Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Holidays

 Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a happy holiday period, no matter your faith, family and well anything.

I am off tomorrow to visit my family and will have very limited internet access for the time. I will be responding to posts and PM's in a very limited way, where I am staying most of the time has no internet connection at all.
A couple of holiday images, I very much liked both versions of the series Kanon and the lovely mother/aunt Akiko. I  have always had a fondness for Belldandy, and the works of the circle 'Joy Division'.

Update (optional)
For those who did not see it, I posted recently in a comment a fix for the latest game release, now version 3.3.03b. This addresses a few small bugs, notably an issue with your slaves measurements getting reset.

There is no great need to apply this fix if you do not want but feel free if the bug is a problem for you. To install download and extract into your game installation.


Some people have reported some issues for the latest release, and some I can fix and some I have no idea why people get them. Some general notes to try before posting for help

downloading (how do I download the game?)
try the torrent posted for 3.3.03. If you are not familar try learning. Torrents are very common and you should learn how to use them

saving (where did my save games go?)
you must allow cookies to be saved by your browser. The game is flash based and uses the cookie settings to decided if save games are kept

A number of isses are probably accounted for by issues in the configuration or language files. Try and download the last 3.3.03a update. Copy from the update the folder Languages and the files configuration.xml and configuration1.xml and move these into your game folder.

Mac Users
Please remember as folders are a single object it can be difficult to merge folders. Delete the existing Language folder and then move. For other folders consider just copying the contents.

Linux and other Unix users (yes, this includes you Mac OSX)
The recent release of Yuna has a couple of path issue (using backslashes in some paths). If images do not show then it is likely this problem.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

3rd Party Updates and Releases

Mariya - Beta 0.7 Release
  Chaos-X has released an new update for Mariya

What's new:

  • Changed introductions, Mariyas background, closer related to the original series.
  • Added a few mentions of Mariyas and Matsurikas siblings.
  • Resorted images, the division between male and female images exist, not everywhere but it is something.
  • Added one scene appearance of Father Kanae
  • Fixed bugs.
Existing issues, work on them is required from my side and cmacleods:

  • Some amount of image editing remains, some are censored, some need dimension changing to reduce size.
  • Some bugs related to Mariya becoming an Assistant.
  • Some bugs related to Matsurika becoming an Assistant.
  • A twins-type assistant Mariya and Matsurika not implemented yet.
  • Assistant bonuses are not implemented.
  • Likely text issues in endings, sex scenes or custom entries.
New Slave Yuna

Kitkaters has released a new slave, Yuna for Finak Fantasy X. This is not a vanilla slave.
Release 1.03 of Yuna:

  • Lulu events added
  • Assault event added
  • Images moved from "Images\Yuna" to "Images\Slaves\Yuna"
  • Summon Chore tweaked
  • Summon Shiva sex act added
Note: Not all events are fully flushed out, meaning a lot of the text is currently just placeholders. I just wanted to keep steady updates for people to mess with/inspect/enjoy.

Known Issues:
  • Sometimes there is no "next" button after events, forcing you to use the tabs to pick planning
  • Images missing from combat

Full 3.3.03a Releases
 Some kind people have released full versions of 3.3.03a in filehost mirrors

succi released these

WindsongBard has been releasing mirrors for a long time, thanks a lot
I just posted the new version on my 4shared. I am having trouble uploading 2 gb files right now so I had to upload four files that are 1 gb. Also it looks like there is an option to remove the login requirement but I haven't had any luck with that yet. At any rate here is the link: 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Slave Maker 3.3.03a

There were a few problems in the Slave Maker 3.3.03 release. I have corrected these issues and updated the game to version 3.3.03a

I would recommend updating your game to 3.3.03a but if you did not see any issues then feel free to not upgrade.

