Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Status + 3rd Party Updates

Hi, I am still working on the 3.3 update, some personal health issues have slowed things over the last week.

3rd Party Updates


Jaren has released an updated version of Motoko Aoyama, now version 1.0.

 -Added 1 major and 3 minor events:
A Sound in the Night
Trap of the Hidden Chamber
Unexpected Abduction
Exploring the Unknown

-Updated several sexual acts to show variations based on current transformation
-Added Bad Ends in regards to transformation
-Made it so that transformations cannot go from one extreme to another
-Added many ways to increase infection other then events
-Changed the introduction to a multi stage event.

Known Issues:
-There are alot of images missing, and a bunch of placeholders
-One bad end hasnt been written and will show placeholder text if encountered.
-The new monsters have issues with their attack pictures
-Combat has not been tuned.
-Infection speed has only been slightly tuned.


abisal has released an update for Mushashi

Musashi Version 1.00.99
This update adds perks to Musashi's training such as:
Escape attempts that can be twarted by the SlaveMaker. You'll be able to tell if she is attempting to escape from her facial expression (that will appear in the assistant screen)
Tweaks to the Moemon Forest Hunting to make it shorter and give it interaction with the Meowth Assistant
Forest Moemom catching explanation finally complete.
Three new characters that you can interat with in the A.T.E.A.M. Base, two of whom Musashi can be loaned to.
Rank Up Owner Testing Event has been fixed, so Musashi will be able to progress up to executive rank with her owner's testing.
If Musashi's Love and/o Lust are high enough, you'll be given the chane to bypass the normal sex act difficulty (in exhange of dinner outside)

Sam K has released an update for Melisandra

I'm sad to say that aside from some image additions and improvements, I haven't done much with this slave the past few months. However, while I was tinkering with the actionscript file earlier this week, I noticed a couple of semi-problematic bugs, and I figured it was worth uploading a fixed copy of Melisandra along with the aforementioned image updates. Thanks to this forum, I discovered the wonderful world of pixiv, so there are quite a few new images added to the mix.

The most significant fix was correcting a bunch of day and night action functions that were incorrectly checking if Melisandra was a dickgirl, causing quite a few actions to display the standard female images even if dickgirl images were available. There was also a problem with the dress images not being hidden properly, but it wasn't noticeable because they were covered by the background anyway. Regardless, that is also fixed. I also moved stats, difficulties, and other basic slave data over to the XML file.

Additionally, as was discussed a long time ago, I made Melisandra initially unavailable for training. You now have to train Minako first in order to unlock Melisandra. I have not tested this myself recently, so if there are any problems unlocking Melisandra, simply change the end of slavegirl44.txt to &available=true

Updated Version 1.3:


small updates

M.I.A's Minor Slaves

Form her post

So, after making a lot of Assistants, I decided to take another challenge: Minor Slaves. Here is my first pack for them. (I don’t know if I’ll make more).

Download Link:

In the pack, you have: 4 Minor Slaves, with basic Slave stat boost effects, custom description and introductions. (Not the basic intro of ’You brought X and she talks about Y’). Those intros are made to give these minor slaves personality, or so I hope. The Minor Slaves are Leanne, Tana and Marcia, from the Fire Emblem video games series, plus Shizuru, from the anime My-HiME. Enjoy^^.


  1. kool new updates and how do i make slaves on here.... if there is a way for me to make them please tell me

  2. Cmac, Your health is more important than an update so we can wait awhile. Just take care of yourself and do what you have to do.

    ZERO.IN.THE.L0ST, Have a slave in mind I take it. I think most people use the SDK up above under the downloads. You should try downloading the SDK Slave Maker 3.0v7 file and pdf and check it out. I am not sure how up to date the SDK is but at least it's a start until someone more knowledgeable about it pops on anyway.

