Monday, May 23, 2011

Additional Fix for Slave Maker 3.2 alpha 6

I have fixed most bugs reported. A few are diffucult to reproduce, so lets see if they happen again after this fix. This fixes

  • multiple event issues, primarily the loop/same event repeating issue, but includes faerie events only getting the first rescue
  • general slow down issues, especially in the Salon
  • compatibility fixes for older save games
  • some general improvements to reduce memory usage
  • some tweaks to slave maker creation. I decided to remove Lesbian Training 2 and fixes for some disabling
  • fix some text problems
  • Mihoshi's job did not work
  • some text overlay issues especially with the slave selection screens. Also some tab issues
  • planning time issues around chat/intimacy with owned slaves
  • Tea Ceremony for Ranma
  • all minor slaves were female (a simple typo in Slaves.xml). The game should auto-correct this for existing saves
Some other fixes and tweaks are included.

Note this fix includes all the changes in the previous fix.

To install just unzip this file into your existing folder containing Slave Maker 3.2 alpha 6

Mirrors from Windsongbard

and here for the 10 part low bandwidth download:

Reported Issues for this Fix  
Some issues have been reported for this fix
  • If you queue actions for planning and save the game, when loading the actions can get set permanently in the queue, but only to see, The actions are not there actually and it all works properly. 
  • Refined 1 skill cost 40 not 20
  • An occaisonal issue at the salon where the slave list can appear permanently, so far not reproduced
A fix for the fix for the first two items above

This fix is nor included in my link above. You only need this if you have already downloaded the fix and need to update

Aeris has a few problems, here is a patch for her


    1. Thanks for the update Cmac. I am currently uploading the patch to my 4shared site which you can find here:

      I will see about replacing my full versions tonight with fully patched ones. I will let you know when those are up.

    2. Thanks, I will repost in the forums when ready

    3. Mind telling us why removing lesbian 2? Did you change 1 to allow lesbian ending? As if not it would be better to skip taking it at the creation screen and just get it normally, which would yield the same results at the first ending.

    4. -The bug of the text who disapear when you displace your mouse in the aditional skill zone of your slave stats still there. Easy to reproduce:

      -When you select farm you dont receive the ponytrainer lvl 1 bonus, and it's in description.

      -When you use the freelancer mode (who are excellent) The money->debt work correctly, but when you gain money from market or slazy bar personnaly, the money are not additionned to the main gold, so you work personnaly for nathing and can only count in your slave, but if you have a debt you can work yourself or by your slave to reduce it. That's a strange bug.

      Also, why convincing skill is aivable only for man ?

      Thanks for your work, keep fight ! :D

    5. TRK
      basically so your character is not perfect to start with. There are only 2 levels of Lesbian trainer, so this gives you something to learn. I did not changes otherwise to the skills.

      I did see your previous post of this issue, but to fix is not a matter of changeing the core game. I have to change Kasumi in that case, a trivial change. For instance you will see Ranma does not have the issue.

      I'll check the farm house issue.

      Odd gold issue, I'll check. All gold changes go through standard code so it should work.

      Convincing is male only basically to give male specific things. There are quite a few female only or dickgirl only features but very few male only ones. This was one simple one. I understand there is no real reason to make it male only, it's not like a woman cannot talk you into things after all.

    6. Maybe give to male the possibility to have the brothel and unlock the "slut trainer" skill with a "pimp" option instead of "convincing" is more realistic to the game and for the roleplay.

      Great job anyway.

    7. Did you fix, out of interest, the love issue/joy issue with taking to your assistant? And if you get an assistant to a certain level of love, can she confess her love?

    8. Cmac, I updated 2 of the 3 download versions on my site. The one file download and the low bandwidth (10 part) download. The 3 part download I am going to keep as is for now because I like to have the exact same files available that you do just so people can still mix and match their downloads if that makes any sense. :P

      At any rate I just finished uploading the fully patched versions of Slave Maker 3 which you can find here:

      For the 1 file download:

      and here for the 10 part low bandwidth download:

    9. I got an odd problem. I have noticed ever since you released the latest alpha. The picture for Hild when selecting your assistant is not appearing. I can see the swf for Hild in assistants folder. In the Images folder

      I got a separate folder for Hild and all the images are in that. Hild images have been in that Folder for as long as I can remember.

