Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Updated Slaves

Some updates


Additional images and item positioning fixed. the author, demercel, says this should be the last vanilla release, so hopefull that means more custom content in the next release.


Thf772 has released an update for Gardevoir, with additional images again and small fixes
"Very very small minor update to add a blowjob image and fix a mistake in the xml thaht prevented the blowjob images from showing."


Note these are all 7z archives.

Rar/Zip Mirror

http://adf.ly/2ipbe (zip)
http://adf.ly/2ipfA (rar)

Installation for both
Jst extract the archive into your game folder

General Status
A general note, I am still working on the core game, but a little slowly recently due to personal problems with my family. Difficult for me to cope with so far, but I'll manage eventually.

additional Nymph's Tear images

Simple edit I did
I have got Lady Farun mostly upgraded and her rescue event and linkage to the mine quest revamped. New images edited for the events and text a lot longer, and a new combat.

Otherwise small tweaks and updates.

To answer some concerns here, these slave updates are being done by other developers and take little time on my part to assist. Sometimes I do image edits and playtests but only a small amount of time spent on that side of things.

Most of my slow progress recently has been my family issues.


  1. When I finish it, not too sure, maybe this weekend?

  2. I wish you the best for whatever you are dealing with. Hold on, it will soon pass whatever it is.

    Love and Strengh
    a fan

  3. There is a progress? Yes!
    So guys shut up and dies, just wait when its done.

  4. Best wishes for you and your family. A lot of people appreciate your work.

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  6. I made two new mirrors for Gardevoir on MegaUpload, one a zip file, one a rar file (and still the 7z)
    Here they are:
    http://adf.ly/2ipbe (zip)
    http://adf.ly/2ipfA (rar)

  7. I have a question... In my game, I have an empty slave market. Why is that and how do i fix it?

  8. Kitsune514
    Most likely you have installed the game incorrectly

    a) if you just installed the upgrade version 3.2.03 beta for instance. This has to be installed over top of an existing installation of the full 3.2.02 game

    b) you may of extracted the archive incorrectly, for instance extracting each part of the multipart arhive into separate folders.

    Check in yout game instalation you have a subfolder Slaves containing files like
    If you do not then the installation is faulty.

    Redownload the full version of 3.2.02
    and reinistall. Just extract part 1, your archiver should automatically extract the other parts

  9. I have a slight problem with the saves. Usually my saves are gone because Flash deletes the folder holding the saves and creates a different one. Could someone help me fix this problem please?

  10. Lien Izumi
    save games are cookies, have you set your browser to delete all cookies on exit? If so disable that setting.
    Do you run any 3rd party programs that delete cookies, for instance CCleaner? If so disable Flash cookie cleanup.

  11. Something else if you run Firefox and the Better Privacy add-on for example, to control "flash" cookies (.sol) on your C drive (they are in Docs and Settings, Macromedia flash player even if you are using the Adobe flash player running the game as an exe).

    You open (under tools in browser) Better Privacy and click on "protect" the flash cookie folders listed under "local objects"

    Backing up the sol files is a good idea too.

  12. just a random qestion is ganguro (dark skin and lots of make up )) posible to implement

    or is it posible to add make up (more advancet )
    like lipstick blush and so on

    also can you name some upcoming slaves


  13. the event of Sareth dont work very well i think, in the part to help to lady farun ¨attend the court¨ for information of cave, (sorry my english is bad)

  14. There were some events at singing school when you train catgirl. Now they are not there. Was it intentionally removed or is it error?

  15. .......I still cannot save the button presses and takes me back to the menu I have unlimited memory assigned to adobe flash player 9. I am currently running windows 7........any suggestions? I have tried reinstalling it and to no avail. I am considering installing the old client to see if its something that was recently added or if its my computer.

  16. David
    Not removed, and not a bug as far as I have had reported. Does your slave maker have Cat Slave Trainer skill?

    I doubt it is a bug in the game, it is working fine for me and I have had no other general reports about this.
    It has to be some odd setting related to cookies somewhere. Can you try running the game using the swf (ie open the swf with your browser) and see if you get the same problem.

