Sunday, December 4, 2011

3.2.06 Delay and some slave upgrades

Last night I think I found the cause of a number of peoples issues for version 3.2.04+
I was loading multiple files (xml notably) simultaneously, and Flash can be limitied by your browser connection limit. As in how many files can be downloaded/uploaded at once. This can be as few as 2 or currently 6 on my system. If you exceed these limits Flash will produce an error loading the files, and this can break certain events and text.

I have re-arranged some of the loading code to cater for this better. I have also fixed a few other bugs, a shortcut issue and some Talk To Slaves issues (images not appearing and a NaN time)

Due to the significant xml issue I did not release today as I planned, spending more time testing and fixing some other issues.

I'll do another quick fix and if no-one sees any issues with this I'll release tomorrow, will a full install, including all new and upgraded slaves

Note: this is purely an upgrade for version 3.2.05 (or the above 3.2.06ish upgrade)

Slave Upgrades and New Slave

New Slave: Ami (Sailor Mercury)
Currently she is a vanilla slave, but the developer is a fan of hers and has plenty of plans to expand on her.

- extract to a folder
- copy the subfolder Ami to the Images subfolder of your game
- copy remaining files to Slaves folder

Uppgrade: Ryo Akizuki

An upgraded version is avilable with more events

- extract to a folder
- copy the subfolder Ryo to the Images subfolder of your game
- copy remaining files to Slaves folder

Upgrade: Bulma
A few bug fixes

Installation: copy contents into the Slaves subfolder of your game

Upgrade: Sheena Fujibayashi
version 0.3


  1. Will it include a fix for Yoruichi because I still can't get the event where I pay of her fine.

  2. when you plan to post all game but not an update?

  3. I'm not sure if its just me, but the link for upgrading Ryo doesn't seem to be working.

  4. I am not sure if this is just me, but the link for the Uppgrade: Ryo Akizuki download is not functioning, file cannot be found.

  5. Problem with ryo,
    all slaves are referred to as hermaphrodites,

    even males, herms and FEMALES

    please fix.

  6. Hey, great update! Mercury was great fun, especially if you associate her with Minako... Interesting Easter Egg there. Can't wait for more content!

  7. Thanks for the update
    sorry just wanted to know how to get Giga BE event
    don't know if this the right place to ask this but thank you in advance.

  8. PrivateEyes & VincentV
    the Ryo links are fine

  9. akira
    have the slave take the variant uninhibitory potion twice

  10. Can I simply download the most recent to get it to work?
    I skipped .05 because it was buggy, i didn't get .06 yet.

  11. Im not sure why i am having so many bugs (others are not really mentioning any, so guess its just me), so i guess maybe a re-install i in order? I will wait for version 6 to come out full and do a full re-install...

  12. Strange, that one is the only one that isn't working for me O-O

    And just a question. Is the Count Gossem breast expansion event only allowed to happen to one slave? Where the potion doesn't work and he asks to return in a few days.

  13. Ah finally got it working. Thanks for all your hard work ^^

  14. Orin
    if you skipped 3.2.05, the please wait for the release of 3.2.06

    what sort of problems are you haning

    yes only one slave per slave maker

  15. I have some questions... I discovered your game a week ago and... I had lots of bugs, found disappointing pictures (especially with shampoo or such bad designed character) and I was searching for some updates. And I discovered that I'm playing with the 3.2.01... So I visited your site and... Wah ! So much slaves I never saw ? New pictures everywhere ? Ok, I'm interested ! Where is the link for a full upgrade ? To be able to have all the new things without having to download plenty of small files and to be lost in all the actions to do ? The download link ? Ah... The last link is the version I'm using...

    Well, I won't lie : I'm really disappointed since I would like to play with all the new girls, to see the new pictures, to have the bugs fixed, etc. But I'm lost and I WILL NOT download 30+ files. Not I'm slazy ! But I'm pretty sure I'll mess something and break my game. So it would be reaaaaally nice to create a new file for the people still discovering you. With the last version and ALL the girls.

    Ah, a last thing : when will we be able to train male slaves ? Or to have real interactions with the supervisor (since there already are lots of cute and interesting people) ? :D

    I liked your game. Really, I'm enjoying it. But to know there are many things I can't use because they are spread around your site is... A little disappointing. ;)

  16. Ah... I didn't read totally your message and I should have ! Sorry... Well, hmm... *shrugs* It's published. Nevermind. Oh, and sorry for the mistakes. I'm trying my best. ;)

  17. I have a problem with Ryo

    I dl'ed Ryo and added to the roster

    In a fresh game I could select Ryo from the list

    But in an existing game I couldn't pick Ryo

    Can I fix this?

