Friday, February 26, 2010


Close to beta testing, mainly left is

a) revised lend action, probably just a simple version initially
b) more for the beach
c) some lesbian tweaks
d) slave maker action tweaks
e) update existing slavegirls for compatibility

a) is quite complex but should be done this weekend. The other changes are a couple days work


  1. Yay! Sounds like you're closer than I thought! Can't wait to try it out! (Can I end anymore sentences with exclamations?!)

  2. youve done a great job working this fast :)

  3. I decided to stop being lazy and get an account.

    Great news, Cmac. I'm a little curious why you're having a closed beta... But I take it that means the game is just HUGE compared to other versions.

  4. I want to do a closed beta to find all initial bugs before a public release. With only limited people testing it will limit the number of duplicate bug reports and keep things more managable.

    Sure less bugs will be found but it means the first public release will have fewer issues to bother everyone and the ones missed in the beta I will then fix in the next release

  5. Makes sense.

    ...That does mean the game is still hyooge though, right?

  6. hey Silth, His guts are HUGE! =D

    The more you raise your expectations, the less amazing the game's experience is gonna be. Just remember, its a one man show, and enjoy it when it comes out.

  7. how big do you expect the game to be?

  8. Well, from what I've been seeing on the forum, there seems to be updates to all the original girls, plus a new girl, and then there's the beach...

    I still play the 15.8 version for fun when I'm bored. In my eyes, the only way this game can go is if it gets bigger, and Cmac seems to be doing that. How big doesn't truly concern me, since there's always stuff to do in SM, including fooling around in the SDK.


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