updates or is this going to be released with the next update?

  54. Also just wanted to ask if there was any chance for female slave maker if you could add in a Queens Blade character or characters. I have no clue how hard it is to add something like that, but thought I would try to request it. Love this game btw so addicting

  55. Ted.F
    I have noted I am working on expanding all backgrounds, and there is a new event present for Tentacle Hybrid.

    Which new updates. Do you mean the devil wings? If so yes it will be in the next release

    Menace is in the game now, so there is a Queen's Blade character

  56. Okay, I was wondering about the Devil wings. I am curious when will the next full download be available with 3.1.10a? Also I with Queens Blade characters I was referring to slave maker portrait not a slave. I like Menace being a Slave Option. Thanks for that and everything else.

  57. Andrew
    You can add your own images for Slave Maker portraits.

    See the folder
    You will see files like
    Appearance - Female 1.jpg
    You can replace these as you like or add more like
    Appearance - Female 8.jpg

    Note: sometimes Flash has issues with some jpg files, preferable use non-progressive jpg files. If a file does not load, load it in your prefered image editor and try re-saving it.

  58. Cmac
    Wow, these posts pile up fast. I'm surprised you actually get any work done...

    The purpose behind using a Custom Reido style setup is to allow the reuse of images. I was trying to figure out how to limit the almost exponentially increasing download size of the program, as well as a way to mix in males and Sex-Act Slaver-participation (since you can just swap in the Slaver for any of the custom characters for a particular Act). There are a large number of "features" you get for "free" when you switch over to this kind of system...

    Sadly, you are right about the difficulty of pulling it off. I don't think it's practical at this point to do it for much else than a single slave (possibly to create the so-called "generic" customizeable slave some were eager to have - unless you plan to use custom Rei clones for that, hint hint).

    I'm interested in seeing what kind of system you come up with to solve the custom Slaver issue. Good luck!

  59. (If you pull out the character images into a single "Parts" swf, it allows you to update the components on a more separate basis, with a MUCH smaller download size)

  60. damn can't wait for the demon girls xD

  61. Quick suggestion. On the options make a popup appear if the user tries to enable tentacles on easy mode. Should stop you getting the same question every new release.

  62. stupid qestion is home exploration in your plans for next release
    I mean will it be in 3.1.10b(c)

  63. krasniitavarish
    Please refer to my comment above (13/11)

    "I have no real plans for a version 4 at this time. The next significant version will be 3.2 where I plan to add much new content,

    - hopefully include house upgrades and exploration, and events
    - a lot more events.
    - Freelancer Slave Makers (ie non Guild were you buy a slave, train and then find a buyer, not train a slave on commission as you do for the Guild
    - flesh out more backgrounds
    - add succubus training and expand slut training.
    - unlockable slaves (basically done now)

    No estimate when, it is a matter of my free time, health and inspiration.

    I will release 3.1.10b maybe next weekend, that will
    - fix bugs
    - implement fairy training and BE for all girls
    - catgirl graphics
    - some additional bits (Minako notably)
    - devil wings, similar eye-candy type initially like the tail is "

  64. I'm sorry for still troubling you. Ms M and the catburglar aren't resetting anymore for me! Also the mines but I don't know If I should be able to do those more often than once.

    Where can I find my saves so I can upload you one?

  65. I thought Miss N and the Catburglar issues were fixed o.O

    As for the mines, they're still open after the first visit. Not sure if they're meant to, but you cxan still access them by saving your slave and reloading. If that doesn't work, save, close the game and reopen, then load your slave. But they still turn up.

  66. Doublepost.

    Saves (as has been said many a time)are located:

    C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\Some Junk\localhost\Games\Slave Maker Folder\Slave Maker Module

    UserName is the login name you use
    Some Junk will look like 9YJDYW or some such
    Folder... duh. The Folder you installed it to
    Module is the core you're using; .exe or .swf.

  67. thank you for putting in such hard work to make this game so good
    i find this new update news and the last patch to be most pleasing

    i would also like to know if that peach test char is going to be finshed or should i just delete her ?

  68. fuckyahoo

    To my understanding Peach is still in development, it is being developed by MailMailX3 but I have not had any contact since the start of this month. Real life is limiting their free time.

  69. dam real life always getting in the way of having fun lmao

    oh well i just use her as a start for a new game to make some fast money

    im still having issues with the combine money pool and debt not deducting from it right now im at 523 debt with close to 4k gold

  70. Found this game recently and i love it, cant wait till the new patch comes out. Don't make me wait too long =) I really excited about the peach slave, and i have a suggestion for a slave. You guys should make a Krystal slave from star-fox
    also i have some questions about Menace, i cant seem to beat the arena champion, i went to the temple and learned queens justice and queens law and i still cant beat her am i doing something wrong?

