Saturday, November 6, 2010

SDK version 7

this is an updated SDK, version 7. It documents the new catgirl training and fairy transformation and other general changes. See the sourcecode for Akane for the changes needed for supporting these.

Also note the classes SlaveModule and Slave have been changed.

See the document
for a summary of the changes

For catgirls see
Slave Girl - Training - Catgirls.rtf

Note: I will probably change to html for the documents in the next release of the SDK



PDF version created by J


  1. Is it sad that I was waiting for this more then the actual update? :?

  2. hi there sorry for not uploading the translation so far, i have the weekend off so i should be able to finish it until Sunday!

  3. someone1001
    Not at all. Let me know if I can improve it in anyway.

    Thanks, no hurry

  4. pardon the lack of info but what is sdk (sorry for asking stupid stuf)

  5. @krasniitavarish
    slave development kit
    it's of no interest if you just want to play the game. if you learned some flash and want to develop a slave for the game yourself, you should donwload it though

  6. Thanks for updating this.

    I created a master PDF containing all 40 files from the new SDK. It is organized by topic and bookmarked down to two levels.

    It should make the SDK easier to work with for some people. I'd recommend viewing it with Foxit reader.

    I've uploaded it to mediafire if anyone is interested:

  7. Thanks J, I updated the post with your link

  8. Does anybody know where I can learn how to code in flash?

  9. Would kill for a update on the SDK... or pay rofl


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