Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bulma update

abisal, the developer of Bulma has released a new version of her. From their post

Ok, everyone. Here is the update.
Story suffered quite an overhaul to introduce a villain. Intro is now five pages long to explain it.
Now Bulma starts with extremely high intelligence and temperament (depending on your level, they are at 75% of the maximum).
During the ending and owner tests, these stats will be rated inversely as such (unless you gather all DragonBalls and use them to get rid of Bulma's owner).
Her starting costume will now be the bunny costume (no need to buy it anymore).
The Radar event that unlocks the ruins is now triggered by reading, not waking up.
Sometimes when reading Bulma will find a "Beauty formula" (infact a potion with sort of a bimbofying-effect ) that'll make her breasts grow 10%, but she'll end up losing intelligence if she does and forgetting the formula (until she reads it again). If her intelligence drops to 0, she won't be able to read anymore.
You only turn on the Bath event by turning on the Talk Rule.
I actually half implemented a new job (Arena Cheerleader), in which she cheered for one of two fighters in an arena every night. But it is not available for now, because I would have had to search for a lot of pictures and it'd have probably taken me too much time.
The endings should be fully working now. If she is not obedient, you won't get to choose her wishes. And her wishes will be as follows:
1) if she has low intelligence and low temperament, she'll wish for her master's love (this won't change the way intelligence and temperament are inversely rated)
2) if she is still smart and she has high morality and temperament she'll wish for freedom (this makes her training be rated as normal slave's)
3) if she is still smart and she has low morality and high temperament she'll have her master become her slave (this makes her training be rated as normal slave's)

Your wishes are still pretty much the same they were the past version, except one which has been replaced for insisting on letting Bulma choose anyway.

updated with another new version

Slaves Only 
This is a file of only the recent WIP slaves and updated slaves

No need if you have the full version of alpha6.

To install inzip into your installtion folder.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Additional Fix for Slave Maker 3.2 alpha 6

I have fixed most bugs reported. A few are diffucult to reproduce, so lets see if they happen again after this fix. This fixes

  • multiple event issues, primarily the loop/same event repeating issue, but includes faerie events only getting the first rescue
  • general slow down issues, especially in the Salon
  • compatibility fixes for older save games
  • some general improvements to reduce memory usage
  • some tweaks to slave maker creation. I decided to remove Lesbian Training 2 and fixes for some disabling
  • fix some text problems
  • Mihoshi's job did not work
  • some text overlay issues especially with the slave selection screens. Also some tab issues
  • planning time issues around chat/intimacy with owned slaves
  • Tea Ceremony for Ranma
  • all minor slaves were female (a simple typo in Slaves.xml). The game should auto-correct this for existing saves
Some other fixes and tweaks are included.

Note this fix includes all the changes in the previous fix.

To install just unzip this file into your existing folder containing Slave Maker 3.2 alpha 6

Mirrors from Windsongbard

and here for the 10 part low bandwidth download:

Reported Issues for this Fix  
Some issues have been reported for this fix
  • If you queue actions for planning and save the game, when loading the actions can get set permanently in the queue, but only to see, The actions are not there actually and it all works properly. 
  • Refined 1 skill cost 40 not 20
  • An occaisonal issue at the salon where the slave list can appear permanently, so far not reproduced
A fix for the fix for the first two items above

This fix is nor included in my link above. You only need this if you have already downloaded the fix and need to update

Aeris has a few problems, here is a patch for her

    Friday, May 20, 2011

    Bug update

    there are still known issues with event handling and slave genders, and more. I am working on a fix for these.

    For those reporting issues with the SMEncounter and the Red Lily Bar, I accidentally included an old verion of the event with the alpha. If you have this issue, download this and copy into your Events folder

    I was also shown an interesting trace that may explain some of the slow performance, there seems to be a infinite loop created in some conditions. I am investigating.

    Rei Ayanami
    For those who do not want to download the full version

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    Fix for Slave Maker 3 alpha 6

    Here is a fix (75Mb) for most of the bugs reported so far. Not all yet, but most of the worst ones, like the Astrid home issue, events not working properly, some participant selection, Aeris hanging. Almost all other issues are fixed.

    This is a upgrade so just unzip this archive into your installation folder. Note it does not include the other alpha 6 file, just fixes for it.

    I'll upload full versions of alpha 6 once I have the other issues sorted out

    The slow performance issue is not resolved but some code changes to maybe help. Some other issues probably fixed but not quite reproduced.

    Some additional notes
    - books - you can buy as many Science and Poetry books as you like, not only 1 of each
    - some new events are time specific now. I do not see how to do spoliers here. See the forums for hints
    Walk at the lake on the night of the full moon, two independent events[/SPOILER]
    - I have removed the restrictions for minor slaves on what acts they will do. They have similar obedience restrictions to normal slaves. Their descriptions will be changed
    - 2 new monsters in the secure slave pens

    Slave Maker Alpha 6 Bugs

    Please hold off on further bug reports for Alpha 6
    I see there are a number of issues in the revised event system and other areas. They are mostly fixed, but a lot of what is being reported here and in the forums are variations or different ways the bugs appear.

    Interesting how many issues can appear from a small number of typos.

    One issue I am not finding yet is an issue with Gang-Bang and Orgy being allowed when you do not have the correct minor slaves, or where the minor slaves genders are wrong. If anyone has seen these issues or similar, can you please post a save game for me to check.

