Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bulma update

abisal, the developer of Bulma has released a new version of her. From their post

Ok, everyone. Here is the update.
Story suffered quite an overhaul to introduce a villain. Intro is now five pages long to explain it.
Now Bulma starts with extremely high intelligence and temperament (depending on your level, they are at 75% of the maximum).
During the ending and owner tests, these stats will be rated inversely as such (unless you gather all DragonBalls and use them to get rid of Bulma's owner).
Her starting costume will now be the bunny costume (no need to buy it anymore).
The Radar event that unlocks the ruins is now triggered by reading, not waking up.
Sometimes when reading Bulma will find a "Beauty formula" (infact a potion with sort of a bimbofying-effect ) that'll make her breasts grow 10%, but she'll end up losing intelligence if she does and forgetting the formula (until she reads it again). If her intelligence drops to 0, she won't be able to read anymore.
You only turn on the Bath event by turning on the Talk Rule.
I actually half implemented a new job (Arena Cheerleader), in which she cheered for one of two fighters in an arena every night. But it is not available for now, because I would have had to search for a lot of pictures and it'd have probably taken me too much time.
The endings should be fully working now. If she is not obedient, you won't get to choose her wishes. And her wishes will be as follows:
1) if she has low intelligence and low temperament, she'll wish for her master's love (this won't change the way intelligence and temperament are inversely rated)
2) if she is still smart and she has high morality and temperament she'll wish for freedom (this makes her training be rated as normal slave's)
3) if she is still smart and she has low morality and high temperament she'll have her master become her slave (this makes her training be rated as normal slave's)

Your wishes are still pretty much the same they were the past version, except one which has been replaced for insisting on letting Bulma choose anyway.

updated with another new version

Slaves Only 
This is a file of only the recent WIP slaves and updated slaves

No need if you have the full version of alpha6.

To install inzip into your installtion folder.


  1. I have run into a serious bug with bulma. If I have to select a 2 option after selecting a task ex. Read a book having to pick a book. It wont select the option. Meaning I can basically select 0 nothing for night actions.

  2. Hi, thank you for making the game.

    I don't know is it a bug, but I'm kind of stuck on Shampoo... I don't know how, but I used Rhia to lead Shampoo into the slum. After I'm in, there was a person selling potion. After buying it, it Rhia said:

    "Shampoo has disappeared while walking out!A frenghtened person said they saw another female taken by a monster in the same area... Will you go search for her or wait for authorities... it will cost you to search, for gear and bribes."

    But there are no option for me to choose... and It just stuck there... =< Are there any way to fix this?

    Also, although I'm new to this game, I find that some items are too powerful, like an item that will make her lust always more than 50... it really tip the balance of the game.

    And, can I make a request? Can a night club be added? The heroine can sing and dance there. And the girls in there can battle for who take the guest for the night. The battle could be on any aspect, or challenging how fast you can click, or answering questions. Loser get humiliated, and the winner get a night with the guest+money.

    Also, I'm a fan of NTR, so I really don't like the protaganist having sex with the girls. Are there any way to create a option where it makes the girls naughtily deny the main character and saying they would give services to anyone, just not you! never!

    One last thing, there is always too few slave on hand for the gang bang part. Can an option of inviting participants from unknown or known source be added?

    anyway, is just a thgouht, thanks a lot!

  3. Hi again. Some ideas just stormed in my mind, couldn't stand not putting up in here.

    1. Play as the slave

    Since I'm a girl, I'm really interested in playing the girl who is being trained. I think it will be really interesting. The girl goal can be to get out from captivity. But if she is too afraid of the whip and turn obedient... or if she get too enjoy sex... then... Can such gaming idea be implemented? =>

    2. Bar, Striper Bar, Night Club mini games

    I think it will be really interesting if there is a battle for who get the guest in the Bar, Striper Bar and the Night Club. So it is possible to implement some mini games in those places. Each with a theme: for example,

    Bar: can focus on beer toleration, if we add a status bar for beer toleration. We can have two or more girl battle it out in rock paper scissor. Who ever loses have to drink a cup. When drunk, they don't get the guess nor the money the guest pay. And in the daily activity, we can add a beer toleration training.

