Monday, July 29, 2013

3rd Party Releases

As I mentioned in my last post some new slaves have been released.
Note: in the following the term "vanilla release" means a slave that has little customised content

Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4
link appears to be offline (probably too much traffic)

Zeig87 has released Naoto, and this is not a vanilla slave there is custom content for Naoto

Install: just unzip into your game installation

Rouge The Bat

xmikex has released the furry slave Rouge from the Sonuic games. Currently she is a mostly vanilla slave.
official version from the creato, just updated to version 1.2

Install: just unzip into your game installation

Renamon from Digimon
ZeroBoyd has released Renamon from the series Digimon. She is a furry slave and is a vanilla release.
link appears to be offline (probably too much traffic)

Install: just unzip into your game installation

Other Notes:
I will most likely upload a version of a slave of Charlotte Dunois in a week. Charlotte was developed by Malaus at the Futanari Palace, but stoped posting in March. I am just going to basically complete the release for the slave.

Friday, July 26, 2013


personal health still a problem for me so things are still a little slow.

My home phone died again yesterday. So far the internet is working fine (ASDL) so seems to not be a general line issue. Still possible I may have an internet outage.

I just had a new slave posted at the Futanari Palace and that is number 90 for the game. I had to do a small change to the game as I had an arbitrary limit of 99 slaves set (a speed optimisation) so I have increased that limit.

For note recently I have had posted the slaves

Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4
Renamon from Digimon
Rouge the Bat from Sonic games
Otokawa Saori from game Discipline: Record of a Crusade

A couple need tweaks before a public release, others are ok, but I'll repost here together unless the developers are slow at responding.

They are all available at the Futanari Palace for download, Rouge and Saori are slightly broken currently/ (Saori very broken)

Also I have had the assistant Nagissa (from a H Game) posted that I have been slow to repost. No reason, sorry SimounRules I have just been distracted.

Chaos-X has sent me a new Glory-Hole event, still pending me to get my act together and review.

Other pending/possible releases
A couple of slaves have had closed alpha releases and nothing since. I have asked the developers to do a vanilla release for them
- Boa Hancock from One Piece
- Charlotte Dunois from Infinite Stratos

I have also been sent partial slaves (incomplete) for
- Haruhi from Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
- Rider from Fate Stay Night
- Mia Fey from Mia Fey Ace Attorney
- Mui from History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
- Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo
all in various states of incompleteness, Rider probably closest, Miu least

I also personally have a few in various states of completenenss
- Lum (almost complete as a vanilla slave)
- The Dirty Pair (lots of image but not sorted)
- Astaroth (vanilla ready too)
- a generic Dark Elf or maybe Pirotess from The Record of  Lodoss War. Here there are insufficient images for Pirotess, so it is do you select images for an original character or pick images similar to Pirotess
- Deedlit from The Record of  Lodoss War

with Holo, Ranma and Krystal the Star Fox in active development.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Status 1/2

General Game and Personal Stuff
 Please excuse the lack of an update for a little while. My personal life has been troublesome recently.

I have not been too motivated to work on the game much, just some small bug fixes, some work on Holo, but most new features on hold for a little while. A few small tweaks for twin type slaves, to allow you to select them to do some acts together or separately (eg fuck or 69)


I have been working on the update/revision for Ranma

General note on status for the update

1. I have most images sorted out for all events and transformations.
I am doing some edits of existing images for cases where there are no images exactly needed available, so as you see there were very few bondage images for male Ranma. There were very few sex images for male AND femal Ranma (ie Ranma + Ranko), and not many for the various chores.
Note for edits: Bondage image is a head-paste as is the Read image. The other is a colour-in + add ponytail.
I am quite happy at how the read image came out, and I also think the bondages image is good

The revision will feature transformations (in addition to the standard ones)
  • male Ranma
  • dickgirl Ranma
  • female Ranma (or Ranko)
  • male AND female Ranma. Even with the edits a lot of the time you will see male or female Ranma for various acts/chores.
Note: unlike previously you do not have to have dickgirls enabled for the transformations
2. Events
  • dual dream
  • old faith cure process via the Lady of the Lake.
  • New gods exorcism via Nun
  • Rythmic gymnastics contest and school
  • revised tea ceremony school
  • Ranma's mother visits to stay
  • multiple Shampoo events
  • many standard events customised text
  • Gym event for lending to Miss N
3. Remaining
  • customsed dating and older lover events
  • more and better conversation options
  • refiniing the revised transformation mechanism and stat change/dream triggers
4. Optional
  • ultra cute Ranma images for very high femininity stat
  • more Nodoka (mother) interaction and events
  • more Shampoo and maybe some Akane
  • customised lend/vist actions for Miss N, Lady Okyanu and Sumi
I plan to post a interim/alpha version soonish once I have the stat/transformation working robustly. I will probably post this at the Futanari Palace when ready.