Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas and a small fix

Hi all, on the weekend I am going away on holidays for 2 weeks and will have limited internet access during that time. So in advance Merry Christmas to you all.

Until I return, here is a small fix for the game

To install just extract into your game installation folder, replacing any files.
If fixes small issues, so is just version 3.2.06a
  • addresses some problems with pregnancy of minor/bought back slaves. Where editing configuration.xml did not retroactively apply
  • small text issues for Ranma and Urd
  • a sexuality bar issue for male slaves
  • text being lost after visiting options
  • some homosexual images shown for some default images, for non-gay acts
  • A small change to the way contests calculate scores as per a developer request

Some people have had issues with events being blank in some areas, or getting the same event repeated over and over. In some cases these might be an interaction with the Tentacle Raid event and an un yet resolved bug in the game. If you have seen these issues,

a) copy
to a backup folder
b) replace it with this file

Monday, December 12, 2011

Slave Maker 3.2.06 Release

Finally 3.2.06 is ready for release. This version has many fixes and changes over the last 3.2.04 release and the unstable 3.2.05 release.
  • There are many fixes for male slaves to improve text, sexuality, images and similar. Male specific sex acts are now present and multiple events have been customised for male cases.
  • multiple fixes and additions for xml based slaves
  • improvements for the images shown in the 'Talk To Slaves' screen
  • a help button has been added to the load/save screen to help limit lost save games support questions
Other than the above 3.2.06 is essentially a bug fix release.

There are several versions of this release provided.
Since 3.2.03 multiple slaves have been upgrades and several new slaves have been released.

Upgrade for 3.2.03 or later (Non Slaves)
This will upgrade an existing 3.2.03 or later version of SlaveMaker to 3.2.06. It will only upgrade the core game. No slaves are changed by this release.

Just extract this archive into the folder of your game installation

if you try to train Ayanami Rei with this update it will not work correctly as Assistant Asuka was renamed to Sora. If you get this issue, copy this file into your Slaves folder
This is not needed for any of the other upgrades/installs below.

Upgrade for 3.2.03 or later (All Slave Changes)
This will upgrade an existing 3.2.03 or later version of SlaveMaker to 3.2.06 and all slave and assistant upgrades will be done. Please note this upgrade renames the assistant Asuka to Sora.
Note this is very large

Just extract part 1 of this archive into the folder of your game installation

Full Version
This is the full installation for the game.

Mirror from WidsongBard
Just extract part 1 of this archive into a new folder of your choice. If you wish to preserve existing save games, delete your previous installation and then extract into the same folder as your previous installation.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

small delay + fun game

I should be releasing 3.2.06 this weekend. I was a little unwell this week and found a couple of interesting last minute bugs. Doing some final testing and tweaking.

Recently I played and really enjoyed the game 'Pretty Warrior May Cry' a quite good H battle/rpg, somewhat related to Dragon Quest. You are the Demon Lord and warriors attack your lair. Your monsters can kill them or capture (ie rape into submission). Later you can corrupt them to become your servants. A wide range of monsters are available but only 3 types of heroes.

The game is in english (slightly fractured but perfectly understandable). For sale via DLSite, creators website (Singapore based)
Free demo on the website. Please do not discuss illegal warez versions here in this blog (of course they are out there)

Note: trivial to cheat in the game using flash save game editor

EDIT: note visit the developers website they have posted several updates for the game

Sunday, December 4, 2011

3.2.06 Delay and some slave upgrades

Last night I think I found the cause of a number of peoples issues for version 3.2.04+
I was loading multiple files (xml notably) simultaneously, and Flash can be limitied by your browser connection limit. As in how many files can be downloaded/uploaded at once. This can be as few as 2 or currently 6 on my system. If you exceed these limits Flash will produce an error loading the files, and this can break certain events and text.

I have re-arranged some of the loading code to cater for this better. I have also fixed a few other bugs, a shortcut issue and some Talk To Slaves issues (images not appearing and a NaN time)

Due to the significant xml issue I did not release today as I planned, spending more time testing and fixing some other issues.

I'll do another quick fix and if no-one sees any issues with this I'll release tomorrow, will a full install, including all new and upgraded slaves

Note: this is purely an upgrade for version 3.2.05 (or the above 3.2.06ish upgrade)

Slave Upgrades and New Slave

New Slave: Ami (Sailor Mercury)
Currently she is a vanilla slave, but the developer is a fan of hers and has plenty of plans to expand on her.

- extract to a folder
- copy the subfolder Ami to the Images subfolder of your game
- copy remaining files to Slaves folder

Uppgrade: Ryo Akizuki

An upgraded version is avilable with more events

- extract to a folder
- copy the subfolder Ryo to the Images subfolder of your game
- copy remaining files to Slaves folder

Upgrade: Bulma
A few bug fixes

Installation: copy contents into the Slaves subfolder of your game

Upgrade: Sheena Fujibayashi
version 0.3