Saturday, May 14, 2011

New beta slave - Heather (silent Hill)

TheNightWalker at the FutanariPalance just released a new slave, Heather from Silent Hill

To quote from he release

I started working on this scenario more than one year ago, but my old hard-disk got broken
and I've lost basically everything. Even the Cd-Rom with the back-up copy was corrupted, so I had to remake the work from scratch.

Believe me, it's depressing when this kinda shit happens. That day I learned a sad lesson :
in the whole universe there is only one law never failing, and that's Murphy's Law.

Now, at last, I can finally release a BETA version of Heather's scenario. There are no
custom endings yet, only some custom events here and there. Anyway the slavegirl is fully
playable and full of pics.
Future upgrades will always be posted in the first message of this thread.

So, download the scenario and have fun.
Just please please PLEASE, before playing read the damn Readme file!!!!
That's what I wrote it for

* BETA release, v1.0 -

~ What you'll find ~

- All sex acts are covered, with lesbian and futanari variations. Images are uncensored.
You'll find even "rare" acts, like Strap-on Fuck (but not "Ass Strap-On fuck", unfortunately).
- All jobs, schools and chores are covered.
- All general endings are covered.
- All events are covered : Milking, Tentacles, Faerie, Catgirl, Ponygirl...
- There are custom pics even for acts/events that usually are not covered. Examples :
* Onsen Job
* Library Job
* Singing School
* Strip Tease during night training (not the same images used for Sleazy Bar Job)
* various Ponygirl-related images: Ride her, Prancing, Grooming, Ponygirl Race...
Bear in mind that your SM must be at lvl.3 of pony-train, or Heather will refuse the
* Cat Nap (not the same images used for Rest).
* Giga BE event
* Demon Rape event
...and more.

~ What you'll NOT find (yet) ~

- A little bunch of pics has a slight censorship. If anybody is interested in decensoring,
here they are:
- Some images (4-5 in total) are black & white. Yeah, I know, b&w sucks and yadda yadda. But for some acts like Orgy and Gang-Bang there isn't much of a choice, and I dislike generic
If anybody is interested in coloring, here they are:
- Futanari pics of Heather are basically non-existant. So every dickgirl pic you'll find was
'futanarized' by me. I did my best, but if you think you can improve the result, please
contact me.
- Dresses lack an 'alternate' version with bigger breasts. If you think you could realize
it, be my guests!
- English is not my mother language, so please be patient. Open to any emendation, of

~ Plans ~

I have already decided the plot and the different path/endings. The coding requires time and
I can anticipate you that the Seer (Card Captor Sakura with a different name) has a
preminent role. You'll be allowed to visit her in the future, after some certain event.
The choice 'lend her' will have no sexual consequences though.


  1. is there torrent for Slave Maker 3.1.10c ?
    I got disconnect when I was downloading big file through file share server...

  2. Jacky
    not that I have provided. In the past there were ones on some servers, but I am not aware of any now.

  3. Going to take a stab at the decensoring and colouring - could probably help him out with the futa parts as well, going to be interesting.

  4. Hey cmac, any ETA on the next update?

  5. For my take on the censored images - rather rough and all have their issues, but oh well - and I couldn't leave the rough one alone and painted over it - if you just want the decensor you can cut and paste that part.

  6. & the fuck-a to fuck-c images throughly got monstrous :P

  7. Jacky, You can try downloading it off my 4shared site here:

    I have a 1 file download as well as 2 multi-part downloads so you can try to download it from there.

  8. Just wait for new update...
    So long waiting...

  9. hey does anyone know where to get good pics of dita liebely from vandread and just basic pics for slave builder?

  10. 3.1 version of ayane for slavemaker3 on Hongfire is currupt

  11. regarding this the tNW and the call for colouring - while I'm not really interested due to line drawings to colour these, if you want I could make images like for all that's missing.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Sorry to ask as i know its alot of trouble but when u have the next release (whenever your ready) could you please have an optional full game file? my computers hard-drive had to gt wiped to deal with a very bad virus so ive lost everything and with my connection is pretty slow so id prefer to have an entire download in one file. sorry again.

  14. DemonFrenzy, It's hard to find too many free sites that let you upload files over 500 megs. I don't know how well 4shared works for you but when the next version is uploaded I will have a 1 file download available on my 4shared site. I have the current version up on my site right now which you can find:

    At any rate when the new release is available I will get it up on my 4shared site and announce it here amongst other sites (Futanari Palace, Master Bloodfer, hypnopics, and TF games site) so there will be at least 1 place where you will be able to get a one file download.

