Friday, March 12, 2010

External Image Support

For those developing Slave Girl with the SDK I have just developed routines to support loading external files, images, mp3 files.

This could allow you to develop a slave girl where all the images are in a subfolder with the slave girl's swf file. When the image is used it would be loaded and shown.

This process is a bit slower than loading a movie fully embedded in the swf file but may be easier for some developers.

So instead of showing an image using
_root.ShowMovie(EventMilk, true, 0);

you can as well use
var milkmc:MovieClip = undefined;
milkmc = _root.LoadImageAndShowMovie(milkmc, "Milk.jpg", true, 0);

There is a bit of overhead to maintain the MovieClip references


  1. wow. Thanks. That definitely made it easier to code. I was looking through the SDK for something like that and when I couldn't find it I was confused.

    I have never coded with ActionScript but I do have some experience with Java, and C so I was looking through that perspective.

    Great job with the game. Keep up the good work and stay in good health.

  2. Hey hows the updating progress going? We've not heard anything for a few days and I'm sure alot of people like me are biting at the bit in anticipation.

  3. Randommember:
    "The current status for version 3
    - final coding and testing

    I expect beta testing to start on the weekend"

    Very last post at the bottom.


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