Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slave Maker Alpha v5 +

This  is  the  alpha version of the new slave maker

Slave Maker Alpha  v5
This version corrects assorted bugs, but probably adds more. I added the following new features
  • New Advantage: Forest Elf
  • New Advantage: Dark Elf
  • New Advantage: True Catgirl. Note: male is ok, they are a race of beings.
  • New Advantage: Holy
  • New Advantage: Convincing
  • Hint system has been revanped to be actual tooltip style hints. Some slave specific hints may initially work inperfectly until a new release
  • Revised Act restrictions (see below)
  • slave detail override system (see Mai below)
  • Slave Makers can have up to 3 jobs
  • Vampiric Feeding (very basic, I have improved text, but forgot to implement, sorry moliere)
  • New (simple) slave Mai. She need much more work, image editing and selection, mainly an example
Previously you were resticted from doing sex acts based on lesbian training and other things. A female slave maker could not strap-on fuck a female slave, a male slave maker could not give a dickgirl slave a blowjob etc

These restrictions are completely removed, but your slave will feel uncomfortable or downright unhappy doing overtly lesbian acts, or heterosexual act, depending on their sexuality. There will be penalties to obedience, joy, love depending on < 25 < 50 < 75 ranges and varying depending if they are lesbian or straight. BUT you can always do the acts.

At the moment a lot of the text is fairly simple for the new variants, and many girls will lack specific images. This will be eventually revised

Still many of the new advantages have little effect.

Freelancer has had some changes, training will not end until a buyer is found. This is still a daily event but is planned to be an encounter in the Slave Market, a new/returned walk loation. Note most of the options there are being worked on and will just show images.

Mai Shiranui
You will see a new slave Mai Shiranui, a completely vanilla slave (no special events). She is implemented as a completely new type of slave

- purely developed using Flash Develop
Source Code
< 1Mb

- she purely uses loaded images and is a bit slow to play. I will be working to optimise this using code and ideas from Slave Builder.
- all her initial stats and text are in an external file Slave-Mai.vars that can be edited

This allows her to be copied and used as a template to create a simple slave. As I write this I realise there are issues with the current implementation, I intended this for a completely generic, requiring no coding at all just copying files, but it will not quite work. You can easily duplicate and make your own

  1. Copy the source code, rename the class Mai to your new slave name (also rename to the same name). Remember to make sure the new .as file is set to always compile and the old is not (right click in the library). You may need to edit the classpath to point to the SDK folder "Examples/Common Scripts" (Project/Properties) Build the project with FlashDevelop, that is all the coding needed
  2. copy SlaveGirl30.txt and a new number, also create a Slave-xxxxx.png (save Slave-Ifurita.png) same name as above. Edit the txt file to change gamefile to the new name. Also Folder to a new folder for the ne wslave
  3. copy Images/Mai to say Images/Ifurita (whatever your slave is)
  4. replace the images, keeping the exact same naming system. More can be added in the same bynber/name sequence
  5. copy Slave-Mai.vars to a new name like Slave-Ifurita.vars
  6. edit the file to customise the stats, names, dress effects and so on
  7. This is it, you have a new slave
Note the vars file can be used for any existing slave, so you could create a file
and alter effects for Akane, like initial stats, difficulties etc

Note: I will update her to require no coding at all, and to be faster.


  1. Note:
    found a fix the the coding issue for Mai, a mere 4 line coding change. Unfortunately it is not in Mai it is in the core game, so a new release is needed of the SlaveMaker3.swf/exe for the fix. Interestingly no coding change needed at all for the Mai herself

  2. i proposed this a long time ago, but since you are changing how the buyer works.. here is my suggestion:

    In a location (maybe slavemarket) you can meet some buyer with different taste, and than choosing one and training the slave to fit to that buyer. Every time the choice can be limited to an X number of buyers, some with normal taste (maid,whore etc..) and some with harder ones tat can be accomplished only if you have the skills (ponygirl, lesbian etc..).

    So the reward may be calculated based on how much your slave fit the taste of the buyer.

