Saturday, December 1, 2012

Slave Make 3.3.02 Release

A new version is now ready, after a beta to sort out bugs this update is ready.

Initially this will be an upgrade for a current game installation, but I will also release a full version, and an additional upgrade including all 3rd party content since 3.3.01.

New Features
  • new event to permit female slave makers to impregnate slaves. This was possible due to a bug before, but the bug is fixed and the event and item will enable it
  • new House Details button in the Morning/Evening screen. It replaces the 'End Training' button, see the System tab for the same ability. This button mainly allow you to review your house, occupants, income, upkeep.
  • If your slave maker has the skill 'Tentacle Expert' you can secure your home against tentacle abductions, or not. As previously at level 3 your know where the tentacles every day  where they are active, and now can have your slave avoid them when walking, or not
  • new event for Hild for Tentacle Hybrid Slave Makers.
  • birth events for tentacle slavemakers is now customised
  • new feature - Give Orders (see below for some more details)
  • small ui changes (some colour tweaks etc), hopefully some speed ups.
  • slave maker assistants (ie those hired) will not permit you to disable their contraceptives, until they decide to move in that is.
  • tentacle and non-tentacle births are separately counted for slaves
  • multiple low level changes for developers, many required for a future release of Ranma
  • slave maker pregnancies are no longer a special event that only happens after you finish training your slave. They happen in the same way as any slave now
  • a number of minor slaves have had image upgrades, Mao, Ella, Faerie Butterfly, Ryah, Lian & Dian
  • new images for Kiyone
  • dickgirl slave makers can be Tentacle Hybrids
Notable Bug Fixes
  • some events with no text (final tentacle abduction and Yurika rescue for instance)
  • some events illegally repeating like the BE Forest event
  • 3rd party events reset across load/save and starting a new slave
  • talk to slaves actions did not show images for xml slaves and some others.
  • xml images like footjob/handjob/naked did not show images
  • love confessions and birthing events had issues with not appearing or the wrong person being shown
  • fixes for Naru not properly showing she is owned by the Church
  • missing image for Arcueid
  • image fix for Maid Tara
Feature: Give Orders
You can now give your owned slaves up to 2 orders they will perform during the daytime. These will be done every day, no need to re-order. If you do not give a slave an order then they are assumed to be resting. The orders are broadly
  • cooking/cleaning - your household needs an amount of cooking and cleaning for all people living in the home. See the new 'House Details' button for some information on this. If there is insufficient then you have to hire people to help out. Giving these orders will help reduce the upkeep of the home and also train the slave. Note: your main slave's trainings of Cooking/Cleaning does the same
  • Security - a few very loya
  • l slaves (NOT high obediance) are so trust worthy you can have them supervise and help to control your other slaves. All slaves need a bit of supervision, your slave maker and assistant generate a lot, but there can be a shortfall with many slaves in your household. A slave working security will help and this will decrease your homes upkeep. Amongst others Shampoo, Ayane, Kasumi can do this.
  • Jobs (Brothel, Onsen homes) - your slave can work in your own brothel/onsen and train and earn money
  • Rest - the default.

These are automatically done each day and will be done invisiibly, just affecting stats/money. The game allows these to trigger special events but currently none do.

Notes on the Release
Previously the Rule "Go Out" was required to be on for tentacle abductions to happen. This is no longer the case, your home just has to be not secured against the tentacles. This is the default for slave makers without the skill "Tentacle Expert"

Sorry Torrent accidentally includes the archive version too. Exclude the file via your client or delete after the download.

Filehost archive
copy the downloaded Upgrade3302.rar file into your game installation. Extract the archive using your choice of program (WinRar or 7zip for example) and use "Extract Here" to extract the archive into the current folder and agree to overwrite files and folder when asked.

copy the coptents of the folder Update3302 into your game folder, and agree to overwrite files and folder when asked.

You may delete the file
Images/World Map.jpg
This image is now embedded in the swf file, but the game will still try loading the image file to permit customisation.

Included is a Mac OSX app but by default it will not work. I created the file on a Windows system and an executable flag is not set in the package. Included in the update are instructions for fixing this in the file
Mac OSX Readme.txt



download this, unzip and open in your torrent client

Image upgrades for minor slaves almost all thanks to Chaos-X
Thanks to Lilith Dark Elven, Chaos-X for ideas for developing the game
Thanks to Love Robin for a lot of support at the Futanari Palace

If I have not thanked someone or you wish to be credited in the game please let me know.