    The Windsong Bard

    1. SDK alright try and see if if i can make one thanks Windsong Bard

  3. As Windsongbard said, get well! We'll wait ;)

    And thank you Cmac for this game :)

  4. hakuna matata dude.
    it's either slave maker or mass effect 3 xD

  5. Hey thanks for the hard work man, your work is always great. Take a break, hope you feel better

  6. Dude, Take your time, get healthy, relax, but also remember that your stuff is amazing and none of us can wait for the next update.


  7. In what folder do I put the "" file? Also after extracting MIA's file I get a M.I.A. Minor Slaves folder. Where do the various contents of that go?

    1. ignore the .as file, just delete it

      For M.I.A's version copy the contents into your game folder

  8. Ok I have been trying to download this game for months. None of the links work. Rapidshare doesn't give a link to click on and Multiupload gives me a blank page. I've searched with google, and I'm currently trying to download a torrent and it's not doing anything. It just sits there. saying it's downloading but there's no data coming down from the great void that is the internet. It just sits at "Downloading 0.0%". So where am I supposed to get this game from?

  9. Hang on I may have found a way to get Rapidshare to work. It's just slower than mud.

  10. Ok forget it altogether. I've downloaded gigabites of patch files for games faster than this thing is going. I'm sure you have a great game here, but until a decent file is uploaded to a worthwhile network, I'm not bothering with it. Sorry.

    1. There are also torrents posted earlier

    2. I do rather wish you could package the game and some of the slaves seperately. It's a friggin huge download now.

      Though I'm sure that'll have to wait til a future version if it does happen.

    3. there are torrents for this game, and they go very fast.

  11. Agent 666, You can go ahead and try to get it from my 4shared but it does lack all the little slave updates along the way. At any rate I intend to fully update as soon as the new version comes out so it might be just as well that you wait for it. Regardless you can find my 4shared download here:

  12. hi, I just now stumbled on some new event with my slave maker after martial training. theres this demon woman trying to seduce me. Is that event still new and doesn't have much folloups or is it worth undertaking?

    1. Did you train Rei before this event happen? It might be the demon Azara/Azana (forget her name) Events that you can get if you defeat her during Rei training. Or is it the event with the mysterious demon woman in the Slums, that is the beginning of the 'Tentacle Raid' chain of events?

    2. no... I started a new game for this one, so I haven't trained rei yet.
      and I doubt it isn't in the slums. But it IS a mysterious demon woman. I can either agree following her or not. If I follow her, a sex scene follows in which my slave maker drinks some fluid and after a lot of sex he wakes at the destination where he stumbled on the woman without recollection of the event except as a vague that the beginning of the tentacle raid quest?

    3. Yes, that's it. If I remenber the scene right, you follow that woman, have sex, then she said ''They will love you'' ('They' are the tentacles). This quest/chains of event is bugged as hell, and can made your game crash at some point (where the tentacles invade your house and you have to fight them), so its better to disable it.

    4. ah, thanks. I'll disable it then.

    5. It is a terrific quest chain though with some excellent writing...once you figure out how to avoid the bugs ^_^

  13. Just tried using Dark Magician Girl, she has no kiss event pics, game locks if you attempt to use the kiss training

    1. Also, for Melisandra, I've just finish training Minako and she does not unlock. I guess I’ll have to edit the txt file… Plus, is it just me, but with the number of days available for Mokoto (SM Guild member) is impossible to transform her completely? I manage to get only the 'Water Infection' at 25/30 before the time run out. Finally, with Musashi, if your Assistant caught her before she attempt to escape (the morning escape event), I still lost 3 days for 'recapturing' her. Bug?

    2. And I got 100 Renown and the Lamia is still locked. I'm starting to wonder if my game files are starting to become corrupted.

    3. There is a bug for Lamia in the current version, it is fixed in version 3.3

      Mushashi was just updated again

      I implemented the minigames, and I THINK I fixed the bugs with her running away even when she shouldn't. She also shouldn't be able to run away from the Old Keep now at all.