  3. clef
    I do have something like that in development, the only issue is the question about how long you take to decide to seek a new owner etc. I am working out how to balance payments and requests etc

  4. Hi sorry for bother u, but what happens if u start with freelancer mode, and u dont want sell ur slave, u want to keep it? in guild mode u have the ending Love or Brough Back, and is because u have a contract, but in freelance mode if u are gonna to keep it at the end, why sell it?

    Again sorry bother u why this small thing Im downloading the V5 right now.

  5. Is Yoruichi and Ino in this version?

  6. hey the true cat girl advantage is not working what do I do

  7. Nyan-kun
    Not yet implemented. Sell her and then buy back after training finishes.

    This is an alpha and an upgrade. They are not included in this release. Download from the previous links if you have not already.

    I notice this morning and fixed it. For now it is limited to females, sorry

  8. every time i get to choose assistance there are non

  9. matt
    this alpha is an update for a full game installation, not a complete game in itself. Download the fille version of 3.1.10b and install this overtop, replacing files when asked

  10. Okay, bug list so far:

    Daily text events leaking into sex events if you are using more than 3 of the same.

    Her bisexuality is...skewed. If it's perfectly in the middle, she doesn't complain on male or female, but if it's 1 point to either side, she complains and you get negative stats but she isn't complaining on the sex.
    This presents a problem when you chose herm (As SM and Sex partner) She'll automatically go towards lesbian if you do not counter with multiple nightly events with male partners.

  11. "Daily text events leaking into sex events if you are using more than 3 of the same."
    Please explain more. What do you mean precisely. Can you give an example.

    For the sexuality issue do you have lesbians love dickgirls enabled on options?

  12. I'm getting the same bi problem as Hedrah, with the lesbians love dickgirls enabled... and the daily text events leaking, but not just on more then three of the same. unable to see what may be related to the problem.

  13. "Daily text events leaking into sex events if you are using more than 3 of the same."

    Text from the daily even leaks into the nightly events, such as choosing Blowjob/Fuck her/etcetc three times.

    So making "lesbians love dickgirls" option is causing my straight slave turn lesbian because of ze sausage of my herm(s)....

    But anyway, love the work you've done so far, keep it up.

  14. Hi , there is a bug in the game that makes numbers go all fuzzy and just says NaN. I mean if that bug isn't reported yet that is , just wanted you to know and is there any way to fix it? or do I have to wait for the new release?

  15. Is Work in Brothel meant to reduce dominance? It dosnt really fit, just because you are a prostitute does not mean you are submissive...

  16. i notice at the start a new game you can choose to be elf dark elf
    has those been activated or just for show atm

  17. pardon me, is there no update on slave aeris? i really like her story about nymph magic and the rest.

  18. Excellent work on the new Alpha, I am impressed. A few bugs (?) I found though...

    I made a Freelance Male Vampire and tried to train Shampoo at night. When I moused over Touch Her, it warned me that lesbian acts might meet with reluctance. Maybe the gender recognition for Vampires is messed up?

    When I went to the Beach with Shampoo for the first time, I got a blank screen instead of the usual event. I could not leave the Beach.

    I also discovered that if I click on the word GOLD that I get free gold for each click and the Obedience of Shampoo rises as well. Was that intentional?

    I tend to switch stat screens frequently when playing, and at one point, I ended up with ghosted white letters behind the usual black lettering. I saved, restarted the game and loaded and the graphics error was in the save file.

    Oh and I noticed that the Alpha was missing Slaves and all the Assistants, as well as many folders from the prior game. I copy/pasted the missing folders over and suspect I might have caused some of these issues thereby.

  19. Amazing new possibilities.
    A minor bug, but funny sometimes: When using the Blowjob, and selecting for your female assistent to lick her pussy, the game understands that your slave is a dickgirl, and says that your assistent licks the girl's cock and other things, even if she never drinked the Priapus Draft.

    Also, I'm getting some bugs while trying to train Shampoo, where at the ending of the training, she is delivered to her owner, even he didn't have one, and I'm pretty sure I didn't sell her (I never do that, and every time I missclick the "Yes" for selling I reload the game). Kind of annoying.