    Otherwise most issues are fixed and I'll post an update/new version when ready

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Slave Maker 3 Alpha 6

    New Release
    A new release, sorry another alpha version, as
    • I am still finding bugs
    • I want to finish some events
    • add house upgrading (still not complete)
    • house exploration
    In this release you will find
    • New events, at least one per area (except the Beach. Multiple in some areas, some day of the month and time of day dependent.
    • A significant Breast Expansion event written by hasori, stages 1-4 , more will folow.
    • You can review your purchased and bought back slaves.
    • You can select them for sex acts or let the game decide. Slave in acts will increase their stats, but slower than the primary slave. So will your slave maker.
    • All slaves (including bought back and minor) can drink potions and shop in the salon (more shops to follow)
    • More Slave Maker stats, all changable, effects limited at this time.
    • a lot more of the game is translatable.
    • A major change, adding an XML based event system, where events can be added to the game just by editing an xml text file. See Language/English/Events.xml for examples or Slaves/Slave-Mihoshi.xml. Documentation will follow.
    • Books are now permanently bought, and a lot more expensive. Also some new books.
    • New basic slave - Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo. note due to image availability she is mostly TV series version as Kiyone is present, but not wholly. Note she is deveoped using the XML system and requires NO PROGRAMMING at all.
    •  Mai Shiranui is revised and adapted to new system, with graphic improvements.
    • Ability to have special participants (ie Kiyone) .
    What is not yet done
    • story elements for the new races, backgrounds and advantages. Stat and other mechanical effects work.
    • House exploration.
    • House upgrades.
    • Slave Talk/Slave Sex/Orders in the new talk screen. Just simple text and some images.
    • Follow up for Lamia event
     Once any significant bugs are resolved I will do a formal release of version 3.2, with a follow up 3.2.1 for the incomplete things mentioned above.

    To install you need an existing installation of version 3.1.10b or c. Just download this and unzip it's contents into the same folder.

    Full Install
    This is a full installation of the game, including all current work in progress slaves
    Includes WIP girls
    Ayanami Rei
    updates for

    Bug Report
    There is a bug with buying slaves in the slave market. To fix download and copy this file into the folder

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    Small delay

    Sorry, I just found a few significant bugs and want to spend the rest of my available time tonight debugging them.

    I said I planned a release tonight, but sorry, I will definately release tomorrow.

    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    New beta slave - Heather (silent Hill)

    TheNightWalker at the FutanariPalance just released a new slave, Heather from Silent Hill

    To quote from he release

    I started working on this scenario more than one year ago, but my old hard-disk got broken
    and I've lost basically everything. Even the Cd-Rom with the back-up copy was corrupted, so I had to remake the work from scratch.

    Believe me, it's depressing when this kinda shit happens. That day I learned a sad lesson :
    in the whole universe there is only one law never failing, and that's Murphy's Law.

    Now, at last, I can finally release a BETA version of Heather's scenario. There are no
    custom endings yet, only some custom events here and there. Anyway the slavegirl is fully
    playable and full of pics.
    Future upgrades will always be posted in the first message of this thread.

    So, download the scenario and have fun.
    Just please please PLEASE, before playing read the damn Readme file!!!!
    That's what I wrote it for

    * BETA release, v1.0 -

    ~ What you'll find ~

    - All sex acts are covered, with lesbian and futanari variations. Images are uncensored.
    You'll find even "rare" acts, like Strap-on Fuck (but not "Ass Strap-On fuck", unfortunately).
    - All jobs, schools and chores are covered.
    - All general endings are covered.
    - All events are covered : Milking, Tentacles, Faerie, Catgirl, Ponygirl...
    - There are custom pics even for acts/events that usually are not covered. Examples :
    * Onsen Job
    * Library Job
    * Singing School
    * Strip Tease during night training (not the same images used for Sleazy Bar Job)
    * various Ponygirl-related images: Ride her, Prancing, Grooming, Ponygirl Race...
    Bear in mind that your SM must be at lvl.3 of pony-train, or Heather will refuse the
    * Cat Nap (not the same images used for Rest).
    * Giga BE event
    * Demon Rape event
    ...and more.

    ~ What you'll NOT find (yet) ~

    - A little bunch of pics has a slight censorship. If anybody is interested in decensoring,
    here they are:
    - Some images (4-5 in total) are black & white. Yeah, I know, b&w sucks and yadda yadda. But for some acts like Orgy and Gang-Bang there isn't much of a choice, and I dislike generic
    If anybody is interested in coloring, here they are:
    - Futanari pics of Heather are basically non-existant. So every dickgirl pic you'll find was
    'futanarized' by me. I did my best, but if you think you can improve the result, please
    contact me.
    - Dresses lack an 'alternate' version with bigger breasts. If you think you could realize
    it, be my guests!
    - English is not my mother language, so please be patient. Open to any emendation, of

    ~ Plans ~

    I have already decided the plot and the different path/endings. The coding requires time and
    I can anticipate you that the Seer (Card Captor Sakura with a different name) has a
    preminent role. You'll be allowed to visit her in the future, after some certain event.
    The choice 'lend her' will have no sexual consequences though.

    Monday, May 9, 2011


    A few 3rd party updates

    Darsel has released an update for Ino, beta1.1
    Forum thread

    Jaren released  version 1.4 of Yoruichi
    Forum Thread

    Alpha Release Slaves
    These are very early releases of new slaves all with issues (image placement) and quite vanilla

    Jessie/Musashi from Pokemon
    Forum thread

    Kallen Stadtfeld from Code Geass
    Forum Thread

    Note: I have edited better slave market images for both these slaves and they should be updated in the next release. You can use the above images, but you need to edit the SlaveGirlxxx.txt file for Kallen as the filename has changed

    For issues with these slaves DO NOT REPORT BUGS HERE. Each have threads in the forums, please post there

    Slave Builder
    A requested repost of this tool for generating slaves

    Guild to using Slave Builder

    To install download the first link, extract to a folder of your choice. Then download the second link and copy the jar file into the folder you extracted the first download into.

    To run then just double click on the jar file SlaveBuilder V1.14.jar