    Striper bar: can focus on dancing. The mini game can be like the dance dance revolution, where letter key show up, if the player doesn't hit the right key before the AI does/score more... loses the guest

    Night Club: Night club can focus on Karaoke singing, contest. But no idea came up yet for the music mini game... =<

    3. Friendly/Hatred rating

    And in the three places mentioned above, can we add a friendly/hostile status to the girls. If too much girls in the business hate the player's girl, those hostress can gang up on her in mini games. For example, instead of beating one girl in the beer contest, she have to win out two or a few. And if they hate her too much, after making her drunk, they can help the guest rape her. If she is not drunk, then they can have a fight with her, if they beat her, she will be hold down so the guest can enjoy her for free.

    4. Leveling up

    Leveling up. The status have a maxium for the most part, is it possible to level up if they reach the max status, and when they do, they can gain a new ability/level up that ability in that area? And for leveling up, is it possible to do an ability tree, where the player can choose which way he/her want her ability to go? For example, leveling up in martial art, can have a choice of skill in the sword or the arrow, which both have it con and it pro.

    Sorry for writing so long again... just have to get the ideas out of my mind. I know maybe these are too much to implement and may take a lot of time, but here it is. You can choose which one to add or not. => But if not anything, at least the first one. Really wanted to play as the girl who is being trained... =>

  4. Sorry, another problem came up. My slave girl was rape, but it is not showing up in her status... It is still showing she a virgin who have 0 experience of being fucked... =< and also, her both her lust and Nymphomania is max, but she loses joy over being raped!? I think it will be better if the lust and Nymphominia is up to a certain point, joy will go up to for getting raped. And maybe will go back for second too =>

  5. Tina:
    There is a bar called the Red Lily that you can unlock in the game. Presently there isn't much to do there, aside from drinking and gambling. There is also an instance where the slavemaker can be taken as a slave, but it merely results in a bad end. Perhaps Cmac can incorporate your idea about playing as a slave into that event somehow? That would certainly be interesting.

    Thanks again for all your hard work. I also had a nice chuckle when I read "More events plus a generic version to come, having generic inspirational issues."
    On a related note, while playing, when I took a walk to the Palace area with my current slave, the game told me to perhaps bring my current slave with me next time. I'm assuming this is intentional, based on that quote above. If it wasn't, and is in fact a bug or glitch, well, now ya know. And knowing is half the battle.

  6. I enjoy Slave Maker, but as a writer it kills me to see typos, grammatical errors, and tense changes. Would it be permissible for me to edit the game text to remove these errors and improve readability?

  7. Tina
    thanks for your enthusiasm and ideas. A couple of thoughts

    The tentacle event where you say it hung, I have had this working fine. Are you playing the latest fix of the game?

    Raped with high nyphomania
    Still it is rape, also I do not really want slaves being raped into submission. Joy is partially how much they like being a slave. So the rape event happens because you take her to a dangerous place and her joy goes down as she loses some trust in you.

    Stripper Bar/Night Club
    really this is basically the Sleazy Bar already in the game, so we could just expand on it.
    I have plans to add a Casino to the game as a new area/job so maybe it will meet some of your interests here.

    is not something I find too interesting, but I'll see if I can add something as I know a lot of people like the fetish

    Play as Slave
    is a very different structure for the game. Darsel is working on Ino from Naruto and some story arcs will involve her dominating your slave maker and making you her slave.

    Blue Mage
    thanks, I'll check the palace issue

    You can edit the xml files in the Languages folder, but everything otherwise is in the sourcecode. If you edit the xml post a fix with a diff. For othercases feel free to post fixes.
    Please note I use Australian/British english so armour is the correct spelling etc

  8. I figure for an international audience, American or British spellings will both work. I was mostly talking about incidental typos and such.

    I also made textual changes to some events, mostly to improve the flow and reduce redundant words, and only rarely deviating from the "script". See if you like them this way.

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  11. How come it doesn't let me post?