      Please, anybody interested, help playtesting, as I don't have time today:

      I am particularly interested in help testing the monster-catching minigames. They are triggered by having Musashi be lent to a "Rocket Team Member". If during the day, Musashi will be lent to Greta to go on a bear hunt. During the night, she'll go to Komouri's slime hunting. Both Greta and Komouri are meetable at the A.T.E.A.M Base's Lounge, which is unlocked by meeting Joy at the Docks.
      Both are games are too easy right now, though. As losing the first only leads to stat penalties and the second can be repeated indefinitely. Ways to actually lose at them will be implemented later.
      Still, while I tested her escape events and the Refuse (Not) Event, I didn't test all the variants, so I'd also like someone to help there.

    4. Sojiru
      the game should not lock up. Are you using version 3.2.06?

      I have had people report issues like this but always they were using a badly upgraded version of the game, say 3.2.02 with 3.2.06a patch applied or something similar.

    5. @M.I.A Hopefully you see this. Its definetly possible to cause full infection- I have people on the Futanari Palace forums who have reached the ending other then myself. Given the lack of events its not easy right now, but if you do alot of the events, I assure you it will occur. The magic number is actually the infection stat- once that passes 80 its game over right now.

    6. @Jaren Yeah, I did notice the 80 Infection Game Over. For the transformations, I manage to partialy complete one before the 80 Infection hit the spot, and I was a Freelancer this time around.

    7. @cmac
      Since Musashi and Melisandra got a new description, I've updated the French Translations.
      I was not able to test them since, for some reason, all the slaves descriptions would not translate in my game. Also, I'll give it a short for Musashi Upgrade, see if there is bugs.

    8. Here are the bugs I’ve found so far with Musashi.

      Link with images included here:

      • After you choose the blue color for the slime mini-game, you return at the main screen. (Part not completed?)
      • During the other mini-game, the choices ‘’raise me’’ and ‘’lower me’’ are sometimes switched. (It’s random.)
      • When you try to stop Musashi to run away the first time during the Morning Event, there is no next button. And the events seem to always happen after that.
      • Some images cover the others.
      • Colette was my Assistant and she tells me which calls to use… Should only Meowth do that?

    9. Thanks for the translations, I'll re-post the Musashi issues for abisal to check

    10. M.I.A
      abisal is working to fix the Musashi issues and has most of them fixed.

    11. "Also, for Melisandra, I've just finish training Minako and she does not unlock. I guess I’ll have to edit the txt file…"

      yes there is a bug here, for Minako, not Melisandra, now fixed

  14. I hope to get the new gmae, and all the new slave updates with it as well!

  15. I’ve made some more Minor Slaves and I’ve updated the previous ones, so this is a new release.

    Download link:

    * This new release got all the previous Minors Slaves, with an image upgrade to Leanne and Marcia.

    * Five new MS are added: Elincia, Jill, Mia-Wayu (Fire Emblem video games… again), Nina Wang (My-Otome) and Adult Ruto (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time). Take note that Elincia have generic green-haired-woman images for the sex acts with the Slave Trainer, because all the hentai I’ve found for her is Rape, and that’s not appropriate.

    * Like the previous MS, they have custom descriptions/introductions and they give the basic stat boost effect on a slave.

    * Fun Fact: ’Mia-Wayu’ name is actually a combo of both her Japanese & English name. (Wayu in JP, Mia in ENG.)

    * Randomness (or not): I do make a lot of Fire Emblem characters, both as Assistants and as Minor Slaves. I really can’t help it. I’m a big fan of the games, they all happen in a medieval-fantasy setting, which fit with the Slave Maker universe, and they all got a lot of cute/hot female characters.

    Anyway, please enjoy the new content.