  1. update3302 torrent has an invalid url call

    Local peer discovery
    Peer exchange

    are working while url displays only:


    and is reported as invalid URL by 3.2.1 utorrent

    1. I assume this is an issue for your client. I have people currently downloading the torrent and I am seeding it

    2. could be, i will try updating the client and if that dont work will try another client

    3. hmm, nope, both updated utorrent and azureus report invalid URL for tracker.

      For a workaround i have downloaded from direct download

      what than took my atention is the reported size of the torrent (226 MB) against the reported size of direct download (107 MB).

      What i see is the file content of the torrent is both Update3302.rar file and the files that shuld be inside the said .rar

      cmacleod42, please check the contents of the torrent as found on

    4. I was going to post a comment stating "Your torrents don't work"... but then they started working... go figure.

      Project Mayhem 2012 = Wikileaks x 9000
      A message from your friendly, neighborhood Anonymous.

  2. Awesome! Thank you so much, always so great to see!

    Question for you, cmacleod42- do you make Android apps or anything like that? I know we can't donate to you for SM, but I would totally buy anything you made on Google Play... even just a cool clock or something. Just sayin' :)

    1. Thanks, but I do not make Android apps.

    2. I don't mean anything fancy; even just a package of hentai backgrounds or something.... the main point would be so we could support you by buying something.

      (But again- it wouldn't be related to SM. So you wouldn't be financially benefiting from SM, because that would get you in copyright trouble. If you get my drift)

    3. Or hey, even just another project not on Android or the like. Just unrelated to SM, so we could financially support the project.

      I agree with you that you can't make money from SM. But that doesn't mean that the community can't support you during hard times... that's what I'm trying to figure out a way to do.

    4. Some authors have what they call a tipjar (usually using paypal) so people who haven't paid for their books for whatever reason :-) can make a contribution - Amazon referral links are something else that's often used by webcomic creators and the like. The first might be too much like making money off SM3 but the latter seems unobjectionable

    5. Hmmm. Amazon referral links might not get approved for this site, and I see how a tipjar for this site might be sketchy too...

      But a tipjar for another side project? Or for a personal site? Or maybe a 'community helps cmac out' page on FP?

      If anyone knows of something like this out there, or wants to get something going, or if the man himself has any input.... let me know!
      puretwist11 [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. Well, nice to see the update appeared. Thanks!

  4. found a glitch in my game if i go to the docks and then the slave pens i cant get past the first encounter making imposable to get to lady Faron (i fuck up spelling of her name sorry)

    1. How do you mean you cannot get past the first encounter?

  5. Hello,

    I am encountering a weird bug on this new version. I have reproduced it with every slave maker genders and a few assistants. Each time I save and load the game, the slave becomes full lesbian and becomes an enchanting singer. All previous saves on this slave will become affected as well.

    Thanks for the great work!

    1. I have reports that the sexuality bar can fail to refresh correctly, but not quite what you describe here. I have not seen the singing issue.
      I'll check

    2. I have the same problem
      as sson as I load any save game it overrides the sexuality bar and makes the slave a level 4 singer
      the slave will be marked as lesbian and acts during sex sessions that way, but does not have the sex options avaible, means she needs to "out" herself that she's lesbian

      as the poster above me already said it happens with any slave/assistant combination (okay, that is an educated guess, since I really do not want to try all thousands of combinations now)
      I had the previous release with all the updates and slaves (except the beta ones) from here and the update you released just now (and also deleted the map-pic as you suggested, not that i think it makes any difference ;) )
      works with the exe file and the swf (if that maybe could have been an issue)

    3. After further tests, i couldn't reproduce the singing error. There is just the lesbian transformation left. I have noticed tho that, when you start a slave training, there will randomly be an assistant's name repeated about 10 times in the list and its description will replace the one from 9 other assistants. It happens when you retire your slavemaker and start a new one (it duplicates the last assistant used.

  6. Hi,

    I've recently decided to come back to the game after a long time away. As such i have no where near the latest version of the game. Because of this I wished to ask if it was possible for someone to upload or give me links to a fully updated game.

    Thank you for your time,

    1. You will see in my post I mention that I will be posting a full version, ie a completely updated version of the game. It will be a few days.

  7. is down at the moment, and has used the bandwidth quota for this file.

    Posting a magnet URL for the torrent file might be an easier way to distribute the torrent.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. You can also download by exoshare has other links besides rapishare now I'm downloading from rapidgator must thank the effort to give several download options tanks.

  10. the torrent is just and update right? so where can i find the 3.3.01 full?

    1. Look at the latest releases
      or just click here:

  11. What's the individual file that fixes the bug in the first bullet point? Cause if possible, I'd like to delete that and keep the bug.

