Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slave Maker 3 Alpha 6

New Release
A new release, sorry another alpha version, as
  • I am still finding bugs
  • I want to finish some events
  • add house upgrading (still not complete)
  • house exploration
In this release you will find
  • New events, at least one per area (except the Beach. Multiple in some areas, some day of the month and time of day dependent.
  • A significant Breast Expansion event written by hasori, stages 1-4 , more will folow.
  • You can review your purchased and bought back slaves.
  • You can select them for sex acts or let the game decide. Slave in acts will increase their stats, but slower than the primary slave. So will your slave maker.
  • All slaves (including bought back and minor) can drink potions and shop in the salon (more shops to follow)
  • More Slave Maker stats, all changable, effects limited at this time.
  • a lot more of the game is translatable.
  • A major change, adding an XML based event system, where events can be added to the game just by editing an xml text file. See Language/English/Events.xml for examples or Slaves/Slave-Mihoshi.xml. Documentation will follow.
  • Books are now permanently bought, and a lot more expensive. Also some new books.
  • New basic slave - Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo. note due to image availability she is mostly TV series version as Kiyone is present, but not wholly. Note she is deveoped using the XML system and requires NO PROGRAMMING at all.
  •  Mai Shiranui is revised and adapted to new system, with graphic improvements.
  • Ability to have special participants (ie Kiyone) .
What is not yet done
  • story elements for the new races, backgrounds and advantages. Stat and other mechanical effects work.
  • House exploration.
  • House upgrades.
  • Slave Talk/Slave Sex/Orders in the new talk screen. Just simple text and some images.
  • Follow up for Lamia event
 Once any significant bugs are resolved I will do a formal release of version 3.2, with a follow up 3.2.1 for the incomplete things mentioned above.

To install you need an existing installation of version 3.1.10b or c. Just download this and unzip it's contents into the same folder.

Full Install
This is a full installation of the game, including all current work in progress slaves
Includes WIP girls
Ayanami Rei
updates for

Bug Report
There is a bug with buying slaves in the slave market. To fix download and copy this file into the folder


  1. What's with the first screenshot? The text seems garbled. Is this intentional?

  2. I am uploading the upgrade to my 4shared site now. In 10 minutes you can find it here:


    I will let you know when I have a full version up.

  3. Twerty
    deliberate, to not be a spoiler

  4. Cmac, can you upload full game with the patch allready installed? Because there is a bit too much to download. Or atleast a patched 3.1.10 version.

  5. Oh. Found it at the futanaripalace site.

  6. Drakonix
    The full version of this alpha is uploading, it is about 1Gb in size so takes a while

  7. Sniff no kristall fox cmac wen its possible see kristall please

  8. Great job cmac, cant wait to see what kind of background dependent results you have on the afterburner. :)

    Concerning that, if you were a catgirl would the work at girl use the generic image or are you planning to add more background specific images into the game?

  9. Dean
    which images do you mean by "work at girl"

  10. I'm so happy to have this new Alpha. Thanks for your great work cmacleod!

  11. Thank you for your great work! ^^

  12. the full upload of this version is a god new i have try mount the new version over the version 3.10 d and i have kill the game^^
    i am a terible user of computers Lool.

  13. Fanfuckingtastic to see the BE events being put in finally

  14. Huge thank you's at getting the update out, as well as all your hard work. Just a quick question though: Has the bug with Mai where she screws up your money been fixed already, or do we have to re-code her? It's just I didn't know how to do it last time, so I just deleted her.

  15. 7e00d966-74b3-11e0-8d56-000bcdcb5194
    Mai was rewritten and the bug is fixed

  16. Cantinho da liberdade
    You can just install this alpha over your existing installation, just unzip into the same folder. The game is backward compatible with existing save games

  17. lool i think i will download the full version of the game aniway i dont have at moment a very big save of the game^^

  18. There is a bug with buying slaves in the slave market. To fix download and copy this file into the folder

  19. Awesome, can't wait to see all of the new features.

  20. (i cry)
    Why did the HU and HE not ready?
    So, now i will be wait for 3.2.1 release (with HE and HU).
    P.S.: THX to Cmacleod42 for our happiest childhood XD

  21. Cmac,
    Great job getting this all together.

    Also, never said this but great pick of internet name. Highlander is one of my favorite Scifi series.

    Are the girl upgrades added in to the new full version download also going to be in the 3.2.1 release or do we have to get this new full version? Anyway to keep saves while getting this new full version?

  22. Hello Cmac,

    I've found a bug where the text looks weird in the advances settings:

    I think this is how you get the bug:
    Start new Slavemaker -> Click Advanced -> Select 1-2 Tabs -> Click return -> Set Settings a 2nd time -> Click Advanced again -> Click 2-3 Tabs.

