Friday, May 20, 2011

Bug update

there are still known issues with event handling and slave genders, and more. I am working on a fix for these.

For those reporting issues with the SMEncounter and the Red Lily Bar, I accidentally included an old verion of the event with the alpha. If you have this issue, download this and copy into your Events folder

I was also shown an interesting trace that may explain some of the slow performance, there seems to be a infinite loop created in some conditions. I am investigating.

Rei Ayanami
For those who do not want to download the full version


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  2. Uhm just a question. I chose freelancer slave maker, but I can still end the game earlier by going to the slave market and click complete, and I get paid by a guild representative....

    Is this a temporary thing? Or I am misunderstanding how the freelancer slave maker works?

  3. Giannino
    This is an alpha version, parts are still incomplete

  4. Ah I see, thanks for the explanation.

    I suppose that in the complete version you will either be able to simply keep the slave girl if you want to keep it, or auction it at the slave market if you want to sell it, right?

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the great work :)

  5. This may already have been reported, but playing as a True Catgirl training Shampoo.
    Bumped into Tena in the port area and she "did not enjoy pleasuring Tena" and now every event in the port is blank.

    I realise this is an Alpha release, but this seems like an error to me.

  6. I have just understand the bug of the text who disapear.

    exemple there :

    When you displace your mouse in this zone the text completely disapear :

    Hope that help.

  7. After a few test, it seem to be the case in all girl who have an option in addition to their stats (hope i m clear). For a exemple, it dont happen with shampoo.

  8. After training shampoo´s text is the same as bridget. I was using bridget as assistant.

  9. I had the same error as Voro Escrivá and I was using Rhia as my assistant.

    I also noticed that fairy transformations does not carry over from slave to assistants after you train them and get full transformation. not sure if this is an error or not implemented yet.

  10. hi again cmac and sory for mi position of bee so pin in the ass but and with te problem with this is not the correct tread to place this question.
    i ask again wath apened with kristall fox i have post this in a more apropriate tread but you have not answered the question. more one time sory by botered you but i was so ansious for know something. please tell someting.

  11. Does someone have the issue where their saves? are automatically deleted? Just curious.

  12. for what ever reason the download links for full install keeps having croupted files
    file #2 first eorror
    data error in slaves\slave-heather.swf broken file
    eorror#2 crc failed in slaves\slave-yoruchi.swf file broken
    and same in #3 of install file i have tried both dl links multible times with same results

  13. Thanks all most of those bugs have been reported and I am working to fix.

    Cantinho da liberdade
    A basic version of Krystal will be released in the next week or two

    The files are fine, without errors. Your download must of broken, ie failed part way through. Try downloading from another of the mirrors.

  14. ok tanks i waith ansiously by the relese

  15. Bug I found, best explained (like all things) by an ms paint drawing:

    The growing line thickness, and the way that the game uses 5-10 MB more memory every second until I leave the salon makes me think that the game is constantly loading images of the shop owner and putting them on top of each other.

  16. To clarify the context: Every time I enter the salon, I can see the picture in the bottom left - sometimes the owner, sometimes my slave - grow black borders and the game starts lagging. When I go to 'select customer' the same thing happens, with more pictures and more lag. Also, the shop is titled "Debug Beauty Salon".

  17. A couple of bugs I have located as well... First with Ranma, her tea ceremony school action doesn't do anything, youi can click it again and again and nothing activates.

    Also with Red Lily or whatever the hidden bar where you can gamble at is called, it disapeares after you finnish your slave and you can't reactivate the location it seems

    Thanks for the great game and all the work you put in it, you are awesome.

  18. Hi thank for this game, it's fun.
    I have a probleme to access the ruins.
    I train shampoo, i choose help the first time i meet the girl, i offer the teddy, i help lady farun.When i meet lady farun the first time i haven't the choice: "i need to go to he ruin".
    Second: in the port area, i have not the event who is permit to meet lady epona.
    shamppo have the angel tears.
    My slave maker have these skills: alchemy, master and leadership,trainer lvl 2.
    Sorry for my english.

  19. @styx007
    i did get the event that lets me visit mistress epona. maybe you should try that some more. and remember you need to personally supervise. would be a shame to finally get it and having forgotten about that ;)

  20. ... Hey. Who know how to increase skill 'Seduction' (which gains to slave after Courtesan training, not only for Belldandy) up to 100/100. I have 95 point with demon tail and wings

  21. Is there any way of increasing the maker charisma besides working at the sleazy bar?

    By the way, seems to be a VERY nice upgrade so far. Good job.