  12. Blue Mage:

    I'm trying to find the red lily bar now, but wasn't able to. Is it the same as the invitation only maid cafe? I can't unlock either one... =<

  13. Cmac:

    I got all the latest fixes, but it still hung. If those two event(the drug seller and tentacle) is seperate occurences, then is ok. But if it happen at the same time, then it hung there.

    Then can we have seperate status for the trust she have for her owner, and how much she enjoy sex/being raped?

    Yea, not everyone like that, is just that my boy friend is very into it. Anyway, can we maybe provide a choice for the owner for having sex with her/others or not?

    Yea, it is really a whole new structure and direction for the game. But it will be really interesting to have an option at the beginning for choosing to play as the slave or slave master.

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  15. Also, I ran into another problem in the game. I'm playing the Shampoo scenario as a free lancer. At the beginning, Rhia said she will only help train the slave for 70+ days, after that she will leave and pass the job of assistant to Shampoo. But it been 100+ days, and she still here...Is that a bug?

  16. How to lend her? Her status is max on obedience, nymphomania, and lust. but she still resist... =<

  17. Tina:
    Finding the Red Lily is part of an event. Your Slave Maker needs to have a reduced Dominance stat, around 45 or 40. It should say that "you are a follower" if you check Dominance on your stat screen. You'll also want your Slave Maker's Lust stat to be fairly high as well.

    Once these are accomplished, Take a Walk to the Palace area (personal supervision), and after a few visits, you'll automatically visit a bathroom and your Slave Maker will have an event. After this, continue visiting the Palace area via Take a Walk until you get an invitation to visit the Slums. When you visit the Slums, you'll be offered a job and the Red Lily will unlock. As I said before though, there isn't much to do there presently. It appears to be a work-in-progress.

    As for why your slave is resisting being lent... Well, even if her obedience is maxed, the actual number value is still important. If I recall, 85 is the max initially. You'll need the skill Slave Trainer 2 in order to get a slave's maximum stats above 85, and thus obedient enough for the Lend Her action.

  18. @Tina

    Shampoo will only accept being lent when she had obedience of 95. If you look at the link below this will help you. It shows what stats you need before she will accept to do anything.


    I had another strange bug with Shampoo I got my assistant and shampoo to do a sexual act and it listed my assistant as Naru. Below is my original thread about shampoo and Hsien-ko being undefined but I have taken a screen shot but I am thinking it related to same bug.

  19. @Cmac

    First all thanks for a great and addictive game.

    Because my access to the forums is limited because of internet restrictions, I'm posting it here.

    I found a few bugs, can't tell if they were posted on the forums.

    - For some reasons I can't get my (the slavemaker) constitution above 3. During the nightactions it drops back to 0.

    - The text on the ending screen is all messed up (see screens).

    - The button "Work in a Sleazy Bar" on the slavemaker jobs selection screen has "You will feed on -slave-" description (see screens). When selected I do work at the bar.

    - At the assistant selection screen, the description of the owned slaves is not right. For example: Shampoo's description shows up at Yurika's description (see screens)


    Keep it up. Can't wait for House exploration.

  20. @Jesper
    i guess you are playing a vampire? vampires lose constitution every night. they can easily increase constitution by "feeding" on their slave though (+20). there's no faster way to get 100constitution than by playing a vampire, as far as i can tell.
    i don't like the vampire though, because it seems that the mesmerizing power isn't implemented yet

  21. @hessi_james

    Yeah, figured that out about 10 minutes after posting. Playing vampire, the power will be implemented in time. Sure as f*ck hope it will be soon

  22. Thanks all, sorry for not posting recently, been a little unwell.

    I am working on fixes and will post an alpha 7 in the near future to address all the reported problems. This will be the last alpha and then I will do an proper release for version 3.2 and focus again on new features.

    I will get a vanilla version of Krystal the Star Fox out soon and I am working on a simple version of Lum (like Mai and Mihoshi). Over a while at the FutanariPalace I have done quite a lot of futanarisations of her so it will allow me to use these.

  23. Can u make a mode where "leveling" is accelerated like having more than 1 point to upgrade your character as well as having more points at the character creation screen

  24. I hope you are feeling better the problems I have encountered are not game stopping so I am just enjoying your creation so far and I am sure bugs will get ironed out.