    I'm looking foward to see every new advantage fully working (mainly with Furry, True Catgirl, Catgirl and Vampire). Your work is amazing, thanks for this great game.

  20. Hedrah
    "Text from the daily even leaks into the nightly events, such as choosing Blowjob/Fuck her/etcetc three times."

    I have never seen anything remotely like this. Can you repliably reproduce it. IF so please let me know the acts and events involved so I can research

    that is caused by a but with Mai, a simple edit is needed for the file Slave-Mai.vars, locate the lines
    any lines with test like holy etc add a , after the last number in the line

    It is intentional and has always done so to date. It is more suppose to reflect your nature as a sex addict, willing to do whatever for sex, than just being a prostitute.

    as noted in my post, most of the new advantages and races do not have any story elements yet

    Not yet, the developer is busy on his game and I am doing bug fixes and the such. When time permits I will update, especiallly for femal slave makers

    The Gold click is a cheat put into the game, so quite deliberate. Be aware the can can penailise you for using it (just a little)

    The Alpha is an update, not a full game, it has to be applied over top on an existing game to work. It is only 130Mb, the full game is closer to 600Mb

    the lick issue is fixed. I am not sure why here ending failed. Were you playing a Freelance slave maker or a guild member?

  21. I love this new custom slave maker scheme. So many options, so little time.

    I do have a question. Has the way to develop catslave trainer level 1 changed? I used to be able to personally take the slave for singing lessons, but that doesn't work any more. Is it related possibly to the free lesbian trainer level 1? I thought that maybe lesbian trainer level 1 came free with slut trainer level 1 (or sex addict advantage), but maybe not.

    One more thing, is the slave maker supposed to be unable to participate in threesome? It wouldn't let me do threesome until I got purchased another slave.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. EDIT:
    @cmacleod42: Yes, for the Sex Addict Brothel I agree. But Im talking about the Brothel Madam and living in the Brothel one.

    If you are not a sex addict there shouldnt be a problem.

  24. Besides, working in a brothel increases Temprament for the slave. Its a bit weird that it should do roughty the opposite for a slave maker.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Thank you cmacleod42 , as always great game sir I appreciate all your hard work and time on this game please keep it up =D

  27. Hello.
    I got a bit of an issue that is simmilar to a previous post.

    "Nyan-kun said...

    Hi sorry for bother u, but what happens if u start with freelancer mode, and u dont want sell ur slave, u want to keep it? in guild mode u have the ending Love or Brough Back, and is because u have a contract, but in freelance mode if u are gonna to keep it at the end, why sell it?

    Not yet implemented. Sell her and then buy back after training finishes."

    I made a freelancer slave maker, and after i finished the training of a slave and sold it to a person (For instance Shampoo to the Count) i didn't recive an option to buy her back (scored 130 points) and even so with being in love i didn't get her back. Is there a way to work around or is the "buy back" not yet implemneted into the game?

  28. Anatolj, I had a similar problem as a freelancer. I never found a buyer by exhibiting Shampoo at the Slave Market. So after 110 days of never finding a buyer, I found a loophole. Schedule a visit to buy a servant. When you get you chance to buy a slave/servant, notice that you can also choose to finish your slave training early. When I ended Shampoo's training as a freelancer, I actually got to keep her without having to buy her back.

  29. alt.tyssen:
    Thanks for the tip.;)

  30. sorry, but i have a nother question to add to you list; are the Sipder Women quest and the Dark Lady of the Rocks quest compleate yet?

  31. Selecting Vampire or Furry blocks the elfs, but not the other way around. By the way, is it intentional to ok being a Furry Vampire? If yes then why not Vamp/Furry Elfs?

    Allow me to vote in favor of a Height line on measuremets at creation.

    Is there a way to increase the maker Charisma and Refinement during ganeplay like increasing conversation by going to the bar?

  32. Update: The catslave training still works, but for some reason, it didn't show up on the Your Stats 2 screen until I got to 0.2.