    Do the same games immediately dissapear (ie click save and then again, is the save game there) or only after exiting the game.

  17. Not sure how to do that with the browser that is

    I save it goes back to the settings thing where it says load save and options and stuff. I go to load or save again and there is no save file created. Although it claims there is a save file I cannot load them. Aye as it is technically a shared computer :P I rather have to hide the files on the computer unfortunately I can't have someone snooping around looking for .jpg and coming across shampoo doing naughty things.

  18. Valentine
    to open just right click on the swf and choose 'Open With' and select your browser. Or Open your browser, and use File menu, Open File

    "Although it claims there is a save file I cannot load them"
    do you mean the save is listed but if you click on it nothing is loaded?

    Most of the images are embedded in swf files and hard to see, but the one on the Images folder are visible.

    In your browser have you enabled 'Private Browsing Mode' and do you have 'accepts cookies' enabled, or similar?

  19. heres a freaking problem i cant get that blasted amulet for Peach and this game is frustrating to even try to play because you have to hunt down in the freaking comments just for a hint of the answer to a glitch or prroblem is my problem right now is that blasted amulet that peach can get cause you cant lend her to the sorceress in order to get it so really try perfecting what you have now instead of heaping on more crap yes its good that there are more characters but i rather a few that work than a ton that dont and i know your probally have something to fix this crap but it would be nice to have a general area that talks about known bugs and glitches

  20. dragonF
    Dude Peach was created by MailMailx3 try the thread in the forum and post your bugs there. BTW you seem to whine quite aloud for someone getting free stuff.

  21. So long pause, thas mean "version update"?
    What's will be new?

  22. dragonF
    Visit the forums, there are bug report threads there and dedicated threads for Peach.
    I am not developer of Peach,

    Sorry, things have been complicated for me recently. Expect in the new release
    - all slave updated
    - improvced Lady Farun interactions
    - Sareth quest working properly
    - some new events
    - tiredness for you slave maker has meaning
    - many changes for developers
    - some other text fleshed out a bit
    Other things a depend on time and my home life improving

  23. Currently running the most recent Beta - Orihime seems to be bugged. I've talked to Priestess Matsumoto and managed to get the Demon Scale at the Dock, but I can't get the Angel Feather or Fairy Dust (I meet the Angel and Fairy plenty of times but never receive the items).

  24. Other problems I've noticed with the current Beta:

    No text shows for "Courtesy" classes

    When training Rei, selecting "Acolyte" job or "Rest" will automatically add the task to the list twice - and there is no chance of selecting a SM action for the first one. Also, just moving the mouse cursor over the icon for said tasks will cause them to be selected.

  25. cmacleod42

    i wrote a long comment about how i love your game and how i hope your personal improves, but my internet messed up as soon as i went to submit it lol, so long story short, keep up the good fight, and i cant wait to see the next updates in the future.

  26. Again I do not know which swf file you are talking about the only swf files I see are image files and I cannot see how that would help.

    The game THINKS I saved but when I go back to the screen there is nothing saved it ACTS like I did save or I did load. But there is no save file produced or loaded from this process. I cannot for the life of me think why this would be.

  27. Scratch that I do know how to load the swf file :P I found it though I don't know if it works

    ...... no I can't seem to load it up in IE

    maybe I'm missing a file that tells it to create a file? Which one is it? I can tell you if I have it.....

  28. james_1st
    Thanks you for the kind comment.

    to play the swf in your browser you need to install the Adobe Flash player
    BUT this issue is still that your system is blocking cookies.
    Have you checked your browser, does it allow cookies and not delete them on exit?