  18. Hi, I love this game, thanks for your work, cmacleod42!!!
    I have played with the 3.2.03 version and was trying to train all the slave
    with one slaver only, now I'm waiting for the .06 versione.
    I have some questions, which events can happen one time only for slaver
    and will happen again only if you start a new game?
    I know that the count Gossem breast event and the ruin event can happen only one time in the new game version, but what about these events??
    Natsu and the catburglar
    Lady Farun rape at the docks
    the 3 faeries captured at the farm
    the Town Centre Demon and the Seduction Quest
    the Meigura subquest (if you force her to leave town she will return?)
    If you sell a slave to the bounty hunter in change of sex, it's impossible to visit her anymore later?
    The Count and the Knight can buy only one slave?

  19. Hey Redslab,

    I can answer some of those questions for you

    - can happen to every slave
    - happens once per campaign
    - can happen to every slave
    - can happen to every slave, as long as they have a demon tail
    - can happen to every slave (I'm assuming its that demon girl in disguise?)
    - not sure
    - most likely

  20. I'm new here and I'm confused. Which link is the one that has the actual playable game? Or are these all "updates" for a previous version that's on another page?

  21. Sibyllina Luna said... Not I'm slazy ! But I'....

    Did you mean lazy or sleazy ? :p

  22. Zaigadeke
    look base and find the post for version 3.2.03

  23. hi

    just saying great game but you may need to clear up what to download and when as i had the same prolem as zaigadeke

    also do i just extrat the 3.2.06 550mb file to the 3.2.03 or is there some update files that i need to install as i've seen some of the links are down

  24. When my Slave maker has finished training a slave and I go to pick a new one to train, I can pick Slaves I've already trained? That should be fixed should it not?

  25. ookami
    I recommend you wait for the release of the full version of 3.2.06, due soon.
    Otherwise just play 3.2.03 for now, an upgrade for it will be included in the 3.2.06 release.

    That only happens if you have selected 'Sandbox mode' in options. That is part of the idea of Sandbox mode, to apply no restrictions to training slaves and remove some campaign limitations.

  26. where's I can find link for slave character Unohana Retsu?
    thx before & good job...

  27. @ cmacleod42

    Could you please tell me how can i raise to maximum the "seduction" skill so in the end I get the DEMON special training not HALF-DEMON?

    -Lady Okyanu`s party-the Innuendo ability
    -the inhibitory drug
    -met the demon in town center
    -walk naked everywhere to attract people and to have sex with them
    -courtesan training

    I did them all but the seduction skill won`t go further than 89-90 .
    What can I do ?

  28. @ Vermin : Lazy ! But my fingers are sometimes quicker than my brain. :p

  29. Julay
    you cannot Half-Demon is fasr as has been written so far. Unless you are playing Belldandy you cannot really reach 100 in seduction

  30. Problem with cumslut training.
    Whenever i get kasumi close to 100 out of 100.
    i lose the special training completely.

    PLZ fix.

  31. seduction can get 100
    slave to walk around town naked and seduces succeeds in person will receive 5 points but fails when given only 3
    When she fails to seduce few times and let it sweat to succeed can get on seduction 100
    but it will always end the same

  32. Can you change the saves location to the install folder (I keep forgetting that deleting browser history deletes the saves)

  33. just wondering if there is or will be a pic or two for the centaur part? if there is am i the only one not seeing it?

    also while playing the game i've noted that after you get a slave to make milk all text and any stat changes dissapear

    also is this where we put things that we fond not working or is there a another place?

  34. Ah I was wondering what Sandbox Mode was, thanks for clearing that up.

  35. Is anyone actively involved in the French translation?
    Some daily actions are complicated to understand, because of the English expressions...

  36. I think my problem is that i have been using the original version 3.0 till now. i applied the 05 update to it directly without the previous versions. i would be very grateful if you can put up a full version, so that i can start anew.

    Many thanks

  37. none of the pony tails show up on the pictures for some reason D:

  38. ookami
    I see the centaur image, but did you apply version 3.2.04?

    there are bug report threads in the forums, you are welcome to post there, or here.

    a kind person 'mistress Taka' had been doing the French translations for me. I have not headr from them in a while, so I am unsure as to their avilabbilty or interest any more.

    any particular slave. Not all have them positioned for the dresses. For instance most xml slaves do not, including many of the later releases.

  39. Gang-bang, orgy and 69 do not increase at all.
    I have done each about 250 times and they are still level 0

  40. I tried downloading Ami (Sailor Mercury), but it looks like all the links are down. could somebody please reupload it ?


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