    1. Thanks for the new/updated minor slaves

    2. No problem at all. It's great to make new stuff for this amazing game.

    3. Thanks for these - I was a little surprised to find you had put no difficulties in - I guess they can seem pointless for minors but it did make Jill's rebellious nature irrelevant. The custom intros are good but I was disappointed that they don't have any effect in the game - I bought Jill, Ruto & Nina Wang all of which seem to have great potential - do you have any intention of developing them further?

  16. so is the new version going to have fixed the succubus trainer and orgasm denial trainer skills? =o they are permanently at level one, no matter how many times you upgrade them >.<

    1. neither of those should be available at any time, they are not implemented even in 3.3

    2. ... well... I have them both... they just don't do anything XD

    3. Wow, now I'm curious. How did you get them?

    4. Did you purchase them using skillpoints?

      M.I.A, the skills exist in the game and there is text in the xml files, but there is no effect for them

    5. I got them via aeris training I think... full female, become full evil and stuff, get the demonic consort background. Definitely via aeris, go for full demon aeris, absorb demon queen woman; and the two skills should show up (If you are fully corrupt and stuff)

      they are permanently at level 1, no matter how many times you raise them to level 2 (they revert to level 1 upon leaving the level up page~

  17. Cmac, hope you feel better man.

  18. @Cmac
    Please take care of yourself. Like many good peoples have said before me, your heath is more important than the game. Besides, I can wait a lot^^. Now that the most important thing is said, time for the BIG post!

    Since all the sharing file services could not take the big 200MB file, I’ve split the next release of my Assistants, V1.3, into two parts.

    Here are the links:

    Please take note that this release should have been after Slave Maker version 3.3 come out, but I thought that most players would probably have the Assistants already included with the next full game (a 200mb file could be big for peoples with low internet connection). So, here is the big list of what Version 1.3 has to offer.

    • 18 New Assistants! Some of them are ‘Clean’, like the Assistant Rhia, either for technical or legal reasons. (That mean that either the character doesn’t not have enough Hentai images, or that she is too young and putting sex in would make her an obvious loli. The ‘too young’ characters are Carrie Fernandez and Cure Muse. They are 12 and 10, so…)

    • A completely revised cost/effects system that work with a new option, Renown Requirement! Starting with version 3.3 of Slave Maker, various Assistants will be locked. To unlock them, an amount of Renown will be required. Either 30, 60 or 100.

    • The cost and effects of the Assistants varies with the amount of Renown needed to unlock them. The basic chart is: Renown 0 = 300GP and +5 to three stats. Renown 30 = 400GP and +10 to three stats. Renown 60 = 500GP and +20 to three stats, Renown 100 = High Price and +20 to most stats. If the Assistant is ’Clean’ -50GP and if he/she give a boost to the Slave Special Stat +50GP.

    • Also, several previous released Assistants, like Elizabeth, Aya Brea and the Fire Emblem Girls, have new images and modified ones (jpg to png with transparency, in most cases).

    So, enjoy, and IT IS NOT recommended to use the 100 Renown Assistants at the start of your game, unless you want it to be super easy. (At Slave Trainer level 2, I’ve managed to get the Normal ending with one slave, was it Shampoo?, without training her AT ALL!)

    1. Also, I think I've forgotten the Image folder for one Assistant (Cure Sunshine). I'm so sorry about that. It can be download here:

    2. Thanks again.
      when you mention these should wait on the 3.3 release, this is because they implement the assistant nodes we have discussed and are implemented for 3.3?

    3. Yes, the 'Renown' node for the Slave Maker Renown requirement. (Unless the XML files are coded wrong. Are they?)

    4. @ MIA ...I was watching as the image files were being sent to the assistants image folder and the Cure Sunshine image folder was in with the Cure Moonlight folder

    5. To Arnwerker
      Oh, right. I guess I messed up my folders locations when I was spitting everything in two. Sorry again for the confusion/inconvenience.