  • 400GP per day being spent of catgirl gear
  • NaN for clit/cock sizes
  • statistic hints for fucking was wrong for efeminate slaves
  •  could not walk to some custom xml based houses (Kiyone notably)
  • custom contests has a bug for xml implementations
  • includes the previous Gardevoir fix
  • re-encodes some images a person reported an antivirus issue for (NOTE: not an infection or problem but most likely a possible buffer overrun issue, only ever was an issue for older operating systems)

 I have two types of updates here, I have updated the previous update, so we have one that will upgrade from 3.3.01 or later.

A fix for people using 3.3.03
File Host Link


note: this torrent is the rar file as well, not a folder or individual files.

copy the rar file to your game installation and extract the archive using your choice of program (WinRar or 7zip for exmaple), agree to overwrite any files or folders when asked.

For people who are running 3.3.01 or 3.3.02
File Host Link


note that this is essentially the previous update for 3.3.03, with several corrected files.

  • filehost: copy the file into your game installtion and extract the archive using your choice of program (WinRar or 7zip for exmaple)
  • torrent: when complete copy the files from the Slave Maker 3.3 folder into your game installation

Full Version
I have updated the full version torrent to include all the fixes, including a group of files for M.I.A's assistant and minor slaves I missed. Similarly for some of Drekas99's minor slaves.

You can just stop seeding/downloading the previous version of the 3.3.03 torrent and start this one, It will continue the download and update and add any missing files.


Otherwise this is unchanged from the 3.3.03 release. Please see notes on installing and torrent downloading/seeding as for 3.3.03

All Torrents Mirror
This is a mirror download for all the torrent files

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Slave Maker 3.3.03

this is a bug fix release for the recent 3.3.02. It corrects all significant bugs and introduces some minor new features.

Chaos-X released a minor slave Ringo and she is included in this release. There are some image fixes and additions for some minors slaves.

Otherwise as noted this fixes bugs in the 3.3.02 release. This will also include a full version of the game allowing a complete install. There will be several types of the install and I will describe these below

Upgrade Install
This is an installer that allows you to update an existing version of the game, and upgrade it from version 3.3.01 or 3.3.02 to the current version 3.3.03
This is not a complete game, it is an update, you must have an existing game installation to use this.

uploading revised version

Download from one of the provided mirrors and copy/move the file into your existing game installation. Extract the archive using your choice of unarchiving program (WinRar, 7zip for instance)

Now you must move several folders. In version 3.3 most slaves image folders have moved from the folder Images are are now in Images/Slaves.
So open a file browser, Windows Explorer for Windows users, Finder for Mac OSX for example. Browse to your game installation and then locate the folder Images.
You will see a subfolder named Slaves and a series of other folders for example Gardevoir, PantyAndStocking.

Move the following folders from the Images folder and drag or otherwise move them into the Slaves subfolder
Dark Magician Girl

DO NOT move the folders Morrigan, Sophitia, Musashi, or the others like Miss N, Parties, Minor Slaves etc


Download the torrent from one of the mirrors provided. Then open in your choice of bittorrent client. When the update finishes downloading browse to the downloaded folder and copy all files and folders from the download into your current game installation, replacing or merging when asked.

As for above you must also move the images folders from Images to Images/Slaves as instructed.

Full Installation
This is a full and complete installation of the game, including all released content and the latest upgrades and 3rd party releases. This is quite large at 3.91Gb.

At this time only a torrent is provided for the full installation. Filhost versions will be provided for the Packs version (see below)

To help me seeding the torrent and speed your download, depending on your client you can use this torrent to upgrade your existing game installation. To do this you can

a) rearrange the image folders as described above for the upgrade, moving selected folder from Images to Image/Slaves
b) copy or rename your existing game installation to
SlaveMaker 3.3
Note: remember the previous folder name
c) start the torrent and make sure it downloads into the same folder as your current game. If you do not know how to do this you can instead
  • start the torrent, wait for it to allocate all files
  • stop the torrent and exit you client (do not delete the torrent, just pause it)
  • find the folder your torrent client downloads into and the SlaveMaker 3.3 folder it is using
  • copy your current game into that folder, replacing all files when asked. 
  • re-run your torrent client and resume the torrent. It will now continue, and a large percentage of the new version will be complete already
d) once downloaded optionally rename the game folder back to the original one from b). This will preserve your save games


None required.

