Monday, February 22, 2010

Not well

Been a bit sick the last couple of days so little progress. Some debugging of slave requirements for acts and added 2 additional furry encounters (optional).

Did a little futanarising (ie converting images to dickgirls) for recreation. I use some in the game and others just for fun and to practise image editing. Did a couple of Horo from Spice and Wolf just then.

I post at the futanari place (registration needed)

A few times I tried posting in 4Chan but too many jerks. I don't care about criticisms of my work but replies like 'Don't post your crap here' have turned me off ever posting there again.

Also I have added the adult warning to this blog. I may never post images but the links are to adult sites. I many make a more appropriate banner sometime, and that would have adultish elements, ie slavery.


  1. ya, 4chan people can be jerks. Can't really complain much about them though, since I found SM2 through 4chan. Haven't been there in a long time though. Anyway, back on track. Keep up the good work. Sorry to hear you're feeling unwell. Get better soon.

  2. I write on 4chan occasionally, generally on /tg/, and I've seen the behavior of various boards. Yes, they're jerks to those that provide for them. But it also depends on what board you post on.

    For your game, I'd advise posting on /d/. If you were posting on /b/, well, they're jerks to everyone, including themselves. If /d/ was being a bunch of jerks, I'm surprised. They usually aren't - but if you do post there, it's probably best you don't do it too often - they'll be rather unhappy with a new thread every day, or even every two or three.

    Also, if you put the adult tag up, I see no reason why you shouldn't just put up preview pictures as well. You've done it in other places, after all, and this is where you're putting your development info.

  3. well, since you put the adult tag up why dont you post your picture here?
    maybe you can get a better opinion if you post it here...

  4. what is everybody using to run the girlbuilder?
    says "dose not recognize the file type"
    open with:
    (and to make my self look even more ignorant)
    i clicked Internet explorer, and now it wants to open all files of that type with the internet explorer.
    is there a way to get it to stop doing that that?
    I've been addicted to this since i found it and i can't tell you how bad i want to start making my own slaves, but i keep running into files that i need other programs to open.
    i have both adobe flash and shock-wave players
    i use Jzip for the zip files. anything else i need to get? pleas let me know.
    i also wanted to let you know you've done an incredible job with this! MAX respect!


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