  33. Megapervert
    Not yet, will be in the final version of 3.2

    I have revised the races/vampire etc since the last alpha and this is a bit different. You know have home towns like 'elven forest' etc.

    No way to increase those stats, YET

  34. Hello,

    In previous alphas i was able to choose sex addict/slut trainer and still get love declaration from slaves(playing female)

    In the alpha5, if i choose sex addicted/slut trainer, i end up with "free" lesbian trainer1 skill, which prevent slave to declare love unless she becomes lesbian(same issue appeared in older versions as slutmaker)

  35. I see, will wait then.

    Another thing, Witch gives Alchemy 1 but does not select/block it from the list.

    Why cant a maker with nobility or with the refined skill reach 100 refinement?

    Suggestion: A new Exhibitionist advantage (maybe restricted to female/futa). It would allow or force you (maker) to walk naked. Consequently your slaves would feel more comfortable with nakedness and it could have some implications story wise/special events (maybe as a disadvantage as well to make it more interesting/challenging, like no armors).

    Also, it would be nice to have an advantage allowing the maker Charisma to reach 100. Maybe restricted to females.

  36. cmac, sorry I took this long to answer.
    I was playing a guild member slave maker, never tried out the freelancer one yet, seems to be harder.

  37. I have a problem using drugs from the drug dealer. They don't work. The dealer takes my money but my slave's stat isn't affected.

  38. Vermin
    they should still declare their love to you, it will just be delayed a little, make the do a lesbian act and that will clear the way.

    all stats have max values but with the refined skill the limit should be 100, I'll check.

    I'll consider your other siggestions.

    You need to go to her equipment screen and choose to drink the potion

  39. For some reason when I make a slave maker, there's no assistants for me to pick from, meaning I can't continue on. In addition, the only slave I can pick is Mai.

  40. supblackreaper
    To repleat from the last person reporting this

    this alpha is an update for a full game installation, not a complete game in itself. Download the full version of 3.1.10b and install this overtop, replacing files when asked

  41. first off thanks for answering my last question; and thanks far still working on this game after so long its awesome! the other thing is; you said you made another game? since you are the one who made it, i was woundering ifi could try it out.

  42. Megapervert
    Making a new game, not made. It is not ready yet for anyone to try. No idea when, I have been busy, some family and health issues so not a lot of time for game writing and most has been on Slave Maker

  43. Hey cmacleod42,

    I ran into a couple of bugs while playing your awesome game as a female lesbian trainer :

    There's an issue with the "lick her" command, whenever you as slavemaker perform it there's no problem, but when you let your assistant or other owned slaves lick your current female slave in training, it goes to futa dialogue, even though the character isn't actually a futa.

    When letting an owned slave fuck your female slave with a strapon, the name of the owned slave is written down as "undefined" When you do it yourself, or have your assistant do it, it's fine.

    When you do anal strapon, as a slavetrainer, your slave's name turns into "slaveheshe", when using slave or assistant it's fine.

    The "Touch you" command works fine on the slavemaker, but there is a problem in dialogue if you make your slave touch your assistant or owned slaves.

    There's an error in performing tribadism as a lesbian, it says "that your slave is reluctant because only males are involved"

    The orgy command has the same issue, and only shows 1 picture of a male slave having sex with 2 women, even though the order was "female's only"

    Hope this helps you squash some bugs :)

  44. Dominatrix ("work in brothel to give pain and pleasure to customers") work appears to get 'undefined' icon when doing training on this alpha. Just an FYI for bugfix time! Thanks again for all of your efforts! :)

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Gender recognition for meny Night/sex training options need a fix, eg: orgy with girls only counts as having only males. Some options with Futa SM count for lez action even with Lez love futa turned off, but that might be one bug and not two. If possible maybe Futa should move the slider to the center, girls to lez and males to strate. IF you can do that an option in the options menu can replace 'Lez love Futa' to 'Futa makes lez' Same as you have is when its turned on, 'Futa makes Bi' or "Futa makes strate'. Use the same sulecter for that as game difficulty with the three options. Also, bi prefrince shouldn't take a hit from using the wrong gender. Lesbian take a hit to joy and others of you use a male but futa does nothing but change the slider and girls give a bonis. Likewise futa get a bonis for bi prefrince, males and girls only moving the slider either way. lastly strate girls get a bonis with guys a slider move with futa and a hit to stats with girls. Still good work on v5 and I do hope to see more. All other bugs I've seen have been listed by others.

