Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Status Update

1) 10 pieces of gossip, 14 story snippets in the library

2) Pony Mistress done, Cute Lesbian Done. Including education for ponygirl and lesbian training

3) added girls sexuality (straight, bi, lesbian and a graduated scale)

4) adding a status of her ponygirlishness, and catgirlishness, limited by skills

Some early preliminary work on slave Deedlit, mainly by others so far


  1. On the item 3, have you heard about the Kinsey Scale to meter sexuality? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinsey_scale

    And on item 4, can we create a catgirl just like ponygirls, or it's just for some slave stories?

  2. Ni I had not heard of the scale. This is a game not a treatise on sexuality. Still what I have done has some similiarities.

    There is a skill 'Catgirl Trainer' for your Slave Maker. But it may not be fully fleshed out in the first release of Slave Maker 3

  3. "...says Blizzard when asked of Starcraft 2..." :)

  4. Any chance of male slaves in a future update?

  5. Random...the chance of male chars exist, it's already suppported on the COde, me thinks. But Cmacleod won't do them anytime soon, better try out yourself of ask to somebody else :)

    Btw this version of the game is goonnna rock sooo much :D


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