  29. I hope to see great things from this game. I just started playing it. I love it thus far. >.>

  30. I love this x3 :o just wish you could train a bondage puppy girl :o or that the seduction demon wing quest wasn't so annoying to get 100/100 on >.< and for some reason, in sandbox mode, no matter the gender of who it says I sold the slave to (sold to a woman for x amount) the ending always is that a man was the purchaser :O

  31. Oi for the last time nothing in my system is blocking cookies all the cookies have as much as they want............and seriously :P you could tell me which file causes it to save because thats what I think I'm missing I haven't seen anything that would allow me to save not that I would exactly know what to look for :P I have my cookies set to unlimited unless you know some other way to set up cookies then right clicking and going to settings

    Generally like I haven't seen save.swf or nothin lol It says it is saving I got it to work in the browser but it still doesn't save. .........Like something in my files isn't even creating a file for the save @_@

  32. Valentine
    the saving is done by the core game, ie by SlaveMaker3.swf or SlaveMaker3.exe, no external module is used.
    I really have no idea at all why it is failing to save for you.
    The only thing that blocks saving happening is
    a) cookies are blocked or deleted on exit
    b) there is insufficient storage allocated for then by Flash.

    Do you run the 'Better Privacy' plugin for Firefox. It prevents all sol files being created (ie the save games)

    Check here
    make sure 'allow 3rd party content is allowed'

    Otherwise I am not seeing anything else that stops them being created, as long as your browser allows cookies and does not delete them.

    Does anyone elses have any suggestions?

    If you can register in the futanaripalace forum and check the threads about Lost Save games

  33. =_= this is driving me nuts like SERIOUSLY driving me nuts I can't get past the first slave because I don't have the time to play 2 slaves in one sitting and I cannot just leave it up on my computer.

    I use IE and I have tried opera and both are without any more success then the flash player..... It doesn't even try to save it doesn't make the slightest effort. I have no clue what to BEGIN to look for in finding out how to fix this problem myself. The only thing I know is I have done everything I know of how to enable flash. Sigh the only other thing I can think of is I'm stopping a process in the computer that the file actually needs to run like java...........which should auto run when I open something that needs it but who knows anymore.

    Hell I've tried downloading the OLD version of this game but to no avail......

    I didn't see anything in the forums on it :P I'm actually a member since quite a long time ago.

    I really like playing this game I have since I found it back before the last big update :P you know before you could decide the size of things and only got the packages to choose from xD

    I'm pretty sure its my computer but I cannot figure out what in the world would be stopping it from making a save file I've enabled all the cookies I've even turned of my firewalls made every exception I can think of and still nothing.

  34. @valentine:
    I can't assume you know about flash cookies which are stored on your HD, not in your browser, but here is the path for Win XP anyway, W-7 slighty diff of course... you can try saving and before exiting, check this locale for your sol files.

    C\Documents and Settings \Owner \Application Data \Macromedia \Flash Player \#SharedObjects \ (a collection of numbers and and cap letters, varies) \localhost \SlaveMaker \Slavemaker3.swf or Slavemaker.exe or both \(a collection of 4-5 .sol files for each saved game slot plus a group of unnumbered sol files from autosaving, etc)

    note.. deleting a file in the game does not delete the sol files, get the right numbered files for the saved slots.

  35. I have a question about the event in the palace, when "personal supervision" is activated and the slaver is a fem/d-girl. I just want to know if there is an complete event already or it still ends in the bar where i can only play blackjack and drink some drinks, or if i visit the palace again there is the d-girl "poison" who you can fight with. Are there some events in progress after these scenes?

    But it is a nice game so far. Thx

  36. @Cmacleod :O I have been trying like mad to get the lord to love akane but he won't x.x she has glitched refinement (not sure how though... 300 out of 200) max sensibility, max conversation, max charisma and intelligence -.- what more does he want

  37. There seems to be a glitch. Several slaves(eg. : Ran, Melisandra, Rouge) cannot be selected. At the slave selection screen, when I select them the game freezes. I checked the files, and only slaves that have their data in the HTM files have this glitch.
    Also Kirino Kousaka does not appear. She's missing a SWF file and a picture in the slaves folder.

  38. Cmac,

    I hope your family issues have lessened a bit.

    Don't take me the wrong way, take all the time you need, but I humbly ask you if you've got a kind of release date for the next update. Really looking forward to it...

  39. Jesper
    soon, maybe this weekend for a final beta

  40. The links for Gardevoir are not working. What can I do?

  41. seriously, how do I get the lord to love akane DX

  42. Rufus23
    The developer posted an update yesterday

    Visit the lord about 5-6 times, that is it.