    I like that fact at some point I will be able to order my own slave to do something during the day.

  25. I know your probably sick of hearing this but I was wondering how many skills/backgrounds are still in development as well as in game plot events.

  26. ranger
    I have added some more disadvantages to the creation process, but otherwise for skill/backgrounds, only really the slut trainer skill needs inplementing.
    Some people have asked for Puppy Girl training so that is a possibility too.

    abisal/spider has released a new update for Bulma

  27. What an incredibly, amazingly fun game.

    You should really add a tipjar.

    Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, hope you get better.

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  30. Dunno if it was reported but better safe than sorry

    When you "take a walk" to slums/farm/lake/forest/astrid/docks(also slave market in freelancer mode) the game loads picture of a location but doesn't load any text nor choice buttons which causes game to stuck with only option to load. Beach, palace & town center seems to work fine

  31. Hello, I'm new on this game but I can't load a saved game, I can't click on the button. Is that a bug? Please, tell how to fix it, thx!

  32. @Isela

    Have you changed the location of the game? moved the folder or renamed the folder. Below is the location of the save files for Windows XP

    Bootdrive\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\Someletters\localhost\install folder\SlaveMaker3.exe

    Bootdrive: The drive your Windows folder is located on (in case you have more than one drive/partition, like me). Usually C:\
    Username: The name you use to log onto the computer
    Someletters: In most cases it'll be the only folder there. Mine starts with H44...... yours will likely be different.
    install folder - the folder you have installed the game in

    If you use another operating system post back as their are more instructions.

  33. Jaroomastah
    it sounds like you have not installed the latest fix for the alpha version. Check my recent post, download the fix and install

    I assume you are using a translation, ie not playing in English?
    extract this fix into your install folder

    Note a fix for all reported issues will be released soon.

  34. Cmac, I encountered a bug while training Aeris. I realize she's still a work-in-progress, but I bring this up because I did not encounter it while playing older versions of the game. Anyways, after having obtained the milking machine, the Milk Her option does not add the action to the queue. Thanks in advance.

  35. Thank you DarkMeph and cmcleod42 for your help! I downloaded and replaeced what you post cmclead42 and that fixed the problem, now I can load the saved games!

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  37. Hello I am having trouble with this game.

    I have downloaded it and gotten it to work, unfortunately much of the content seems blank. For example the tutorial popups are just blank and black and most of the buttons are also blank so I don't know what choices I am making.

    Do you know why this is happening and how I can fix it? Thank you.

  38. 46378550-8e5f-11e0-ac5a-000bcdca4d7a
    Most likely you have just downloaded the alpha version upgrade. It is as noted an upgrade for a full installation of the game.
    First install the full version of the game and then install the alpha version over top

  39. Hey, I got a problem.

    when I select ' take a walk '
    I can only go to :

    Town center

    any other place like , farm or docks, the game does not show a 'NEXT' buttom , It is really 'noying since the farm and woods and the docks often play a big part in a slaves special ending,

    I have already posted this in 'additional fixes for alpha 6' but since I got no reply, I had to post here also since there is another guy whom has the same problems,

    thanks in advance on behalf of myself and Tageru081189

  40. MrGamez4life
    I do not see this issue for games at any time. Please post a save game that shows the issue.

    Does it happen for a new game, ie start a new slave maker?

  41. it happens at both times

    and how am i going to post a save game ?
    open the game with the internet and then copy address and paste here?

  42. oh.. i think i found the problem, you can still post an answer to the question though, might be good to know don't ya think? :P

  43. MrGamez4life
    Do you mean how to post a save game?

    Locate the save game (for save game 1 they are sm1*.sol files in your application data folder). The exact location varies a bit from OS to OS
    compress them with your archiving program (say complress to a zip file)
    upload to a file sharing service like RapidShare, mediafire etc

  44. ok thanks for the info, solved the problem by transferring a couple of files and updating them.

    keep up the good work, can't wait to see new updates!

