Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beta Testing

I am now ready to start the beta test, only small issues remain and I will resolve these during the beta test.

I will officially start it when the Futanari Palace comes back online (tomorrow sometime) and spend tonight adding some notes and fixing small issues and uploading the installers.

Some parts of the game may be not turned on for the beta to leave a bit more time to develop, but only new stuff as such

Monday, March 29, 2010

Still finalising

I am still finding some bugs here an there, nothing major but until I do not find anymore the beta test and release will wait.

At the current rate I suspect a few days but it is hard to be sure. I have been unwell the last couple of days, but still did a little work, mainly some improved graphics and slightly expanded some text and fixed a few bugs.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clean Slave Run

Hooraym finally got a slave to play through cleanly. I need to check some of the more complex ones for compatibility and also check the larger events that can cross several girls. but close now.

Also be-backgrounded a few images, I finally have that down pat. Also fixed a simple colourisation to be a bit better.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And More Bugs

I am still finding too many bugs to start the beta test. Almost getting a clean run but it is time consuming to try and check most paths

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bug Hunting

Currently debugging. Still have not had a girl play through her entire training without bugs found. But they are getting less and less

Until I get no bugs beta testing will wait, hopefully (late) tomorrow or a day or two more at worst.

For one note I have Hild the assistant fairly customised with a special event and more flavour text

Friday, March 12, 2010

External Image Support

For those developing Slave Girl with the SDK I have just developed routines to support loading external files, images, mp3 files.

This could allow you to develop a slave girl where all the images are in a subfolder with the slave girl's swf file. When the image is used it would be loaded and shown.

This process is a bit slower than loading a movie fully embedded in the swf file but may be easier for some developers.

So instead of showing an image using
_root.ShowMovie(EventMilk, true, 0);

you can as well use
var milkmc:MovieClip = undefined;
milkmc = _root.LoadImageAndShowMovie(milkmc, "Milk.jpg", true, 0);

There is a bit of overhead to maintain the MovieClip references

Monday, March 8, 2010

Slave Girls in Development

To clarify there are people working on new SlaveGirls using the SDK.

Orihime is the first one released by Daisy_strike and is included in the full install for version 15.8. The are others but in early alpha releases and are linked in the forums. They are graphics only girls with no story. Currently Ino from Naruto, Aeris from FF7 and Menace. Ino and Menace are quite advanced in development

Multiple others are mentioned in development, notably
Asuka from Evangelion
Bulma from Dragonball
Menace from Queen's Blade (advanced progress
early talk of Reimu from Touhou

I am working on
Rei from Evangelion
Mai Shiranui
Krystal the Star Fox

in various stages of development, Rei is quite close to a basic release, mainly once I finish the new version I will finish her in a few days.

Otherwise development is going well. Some NPC changes, mainly for graphics used, some variant images and some people now have images, and names.

The remaining tasks is still the same but quite advanced. I am confident of a beta test in about a week

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Progress

- Parties updated for new system with new events for prostitute party.
- More debugging, especially combat, and some dress changes.
- existing girls updated for compatibility, a few onsen images to add for a couple of girls left

- lend still remains
- lesbian epiphany
- still more beach bits

I had a bad migrane today and yesterday so only a little work. At this time I am fairly confident to start beta testing in a week, at the latest next weekend.

Monday, March 1, 2010

More on progress

It is difficult for me to estimate when I will be finished the current version of the game. It is more complex than expected and mainly I have had many health issues to do with the control of diabetes.

So please no enquiries about when I will be finished, I will not answer them. I will be finished soon, maybe a couple of weeks, but it depends.

a) added new NPC (male) weapon trainer, needed for new combat skills

a) lend her - did not have the chance to do it on the weekend
b) update girls (did a couple on the weekend, quite simple but boring to do)
c) tweak parties and maybe add a scene or two
d) finish beach

By the way I keep running out of memory on my system and Flash crashes. It is just the sheer number of images in the fla file. I have split all party graphics out of the main file into a separate Parties.swf to reduce this.

Sometime I will also do people as there are a lot of graphics there, but this is a fairly extensive change, so it will wait.