  43. Will the next update carry any change to the keep joy issue or is it not planned yet?

  44. TRK
    Which issue are you talking about? Can you please re-state the problem.

  45. Fom the old: http://slavemaker3.blogspot.com/2011/08/beta-3203.html#comments

    Quoting myself:
    About the Keep, since the joy penalty is related to the feeling of being unable to escape, why doesn't it get removed once the slave is enjoying being your slave? Actually, if the mistress flag is turned and/or the slave is enjoying bondage, then it should be a joy BONUS instead.

    3 posts latter you agreed to it, I tought that it would be any easy thing to change, probably got forgotten. About not posting on the forums, I am really sorry but there is no way I am creating new accounts, actually I am only postng here because here I am allowed to use existing accounts.

  46. a big fan of ur game, i were just wondering if there is going to be a 3.2.03 in the next coople of weeks :D?
    and if it will include all the 40something slaves

    thanks for ur time and hard work

  47. roberts
    please note the Lord only makes the final offer for Akane when you/your assitant meet him walking in the Palace with Akane.

    thanks, will check
    Have you tried the futanaripalace, as far as I know they accept new accounts.

    doing final testing now, should have a final beta released in the next day or so

  48. Hi Cmac, good to hear from you again and sorry to hear about your family issues :( Hope these matters get resolved quickly (for your own sake)

    Also, (and it seems that it would be a lot of work) but is it at all possible to include a "Save" folder withing the SM directory and have the game point at that instead of the default C:\Users\yaddayaddayadda ?
    Personally I don't have any issue with .sol files, but it would stop a lot of repeated questions if it could write to a different file type.
    Looking forard to the next ß release but take as much time as you need ^^

  49. Gah, if I could figure out post editing, I wouldn't need to do this, but I don't think Blogger has it except for the owner...
    Anyway, I've been wondering if you have anything more planned for Lady Grey?
    Oh and have you given any additional thought to this:
    And it's the second post by me down that page.
    I seem to remember having some good ideas regarding Magic (as it seems like Mioya is in the right stage of development for it), and I was wondering about that too.

  50. hey cmac hope everything is okay

    umm ive been woondering if your doin anything regarding the stalls in the palace as in when you go and it says something bout inspirtional issues

  51. robert
    lend akane a couple of times to the lord that should do the trick, becouse if u keep visiting him and ankane declared her love for u she might reject him
    but if u lend akane to him the lord will offer u 1000-1500 gold or something to buy her. having her taken the courtesan thingy and the fairy thingy conplete should help to i had the catslave courtesan fairy thing and he bought her on the first time i lend her to him, but personaly i think choosing been a noble since the bigining of the game its better lol so u can just focus on maxing her love and stats so u keep her for urself

    yay!! thanks ill be waiting to download that beta lol
    any chances we might get a loli underage char for future releases? we alredy have furries, tentacles, dickgirls so one or two clearly prepubert slaves shouldnt matter :D lol
    and thanks again for ur greath job and time

  52. Sorry cmac but a new account is the problem. It would be ok if they let me use the google account there. My openid account I prefer to use only for work/learning related stuff (IT).

  53. Al41103: Cmac has written many times that he will not put anything loli in the game due to laws in his nation. There is however a loli slave in development over at futanaripalace. you might want to check that though it's still being coded.

    Squark: I really don't think you can move .sol files from their usual folder. Not like you'd want anyway. But I mgiht be wrong.

  54. Giannino
    lol dam feds xD they make the pedobear in all of our hearts sad ,_,

  55. Cmac lives in Australia. They do have some strict rules when it comes to computer games. I believe they just made a change in law to make some more games available. GTA IV and games like that were being banned.

    @Cmac will the new slaves be included in with the beta?