  47. oddly.. I have no idea what to open this with :/ to play it with it screwing up and not showing words, as I was trying to do it in 7-zip file manager but.. its failing

  48. To repeat again

    this alpha is an update for a full game installation, not a complete game in itself. Download the full version of 3.1.10b and install this overtop, replacing files when asked.

    Also for the full version, ONLY extract the first part, your archiving program will automatically extract the other parts.

    Lastly try WinRar to extract but 7-zip should work

  49. So when downloading the rar parts with the 3.1.10b do I just put the download all in one spot then open it up with winrar?

  50. hozrien
    yes, remember just extract the first part.

  51. I've ran into a couple of issues. As someone previously mentioned, the gold displays as NAN sometimes, usually after I have sent a girl to the brothel. Secondly, I cannot get the girls invited to any of the events with the high class prostitute no matter what they are wearing or how high their stats are. I am running a freelance, if this makes any difference.

    Other than that, I love the direction your game is heading. Thanks for all your hard work.

  52. I've also got the NaN gold problem. I'm playing as freelance too. I'm not sure if the problem appeared after getting a refund from a school udring planning or somewhere else as I didn't notice the problem until after purchasing my next slave. Sandbox mode is currently disabled.

    The NaN still allows me to purchase goods & clothes from shops and the salesman, etc. Only the Swimming Tutor claims that I don't have enough for lessons. (She had been giving me the reduced rate beforehand)

  53. I wonder how you can join the update and the main game together :/ as I got the main game working.

  54. Extract the alpha into the same folder you placed the main game and you're good to go Hozrien.

  55. For the Nan Gold/Joy issue I though I had posted a fix (I had in the forums

    For the Joy being NaN,

    This is caused by a typo in the file

    Edit it with a text editor (any) and changes these lines

    &Dress3StatEffects=0, 5, 10, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, Easy
    &Dress4StatEffects=10, 10, 10, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, Swimsuit
    &Dress5StatEffects=10, 0, 10, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 5, 10, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, SleazyBar
    &Dress6StatEffects=30, 0, 0, 0, 0, 10, 0, 0, 0, 15, 15, 0, 0, 10, 10, 0, 15, Slutty Easy

    Just adding a , after the last number on each line.

    This does not fix existing games but will prevent the issue in future.

  56. Sorry, but i have no images for Mai in game.. I mean sex actions images and so an..
    What I do wrong?

  57. Ulman
    there are some bugs for Mai where selected images do not appear (for instance anal and gang-bang) but not in general. A new verson will be released in a day or so.

    You did install the alpha version over top of an existing game installation?

  58. Yes, I did..
    I haven't any pictures from "image/mai" directory in game..
    Maybe in new release it will be fixed)

  59. Thank you vampire.
    Also in appearances for my character, how do you get the character to have the catgirl,furry,vampire,true catgirl, etc appearance? I mean I see the folder where the images are but I'm not sure how to get them to show up in the game and their isn't like a species button.

  60. Ulman
    not sure why you do not see the images. Lets see in the new release

    Use the advanced slave maker creation system and pick the advantage Furry, or Catgirl, etc. Then the appearance will default to them and you can select. You can also select the standard images as well (ie base females/males/dickgirl based on your gender)

  61. Sorry about the Alchemy misunderstanding at my last post, I understood it by now.

    However, I also noticed that the saved games screen is not correctly updated after deleting a save. The deleting seems fine, but there are some leftovers at the screen (image).

    Does being submissive (low dominance) changes anything? At least it would be nice to see a bondage option where you assistant binds you with your slave so as to improve your relationship (also making it easier to get the slave to do it).