  71. Nika
    Krystal the Star Fox is in development.

    Please check the Wiki for details on Menace

  72. fuckyahoo
    Found and fixed the debt issue

  73. love ya cmacleod42

    keep up the good work

  74. Hey Cmac,

    I know a while ago you said you had gotten pretty close to a vanilla version of Rei and could easily follow up with Sora (Asuka) as slave. Any updated news on that?

  75. I think one major problem with adding Rei is, well, Rei.
    Rei Ayanami and Rei Hino.
    Right now, names are done as first names only. so the current Rei would have to be reprogrammed so any references to her in, for example, Minako's script, wouldn't be set off by the wrong Rei.

  76. Davealooba
    I have been busy recently with the girl upgrades for catgirl/fiary and BE. These have been taking much longer than expected.

    I could release the vanilla anytime, but it is just vanilla with little story so I have not done so. The Asuka assistant was accidentally released in the original 3.1.10 release, but was not enabled

    Gouken 20xx
    There is relatively little cross-girl scripting on the game, also Rei Hino cannot become and assistant at this time. But I always refer to Ayanami Rei as 'Ayanami Rei' in the game, partially to reflect her unusual and foreign nature and her remoteness.

  77. I know I don't speak for everyone, but I'd sure love some Vanilla Mars... er Rei Hino, lol as long as it lets her become an assistant. Maybe just make it a 3rd option in the story, at the part where you can decide to continue training her as a priestess or start her training to be a worldly woman... can't remember what the title is for it in the game.

  78. Is there a way to cheat to have more time to train? Like with the SOL editor?

  79. can someone explain to me what is meant by "vanilla"? i searched for some pictures for that tag but i still have no idea what it means.

    i'm playing this game quite intense since i found it and i only know the gold-cheat which is pretty easy. right now, you can still abuse a saving bug so that you have "unlimited training time". it's described in detail further up in these comments and will be fixed in 3.10b

  80. hessi_james
    vanilla is this context means a slave girl with images but no custom story elements. You will only get the standard events in the game, nothing specific to the girl

  81. @cmacleod42
    ah, thanks for the information.

    i finally translated everything from the current english textfile into german. i will read it over once more to make nicer sentences here and there and then upload it, so you can include it into the game.
    there's still a lot of text missing though

  82. @hessi_james
    damn, didn't knew someone started to translate to german also.

    What have you translated so far? (you wrote "everything" but "still a lot of text missing")
    Im at 50% of the english version, just working my way from top to bottom.

  83. question
    i cant rember were i read it but
    wasnt there going to be a option to explore the house or upgrade it ? could be mistaking or read it for another game any ways
    some 1 let me know please thanx

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. I have several cuestions.
    I like to start as a male and then without the bad endings change into a woman.
    ¿How do the endings change if you change sex?
    ¿Does you talent change if you change sex?
    ¿Does your relationship with NPCs change?

    I'm specially curious about tentacle hybrid as a female

  86. House exploration and upgrading is not yet implemented, but as far as I know it should be added sometime in the future.

    Regarding the sex change:
    Yes, that's possible. Made my slaver a trader hemaphrodite (and once accidently a whole female), so all your skills stay the same, just the gender changes (and with it some sex training options)

    As far as I'm concerned, I didn't get any other ending... except the tentacles could impregnate my Trader (I didn't try that with a male slaver, but it obviously shouldn't work). NPCs... not that much of a change, maybe a few have a few different lines.

    And about the tentacle hybrid... the "change" is not yet implemented, so you would have to wait a bit for that...
    But an interesting question I have to admit.

    And while I'm writing something already, I recently got a great (or insane or just plain stupid) idea.
    At first I was wondering why the assistants didn't get anything out of the ending until I found out that that's just it.
    I think, it would be a neat little feature if the ending gives some minor additional effect for the assistant ... like, just for example, drug addict makes potions 5% or 10% stronger (or you get a slight discount on potions, about 5% or so). Did not (yet) work out a complete concept as I don't know all the endings and if that even would be possible without too much work for a minor thing like that.

    And as I'm kind of a fan of the Slaver Tentacle Ending I had that strange idea of an additional skill gained and only leveled through that ending. Something like "Tentacle Mother". It could possibly open up a "Tentacle Lair" in the "Take a walk" option, where you can deliberatly activate tentacle events (and maybe get some kind of tentacle aphrodisiac). One higher levels could possibly strengthen the effects of tentacle assaults, reduce time until birth or even get you some kind of tentacle assistant.