  45. I love this game, very complex, very deep, haven't played in months but I'm uploading the new version now to check out all the new features.
    Unfortunately, when I try to go to it, the wikia won't show up for me at all. I've tried Firefox and Internet explorer, but nothing! D:
    Is it just me?

  46. @Storm
    no, you are not the only one. obviously it's temporary not available. that happened before, but not for long.
    it will probably be up again soon

  47. I am playing as freelance slave maker and I've gone past 73 days for training shampoo. How do I stop training her so she can become my assistant?

  48. DarkMeph
    currently Shampoo is not quite working right for Freelancers. You basically have to sell her to end her training

  49. OK thanks Cmac. Glad I wasnt doing anything stupid.

  50. soon
    –adverb, -er, -est.
    within a short period after this or that time, event, etc.: We shall know soon after he calls.
    before long; in the near future; at an early date: Let's leave soon.
    promptly or quickly: He came as soon as he could.
    thanks for the game !

  51. patience   
    the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.
    an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay: to have patience with a slow learner.
    quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence: to work with patience.

  52. Was really hoping you were going to manage to come out with a patch sometime this weekend, but guess it won't happen. Holding off on playing anymore until the next patch comes out so I don't keep mentioning bugs you're already aware of.

    Keep up the great work!

  53. Molenir
    actually I did a limited release in one forum to get some testing. There are more bugs to resolve, along with a fairly siginficant xml one
    Please no bug reports for this as I have enough issues to fix for this.
    Note: minor slave purchasing screen has some display issues, spider woman image does not appear.
    But: more minor slaves, and you can add your own.

  54. @Cmac,: Whenever I try to "take a walk" anyhwere with my slave, the game just takes me to a screen with the background/layout of the place I want to go, but not text or characters on the screen and no way to click out. I have gotten the newest release /and/ the patches, so I don't know what's wrong! Everything else seems to work fine, and on some of the "take a walk's" nothing like that happens, but most of the time it does D:

  55. Well first you have to find out if you have the files which are needed . Go to your engine map, and check if you have files that are called : take a walk , and every other file per place to go.
    I have had the same trouble as you, my problem was because of I didn't have those files which were needed to go on those places and if you don't have then everything will be fucked up.

  56. SO.. when might other genders be added to being a slave?
    or.. more options to be on the reciving end to your slave for guys? ^#^;
    letting them [female with strap-on or herm] do the fucking to you >#<

    Also for a long while now.. my games never save for me :I

    Well.. they do but they just get wipped clear when the game closes.. I'm not sure what to do about it :/

  57. @MrGames Thanks, but, if I don't, where do I get them?

  58. Storm
    most likely you are not using a full version of the alpha version, or have installed only a later fix.

    Get the full version of alpha 6 and install all the subsequent fixes.

    your save issues are either
    a) you are running a program the deletes cookies (and local shared objects)
    b) you have your browser set to delete all cookies on exit.

    For a) make sure to exclude flash files.
    for b) this depends a bit on browser and version of flash player. but the simplest thing is to not delete them

  59. cmacleod42

    This is off topic

    I figured you are the continuing this project and working for it. I have been trying to find out how to post or add as friend so I can PM you about a slave I am working on; thus sadly this site has provided me with little help on who to do this. And apparently, this is the only way I was able to communicate with you. As previously stated, working on a slave with the slave builder and would like to talk about it. =D

  60. Jahd
    I would recommend that you join either of the forums I regularly post in
    You can PM in either of them.
    The masterbloodfer one is a but more awkward as it is hosted in a non-english country and requires non-english character in it's captcha, but not that difficult. The futanaripalace forum is more active now for the game.

    In either forum you can create a thread to discuss your slave and get a lot of peoples feedback and some assistance in you need, like image editing etc

  61. uhh.. the game never plays in the browser for me
    Just plays in a lil flash player thingie of it's own o .o;

  62. A friend of mine introduced this game to me only a few days ago, and quite frankly....I spent close to 20 hours on it already...within 2 days. I love it. The fact that you have updates coming out for it to improve it is also a big plus...I was wondering though...Could you by chance add more extreme sex acts? Some examples...

