Wednesday, April 25, 2012


While reviewing a post in a forum I worked out some statistics

The game now has

68 released slaves
108 released assistants
78 minor slaves
- total 254

with 3 slaves in closed development (ie alphas with non-public releases) + some additional minor slaves in near release. Once slave pending the new version for release.

Multiple slaves reported started but with indeterminate release date.

M.I.A's Assistants 1.3
From her post
Since all the sharing file services could not take the big 200MB file, I’ve split the next release of my Assistants, V1.3, into two parts.

Here are the links:

Please take note that this release should have been after Slave Maker version 3.3 come out, but I thought that most players would probably have the Assistants already included with the next full game (a 200mb file could be big for peoples with low internet connection). So, here is the big list of what Version 1.3 has to offer.

• 18 New Assistants! Some of them are ‘Clean’, like the Assistant Rhia, either for technical or legal reasons. (That mean that either the character doesn’t not have enough Hentai images, or that she is too young and putting sex in would make her an obvious loli. The ‘too young’ characters are Carrie Fernandez and Cure Muse. They are 12 and 10, so…)

• A completely revised cost/effects system that work with a new option, Renown Requirement! Starting with version 3.3 of Slave Maker, various Assistants will be locked. To unlock them, an amount of Renown will be required. Either 30, 60 or 100.

• The cost and effects of the Assistants varies with the amount of Renown needed to unlock them. The basic chart is: Renown 0 = 300GP and +5 to three stats. Renown 30 = 400GP and +10 to three stats. Renown 60 = 500GP and +20 to three stats, Renown 100 = High Price and +20 to most stats. If the Assistant is ’Clean’ -50GP and if he/she give a boost to the Slave Special Stat +50GP.

• Also, several previous released Assistants, like Elizabeth, Aya Brea and the Fire Emblem Girls, have new images and modified ones (jpg to png with transparency, in most cases).

So, enjoy, and IT IS NOT recommended to use the 100 Renown Assistants at the start of your game, unless you want it to be super easy. (At Slave Trainer level 2, I’ve managed to get the Normal ending with one slave, was it Shampoo?, without training her AT ALL!)
 Also, I think I've forgotten the Image folder for one Assistant (Cure Sunshine). I'm so sorry about that. It can be download here:

Please note the Cure Sunshine download needs to be extracted then moved to

Campeon Kids Minor Slaves
CampeonKid released another pack of minor slaves

Hi I just added six minor slaves They are Karin, Konan, Mei, Temari, Tenten and Yukiko I wanted then to be able to also be assistants but could not do it. Just add the folders to the minor slaves folder, add the XML to Language-English and add the line provided on notes to configuration

Link below

Read the enclosed Notes.txt for installation.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Status + 3rd Party Updates

Hi, I am still working on the 3.3 update, some personal health issues have slowed things over the last week.

3rd Party Updates


Jaren has released an updated version of Motoko Aoyama, now version 1.0.

 -Added 1 major and 3 minor events:
A Sound in the Night
Trap of the Hidden Chamber
Unexpected Abduction
Exploring the Unknown

-Updated several sexual acts to show variations based on current transformation
-Added Bad Ends in regards to transformation
-Made it so that transformations cannot go from one extreme to another
-Added many ways to increase infection other then events
-Changed the introduction to a multi stage event.

Known Issues:
-There are alot of images missing, and a bunch of placeholders
-One bad end hasnt been written and will show placeholder text if encountered.
-The new monsters have issues with their attack pictures
-Combat has not been tuned.
-Infection speed has only been slightly tuned.


