Monday, March 29, 2010

Still finalising

I am still finding some bugs here an there, nothing major but until I do not find anymore the beta test and release will wait.

At the current rate I suspect a few days but it is hard to be sure. I have been unwell the last couple of days, but still did a little work, mainly some improved graphics and slightly expanded some text and fixed a few bugs.


  1. Don't make yourself sick from over work, Cmac. While everyone's excited for SM3, I'm sure we can all wait still!

  2. Dude NO! If you've been unwell, stop working on it and take a rest! Sit down, relax and watch some anime or something bu stop working or you'll just make things worst.

  3. Great to hear a new version is coming up, keep up the good work!
    Don't take any pressure by setting deadlines, I'm sure the fans all know good is worth waiting.

  4. Speaking as a Diabetic for more than 30 years.....
    I certainly understand the desire for distraction when ill, but I've always made more mistakes while ill than I could fix.

    We'll all still love the release when it happens. Take care of yourself first and foremost.

  5. Cmac, take a rest - for your own sake. Everyone can afford to wait. But it is great to see all these updates on the status and whatnot.

  6. Now I can understand how big your work is. I started to write a game in February, and it is only half ready and nearly 200MBs. I strated it becouse of the ban on japaneese games. It will contain a lot of NTR scenes. :-D (two threads are ready from the five, but I always find new ideas.)

    Keep up the good work! I really admire your work!

  7. You should just stop leading us on. I've been waiting patiently since February and now I'm almost positive I'm not going to get my hands on the final release any sooner then the end of April so you can stop with the it'll be a few days till we see the beta and the final product. I approve your desire to put out a grade A product so no need for the promises for quick updates.

  8. @Lordpanther_14:
    We've ALL been waiting since February, so what's a few more days here and there? Have you ever tried to code something like this? If you have, how long did it take YOU? If you haven't, you've no right to say the things you've just said.
    And I'm in the process of coding (it's in my sig in the forum) so before you say anything like that, don't.
    I don't mean to sound hateful, but lay off him. He has his own problems and it's all done in his free time. So if he gives optimistic times and stuff but then it doesn't happen, it's nothing to be worked up about.

  9. @Squark:
    Have you even read the guy's post ?
    He doesn't ask Cmac to hurry the fuck up at all.
    I'd kindly ask you to go die in a fire.

  10. Romain +1,
    @Squark: very stinky post --_--'''

    cmacleod42, thank you for great news! I hope that soon you feel better, don't push yourself.
    Good luck & health

  11. Take your time bro. I know how long coding can take. Best thing you can do when setting a date is declare it it'll take 6 months longer than you anticipate. Anyway, kick your feet up, relax, have a beer and watch the boob tube. No need to destroy yourself for a game right?


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