    Strange... normaly I'm not even that much of a tentacle fan, but I like 'em in this game...

    But should stop writing now, otherwise your eyes'll start bleeding.
    If my ideas are not doable just hit me (or say it's too much work to implement them). Just wanted to get them out of my mind (were swirling around there for the last 2-3 days)

  87. what jobs/chores reduce nymph/lust *other than sexual or having your slave work in a church*

    im trying to play as a think old god or no god and it prevents my slave from being able to work at the church

    thanx i cant wait for it to be added

  88. OK I love that idea scythless!!!! Having my own tentacle lair and being able to take a walk there...

    Yea that would just about be a dream come true for me XD. Though who knows what the "background" work cm has done already for the two tentacle type slavers will be! Ish excited to see!

    I am in no rush though, Please take your time building this game, your doing a wonderful job as it is cmac!

  89. Voro Escrivá
    scythless answered well, you can change gender without Bad Ends on, several methods, to female and dickgirl.

    You retain all skills and effects of your background. NPC interactions are unchanged. Currently this only case that SHOULD is your relationship with Alsha, she is not a lesbian and would have issues with you now being female/dickgirl. This should be reflected

    Endings are also unaffected.

    Previous slaves affect the game when used as an assistant, ie Kasumi and cumsluts.

    But not in general, mainly as it is difficult to implement generically. To do generically I would have to have all slave girls loaded to allow their scripting to be used. There are other ways to do it (say using the custom event system), but yet to be designed/implemented.

    Tentacle expansions are a popular request, I have many ideas and suggestions here. I have several variations on your request, your skill concept is interesting though.

    One thing to consider is, I have some more events for tentacle hybrid, expanding the concept and explaining their interest in Riesz (well partly). Consider what would happen if Riesz gets the Tentacle Queen end but stays around? Doubly so if you are a tentacle hybrid.

    Not a lot decreases nymphomania than the religious job/school. Meetings with nuns and angels generally do. The Soothing Potion is one way too.

  90. Thought it would be more like adding a single variable per heroine that indicates what kind of (generic) ending was achieved, save that somewhere where you can get it from while asking for the assistants and then adding the additional effect afterwards.
    Well I don't know anything about scripting, just a bit everyday programming so you definetly know better than me what's doable and what not.

    Yay, more tentacle events :)

    Fitness also reduces lust and nymphomania as far as I remember. For Kasumi teaching at the Dojo would probably do the same.
    And sexual actions don't decrease nymphomania, they increase it mostly... they only decrase lust (with gangbang having the greatest effect)

  91. scythless
    I have the variable already, but to be generic the effect of the ending should be dependent on the slave, so Urd's alchemist ending does one effect and so on. Most of the standard endings I would not really thing of having a special effect. For instance the drug addict ending is a bad one and should not really give an effect.

    Maybe multiple ponygirls or S&M ending could make your slave more receptive to such trainings.

    Nothing else really leaps to mind for the standard endings, I am open to suggestions

  92. Day before yesterday I got the ending of the demon trainer rabyn.A now Yurika, Urd and Kasumi can no longer be fucked tentacles instead of me ... By the way, I would like to know what bonuses gives this background.

  93. Regarding the multiple endings, I didn't think of giving the girl some specifics when you retrain her some time later (as that's sandbox mode and not normal campaign) but rather when you get an ending and buy her back or get the love ending so you get her as assistant, that then there are some minor changes due to the ending you achieved before you got them back.

    But as you're open to suggestions I made a little list (based of the endings listed here: as I don't know another source and have not achieved some [or many] of those endings myself)

    Cow Girl: Milking-Event +1 Joy, -1 Obedience
    Pony Slave: Bondage Joy +0.5, Temperament -0.5
    Pony Girl: Bondage Joy +0.75, Temperament -0.75
    Perfect Pony Girl: Bondage Joy +1, Temperament -1, Harness Cost -5%
    Courtesan: Etiquette -10 Gold
    Dickgirl: (No idea)
    S&M: Obedience needed for Bondage -1, Bondage Obedience +0.5
    Drug Addict: Potions Effekt +5%, Potions needed for Addiction -1, Addiction Strength (if something like that exists) +10%
    Rich: Daily Income +2 (Slave) +1 (Slavemaker)
    Wedding: Daily Effect Joy +0.5
    Sex Maniac: Lust/Nymphomania increase 10% faster
    Sex Addict: Lust/Nymphomania increse 5% faster
    Rebel: Daily Effect Obedience -1
    Maid: Cooking increases 10% faster, Cleaning increases 10% faster
    Normal+: (No idea)
    Normal-: (No idea)
    Normal: (No idea)
    Prostitute: Obedience needed for Brothel -1 or -2, Brothel income decreased by 5-10%
    Lesbian Slave: Obedience needed for Lesbian -1
    Tentacle Slave: Tentacle Encounter Rate +5%

