Friday, February 19, 2010

Wasting Time

To confirm, as of the new version Slave Maker 3 the game supports male slaves and twins.

I have no interest in developing a male slave so I will leave that to others.

I may though develop Ranma to have a 3 gender oscilation through male, dickgirl and female, instead of the current dickgirl/female

Not much done last night
a) bounty hunter visits and love affair

Actually I tried out Hentai High School by Poooloka and one of the reversionings of it. I found the original rather fascinating and lost a few hours playing it


  1. Hent High School is indeed strangely addictive. It's a gotta-unlock-it-all thing, I guess. I'm rather impressed by Pooolka's ability to make addictive games.

  2. Yes, Yes they are that addictive...

  3. Reversionings for Hentai High School? Do tell...I've only seen the original, found it at the forums...

  4. I'm the author of one reversioning. I've been pimping it a bit on the hentai game uploads section of Masterbloodfer. I'm getting close to releasing the next version with quite a bit more going on.

    I'm not sure if I want CMac to have played my version. On the one hand, his remake of SM is what turned me from a legit amateur game maker towards the naughty side. On the other hand, it's REALLY rough right now, and needs tons more work.


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