  22. @cma kinda figured it thankfully i found the cd i stored a previous alpha ver on so i was able to just dl the update patch and use it that way

    also good job had some good laughs with that demon in the farm house look forward to next update

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  24. Located a new bug:
    Since I got Eri as an assistant, every time I choose an assistant for a new slave, a big image of her will pop up when I get to the assistant page, which she is located on and when I try to go to the next page or load, it instead picks Eri as my assistant
    Here is a screenshot
    Also, If I choose Eri, new images appear, that won't go away, as seen here:
    and here:

  25. Does anyone have a link to download just Rei Ayanami? Also, I've been having some issues getting Kallen to show up, even though I've renamed the files. I really don't want to have to download the full version again... Anyone have any tips I missed?

  26. For Kallen create the file
    and add this content
    girlname=Kallen Stadtfeld&girldesc=NORMAL : &image=Slave-KallenStadtfeld.png&gamefile=Slave-KallenStadtfeld.swf&renown=none&mode=normal&Dickgirls=false&Tentacles=false&Furries=false
    She shold allear if you have properly extracted her files inthe the Slaves folder

  27. TRK
    visit the salon or personally supervise when you slave does the chore make up or buy a Vanity Case, and get them pierced

  28. Rei Ayanami

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  31. The alchemy skill is not allowing to work by selling your potions, the only way I managed to do so was by being a witch.

    Should not having an evil special event block the holy advantage or maybe change it to an unholy one?

    It would be helpful if selecting the refined skill greyed out the blunt advantage (the points are already working correctly).

    Even taking the Expert trader skill the experienced trader is still blocked. Is being from the caravan the only way to unlock it?

    Does the picture affect the game in anyway? I mean, that "dark" elven one with red gear (including mittens) seems to lead to a completely different gameplay than the one with the knife/sword for instance?

  32. Also, the strap-on description seems to have been mixed with the harness.

  33. Hi,
    To get the event to meet lady epona, i supervise shampoo.I try more 50 time, i have a white screen several time. Someone have the problem to lady farun (the choice "to go to the ruin" not appear while i do all the right actions).

  34. Hi all for those with event problems, I did explain in my post here
    "there are still known issues with event handling "
    These issues are being worked on (actually now fixed) so please wait for a new fix.

  35. YOU ARE A GOD!
    By the way, could you make it so any more fetish would appear, a personally favorite fetish of mine is ab/dl, please, make it so it will be in the game someday

  36. Hey.

    I noticed after talking with Slevaria, a normal assistant, in the 'Talk with your slave' option, she can fall in love with you two, yet I am unable to get a 'Selvaria tells you she loves you' event. Bar being quite a good feature, is there an event actually in place that means assistants can confess their love?

    If not, I wanted to know if there's an option in Slave Builder I can edit for the assistants to make this possible.

  37. I also wanted to add, my Java's been screwing up a lot, so it's hard to open Java exe's at present, but it'll be good to know for when it's fixed for me.

  38. question on selling slaves as a free lancer
    i have shamoo -50days of training but no way to sell her and i did accept her love

    am i missing somthing ?
    do i need to find a buyer

  39. just noticed this. when choosing True Catgil Tribe it says i can get experienced trader, but its greyed out in advantages.

    also i am having some problems getting the faeries to appear at the farm. i got the first one to appear, but then when i tried to get the 2nd i went to farm probably 200 times and it never showed up. i was training shampoo and lived in the forest home

  40. Jason, I've also gone through this problem as a Freelancer with Shampoo. The way to finally move on to another slave is to schedule a daytime visit to buy more slaves. When that event comes up for your slave maker notice that you get a window that allows you three options: "Retire", "Complete" or "Purchase New Slave". Select "Complete" and you will get to both end Shampoo's training and keep her. The text will say the Guild is upset you and penalizing you for ending training early, but who cares?

  41. So, to C.M above, on freelancer mode, you have the bonus that you don't have to sell your slaves at all and just keep them at the end of training?
    Also, one idea based of the love idea above (that being me in a different account); NPC's with love meters. If NPC's could fall in love, would be more in depth in terms of allowing you to go talk to them and as well as that, would maybe give you bonuses for doing so.

    Plus, as I said, how did you manage to implement a love meter for assistants? I went into the Slave Builder but found no option for 'love confessions' or meters for Selvaria.

  42. I was just wondering if the special uninhibited potion will be aloud for slave makers to take at some point.

  43. On another error, when you build joy with your assistant in the 'Talk with slaves' part, if you save and then load the game back up, all the joy you had worked with for your assistant dissapears.

  44. sorry cmac I accidently deleted my local host folder. I was clearing out the macromedia folder as I had lots of folders made it hard to find items in there. My last back up was before the alpha release.

    If I come across that problem again I will let you know either posting here or on the forum.

  45. yoruichi seems to reset my money to 0 everytime i lend her to miss n (not including party times)


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