    10. I'm not sure whether it is a bug or not, but...

      Any type of sex (normal\extreme) greatly increase Slave Makers LUST when it is above 50... And it's really hard to return it to normal (only by consuming a lot of sothing drafts, because praying and other things are not enough).

      Sorry for my bad english.

    11. Windsongbard
      thanks, I'll repost the links

      The issue should be fixed, but remember the changes for bought slaves and assistants are fairly low.
      There is no specific love event for assistants, either slave maker or bought back, or for minor slaves. This can/will be added later.

      The image works fine for me in the assistant selection screen and when playing with her as an assistant. Sounds like an image or file maybe broken.
      Can you open the file
      Images/Hild/Hild 1.jpg
      I do not think I changed the image, but maybe I altered the image from png to jpg?

    12. *Side note* When that's implemented, that'll truly be awesome.

    13. I do wanna re-add that suggestion too. Is NPC love, building relationships with NPC's such as vistors or people you meet at random, possible?

      And for the assistants, if the love confession and event was implemented, would it work like the Bought Back system does? Like Selvaria, if she confessed, would she stay on and be able to join your other slaves, but not as an assitant, yet if you bought her in the assitant menu, she's still there but her assistant bonuses and text are loaded?

    14. Hello, first of all thanks for the great game.
      I'm having a bug with my new slave maker after training peach.
      I have permanently the selected trainings for peach as background for my new shampoo. Ican even select delete on them but they do not go away.
      The daytime trainings pour onto the night and viceversa.
      Also I get lots of times several images one on top of the others. It's like instead of searching for an image it loads one after another until it finds the right one.
      Thanks in advance.

    15. A quick fix for the fix
      to address cost of refinement 1 and items sticking in planning list

      I have not thought through how to work the love confession events, but it should be also implemented for the assistants, to customise it.
      I do not think though they would become like your bought back slaves, they love you but still have their own independent lives. Maybe if you marry then but that is not in the game now.

    16. That's a good point, seeing as how they do indeed have their own lives. How complex is it to implement a house to pop up where your 'In love' assistant lives outside of the game? And sorry if I sound rambling or throwing these all at you at once, but I love seeing that love has actually been implemented into the game as not just a side thing, but an important factor?
      And marrage? That sounds awesome. Would marrage affect other slaves well or negatively, seeing you with a wife?

    17. A few more minor bug, not sure if reported already, but better safe than sorry:

      *When going to the beach choices are normaly listed 1. 2. 3. 4.
      occasionally it becomes 4. 5. 6. 7. (the most common), sometimes its 5. 6. 7. 8.
      i've seen once @. #. and whatever symbols (forgot which ones)

      *At the lake, size of character we met goes oversize and fill up background screen, usually happens with the new angels, just had one with the sm style teacher this time.

      Also a question for you Cmac:

      Are you still planning a specific end for slutmaker?
      Actually its tied to lesbian trainer, which is oddly restrictive.
      Even if i choose the skill seperatly,it still makes lesbian trainer skill appears ( a 20 points freebie, but unwanted still).

      Beside that, anazing job on the major bugs, you are fast !

    18. greetings this girl is new here but she enjoys your game very much, she does not posses any programing skills but she can draw and would like to offer her help if needed.

    19. And yes, I've already said this, but I love the growing depth being given to the NPC's and your characters interctions with them.

    20. Obtaining the apron at lake:

      Did you change the rule to obtain apron? I just got it with Shampoo having 18 cooking and 17 cleaning. Used to need 30 cookingfor this.

    21. impossible to download fron 4 shared thei asked me imediatly to buy a premiun acount or they make us waith 90 or 95 seconds but multiple or infinite times withaut give the file for download please upload in a other more honest file sharing.

    22. Some time ago, when I first heard of you working on Rei, in order to entertain myself I thought up some plausible story for Rei appearance in game. It is like this:

      The girl was found by striking squad on ruins of dark castle, which belonged to some evil cult. According to investigation results, the cult was about to perform some dark ritual. The girl
      girl was held by by cultists and raised in order to participate in this ritual. Her upbringing was very sheltered, she knows almost nothing about society and human relations. She does not harbour any protest to whatever destiny cult was preparing her to. As a minority report, investigation papers contain a speculation that she could be not a human child, stolen from cradle, but some kind of artificial human, product of cultists' bizarre experiments.

