Monday, March 1, 2010

More on progress

It is difficult for me to estimate when I will be finished the current version of the game. It is more complex than expected and mainly I have had many health issues to do with the control of diabetes.

So please no enquiries about when I will be finished, I will not answer them. I will be finished soon, maybe a couple of weeks, but it depends.

a) added new NPC (male) weapon trainer, needed for new combat skills

a) lend her - did not have the chance to do it on the weekend
b) update girls (did a couple on the weekend, quite simple but boring to do)
c) tweak parties and maybe add a scene or two
d) finish beach

By the way I keep running out of memory on my system and Flash crashes. It is just the sheer number of images in the fla file. I have split all party graphics out of the main file into a separate Parties.swf to reduce this.

Sometime I will also do people as there are a lot of graphics there, but this is a fairly extensive change, so it will wait.


  1. That's really too bad about your diabetes. I've had to work with people with it before, administering insulin, and it's a terrible thing to have to endure.

    Still, it's good to hear that progress continues in spite of that, particularly large differences like the completion of the beach. I look forward to it whether it's done a week or a year from now.

  2. take your time, dont push yourself.
    as long you dont drop the project, i have no problem waiting

  3. keep up the good work

    the reason why im asking about how many megs it will be when its done is becouse i got two computers in two diffrent locations and one of them got a limit on how much to download due to the connection so i have to make plans if im to download it on the limitless locaton, mainly right now becouse my operated knee which makes me unable to ride in a car in sitting position . but as long as its not bigger then 1gig then it shouldnt be a problem for my limited download connection

  4. The new version will be a similar size to the current version

  5. As everyone else has said so far, I'd be willing to wait a long time for this new release. I was honestly expecting sometime in April or May to begin with, so any earlier is a bonus in my mind.

  6. thanks for all your hard work. love the game

  7. Thanks for your game. Its really interesting project.
    some question:
    1.) The game have some quests during from slave maker can change sex (if "bad end" off). From male to girl or dickgirl. And from girl to gickgirl. Will be back metamorphosis quests?
    2.) will be role slave maker's statistics (conversation, renown, corruption) changed?

  8. Take your time bro :] cant wait for the release or beta or something :]


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