Sunday, February 14, 2010

Remaing for Version 3

Current state of development

1) adding gossip and rumours when you meet/visit people. Aim to have about 20 for the release, so far 6. Each day I add 1-2

2) adding erotic stories to the Library Job special event, current 12 aiming for 20. I add one average 1 a day

3) Beach introduction done, and basic framework in place, all images edited. Just need to finish the Walk, Swim, Private, Rocks options and writing the events. Say 2-3 days

4) End Game - revised scoring and assessment left, 1 days work

5) Add new Visit people, Tena the lesbian and Mistress Epona the pony mistress, a few hours work

6) revised lend process, adding customised interactions for each person, a couple of days

7) more details for the new backgrounds, currently little. Possibly they will be released with only small parts implemented

8) (OPTIONAL) Slave review screen, may wait for later releases

9) Update all girls, a few hours work

Tonight 5) will be done and maybe more for 1 & 2

Note later I will post some information on FlashDevelop and the game

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