abisal has released an update for Mushashi

Musashi Version 1.00.99
This update adds perks to Musashi's training such as:
Escape attempts that can be twarted by the SlaveMaker. You'll be able to tell if she is attempting to escape from her facial expression (that will appear in the assistant screen)
Tweaks to the Moemon Forest Hunting to make it shorter and give it interaction with the Meowth Assistant
Forest Moemom catching explanation finally complete.
Three new characters that you can interat with in the A.T.E.A.M. Base, two of whom Musashi can be loaned to.
Rank Up Owner Testing Event has been fixed, so Musashi will be able to progress up to executive rank with her owner's testing.
If Musashi's Love and/o Lust are high enough, you'll be given the chane to bypass the normal sex act difficulty (in exhange of dinner outside)

Sam K has released an update for Melisandra

I'm sad to say that aside from some image additions and improvements, I haven't done much with this slave the past few months. However, while I was tinkering with the actionscript file earlier this week, I noticed a couple of semi-problematic bugs, and I figured it was worth uploading a fixed copy of Melisandra along with the aforementioned image updates. Thanks to this forum, I discovered the wonderful world of pixiv, so there are quite a few new images added to the mix.

The most significant fix was correcting a bunch of day and night action functions that were incorrectly checking if Melisandra was a dickgirl, causing quite a few actions to display the standard female images even if dickgirl images were available. There was also a problem with the dress images not being hidden properly, but it wasn't noticeable because they were covered by the background anyway. Regardless, that is also fixed. I also moved stats, difficulties, and other basic slave data over to the XML file.

Additionally, as was discussed a long time ago, I made Melisandra initially unavailable for training. You now have to train Minako first in order to unlock Melisandra. I have not tested this myself recently, so if there are any problems unlocking Melisandra, simply change the end of slavegirl44.txt to &available=true

Updated Version 1.3:


small updates

M.I.A's Minor Slaves

Form her post

So, after making a lot of Assistants, I decided to take another challenge: Minor Slaves. Here is my first pack for them. (I don’t know if I’ll make more).

Download Link:

In the pack, you have: 4 Minor Slaves, with basic Slave stat boost effects, custom description and introductions. (Not the basic intro of ’You brought X and she talks about Y’). Those intros are made to give these minor slaves personality, or so I hope. The Minor Slaves are Leanne, Tana and Marcia, from the Fire Emblem video games series, plus Shizuru, from the anime My-HiME. Enjoy^^.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

3.3 Close but not yet

The Beta for 3.3 is getting close, just finalising a system for Slave Maker clothing (or lack thereof) and an upgraded system for avatar images for the slave maker.

Some previews of a couple of other changes

Previous selection methods still work, pulldown list only includes usable slaves/assistants.

People, please stop asking questions like
  • will the new version include all slaves/assistants/minor slaves
  • will the new version be a complete version of the game
New versions of the game are always a complete version including all released slaves/assistants/minor slaves. Well, EXCEPT for the few loli minor slaves that have been released, these will never be included in the full release, and the same will apply when any loli slaves are released.

Sometimes I will release a small bug fix, like 3.2.06a was and this will be just a simple patch. These are the exception, and even then I often release a full install as well.

 3rd Party Upgrades

Dark Magician Girl
regigigas released a new version, graphics only changes

M.I.A's Assistants

Here is a new release of my Assistants. Even if they all are still at version 1.2, I called this pack version 1.2.1.


This package contains the two v1.2 Upgrades, plus a new Assistant: Pizzazz, for the same animated series as the assistant Jem. She has no Nudity and no Tentacle Images. (But her folder got 100 images!) Also Angewomon, Colette, Kaitou Jeanne, Lethe, Luka, Mai Tokiha, Miku Hinasaki, Mio/Mayu, Ninian and Rebecca have an Image Upgrade. Some are big, 10 new images or more, while others are smaller. Lena and Wedding Peach also have a minor change to one of their images. The next release should be done after the new game version comes out, so I can add Renown Limit and maybe some custom text. (Example for Renown Limit: 30+ Renown for Colette, 60+ Renown for Luka… for more challenge^^.)

Wape's Assistants

Wape released several assistants

Jessica Rabbit

To install extract to a new folder
a) rename Assistant1.txt to Assistant9.txt
b) copy all files to the Assistants folder in your game