  56. I updated Gardevoir so your links don't work anymore

  57. oh, would it be possible to make it so that the bit gag would just stay on the slave permanately, (or be able to replace it with a ring gag >>;) and your assisstant wouldnt take it off of them ever? that annoys me so much when they do that -.- i gag her cuz I dont want to hear her talk.... dont take it out so she can complain ;~;

  58. Roberts
    The bit gag should stay on indefinitely by default. It should only come off when you want it to. When the text implies the assistant has removed it for a second or two, it actually does nothing, and quickly replaces it. No harm done, no training interrupted, nothing.
    A ring gag is more a sexual domination tool, whereas a bit gag is an obedience tool. I'm not against it, but I had to make it clear that they're generally used for different things; however it would be nice to see some new things.

  59. robert
    i make them into ponny after they fall in love whit me lol couse the gag wont let them fall in love, but thats me i bet others dont like their slaves falling in love whit them them lol
    i maxed my lesbian and leadership skill just so i can have as many lesbians slaves for myself lol them i go for the catslaver skill lvl 2 since the first one can be learned
    but if ur more into the ponygirl u should max ponygil skill and get to lvl 3 slave trainer and leadership 2

    lol i love how some skills complement each other like lesbian and leadership, it would be awsome if i could have this kind of games in my phone lmao

  60. @Squark - i know this >> I just don't like it when they voice an opinion x3 i gag them, i want them silent... and i don't like reading "assisstant briefly removed the bitgag" every time something happens x.x
    @Al41103 - i have max stats; pony, cat, lesbian, leadership, slave (even got nobility 1 from dragon ball wish -.- my akane refuses to fall in love with the lord -.-*)
    I also wish that with max pony.... that I should be able to make yuriochi a pony girl >:| specially when her obedience is 200

  61. oh before i forget; in the tailor, if you press any of the number hotkeys, the price for everything in there skyrockets to over 1 million GP >< this seems to happen with all slaves :o

  62. @Roberts- Dragon ball wish???? what? o.o

  63. robert
    akane wont fall in love whit the lord, its the other way around the lord will fall for her, try to lend her to him until he offers u to buy her
    becouse just visiting him wont make akane fall for him it will say that she regects him or something but to sell her u dont need her to fall for him, visiting court and lending her should be enought to sell her
    and if u alredy have the lvl 1 from the wish from bulma u wont get lvl 2 selling akane
    but if u alredy have the lvl 1 from akane u might get the lvl 2 whit the wish from bulma event

  64. robert
    and about the ponygirl thing some slaves need the lvl 3 pony trainer skill to acept it :s so good luck whit that

  65. Ai41103 ... I got level 3 from doing the bulma wish o.o like, did it three times; so i have nobility level 3 .. though it doesn't really do much besides the refinement bonus ... and i have pony girl 3... and slave trainer 4... and lesbian 3 ... and cat 2... yuriochi will not be my pony :(

    James~ do bulma, collect the dragon balls, make a wish :D

  66. roberts
    Yoruichi will never become a ponyslave. Jaren programmed her that way. He does not like ponygirls and feels it is an inappropriate training for Yoruichi.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. and what is up with the Jester and cat girl event at the beach? herm cat asks you to go get swimsuit and suntan lotion from building; Jester says she's had enough... cat girl is devasted as she apparently can't cum at all... @-@ the wiki page says nothing about this event DX

  69. robert
    what slave are you training?

  70. errrrr..... well.... i actually discovered that i had the outdated version x.x but now things are just freaking weird... i have succubus trainer and orgasm denial trainer 1 *(if i put any points into them, they reset back to 1 when i start the next slave) i got them through some event with aeris @_@ and my religion has changed to no gods from new gods... and im somehow a demonic consort too @_@ and i can use sex actions during the day o.o and uh... ...who was i using to get the jester event... @_@ I will get back to you on that one when/if i can remember

  71. -.- crap i can't remember, i can tell you who it may have been... but its still a few of them.
    tifa, eri, or mai. I'm pretty sure it was eri but i can't remember -.- been a little busy freaking out about the two new skills i managed to get from aeris @_@ sorry i can't be of more help
    (note, I may do a play through with the slave and get it again because i've gotten the cat girl showing up at the beach one time before. If/when I find it again, I will let you know~)


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