Monday, November 8, 2010

Features partially implemented

acac requested a post to detail those backgrounds and events that are referred to in-game but are not yet implemented.

Slave specific events (for the core ones I develop)


These effects are not implemented

Cheaper house upgrades (as there are no house upgrades yet)
Weird Mansion stories

Poor relationships with nobles as implied in the background story

Inhuman Ancestry
The lure of the Ruined Temple
Your mother and the holy item
More details an effects for Demon Slave Maker ending

Retribution of the Gods for poor slave making
Intolerance of the Old Gods by those in power

Pony Master
Only interested in the physical aspects of your slaves
relationship with Ponygirl 1

Violent and blunt
Bonuses for martial trainings for slaves Done

Tentacle Hybrid
Most everything, one initial event implemented

Retribution of the Gods for poor slave making

Brothel Madam
Noble relationships, focused on sex

Lady in Waiting
Unrefined endings, currently only a minor score/reputation penalty

Slut Maker
Specific Slut ending
Most specific effects and training techniques

Unusual Cum
More of an effect if you do not cum
Obsessed lover

Search for permanent dickgirl process

Converted by Tentacles
Tentacle Whore Slave and Slave Maker ending
What happens if you do not cum

What happens if you do not cum often
Training parents (incest on required)

Mistress Cock
Cock Whore slave ending

Court Manipulator


These events are partially implemented

Dark Lady of the Rocks
Linked to mermaids and the slutty nature of the beach

Lotion At the Beach

For reference see the catgirl in the private area

Spider Woman at the Docks
Linked to dark elf at the beach


These trainings are not implemented


Orgasm Denial

More details needed

Slave Specific Events

These events are partially or not implemented

Tifa is the large breasted slave at the docks
Almost ready

Akane and Miss.N

incest needs to be enabled

Ranma and Nodoka
incest needs to be enabled

Minako and being captured

Reisz and Lady Farun

Rei for Old Faith

Naru the non-slut

Tifa and the monsters

Shampoo and the art of brainwashing

Rei and Azana


  1. Bonuses for martial trainings for slaves
    Now implemented (for next release)

  2. For some reason can write only here, may be it was posted earlier so: I could not figured out what "Dominance" need for?
    On what things or aspects it is influenced? why only in ex cowgirl dominance could be discreased?

  3. It affects some text in the game, but the main thing now is for the background 'Demonic Cock' and affects the Slave Maker ending you can get.

    Otherwise little need, it was originally added for use in future events and for use by slave developers. It is slowly being used more.

    There are few events where your slave maker is submissive so few events decrease it. The one you note is as as events in Demonic Cock background

  4. Thank you, one more question if you would not mind: I cant see the difference between sandbox and campaign, in description says that the difference in daily events but didn't find those.

    If you interested in Russian translation of the game (full, i saw that you already have, it is terrible) I could do that, but the thing is I need ''pure'' texts without scripts or any programming stuff, It's very difficult for me to define what need to be translated.

  5. I found a slight text anomaly (again). No, it's not another "undefined", it's something else.

    Slave Maker: Mistress Cock
    Event: Tentacle Abduction

    Errant text: Tag error (see below)
    [Generic hitting tentacle with whip text]
    Then it goes on with:
    %r%r where there should have been a paragrapth break space.

  6. The game is constantly faced with a situation where things are character-slaves disappear (not transferred to the sleduyuyuschuyu game), for example, a set of background pony pony-masters ...

  7. i found a bug that can be exploited :X or maybe cheating :P During turn after u click "do this plan" u can click on system, though it does not allow u do click on save, but the shortcut key "s" still brings u to the savepage where u can do ur saving game. At which after u load, u will be back before the event but still get the stats add. In which implies that i can max my slaves stats in day 1 by doing this endless times :X

  8. or was this meant to be a spoiler? LOL

  9. @slava
    it really isn't difficult to decide what you have to translate and what has to remain like it is already.
    i'm doing a german translation (progress >50%atm) and you mainly have to leave everything like this " " or this "#slavehisher" or this "&it" like it is. i don't think there was more you can't translate. you can even replace the macros (#...) by simple words, if the macro wouldn't fit the context in your language. take a look at the "Guide to translation" file in the language directory when unsure ;)

  10. Squark
    thanks, fixed

    Thanks, the bug is fixed

    Sandbox mode means you can retrain girls, they can only be trained once in Campaign mode and only when you have sufficient reputation.
    Little is excluded otherwise at this time, due to lack of events to flesh out later slaves

    For translating, elDi has recently given me an updated Russian translation.
    There are some significant font issues for Russian in the game now, for me, fields getting a block character (invalid character). Not sure of a good resolution for this issue yet, aside from using a plain font like Arial, MS Comic Sans, Times New Roman that have a more complete non-latin support.