Filehost mirror provided by svergil (version 3.3.03 NOT 3.3.03a)
note: this does not include the Gardevoir Problem fix, or some M.I.A minor slave fixes.

Theses are the game divided into parts, each allowing selected portions of the game to be dowloaded. This allows you to save download time and bandwidth as you need.

The packs are
  • Basic Pack - this is the core game. It is a basic playable version of the game with a few slaves and assistants
  • Assistants Pack - an add-on that adds many more assistants for the game
  • Minor Slaves Pack - an add-on that adds many more minor slaves to the game
  • Events Pack - an add-on that adds additional content to the game, developed by 3rd party developers
  • Slave Packs 1 to 8 - These are collections of 10 slaves for the game (pack 8 only has 2 at the moment)
Each of these will have a filehost link(s) and a torrent provided.

In all cases instalations is the same
  • filehost - download the file and extract into a folder of your choice
  • torrent - download and open in your bittorrent client
After downloading you may have to merge the packs together. If you just used the filehosts and extracted all into the same folder nothing more should be needed.
For the torrents for most client nothing additional is needed. You may need to move and combine folders to merge them together for some clients and operating systems.


Basic Pack
to upload

Assistants Pack
to upload

Minor Slaves Pack
to upload

Events Pack


Slave Pack 1
to upload

Slave Pack 2
to upload

Slave Pack 3
to upload

Slave Pack 4
to upload

Slave Pack 5
to upload

Slave Pack 6
to upload

Slave Pack 7
to upload

Slave Pack 8


I will not provide magnet links for torrents, please do not ask. If someone else provides me such a link I will repost.
I will be seeding the links for the next week. After that time I will be unavailable on holidays for 2 weeks and will not have internet access for that time.

Torrent Problem
the first torrents for the update and full version I uploaded had a minor issue, thet included the update folder + rar unnecessarily.

I have stopped seeding the originals and replaced the torrents, links changed in the post above

You can still resume the download if you started downloading one of the previous torrents, just stop the torrent, download the new one and then start it. It will resume the using the previously downloaded files

Gardevoir Problem
 I altered Gardevoir's xml file for the moving of folders I mentioned above. I made an error in the edit.

To fix download the following file and copy into the Slaves folder for your game installation

M.I.A Problems
 I messed up merging some updates by M.I.A and some minor slaves are incomplete or missing. M.I.A has posted a fix for all their assistants and minor slaves

My apologies for this issue. I will update the full torrent to include this fix tonight.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Problems in 3.3.02

some issues have been reported for version 3.3.02, notably
  • sexuality becomes lesbian almost immediately
  • the events in the secure slave pens get locked and you cannot progress
  • singing skill is always maxed
  • some issues for whip/spanking
A few other reports I have failed to reproduce so far. The top 2 are significant and I will have to release a 3.3.03 version to fix these in the next day or so.

If you have not upgraded to 3.3.02 yet you may wish to hold off initially until I release 3.3.03

EDIT:Singing issue is caused by a bug in the assistant Jessica Rabbit, she always changes your slaves singing skill to level 4, but it is also a sort of bug in the game.

You can for now fix it by editing
and remove

EDIT: a person in my loast asked about the source of some images, I have posted a reply

EDIT: Sexuality issue fixed

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Slave Make 3.3.02 Release

A new version is now ready, after a beta to sort out bugs this update is ready.

Initially this will be an upgrade for a current game installation, but I will also release a full version, and an additional upgrade including all 3rd party content since 3.3.01.