  94. I noticed while playing four wrong:
    1-during lesbian workout in the position 69 from the second obzatsa is a description of sex with a coach and a hermaphrodite, although I'm a man (demon), and selected sex with his assistant (the most expensive twins)
    2-during lesbian workout in the pose of Touch her (choose assistant), but instead do other slaves
    3 and 4 during training Yurika, winning the battle for slave, in the first place has not received a hermaphrodite, and secondly after began Urd, so it appeared the sign of a hermaphrodite in the morning, he disappeared only in the evening at the opening inventory

  95. I just saw a bug - scroll down the list of female slaves on the third page I saw a girl HORO, chose her in the beginning, it turns into a wolf and eat me (on screen Game Over) and something about the spam ... Is that a bug or built-in demo?

  96. Just in case I checked the new coach, so I managed to slip through outreach to the screen losing the game. I got into a mode DEBUGGING, though there are no pictures girl, I now wonder it has become possible because of an oversight or is it the way it should be?

  97. scythless
    The effect you suggest are a flat number, ie if any girl has the ending? If they are cumulative for each slave they seem a little high.

    Also I think the prostitute ending should give nothing, it is the worst ending and is basically when you get if you fail to qualify for any ending.

    The Horo release was made by Daisy_strike as a joke, she is not an actual slave girl. Just delete her and her matching .txt, .png files.
    She has not been included in the full game release, so I gather you downloaded her from one of the forums

    The debugging menu is for developers use and should only appear if you hold Ctrl+Shift and click the gold cheat.

    I am unclear how you say you got to the menu, can you explain again how you got to it?

  98. The effect would only be for the current assistant, not cumulative and no bonus if you retrain.

    So basically:
    You train Slave #1, and get a Assistant without bonus, such as Deedlit.
    Say, Slave 1 was Kasumi and got the S&M Ending (and bought back or love, so you get her as assistant).
    Now you train Slave #2 and choose Kasumi as Assistant.
    Now she got the Constitution and Constitution-Training bonus she got for being herself and while Kasumi is the assistant, because of S&M Ending Obedience needed for Bondage is -1 while it gives an additional +0.5 Obedience.
    If for example (in Sandbox mode) Slave #2 is also Kasumi and you train her again to the S&M ending it will stay at -1/+0.5 if you select her as an assistant after that again. Otherwise, if your second ending would be Courtesan if you then choose her as assistant your ettiquette-training-cost will be reduced by 10 gold. But the Bonus of S&M will no longer be available, as ending X+1 overwrites the bonus of ending X.
    It has no effect on the slave itself, it's not cumulative and only would be some kind of additional influence of the assistant.

    So having 5 Courtesans wouldn't make Etiquette training free as you can only have one assistant at a time (or is there a plan to have more assistants train one slave?)

    And it wouldn't hurt me if whore (as rebell) would only give an negative effect... maybe -1 Joy while working in the brothel and a 5-10% decrease in income from there.

  99. And I entered into him coaching Horo (a showgirl indicated Akain), visited the fortune-teller - there is a translucent button debug, when after a workout than if you select this girl as an assistant, the button is ...

  100. remains.

    I think you are very understated value, better yet multiplied by 3

  101. I would say a array is set up.
    First few values are Catgirls Trained, Ponygirls Trained, Demon Girls Trained etc.
    Next, each girl is given their own array, which is a single-byte array, first digit, in hex, being their profession, like Maid or True Catgirl, the second being their ending.
    If a girl has more than 15 endings overall, it might be difficult, but this is a good way to save it in the save file.

  102. scythless
    Ah, you just meant when used as an assistant. I thought you meant when your had trained the girls and bought her back and she is in your harem, but when you use another as your assistant. Ideally your slaves would do something and contribute.
    Ok, clear now

    Gouken 20x
    There already is an array, and has been in the game since version 3. There is an array of 50 possible endings for each trained slave.

    There is a separate count for ponygirls etc but these are simple counts recorded for the slave maker, not counted from the slaves endings. Actually this is better for Sandbox mode as it is a total count so each time you train a slave the count goes up.