      To cmac and/or anyone interrested.
      Also, I did try several times to upload the full 200MB file, but Upload Mirrors keep crashing at 96%. Why at 96% is beyond me. Plus Flash Mirrors uploading process kept acting funny. Like, random example, at first its 1234/5000ko, then 1200/5000ko, and finally 1260/5000ko. Funny stuff, but does not go anywhere. I also try at Oron, 2Share and RapidShare, with similar results. What is wrong with those services? Are they overloading with data or are they being taken down or something? Anyway, if anyone want to provide mirrors for the full file, they are welcome.

    6. To MIA
      no inconvenience here just glad you take the time to put this stuff out and it is greatly appreciated.Thanks

    7. The issue you reported for FlashMirrors I got too, and as a result stopped using it.

      For UploadMirrors, I think you must avoid checked hosts that are limited to 200Mb, notably MediaFire.

      I personally I have no issues uploading to
      MediaFire (for files < 200 Mb)
      Oron is ok with a registered account as it allows about 1Gb but has it's hourly limits for downloads, but it reasonably reliable otherwise.

  19. Cmac,
    Thank you for all the hard work and details you've poured into this game (I'm particular fond of the images changing as bust size increases), it's a real joy to play. I hope that you are feeling 100% again soon.
    I was just wondering if version 3.3 was going to see the implementation of the "tentacle whore maker" and "cowgirl maker" skills? I like guiding my slaves into the various different endings, and adding tentacle whore and cowgirl to the current: cumslut, lesbian, dickgirl, catgirl, ponygirl, and slut categories would be welcome. Cheers!

    1. Probably not, they are incomplete now, and I am just working now to debug the release, not really add any more new features/complete features.

      Sorry you will have to wait a bit.

      I am toying wil expaning the odd teacher even to becoming a full S&M training path

    2. A larger S&M training path would be nice.

      Something that you either have to meet the teacher to start it, or having the Master / Cruel Master background features would let you start the game knowing the teacher to not have to wait for the random event to first visit them?

      On a related note, with the various jobs cascading now are sex acts going to cascade as well?

      i.e. Spank Her -> Hurt Her -> Whip Her
      (normal, Master/Cruel Master, M/CM w/ Whip equipped)

      Looking forward to version 3.3 and hope you are feeling better soon.

  20. Im sorry if this is the wrong place, but for the lack of a better one:

    Im running v3.2.06a (latest?) and the docks / port area seems to be bugged for me. I have literally spent multiple entire (ingame) weeks visiting the port area during both day and night and I am only ever getting the nun event, NOTHING else, no bounty hunter, no pony girl... nothing. Am I missing something here? I am stuck in the middle of the new unfinished tentacle quest if that has anything to do with it (stuck at repeatly getting the "not your first tentacle birth - TODO" event every so often). This renders me unable to obtain both the lesbian and pony trainer skills without investing points to get level 1 (which I was trying to avoid).

    Any help?


    1. Please see my post Christmas last year. This is a bug with the core game and the tentacle raid event. You can fix this by disabling the tentacle raid event.

      Edit the file
      and remove

    2. thanks a ton, that did it. I assume this file will be overriden in future releases so it gets turned back on once the quest content gets fully implemented?

      keep up the great work!


  21. i'm just gonna wait til the next release to get the new stuff for the game, i tried get each update as they came but i seem to have missed some, or put some stuff in the wrong folder.

  22. Mokoto is made of trial an error gameplay now. Could use some description and hints on what's happening when infection increases. It's sort of interesting, but this character seems to be a discouragement of the erotic gameplay themes Slave Maker was intended for, so I can't say I like where it's heading.

  23. Musashi has a (for her) game stopping bug as follows: Had her find the A.T.E.A.M. base and then did some hunts, I noticed that the Peach cave was still on the map (from training Peach two trainees before) so I saved the game and reloaded it was gone along with the A.T.E.A.M. base marker and there was no way to get it back. Selling her and choosing her as the next trainee did not rectify the situation.

    Thanks for the very deep rpg here, hope all is well.


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