    Here is the translation elDi coordinated
    There are some spacing issues I will tweak, notably the faith screen.

  11. How is the incest events going to work?

  12. likely going to use characters related to your slave XD ..sorry couldn't resist

  13. ignoring that, i never knew nodoka was in the game... or is she going to appear in upcoming update.

  14. zaiaku666
    Nodoka was originally in the game, she was the person who rescues your slave.
    She is not in the game now, except a few sex images with Ranma, all the events in this post are things that are not implemented but are referred to or planned.

    Akane/MissN are sisters after all
    Nodoka is Ranma's mother and there are many images of them together, mainly as female Ranma.

  15. "Tifa is the large breasted slave at the docks"
    Wait, huh? Is this tied into Tifa's training, or just some event you can get? I'm slightly lost.

  16. Leon Kinotolian
    My post is about things that are NOT in the game yet but are referred to or not implemented. The Tifa story has been discussed often in the forums, it is not directly referred to, but then most of the other slave specific bits are not either, or only losely.

    I am making it that Tifa is not available for training initially, until you can rescue her from the farm.

    I may also do a similar thing with the girls in the Mine, but not clear who. Also Riesz not until you rescue her from a tentacle lair.

    I have changed the game engine to handle all this, it is just a matter of updating the milking event and also Tifa a bit.

  17. Cmacleod:
    By rescue from the farm/the mine/the tentacle lair, I suppose you mean through advedntures and events. Question is, does it mean there will be no reputation requirement for them? Just save them and you can train them? And also, for Riesz, will you have to clear out the entire lair? Or will it be enough to free her, and then if you lose she will still be considered free?

    And another small thing if I can ask, you said you are working on a freelance mode where you are not part of the guild, and you just buy them, train them and then sell them at the end if you want. The thing I want to ask is, is all this a big change? Just wanted to know if I should look forward to in one of the next few updates, or if it's something far in the future,

    Thanks again for all the answers :)

  18. are there going to be more slaves for us to train? althought it is fun to make our own,i think it's funner if you dont know what to expect.

  19. Hello
    First i wanted to thank you for all your time and efforts put into this game, Cmac. You've added so much to the original game.

    Just wondering one thing:

    Slaves can declare love with the brothel madam without problem while they must turn lesbian to do same with the slutmaker (who love even more the brothel work than the madam !!).
    Is it working as intended? I find this a bit weird!(even though slut maker has lesbian trainer skill,she's far from being lesbian herself, rather bi-sexual at most)).
    Slut maker shouldnt be so restrictive , specially when more addict to sex than brothel madam.

  20. What is the latest version of slavemaker 3? I downloaded the game and the patch on slavemaker.futanaripalace ,and I get 3.10A as my current version on the start screen, moreover it has 3.1.10a has the latest, but I downloaded it clean today. Is a bug or a error?

  21. 3.1.10a - alfaversion;
    3.1.10A - betaversion;
    we expect the full version 3.1.10b...

  22. cmacleod42
    Ah, I see. I may want to grab a forum account finally. Might make it a bit easier to keep up with that stuff. Interesting, nonetheless, making certain slaves unlockable in-game and not through just having the right Renown score. Probably a stupid question, but will that change things for a file currently in progress or just new games?

  23. Giannino
    Yes, it means a girl you rescue from the sewers will be Riesz. There will still be a renown cost, but this is to be decided. I have not written it yet. It will also depend on if you are a Guild Member or a Freelancer

    The Freelancer changes are quite major, the entire end game process needs rewriting as does the start of training process

    Yes, there are quite a few slaves in development. Visit one of the forums for details. There have been a lot of announcements of new slaves in development.

    This is all tied to the difference in how Lesbian trainer works. The game holds back any love declarations until lesbian is started or refused.

    I will review the process, really it should work the same for both backgrounds.

    The case issues for the letter a was a typo on my part. There was not intended to be any difference between the beta and the release

    Leon Kinotolian
    The unlockable slaves I will try to apply to exsting games. So if Tifa has not been trained she will be hidden until rescued, same for Riesz. Otherwise it will be like that from the start

  24. I just read about your plans for 3.2 and upgrade for slut and succubus background, im really glad about this !
    Along with brothel madam they are my favorites.

    Keep up the good work !

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