    Sorry I still cannot work out your issue. Can I please ask you to post
    1) your save game where you see the issue
    2) if this is happening with Horo a link to the version you are using. This only one I know of is a joke and is not intended to be played at all.
    The only debugging modes are
    a) using assistants Mugi and Shenandoah there is a debug type mode you can enter
    b) using the debugging menu by pressing Ctrl+Shift+G cheat button
    I do not otherwise know how you get the problem

    Archive Foto

  104. @Narog
    i translated the entire english text file. but there are a lot of texts in the game which are not included in this textfile, yet. so you still need a lot of english to understand what happens in the game.
    i still have to do quite a bit of spacing and fontsizing and will try to make sentences sound nicer here and there. also some typos

  105. warlord.andrej-wrafgxp
    Thank you, I see now. It is a minor issue with the joke version of Horo. The debugging tab/menu works there as intended, it is just Horo is not a trainable slave and does not have much implemented.

    There may be a small bug there, it should not do what you are seeing, and I'll fix

  106. I very much hope that the next update will be available as early as this month ...

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. can you tell me wrere to get addons for the game (slaves ,slavemaker,asistent )
    P.S. I tried to get lulu from the link in smwiki
    but it did not work
    P.P.S how to instal (if I get them) asistents

  110. @krasniitavarish: What do you mean Lulu didn't work? You weren't able to download, or you couldn't get her to work in the game, as per your second question? If the download isn't working, I need to know so I can fix it.

    If you want to install the assistant, put it in your assistants folder, open Assistants1.txt and add in "&Assistant-Lulu.swf" at the end (without the quotes). If it's a different assistant, just change the name to match the file.

    Just so you know, Lulu was created for the second version of the game and provides no bonuses aside for some nice pictures to look at.

  111. well I maneged to gett them but I had to try a lot of times (I am not an expert but it can be my conection) but I kept geting an empty file
    until just 10 minutes ago

  112. Lulu is in the last full version of the game 3.1.09d and will also be in the next and future ones

  113. Not sure if this is one of your bugs your already fixing, but the nymphs tiara doesnt appear on her head with shampoos cat dress.

    @warlord.andrej-wrafgxp: i like your little witch idea that no one seemed to comment on.

    @hessi_james: by "unlimited training time" do you mean the save/load cheat that everyone uses to actually be able to get the items? cuz if you are it would suck to have that removed. i know it takes some realism out but the demonic bra already takes me 30 trys to find.

  114. Jason
    no I was not aware of that issue, I will fix.

    By load/save cheat do you just mean just repeated trying a walk and then reload to try again?

  115. @cmacleod42: thx in advance for the fix. and yes that is what i mean by the load/save cheat.

  116. When will upgradable houses be out?

  117. @Jason
    no i mean the circumstance that you can get every item without even starting to do anything (concerning the training time on your calendar). let's say you plan a walk at the town center, as you mentioned, to get the demonic bra. as usual, you save the game, before doing what you planned. then you "do the planning" and if you get what you wanted, you choose system and push 's'. you will get the save menu even though you are not supposed to get it. save and load the game and you will still start the same time of day as you did before, but you will have the demonic bra. you can repeat this as often as you like. you can make your slave get every item and max out every attribute before the first day of training like this. remember you must save before your slavemaker-action is shown!

  118. hessi_james
    That cheat/bug has been fixed in the next version

  119. It would be nice if you included the assistants in a separate zip file. I only discovered that there were so many new assistants when I downloaded the full install for my laptop!

  120. @hessi_james: i did not know about that one... oh well now.

    also does anyone have a good way to get pics from a solitaire game? i have an ami (sailor mercury) solitaire game and am trying to make an ami slave. i've run across about 20 pics from the deck of 52, but i found them 8 years ago. anyway the ones im missing are all the GOOD ones for slave pics so i was wondering if there was a way to get the pics, or to use screenshots and blow them all up without going blurry.

  121. @cmacleod42
    i know this bug will be fixed with the next release. i already told jason about that in my first post about this bug. but he didn't seem to look for the bugdescription (which is posted here) in order to know what i mean.

    i like scythless's ideas btw

  122. If it's about ideas I can spout them until someone drowns in 'em...
    But I'll better leave it at two for now, unless more input is wished for.

    Especially since idea number two took quite some time to get across. :)

  123. @hessi_james: i didnt read it because it was a comment under the title of features partially implemented and you had said "it's described in detail further up in these comments and will be fixed in 3.10b" and by these comments i presumed you meant the comments under the title of another step for demon girls. so thank you for explaining that and i should have read the other comments.

    @scythless: ideas are what makes games constantly expanding and great so dont stop just cuz you had a big idea, i get lots of them and i keep a record of them for future usage.


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