Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Updated Slaves

Some updates


Additional images and item positioning fixed. the author, demercel, says this should be the last vanilla release, so hopefull that means more custom content in the next release.


Thf772 has released an update for Gardevoir, with additional images again and small fixes
"Very very small minor update to add a blowjob image and fix a mistake in the xml thaht prevented the blowjob images from showing."


Note these are all 7z archives.

Rar/Zip Mirror

http://adf.ly/2ipbe (zip)
http://adf.ly/2ipfA (rar)

Installation for both
Jst extract the archive into your game folder

General Status
A general note, I am still working on the core game, but a little slowly recently due to personal problems with my family. Difficult for me to cope with so far, but I'll manage eventually.

additional Nymph's Tear images

Simple edit I did
I have got Lady Farun mostly upgraded and her rescue event and linkage to the mine quest revamped. New images edited for the events and text a lot longer, and a new combat.

Otherwise small tweaks and updates.

To answer some concerns here, these slave updates are being done by other developers and take little time on my part to assist. Sometimes I do image edits and playtests but only a small amount of time spent on that side of things.

Most of my slow progress recently has been my family issues.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Slave Melisandra

Melisandra, The True Catgirl (Final Fantasy XI)

Release V1.0: http://www.multiupload.com/H0NWMXSUO1

To my delight, SamK has released a new XML based slave, Melisandra, a Mithra from Final Fantasy XI. In the game this means she is one of the True Catgirls you encounter when training Minako.

She is an original character, not any specific Mithra you will have seen in the game, but a composite of images and edits.

She is currently a vanilla release but SamK has stories plotted and events in development.

To install just extract the archive into your game folder.

There is a slight chance mac and Linux users may have issues with her. If you do, try renaming the file

Mirror for Gardevoir Update
Some people had issues with the 7zip archive for Gardevoir, here is a rar mirror file


Early Alpha for Motoko Aoyama
An early development version of Motoko from Love hina has been posted by Jaren, developer of Yoruichi. I am just notifying people here as he has basically only posted her for beta testing so far.
If you really want to check her out, visit the FutanariPalace forum

PS. that makes 43 slaves released for the game. 2 others in significant development, and several others in various stages of development

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update for Gardevoir

Thf772 has posted an update of Gardevoir, with some new images added