    When you take Yoruichi as a freelancer she vanishes with your money (except 500 of it). Easy to notice after finishing a slave (anyone) first and then choosing her.

    Is working at the guild ok as a freelancer? The button text vanishes after closing the game and then loading back, but still works. Training other slaves make sense as a freelancer, specially once the maker reputation is high. However, it would be logical to, at least, change the name/description a bit, maybe referring to it as underground work with some exotic (read unapproved by the guild) trainings.

    As it is now, the inhuman ancestry is not fit for females, specially the demon ending and the take her event. You need a reworked female version of it or to disable it for them (easy way since the other would need different pictures, though those shouldn't be hard to find).

    When choosing a sex action like Orgy and Gang-Bang when slaves of only one sex are owned (or only males or futas or females) the action should not ask for what you want to do, since the is not really any choice. An option to remember the last choice would be nice otherwise.

    Finally, it would be really helpful to add a check-box for Naked and Anal-plug all mornings. Forgetting it is as annoying as navigating there to choose it over and over again.

  62. :/ I seem to be failing but I can't find the advanced slave maker creation system? could you possibly link me to the download or something? As I was looking around and I couldn't find it, at one point a while back I had it but it wasn't showing the pictures so.. ya thank you!

  63. TRK
    currently slave maker dominance has little effect, some different text in some places mainly. Certainly it should do more and will

    The gold/freelancer issue is known for Yoruichi and is bening discussed in her development thread at the futanaripalace

    "the inhuman ancestry is not fit for females, specially the demon ending and the take her event"
    The take her event is NOT you doing it, so the image is just fine and the text is not gender specific for you. The ending shows a demonic image and has assorted text. Sure it should ideally be Demoness not Demon but only a minor thing really.

    I'll consider your other suggestions.

    The system is only available using the alpha version
    a) install the alpha in the same folder as the full game NOT in a sub folder
    b) start the game and on the screen when you select your slave makers name and build choose the button 'Advanced'

    If you do not see this screen/button then you are playing the current version, not the alpha, and you have not extracted it into the same folder

  64. Just gotta say, this is one of the greatest fan-made games I've ever seen. cmacleod42, you rock hard. The alpha is made of so much win it should not fit in a single directory.

  65. I'm waiting to download the alpha until it's ready, but I really wanted to second TRK's suggestion of having a box to select naked/anal plug all the time. Like how Naru can be naked all the time with her 'naked dress'. maybe once you train them to level 5 in naked and/or striptease, they have the option to remain naked for the rest of their training time. IDK.

  66. *cmacleod42 said...
    they should still declare their love to you, it will just be delayed a little, make the do a lesbian act and that will clear the way.*

    I tried again, with several lesbian actions,but wont change anything unless she goes lesbian.

    To really check the issue i've done some more testing:
    (used shampoo then kasumi for each test, to try fast and slow love growth)

    Alpha 4:

    -any gender
    -sex addict
    -slut trainer 1
    Start the game
    (no appearance of lesbian trainer 1 on day1)

    -->love déclaration after enough kissing
    (didnt use any lesbian action at night even for female slavemaker)

    Alpha v5+ :

    -any gender
    -sex addict
    Start the game
    (no appearance of lesbian trainer 1 on day 1)

    -->love declaration after enough kissin
    (no lesbian action involved even if female,just take longer than male slavemaker)

    -sex addict
    -slut trainer 1
    Start the game
    Lesbian trainer 1 add itself on day 1

    -->Love declaration after enough kissing(just slower for herma)
    (no lesbian action involved)

    -sex addict
    -slut trainer 1
    Start the game
    Lesbian trainer 1 add itself on day 1

    No love declaration (with or without lesbian actions), tested with shampoo for easy way and kasumi for slow way.

    So it seems the old code that block love declaration unless slave turn lesbian for old style slutmaker (sex addict,slut trainer 1, lesbian trainer 1) re-appear in alpha 5+

    In alpha 4 it worked just fine, you select sex addict and slut trainer 1 then start the game, no lesbian trainer skill appear, no issue.

    in alpha 5 if you choose these 2 skills, lesbian trainer 1 add itself after start and mess up things.

