Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update for Gardevoir

Thf772 has posted an update of Gardevoir, with some new images added



  1. something is wrong with the downloading since everytime i try to transfer the files from winrar it freeze on me

  2. I have noticed that with some 7z archives, it seems to be a bug in WinRar. Download the free version of 7Zip and it will extract fine.

  3. Is there going to be a full release soon (or at least an unofficial full release)? There are so many patches and stuff to the previous version that I don't even know where to begin.

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  5. Might there be a way to add your own "appearance" to it.. I've tried but says can't be modified.

  6. YenaPunk
    just add an image to the
    folder, or any of the subfolders. Name it using the same format and use the next sequential number.
    That is all that is needed

  7. Keeps saying "cannot modify volume"

  8. Can we get this in another archive type? (rar or zip)
    WinRAR freezes and I can't install 7Zip on my system.

  9. YenaPunk
    I have no idea what that means. Have you extracted the game from the archives? You are not trying to add the file to the rar files?
    I assume then you are not using Windows? Mac OSX or Linux I assume?

    Why can;t you install 7Zip?
    You could try an other archiver that supports 7z archives.
    If you cannot let me know and I'll reupload, but this update is fairly small just 5 or so new images

  10. Hi,

    Can we make suggestions for the game here, or have we to make it on Futa palace or something like that ?

  11. would u be doing nything on the stlls in the plce or red lily in the next relese
    nd if so could u so something where u could win the fight when in stall

    and to have an event during take a wale to the red lily possibly something to do with slavers wanting to "capture ur character for a noble or some such or when u go to slums

  12. Every version of 7zip I tried installing (from the 7zip website) my system popped up a message before the instalation began saying this version is not compatable with my operating system. (Im using Windows 7)

    And the rar version you posted looks like its the same .7z file. (Downloading now just in case its WinRAR compatable)

    If not I will look for other archivers that support 7z

  13. to wearingblackhat:

    I also have win 7 and have both winrar and 7zip and i have no problems whit 7zip, actually the reason why i have 7zip installed is the problem that winrar have whit the .7z files

  14. I feel retarded for this, but how the hell do you add Gardevoir to the game? Where do I unzip the files to? There isn't a single article anywhere explaining this (That I could find) so I feel like it should be obvious.


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