      Also, I had similar thoughts about Asuka. She can have similar background herself but with some crucial differences. Namely, she was daughter of cult members, who apparently was raised for some kind of participation in cult's dark plans. Unlike Rei, she considers herself human amongst other humans, only unique, chosen one, she takes pride in her ability and mission. Her upbringing was not so sheltered as Rei's, she can interact with people and even takes interest in it, but in the end she has her own
      serious problems there.

    23. You cant choose Refined and Lesbian 1 in the same time now, is it normal ? (it was the case before the update)

    24. Do you think it's feasable in the future to create events with the visitable characters? Like Miss. N or Tena, for example, where if you earnt enough of a certain points, they would either allow you to train them or you could build relationships with them?

    25. Sorry to intrude, just that I forgot to do the Rei update yesterday and already did fix2 and fix2a, should I still do the Rei update?

    26. Oh and Selvaria's joy reset's everytime I load game.

    27. Sorry to ask, but was it on purpose that you can't edit the skills and skillpoints of the slaver with the sol-editor at the savegames anymore? If not, will it be possible again in later releases? Nevertheless it' an awesome game you developed. Thanks Cmac.

    28. Cantinho da liberdade,

      Sorry to hear that you can not download from it. I am the one who maintains the 4shared site and not Cmac so I assume you were trying to download the 1 big file on the 4shared site then? I only recently found out that you need a 4shared account to download files larger than 500 megs so 4shared can be a bit of a pain but I do what I can since it's the only free file sharing site I know of that handles files that large. The basic 4shared account, which is the one I have, is absolutely free and you don't need a premium account to get it. I have had this 4shared account long before I offered to host Slave Maker although if you know of another free file sharing service that can handle files that are a gig in size I am open to suggestions. I am updating my files right now so when I finish I will have Cmac make a note that you need to have a 4shared account to download the 900 meg file.

      Sorry for the inconvenience,

      The Windsong Bard

    29. Hey, i'm kinda new here, by the way great game cmac and thanks a million for the continued dedication to it. i got it a few months back but just found ur blog. i just wanted to let u know after i installed Fix2a the refined 1 skill still only cost 20. i reinstalled both fixs again using mirror sites but still didnt change the cost for it.

    30. Windsongbard,

      it's not necessary apologises your intencions are god and that's is the more important.
      in relaction of the download i have tryed download the 10 parts separatly too and i have criated a free count too, but the site instead of pop the file to save just redirect me for more 90 seconds waiting.
      Unfortunately i dont know any sharing site who guive permission to download files sutch biguers but if i discover that i teel you^^

    31. Windsongbard,

      everitings ok now it seems it was be a problem of timing betwen the time of the aceptacion of mi regist and the timing of wen i have comencing the download i talk for the full version of the game in relation of the 10 separate parts i dont know if the problem maintains^^

    32. a text error after training shampoo with alena as asstiant



      wrong link sorry this should be the correct one to the pic of the error on the asstiant card

    34. I'm playing with a Vampire Slave Maker, and I don't know if it happens with other types of Slave Maker, but it seems that Sex increases lust and decreases Tiredness... when I suppose it should be the other way around. Take care

    35. Cantinho da liberdade,

      I am glad that you can now download from the 4shared site. :D I will play around with it a bit and keep an ear out for anyone else out there with similar problems and try to figure out why that happened.


      I just uploaded a new version with your new update. It uses the same links as you already have so no need to change those. I found out that you need to have a 4shared account in order to download a 920 meg file so you may want to make a note of that on that particular download. Not too much of a problem since you can get a basic 4shared account for free.

    36. I can open the image from my hdd. I downloaded the full version have been patching from 3108. So I could of missed something when updating.

      With the full version Hild image appears in that correctly. But some of the shampoo sex scenes come up with undefined. I am using Hsien-ko as my assistant it normally when she is selected with Shampoo.

    37. There's an issue with sexual acts. If you select hermaphrodite only the game crashes.

    38. I have a few problems.

      Even after using all the fixes I can still rescue only the first of the elves.

      I rarely meet the maid at the lake anymore, and when i did i never got the apron from her. After i hit 100/100 i have never met her again unless i go to the beach.

    39. Vermin
      I had not seen that numbering problem. I will check

      This image issue has been reported, I'll check

      There are specific stories planned for slutmaker ,. just not implemented yet.