    1. You mean the female impregnation? The core game files SlaveMaker3.swf/SlaveMaker3.exe

      Why? You get the same ability and an additional event.

    2. Then how do I get the event cause I'm confused.

  12. Oh boy hoh boy,
    today i accidently tripped over the slavemaker.swf on my harddrive that resides there since june 2009 and started playing it for nostalic reasons.

    Then i thougt by my self.. "mhh maybe there is an newer version of that game somewhere on the internets with more than 7 slaves".

    So i went out and found you guys.. holy crap, i am shocked to see what you did out of that game. It's *uking awesome!
    I mean, just the fact that the upgrade has 109MB while my old slavemaker version has 16MB all in all speaks volumes.

    Thank You so much for this game and please keep up your great work.

  13. I wish Tentacle Expert could not only choose to not secure a home, but somehow make it attractive to tentacles instead, somewhat raising the chances.

  14. Just to say thank you for the game-update!

  15. So.....How do you get the skill "Tentacle Expert?"

    1. It is obtained by some backgrounds like Tentacle Hybrid, Converted By Tentacles. Some assistants have the skill like Mariya/Mineya, Alena

      I do not remember if I allow it to be purchased via the skill points after a slave is trained, but I should probably allow at least level 1 to be learned after a few abductions/rapes

    2. I found that earnable skills were pretty enjoyable, and helped give the slave maker a bit more to do during the course of training later slaves. I think you mentioned wanting to revamp the skill system, were you going to just make more earnable like Tentacle Expert, or is it a bigger revamp that you have in mind?

    3. A bigger revamp, redoing the skill point screen and making a lot more skills learnable over time, including a lot that cannot be currently, including some advantages/disadvantages

  16. Can someone tell from where are the pics for Mariya Holic's:
    Sex Act- Anal 11
    Sex Act - Dildo 7
    Sex Act - Dildo 8
    Sex Act - Threesome 11?

    Thanks in advance

    1. How do you mean wgere are they. Do you mean where are they from, or do you mean they are missing?

    2. I mean from which comic do they come from.

      Btw, the gay sex option doesnt allow for me to choose the participant (only gets randomly selected), just something i wanted to share

    3. (C79) [L.P.E.G (Maruneko)] Natsume no Shiori Soushuuhen Plus [English] -

    4. Thanks a bunch.

      Keep up the good work and keep squishing those bugs ;P

  17. I seem to be missing all of the image files for the Lady Grey event...

  18. Hey Cmac:

    The amount of detail you're pouring into this game is amazing, and gives it great replay value! One bug I noticed in the latest version. I chose the "advanced" slave maker customization option, and in setting my points aside I bought a couple of skills; however, once I start game play, I only have the standard Slave Trainer 1 skill, and nothing else. Big problem! Just wanted you to be aware, hope you are feeling well lately (should be the start of summer in Oz), and that your finances are getting more stable.

  19. Is there a way for a male slave maker to run a brothel?

    1. Kinda, but it's a bit convoluted. First you need to make a female/hermaphrodite slave maker with the brothel owner trait; Train a slave with Alena as an assistant; Mistreat the slave enough that you have to fight her 3 times. After you win the 3rd fight, you'll be given a chance to change your gender from female to either male/herm, select the blue potion to become male. And with that you're a male with the brothel owner trait. However this does restrict you to only the advantages of female/herm at start-up so no male only traits.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. If i want to alter some slave's upkeep cost (any value other than 0.1 per slave), how do i do that?

  22. What is the best way to do a fresh install at this point?

    1. The best I can think is to download the full slave maker 3 version. There is a Torrent, and 4shared copy up and running. Possibly a mediafire link too but that was having some issue's due to high traffic. Not sure if that's reset yet. Once you have a full copy just:

      1. Download the full version via Mediafire, 4shared, or torrent.

      2. Go in to your current Slave Maker directory and delete everything in it.

      3. Copy and/or extract everything you downloaded from the new version in to your Slave Maker directory.

      4. Download the 3.3.03b Upgrade and extract that in to your Slave Maker directory.

      Now you should be good to go. If you want to delete your saves as well they are saved in flash so you can just clear your cache or alternatively you can just open up the Save Games FAQ and and navigate your way to your save game directory and delete it manually.

  23. I'm having a problem with updating. When i update the game from 3.3 to 3.3.01 or 3.302 I have no pictures when i load the flash or the SWF file. I can get the original to work fine but as soon as i update the files the pictures disappear and i can't choose a work place a house or my portrait. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

  24. I don't have the base game,where could I find it?


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