Saturday, February 13, 2010

Start Blog

this is my new blog where I will post updates and general development information for my game

Slave Maker 3
Slave Maker Revised v16

based on Pooloka's flash game Slave Maker


  1. Hi author, nice game you did there!

    You just invented the whole new way of using those tons of images, and it is revoluton. Add to this choosing right tools, and we have serious break-through. Well I know of the poolka, but your part is mighty epic too. He kinda hinted the direction, but you made actual move, SM 2 is actually game and not the torture.

    Well I've been reading Masterbloodfer forum for the time and I don't like that some people kinda forced this wrong name - version 3. Its obviously not right, and your original v16, no, r16 - suits it perfectly. Not that I doubt you, just saying don't go along them loud and clueless people.

    Wow, some comment I write here. Anyway, I send you the mental ray of support and good health.

  2. where would you like beta error reports to be sent, and or new coding?

  3. Hi man! Well... I have an idea. Something like Slave Maker. But I have no experience in game development. Even basic knowledge of flash and ActionScript. If you could advise at least a few lessons, I would be very grateful to you. The idea of my game like yours: text + picture + buttons + musical accompaniment. I would first try to create this game, and when I have experience - I could help you in the design, if you need me :)
    P.S. Sorry for my bad English - I'm from Russia :)


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