    You have to click on each tab twice to get the text to dissapear now.
    If it is any help I'm in window mode, not fullscreen.

    Thanks for the game!

  23. Also found another bug:
    If you select that you are a elve from the forest + you are a furry.
    Then the game seems to get irritated.
    The picture changed and elve is still selected but I'm not getting the elve avatar again.

  24. Now that the download is so huge, can we go to some sort of updater or at least maybe bittorrent based distribution?

  25. Have another Report:
    "Red lily" doesn't seem to work properly.
    In Map/View there is no picture, I only see something black.
    Also when I choose to talk to people I get no text and can't progress further.

  26. If you encounter anyone in any area than every time you go to the same area you will have the same encounter (in the forest i always encounter the knight).

  27. hei cmac i have tested the game and the new alteracions are fine to me but i feel very sad because kristal fox are not implementated yet if there are some news about her bad or gods pleaaaaaseeeeeee letme know.
    keep the god work.

  28. @Anatolj
    I always get the tentacle event when trying to get to Astrif.

  29. @AntiSpammer
    Yeah, it also hapens sometimes to me, even if i chose the Forest Elf background.

  30. Found some bugs:
    After starting a new career (as a freelancer, with shampoo for slave and that unlimited-blowjob-girl for assistant) I tried to buy some minor slaves. And all except one (the girl hanging from the ceiling) had no name displayed, no description, a price of 0G... and after buying them I couldn't use them...
    Also, I encountered a blank (=white image, no text) at the docks.
    And when meeting the spiderwoman in the secure slave pens the image displayed (under personal supervision) is a stretched version of your assitant.
    And the nothing-happening-here-event in the normal slave pens is messing the text.
    And I encountered lady farun and her assaulter several times in the slave pens, each time with the same ending. Might be because i havent visited her after the first encounter.

  31. Well, here's to quashing those pesky bugs and putting in those new features soon eh? No rush of course but I hope to see a new beta out in the near future, here's hoping :)

  32. Looks good :)

    Bug to report:
    I picked Shampoo as first trainee, picked Rhia as my assistant, and when the evening rolled around I got a buggy message from Rhia:

    "So you want to spend some time with undefined now?"

  33. hello cmac, could you please collected just all the WIP girls, put it in one folder and upload it? your update doesn`t including them, and downloading whole 930Mb is too heavy for my internet :(

  34. Found another bug:
    Doesn't look quite right, does it? (the text) Same goes for all other male and herm slaves. At least the minor ones.
    Also im missing the ability to interact with the slaves. I could do so before i used the slave-hotfix in your blogpost above, but now the buttons are gone :/

  35. Downloaded the update for 3.1.1c and unzipped into the folder.

    When you launch the application and try to start a new game or load a new game, all the buttons are missing there descriptions and some buttons are missing.

  36. Another couple of bugs I've noticed:

    Rhia's description says she won't assist in sexual acts, but the interface still offers her as an option.

    If you have a Trainer trait that automatically queues a sexual act in the evenings (e.g. dickgirl trainer with Unnatural Cum), the automatically-queued act gets set up as your slave-in-training doing it to herself; you have to delete and re-add the act to get it set up correctly.

    (And on the topic of Unnatural Cum: In 3.1.10c, as a dickgirl trainer with Unnatural Cum, you can get Shampoo to give her a blowjob on the first night; in 3.2alpha6, you can't. Is this deliberate or an oversight?)

  37. Amazing update, a really big thank for this !

    Just a thing to report:
    slut maker skill is still tied to lesbian trainer(makes lesbian trainer 1 appears even it wasnt selected, with all restrictions involved in love declarations)

    Sorry for being annoying with this, i cant help it ;)

    Everything else is perfect so far.

  38. Another thing i just noticed when choosing origins:

    Mardukane gives now same effect as Old Faith Stronghold (pagan bonus) instead of noble/refined like in in previous alpha.
    I guess it wasnt intended.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Cmac,

    Inhuman Ancestry pre-built selection now no longer wards against testicles and you as a trainer no longer have the tentacle expert skill. Description in pre-built says you should still have it though.

  41. I just took a moment to look over Mihoshi's XML file and I have to say I'm quite impressed with it. It's a little bit overwhelming to look at to start but in the end it looks more like tedium than difficulty, good work!

    Not sure if it's quite as accessible as intended though, I copied the XML file and images for Mihoshi and renamed them into files for an identical slave named "Test," who failed to show up in my game, either there's something in the game detecting that I was just copy-pasting or the system's not perfect yet. Or maybe I'm completely misinterpreting the intention of the whole XML files thing, who knows :P

  42. Also,

    Notice that it seems you can no longer get the faeries ring from the faerie in the forest. Played through with Shampoo twice and that random encounter never happened. Final time through I was going to the forest twice during the day, once at night, and had the forest house, which in theory is supposed to increase faerie encounters.