    Hope this can help :)

  67. ahaha! thank you I managed to get it all figured out heh.

  68. Hey, i have a question, but it isnt about this update.

    i was playing v 3.0.10c and after my fourth slave in story mode the temperament didnt go down when it should(spank or events).
    I was training Tifa by now (sixth slv) and still temperament didnt go down, but also obedience stacked at 83. i managed to increase it with potion and accepted her confession but these are the only 2 ways to do it, so it stacked at 97, whats sad, cuz i cant make her call me master/mistress till 100.

    is this a bug, its normal or something else? sorry for the long message and help plz.

  69. sorry for the double posting but i forgot to ask another thing.

    how do i get the event to fight lady grey? i was training with naginata and didnt find her even when it reached max level. Where and how can i find her?

  70. The Onsen text needs fixing. When you own it and your slave works there it should not mention going there and the other owner.

    Is it possible to find out more about the Onsen sword and/or remove it? (maybe with Hild or Peorth’s help depending on the desired consequences)

    Even though now I understand the Witch/Alchemy deal, someone else might not, so blocking it from selection once the Witch advantage is selected would be nice (that or granting tier 2).

    Can you post a save game showing your stat problem. I cannot think how it is happening. If you do not know the save games are .sol files and are store in your applcation data folder. There are detailed instructions in the forums.

    Lady Grey should always happen when you have the Naginata equipped and your skill is 30+

    The intention of the Onsen job is that your slave is working for Lady Azure, not yourself, but I suppose I should allow them to work for you as well.

    The Onsen sword is in development

    I'll check and fix the Witch/Alchemy issue

  72. I couldnt find the savefiles, im using window 7 and the thread didnt mention where to find it here. what else can i do?

    as for lady grey, she didnt appear at all, and as i said i have 100 in nagi skill.

    see the file locations section

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. k, i finally found it, thanks for the help.
    where do i post it now?

    Wherever you like. Upload to a file service like RapidShare/MediaFire etc, or post as an attachment in the futanariplalace forum (Masterbloodfer does not handle non-image attachments)

  77. can you add misty from pokemon as a slave someone started one at but they didnt finish

  78. Kevintheghost
    I just do not have the time, or interest. Some other people have expressed interest in working on her, and I will assist them as needed


    o copied everything in the folder, but the saves with tifa are the 1st, 7th and 8th.

  80. @picoc

    Cmacleod already stated in the past he won't be including a loli slave in the game. If you really want one, then you have to develop her yourself.

  81. @picoc
    so far i know there 2 or more in the making at the moment...

    but not by cmac oo

    just need to search a little at the forums oo

  82. game works pretty well except when the slaves goto the beach the next command is missing forcing me to reload from saved game

  83. Great fucking game :D Such an extraordinary time waster and I LOVE IT! But there is one bug that is presently driving me out of my mind. Well...I'm really not sure if it's a bug or if I just don't know what to do but all the sudden I realized I cannot train catgirls :( I can't have my slave wear both the cat tail and the cat ears so catgirl slave training is never fully enabled for my slaves.

    Just thought you'd want to know that :D Great game!

  84. alright, i must be doing something wrong. i extract the new files into my slave maker folder (and overwrite). but i get no changes to in game play.

  85. Issues I've found with alpha v5+:

    As others have mentioned, Freelancer doesn't seem to be fully implemented. Your slave going to the slave market does nothing (as you already indicated), and your SM going to the slave market allows you to "complete" training, turning your slave over to a nonexistent original buyer. Also, going to the seer shows "days remaining" for training, even if you're a Freelancer. This value even goes negative beyond the normal end of training date for a guild member.

    Eating the fairy gem sometimes results in the "lust" sound effect and no text except for a next button.

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. The tutorial text for contests should be different if you are a Freelancer.

    Also, I fixed a bunch of issues with tenses, apostrophes, capitalization, run-on sentences in the English.xml file in the language folder. Anyone want the updated version?

  88. can u get love ending for more than 1 slave at the same time


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