New Features
  • new event to permit female slave makers to impregnate slaves. This was possible due to a bug before, but the bug is fixed and the event and item will enable it
  • new House Details button in the Morning/Evening screen. It replaces the 'End Training' button, see the System tab for the same ability. This button mainly allow you to review your house, occupants, income, upkeep.
  • If your slave maker has the skill 'Tentacle Expert' you can secure your home against tentacle abductions, or not. As previously at level 3 your know where the tentacles every day  where they are active, and now can have your slave avoid them when walking, or not
  • new event for Hild for Tentacle Hybrid Slave Makers.
  • birth events for tentacle slavemakers is now customised
  • new feature - Give Orders (see below for some more details)
  • small ui changes (some colour tweaks etc), hopefully some speed ups.
  • slave maker assistants (ie those hired) will not permit you to disable their contraceptives, until they decide to move in that is.
  • tentacle and non-tentacle births are separately counted for slaves
  • multiple low level changes for developers, many required for a future release of Ranma
  • slave maker pregnancies are no longer a special event that only happens after you finish training your slave. They happen in the same way as any slave now
  • a number of minor slaves have had image upgrades, Mao, Ella, Faerie Butterfly, Ryah, Lian & Dian
  • new images for Kiyone
  • dickgirl slave makers can be Tentacle Hybrids
Notable Bug Fixes
  • some events with no text (final tentacle abduction and Yurika rescue for instance)
  • some events illegally repeating like the BE Forest event
  • 3rd party events reset across load/save and starting a new slave
  • talk to slaves actions did not show images for xml slaves and some others.
  • xml images like footjob/handjob/naked did not show images
  • love confessions and birthing events had issues with not appearing or the wrong person being shown
  • fixes for Naru not properly showing she is owned by the Church
  • missing image for Arcueid
  • image fix for Maid Tara
Feature: Give Orders
You can now give your owned slaves up to 2 orders they will perform during the daytime. These will be done every day, no need to re-order. If you do not give a slave an order then they are assumed to be resting. The orders are broadly
  • cooking/cleaning - your household needs an amount of cooking and cleaning for all people living in the home. See the new 'House Details' button for some information on this. If there is insufficient then you have to hire people to help out. Giving these orders will help reduce the upkeep of the home and also train the slave. Note: your main slave's trainings of Cooking/Cleaning does the same
  • Security - a few very loya
  • l slaves (NOT high obediance) are so trust worthy you can have them supervise and help to control your other slaves. All slaves need a bit of supervision, your slave maker and assistant generate a lot, but there can be a shortfall with many slaves in your household. A slave working security will help and this will decrease your homes upkeep. Amongst others Shampoo, Ayane, Kasumi can do this.
  • Jobs (Brothel, Onsen homes) - your slave can work in your own brothel/onsen and train and earn money
  • Rest - the default.

These are automatically done each day and will be done invisiibly, just affecting stats/money. The game allows these to trigger special events but currently none do.

Notes on the Release
Previously the Rule "Go Out" was required to be on for tentacle abductions to happen. This is no longer the case, your home just has to be not secured against the tentacles. This is the default for slave makers without the skill "Tentacle Expert"

Sorry Torrent accidentally includes the archive version too. Exclude the file via your client or delete after the download.

Filehost archive
copy the downloaded Upgrade3302.rar file into your game installation. Extract the archive using your choice of program (WinRar or 7zip for example) and use "Extract Here" to extract the archive into the current folder and agree to overwrite files and folder when asked.

copy the coptents of the folder Update3302 into your game folder, and agree to overwrite files and folder when asked.

You may delete the file
Images/World Map.jpg
This image is now embedded in the swf file, but the game will still try loading the image file to permit customisation.

Included is a Mac OSX app but by default it will not work. I created the file on a Windows system and an executable flag is not set in the package. Included in the update are instructions for fixing this in the file
Mac OSX Readme.txt



download this, unzip and open in your torrent client

Image upgrades for minor slaves almost all thanks to Chaos-X
Thanks to Lilith Dark Elven, Chaos-X for ideas for developing the game
Thanks to Love Robin for a lot of support at the Futanari Palace

If I have not thanked someone or you wish to be credited in the game please let me know.