  15. Windsongbard,
    Thank you that would be great. Your help is greatfully appreciated. I'll make sure to check for ur full version in the comments section of this blog on the next release. :) Tyvm

  16. Dan
    thanks, I have reposted your works and offer in the forum threads

    Everyone else
    I am just doing some final testing. If I do not release something today it will be tomorrow

  17. 2 cmacleod42
    Thats news is... It is as... as HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  18. @ cmacleod42: Thanks, and thanks for the work - just want to give something back, so the offer is open for other mods and if you need anything as well.
    I can do a piece like the last at least twice a week, upto twice per day (full body is trickier and takes more time). I don't do japanese styled painting/illustration normally, so it gets more realistic (yet painterly). (Don't mind other styles, just not what I'm used to).

  19. Sorry for off-topic... But I don't get it. When and How I can meet Sola-guard with captured Furry-girl? I played about month, but never saw them. And yesterday (Akane as pony-girl) somehow meet Sola with girl in the Town Center... I can meet them in the certain days? Going every day at Palace AND Town Center - is boring...
    It was first question...

    Second question. When I accept Courtesan Training, Slave also gains skill "Seduction". I train Yurika... Game wiki says, that stat only have Belldany and Menace... This skills stops at point 15/100, when I finished visiting Lady O. How to increase this skill?

    And third question. Game wiki says: ".. can get the ending Ponygirl/Ponyboy." But... emm.. I can't train males...

    // P.S. Sorry for my bad English

  20. cmac, would that next release also include an updated version of aeris?

  21. YIIIPIII finaly greath news.
    Many thanks and best of luck and healfh.

  22. @Kote
    as far as i know you only meet the mentioned furry-girl at town center. correct me if i'm mistaken but i think you meet her there all day long and can't do anything else in the town center on this special day until you passed this event. i have no idea how the game decides when this day is though.

    i don't remember how but you were somehow able to reach max when you make her a demon (by getting the tail and wings and stuff).

    the only reason for you not being able to train males is that noone has created a male slave by now. at least one is in development though

  23. @cmac: Did a few for fun today, well one with variations (even if most if any would probably be useable ~ did them as painting training. Got colour issues, but would be a decent quality sample (some would be better, some would be like these, probably with less colour bleed).


    for a pack.

  24. Dan: That right there is all shades of awesome, even if it is for a slave I don't particularly like.

  25. @Gadansk: Thanks, trying to get into character drawing/painting, so it's good training - got some glaring problems for myself, but hopefully the quality is alright.

    Don't care too much about the character as I've never played the Silent Hill game she is in - but just wanted to help out a bit.

  26. Dan
    thanks, nice images. I agree, the character is not one really for me either, but well done.
    I'll repost for the developer

  27. @hessi_james
    Yes, meeting Sola is only, when that event apear. I meet at days: 1252 year and 191, 195, 199 and then at party with Lady O I meet girl and freed furry-girl.

    Okay... Demon-tail... But where can I get the wings and other stuff... game wiki says nothing about it...

  28. I find this:
    "all the girls can get a demon tail and wings. drink the obiedience (uninhibitory) potion a third time and when offered take the modified one. there are 3 posibilities, bigger breasts, a bigger clit, and a demon tail...if you get the demon tail you can also get wings for that girl.

    the way to get wings...walk naked at noon in the town a demoness that offers wings...then take a walk naked at noon in each of the areas (forest, lake, farms, beach, etc.) and seduce the person if some point you get the wings."

    But skill 'Seduction' stops at 95/100... Do not jnow what to do next...

  29. found this game not long ago and addicted to it big time ... believe it or not i did have a idea about a game like this some time back but it never went anywhere

    so if i may would like to make a suggestion from the game i would have made that you maybe able to use in this game ...

    after you have advanced in the game and have enough or the right slaves (likely male ones) that you can send them out right after you have just finished training a girl and need a new one ...the guys go out and kidnap a girl for you

    could be someone else slave that the master tries to get back (fight or buy the girl) a knights wife / girl friend (fight, bribe, sell to him after slave training is done) a noble woman guard come arrest you, then you are used abused for some amount of days, send to farm milked breasts get bigger, milked for seed cock gets bigger your slave come and save you, money taken for you ect ...

    many many ways this could go is there someway to contact you e-mail or messager where we could talk love to see some of this in the game if you like


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