    Multiple insertions.
    Excessive Cum drinking.
    Massive insertions/massive cocks.
    Excessive creampies anal/vaginal (possibly leading to cum inflation)

    To name some that come to mind anyways...I'm sure there's more but I don't want to flood you with them and I know a lot of them can only be done with proper pictures. Anyways, I think the game is great, been a great distraction from my minecraft addiction XD. Keep up the good work!

  63. yenaboi
    So you do not run programs list CCCleaner that delete cookies then?
    The fact you do not run in your browser does not necessarily matter. The browser setting does affect the way the standalone player works, so try disabling the setting and see what happens.

    Thanks for the complinets. Aeris is under development and has some of these elements in her story (both under development and planned)

  64. I do have CCleaner.. hmm.. though I don't constantly use it o .o

    hmm.. I could look and see it's settings currently.. what should I look for?.

    Also rather curious will things more aimed at.. males.. might be introduced into the game
    I noticed quite alot more mention of 'male slaves' lately in some of the events and what not

  65. @cmac, yeah i noticed, her story was a trip!! XD
    I hope to see more for more slaves and as standard extreme acts. Thanks! ^.^

  66. yenaboi
    if you do not run CCLeaner it's setting do not matter. The issue has to be something that is deleteing cookies on your system. Either it is another program, or it is your browser settings. As noted before try removing any setting that deletes cookies and allow them for your browser and see if that helps.

  67. yenaboi
    it may also be the storage space flash is allowed to use.
    Run the game, right click on the window and select settings, then find the Local Storage tab and make sure it is set to a value > 1Mb

  68. Hi cmac, it's me again...I'm not here requesting anything, but actually to report a bug...

    I was training Eri. Her training part runs pretty decent. However, when you buy her back and use her as an assistant...Her pictures kind of flood the screen. I know its a work in progress, but I just thought I'd let you know..If you would like a screen capture I could give you one sometime.

    Anyways, love your game, just thought i'd tell you. Keep up the good work!!! ^.^ I stayed up 24 hours yesterday playing it, getting a high score of 136 XD

  69. Thanks darian162, tha issue had been reported, I have fixed it. Please wait for a new fix.

  70. I'm absolutely in agreement with some of the first comments, the ones pertaining to how awesome it would be to be able to play as the slave... XD

  71. Hello, I am training Rei but when I go to rescue Tana I am unable to defeat Azana no matter what, could someone tell me how to defeat her?

  72. Hey Cmac, I've been a fan of your game for awhile now. Thanks for all the hard work you've been doing and I hope you don't mind answering a question but I've been curious about the pregnancy option. What exactly will this feature hold in the future?

  73. c0dd76ce-9315-11e0-b623-000bcdcb2996
    There is nothing special in the combat, just have a reasonable combat skill + weapon + armour

    It was mainly added because some people disliked the existing pregnant content like the tentacle pregnancy and other small scenes.

    Still, I was thinking of adding more for the Mermaid path, and also some other things too.
    Not too clear yet, and of course more for the tentacles...

  74. Hey, I just came across something odd. When I came across the furry slave Lia the first time, I decided to go dow the 'keep her a slave' option, figuring it'd re-set for the next slave. But then I met her again two slaves later and all it said was that she was still happy to be a slave. Is this meant to be permanant?

  75. 7e00d966-74b3-11e0-8d56-000bcdcb5194
    Yes it is, more an more events will become permanent as I add more additional events

  76. I'm now you're probably tired of this question but when can we expect another patch for the game?

  77. An informal bug fix, just checking no siginificant bugs in this. If nothing I'll do a proper release

  78. A small game upgrade bug was found with the above, a fix

  79. cmac. I am not sure if this has been reported but when I load a game everything is fine. If I load another game it keeps the pictures of my previous assistant but it tells me I am using the assistant I had selected. If the first save I had Rydia and the next game I load had Shampoo.

    I get the imsges of Rydia but text saying it is shampoo. I looked under system and the assistant information told me that shampoo.swf was loaded.

  80. Thanks Dark Mepth, I had not noticed that. Found the problem and fixed it


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