Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slave Maker Alpha v5 +

This  is  the  alpha version of the new slave maker

Slave Maker Alpha  v5
This version corrects assorted bugs, but probably adds more. I added the following new features
  • New Advantage: Forest Elf
  • New Advantage: Dark Elf
  • New Advantage: True Catgirl. Note: male is ok, they are a race of beings.
  • New Advantage: Holy
  • New Advantage: Convincing
  • Hint system has been revanped to be actual tooltip style hints. Some slave specific hints may initially work inperfectly until a new release
  • Revised Act restrictions (see below)
  • slave detail override system (see Mai below)
  • Slave Makers can have up to 3 jobs
  • Vampiric Feeding (very basic, I have improved text, but forgot to implement, sorry moliere)
  • New (simple) slave Mai. She need much more work, image editing and selection, mainly an example
Previously you were resticted from doing sex acts based on lesbian training and other things. A female slave maker could not strap-on fuck a female slave, a male slave maker could not give a dickgirl slave a blowjob etc

These restrictions are completely removed, but your slave will feel uncomfortable or downright unhappy doing overtly lesbian acts, or heterosexual act, depending on their sexuality. There will be penalties to obedience, joy, love depending on < 25 < 50 < 75 ranges and varying depending if they are lesbian or straight. BUT you can always do the acts.

At the moment a lot of the text is fairly simple for the new variants, and many girls will lack specific images. This will be eventually revised

Still many of the new advantages have little effect.

Freelancer has had some changes, training will not end until a buyer is found. This is still a daily event but is planned to be an encounter in the Slave Market, a new/returned walk loation. Note most of the options there are being worked on and will just show images.

Mai Shiranui
You will see a new slave Mai Shiranui, a completely vanilla slave (no special events). She is implemented as a completely new type of slave

- purely developed using Flash Develop
Source Code
< 1Mb

- she purely uses loaded images and is a bit slow to play. I will be working to optimise this using code and ideas from Slave Builder.
- all her initial stats and text are in an external file Slave-Mai.vars that can be edited

This allows her to be copied and used as a template to create a simple slave. As I write this I realise there are issues with the current implementation, I intended this for a completely generic, requiring no coding at all just copying files, but it will not quite work. You can easily duplicate and make your own

  1. Copy the source code, rename the class Mai to your new slave name (also rename to the same name). Remember to make sure the new .as file is set to always compile and the old is not (right click in the library). You may need to edit the classpath to point to the SDK folder "Examples/Common Scripts" (Project/Properties) Build the project with FlashDevelop, that is all the coding needed
  2. copy SlaveGirl30.txt and a new number, also create a Slave-xxxxx.png (save Slave-Ifurita.png) same name as above. Edit the txt file to change gamefile to the new name. Also Folder to a new folder for the ne wslave
  3. copy Images/Mai to say Images/Ifurita (whatever your slave is)
  4. replace the images, keeping the exact same naming system. More can be added in the same bynber/name sequence
  5. copy Slave-Mai.vars to a new name like Slave-Ifurita.vars
  6. edit the file to customise the stats, names, dress effects and so on
  7. This is it, you have a new slave
Note the vars file can be used for any existing slave, so you could create a file
and alter effects for Akane, like initial stats, difficulties etc

Note: I will update her to require no coding at all, and to be faster.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Slave Builder 1.4 + Yoruichi + Ino

Mmm ideally I should of just posted these as they happened, Oh well

Slave Builder
Moose has released an update of his Java based code generator, Slave Builder.
Note: this is only of use to people developing slaves, it is of no use for people who just want to play the game

Hello Everyone.

After 6 months of work, I am proud to release Slave Builder V1.4
On the outside, there are not many changes as I was planning to add Customs tab but due to some problems, I was unable to fix

Change Log
1)   Seperated Adobe and FlashDevelop as I have decided to focus solely on FlashDevelop.
2)   Ability to add custom skills (tab 3);
3)   Modified "Assistant Information" UI. Need more space for later versions
4)   Tailor Tab: completely changed UI
5)   Most of the information is now saved as XML file.
6)   The tabs are re-organised.

1)   Assistant Building and Export
2)   Event Generation (Made by Raphe)
      -   Does not yet export.
3)     An Error log file is always generated so if any errors are encountered, this file contains the stack trace

Known problems
1)   Assistant Images are not shown. I dont know what the problem is so if anyone could fix it. I would be great-full.

1) Ability to add custom jobs, chores, sex acts.
   - this is mostly done but was having trouble saving so currently disabled.

I hope you like it.

Please post comments, errors, idea, anything.

If any errors are encountered, could you please copy/paste the "Error Log.txt" file here for examination.

NOTE: The guide included has not been updated in a while but NarutoXD is currently working on it. Thankyou NarutoXD.

Jaren released a new version of his slave Yoruichi

Ok... I made the time to finish off my list tonight. This version 1.3, will be as I noted before the last version I put out with new features for the foreseeable future. I have a really exciting plan for a new game, and so I wish to put my time to that. In particular I want to do something non hentai so that I can talk about it with my friends lol...

New in this version:

-New additional ending if you decide not to pay her fine.
-New naked images
-Another item positioning pass done
-Onsen image positioning fixed

At some point I might get back to this and add morning events for when you possess the secret treasure, and add a bad ending where Yoruichi manages to run away for good, but I wont pretend thats anytime soon.

I will however keep checking in, and if a decent amount of bugs collected I will fix them.

I will also -try- to add any new improved writing thats supplied, or images, at the same time when I fix bugs.

PS- Once I have more to say on it, and if anyone is interested, I might post a link to my new game on the larger forums here. It wont be hentai, but it will have strong echii parts lol... Go catgirls, elven cheerleaders, robotic girlfriends, and lots of other stuff short of direct sex =)

Ino Beta release

Darsel released a beta version of his slave Ino fron Naruto
(a.k.a. "the barely there release")

I've included some notes about the release in the archive(including installation instructions). Please keep in mind that aside from the tentacles and a few other little things, this is a 'generic' release. Please let me know if there are missing images or events are acting strangely(again, be sure to check IMPORTANT!.txt). Also, feedback is more than welcome.