  43. I finally have the new version up on my 4shared site. Sorry I didn't have it up sooner. I have 3 versions up right now. You can find my 4shared site here:


    If you want the full game in ONE file you can get it here: (Has the Slave Market Fix)


    For those with limited bandwidth you can go here: (Has the Slave Market Fix)


    If you just want the Upgrade you can find it here:


    Please let me know if you have any problems with any of the downloads.

  44. With regard to the thing Vermin spotted up above:

    Mardukane correctly gives you access to Refined and the Noble options; it's only the information in the list that's wrong.

    Another text-related bug:

    The tooltip for Fucking skill appears when you mouse over Blowjobs skill, and vice versa.

  45. Cmacleod,

    You may want to just add my links to Futanari Palace and the Master Bloodfer forums since I would actually have to start a new topic to do so. At any rate now that all this uploading is done maybe I can actually get to play it now. :P

    The Windsong Bard

  46. Books aren't working right either - the books go into the trainer's inventory, but the Read A Book action still expects the books to be in the slave's inventory.

  47. Does the update contain all the new girl ?

  48. Another one:
    Bought Lance to assist sex training on Kasumi (as i started a brothel catgirl, and i took lil sister as assistant)
    During night training selection, Lance didnt appear in list.
    I saved and rebooted game, he now appears, but is listed as a female, with clitoris size of 0.6 (poor guy) :p

  49. @ Caly

    Yes it seems so, i see them all, old and newest ones.

  50. Really thrilled to see the new release Cmac, thank you again for your invaluable work.

    I hate to bring this up, but I do have a request that is really important to me. Please oh please make sexuality optional. I know you consider it an important part of the game, but it is a huge turnoff to have to spend in-game weeks "grinding" lesbian points to get your slave to feel comfortable having sex with a hermaphrodite, even if they are in love with you and a herm themselves. Sexuality as it works in the game simply does not make sense for herms and barely makes sense for the regular genders, after all the fact that you have eaten a lot of pussy for a week does not mean you suddenly hate having sex with men.

    I appreciate the thought and effort that went into it, but for loving masters like myself it only serves as a distraction and immersion breaker as I feel like I have to spend more effort balancing the slaves sexuality than actually having sex.

  51. @Victarion I think the whole balancing act is part of the point, though you do have a point about the current system not working well with herms and that it doesn't make sense for a girl to instantly go from being uncomfortable with lesbian sex to being uncomfortable with straight sex.

  52. I realise that is the intention, but I think it is reasonable to ask the following questions:

    Does it make the game more fun?
    Does it line up with how we understand sexuality in the real world?
    Does it make sense within the game world?

    To all of which I would argue the answer is no.

    A way to adapt the current system in a way that would make sense to me is to make the following changes:

    Widen the part of the bisexual zone that allows all acts.
    Acts that involve only men push the slider towards heterosexual.
    Acts that involve only women push the slider towards lesbian.
    Acts that involve hermaphrodites and/or men and women push the slider towards the middle.

    Sorry if I am being overly harsh/acting like a spoiled brat. I do love you cmacleod!

  53. Game eats all of my processor capacity (all of one of cores, to be exact) nearly instantly, and then eats even more, especially if I interact with non-primary slaves, becoming slower and slower to the point of unplayability.

    Both with swf and exe. And with antivirus switched off too. Never had such problem with previous versions :(

  54. Yea I've also noticed my game playing a lot more slowly than usual with this update.

  55. virtualy impossible find astrid i have taked the option of of ex cowgirl and everitime i go to astrid for transform a girl in futa the tentacle event apears i have tri that with rama

  56. So how do you use the Vampiric Mesmerism anyway, I found the "Feed" option but diddn't see any hypnosis options

  57. It would be a simple matter to change the name of an existing slave, right? I gotta fix this "Kallen" crap, it gives me a headache every time I see it.

  58. Okay I know this is an old update post, but Mihoshi? Damnit. Need to find someone else. Well I have to try her out now.

  59. Thanks Cmac for the amazing effort!

  60. Can you make a few shota slave? It will be good if you can make :3 Thanks! Awasome game.

  61. this will make me sound stupid i know, but if download this version, do i need to download all of the other versions aswell? or can i delete previous and just stick to this one?

  62. downloaded this and all the patches and bugfixes,

    do luck,

    you broke the game,

    rei ayanami doesnt show up on the choose a slave page, and everytime you try to "take a walk" you get background iamge and nothing else, (no way to get back, no way to continue

  63. The 3 links to download the full install don't work. You might want to host them on another website.


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