Sunday, October 28, 2012

Delays, delays

things has been rough for me recently. My health has been not great as I have mentioned before. This is limiting my time at work and so I am earning less money. I am finding finances very difficult currently.

All this is just complicating my free time and ability to work a lot on the game. I talked about a 3.3.02 release very soon (like during last week) but so far I have not had the time for final testing and deciding on anything else needed. I hope maybe during this week.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hi, I am still working on bug fixes for the game, version 3.3.02, should have a release in a few days. This will include
  • bug fixes of course, including the Slave Maker avatar issues, NaN values for specil stats
  • Fixes for Hild and the Slums rape event, so she intervenes more reliably, especially if your slave maker intervenes
  • New event for Hild for Tentacle Hybrid slave makers
  • Dickgirl slavemakers can be Tentacle Hybrid's. Some time I will also enable for female, but a bit more complex
  • Slave Makers Assistants (ie hired assistants) can no longer have their contraceptives altered. They are independent people and choose this themselves. You will have to woo them.
  • Tentacle and non-tentacle pregnancies separately counted
  • assorted tweaks to love, pregnancy, background images. It was a pain to find a clean image of a sports shed/gym storeroom, but I finally found one.
I am still mainly working on upgrades for Ranma, last night I did some image edits for a new set of events when lending to Miss N.

These are just head-paste or combination type edits. The eyes are a bit exaggerated on the first, but otherwise I am quite happy with it. The second is a combination of images by KJ and Takeshi Taya, it was a bit awkward to mesh the art, but the image for Nabiki was the only colour image of her wearing sporting gear I could find.

Also, recently a poster in my comments talked about making a python program to create realistic measurements for the game. If you are still around, how is it going?

Update: they have more or less abandoned the work. If anyone else is interested in providing a system or set of measurements I would welcome any help here, thanks.

M.I.A Update
A mini update for the Minor Slaves.

It adds the following images:
Nadia Fortune. Chore - Discuss 16-18, Love Confession images and Sex Act – Fuck 4.
Parasoul. Chore – Discuss 21-24 and Love Confession images.
Tana. Chore – Discuss 21-24.
Tanith and Sigrun. Chore – Discuss 9-12.
I had also made some typos fix in Ruto’s Slave Market text and removed the blank line in the introduction text for Allura.

DL Exoshare (1.88MB):
DL Sendspace (1.88MB):

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Update + 3rd Party Content

Update for Urd

I had a few reports of issues with Urd, I took some time last night to test her and fix a few issues. I have updated
  • added missing images for Cum Bath, Handjob, Footjob, Onsen job, Giga BE, Singing School, Read a Book
  • some more dickgirl images for raped and pregnant
  • a few tweaked images
  • fixed introduction for free lancers, and a typo

Copy this file into the Slaves folder of your game installation.

Note I will release a version 3.3.02 update in a few days and this will be included.

3rd Party Updates

Drekas99 released some more minor slaves and a furry event

Furry Brothel

Plus a fix by M.I.A

EDIT: important! there is bug here were Drekas99 is using Events9.txt and overwriting a fix I did recetly for Lady Grey. DO NOT overwrite that file, instead rename it to Events8.txt
Dreskas99 please rename and re-release.

Minor Slaves
5 New Minor Slaves

hear is,
Healry from Batman
Fatina from Tower of Druaga
Supergirl from Superman/Marvel
Zoey from Left 4 Dead
Wonder Woman from Justice league/Marvel

M.I.A Updates
And here is a new Minor Slaves release, with 6 new minor slaves.
Download Link:

New Minor Slave List:
The two Titania.
One from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn, called ‘Titania Tiamat’ in game. Like for Mia Wayu, it’s a combo of her JP and ENG names.
The other from Shin Megami Tensei, the persona Titania, called ‘Faerie Titania’ in game.
The persona Lilim, from Shin Megami Tensei. A succubus in the Slave Maker universe.
The persona Parvati, from Shin Megami Tensei. A human who pretend to be a goddess (or it she one really?) in the Slave Maker universe.
Tanith and Sigrun, from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn. They are both Pegasus Knights.
The release for new assistants images.

It add some new images for...
Angel Daisy – Discuss 13-20
Angel Lily – Discuss 13-20
Angel Salvia – Discuss 13-22
Cure Echo – Love Confession
Cure Muse – Discuss 51-54
Fuuka – Discuss 26-40, Love Confession
Plus another fix for Angewomon age node (to remove the NaN).
Download Link (2.87 MB):

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Status

I have been a mixture of very busy and a bit unwell recently.

A friend is moving house so I have been helping out a lot there, and this has kept me busy for several days so far.

Still a bit unwell at times, a migrane today (and some muscle pains), but nothing too severe. Recently a bit up and down, ok for a few days or a week, then ill for a few days. Ah well that is my health currently.

There have been a few 3rd party releases I have not reposted yet, I will do so in a day or so when I feel better and have more time.

Otherwise for note
  • been revising the love confession process a little for Ranma. Things get complex, what with Shampoo and Nodoka possibly getting involved. And with Nodoka's possible relationship with your slave maker. Note: Nokoka is Ranma's mother and this is even more complex if Incest is enabled
  • been making a few edits of image for use ig the game and for Ranma
  • also playing a few games in a little spare time too. Played Nimin a bit and Corruptions of Champions again. Tried out Monster Girl Quest 2 and Village of Nightmare

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


just a note on how things are now.

I am working on a redevelopment for Ranma, to include
  • transformation to male (optional)
  • rythmic gymnastics, featuring Kodachi Kuno
  • expanded Tea Ceremony school
  • multiple paths to cure her curse (old gods + new gods with varaitions)
  • revamped and improved images
  • Ranma's mother with optional incestuous story arcs. Note for simplicity Genma is not Ranma's father

 No current estimate when it will be complete.

As part of these changes I have done some changes to the core game and fixed some bugs, notably the avatar issue for non-human slave makers. Also some items images missing (leash)

Once I finish the changes to the core game for Ranma (should be soon) I will release a bug fix version 3.3.02 for the game.

Personally, I am a bit ill at the moment, some virus I got over the weekend, but then again my health has been fragile recently.