      I have not changed the criteria for the Apron and cannot see why you got it so early. If you were using a save game from before the second fix then possibly this might happen.

      Thanks for your offer to assist. Do you have a website or deviantart account for your artwork?

      thanks for the suggestions for Rei. I halready have a few stories planned for her, but no problems with more.

      the lesbian/refinment issues is a bug, I'll fix it.

      The download for Rei was just for people who did not want to download the full version of the game. There is no need to re-dowload due to the fixes, they do not affect her.

      Thanks, her stats will reset, no intentionally. I'll fix

      No nothing intentional, it must be a problem with your editor

      Thank I know of that bug and will fix

      odd issue, not too sure why it is happening, will check

      thanks again for the mirroring

      can you post me a screen shot of some of the sex acts giving undefined's

      I am not aware of any issues, can you let me know exactly what sex act crashes for you

    40. The game freezes, and then a popup comes up with the text "A script in the movie is causing Abobe Flash Player 9 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?" If you abort the script, the game no longer works.

    41. After use de patch my save don't work anymore. why?

    42. killcrushdestroy
      once again, doing what sex act?
      Are you using the fix(es) posted abive

    43. Alberto
      what do you mean, saves work fine for me, both saving and loading

    44. For those with issues with Aeris, this is a small fix to correct issues for her milking and potions night actions

    45. Orgies and I'm using the all in one update.

    46. I found some bugs:

      this shows for all slaves

      -in the "choose your pupil" screen where you pick your slave, Musashi and Kallen Stradtfeld seem to have text glitches/bugs

      -There are also bugs with slave assistants Rhia and Emma. Their descriptions say they wont help with sex acts but they do, or a glitch happens when its tried. Also Rhia's description says she wont walk your slave to the slums but I have done it before so that's a contradiction.

      -slave assistants and owned slaves don't show their secondary stats in the review in the "talk to your slaves" section.

      Those are the bugs I found so far that I didn't see listed.

    47. killcrushdestroy
      I think I found the bug you reported

      "-slave assistants and owned slaves don't show their secondary stats in the review in the "talk to your slaves" section."
      Not a bug, just how it works for now.

    48. I can save but can not load the game

    49. alberto
      are the save games missing? If so you probably are either
      a) running a program that deletes cookies. Save slaves are sol files (local shared objects) and are normallt deleted by such programs
      b) you have set your browser to delete all cookies on exit

    50. I have created a thread on the forums about my issue with shampoo and Hsien-ko. I do go under my username for here.

    51. Text bug on assistants:
      Taking Kasumi as slave and Rhia as assistant.
      Finished training, i choose Shampoo as next slave and i take cumslut Kasumi as new assistant
      "Cumslut Kasumi-Owned slave
      Your little siste.She has many strange powers...."
      (Rhia desciption replace usual Kasumi one)

      I keep playing and take Shampoo as slave, Kasumi as new assistant.
      Seems only the text has changed, i could still train Shampoo as cumslut.

      The text bug keep going on, now Shampoo get Kasumi text (a slave dedicated to martial arts and cum...)

      Created a new game 3 times,bug appeared every time.

    52. cmacleod42 said...
      I have not changed the criteria for the Apron and cannot see why you got it so early. If you were using a save game from before the second fix then possibly this might happen.

      Thats it then, a save just before fix 2

      And a typo:
      meeting the young girl at lake shore
      --> Ranma "smeets" a young girl strolling...

    53. I love the game but why are all the Lesbian Scene between Mistress and Slave an image of a guy fucking the slave. Also in the text it always refers to "your Cock".

      Hello I'm a Mistress, no dickie here

    54. Hello there i've downloaded the latest update and i 'hope' i installed it correctly but during 'take a walk' im getting no next button except 'Lake' and 'Beach' is this caused by an incorrect installation ? doesn't seem like anyone else here is haveing that problem, so thought i would post and ask =)

    55. Sorry Palace and Town Center is also possible to do for me during 'Take a Walk'

    56. Yeah, as above I also have that problem and it is really bothering me since many 'special slave endings' require you to go to farm and the dock, which is impossible for me now.

      Thanks in advance on behalf of me and Tageru.

    57. im suffering from a bug were only a few slaves show up when im at the screen to pick them.


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